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  1. Chukles38

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    Jun 10, 2005
    SOOOO..... I finally got a character made up, and guess what? All approv-ed like.

    Name: Thomas Caine
    Alter Ego: Remuza
    Age: 47
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Remuza dresses in simple black clothing, a tunic that is generally open a bit at the neck and loose fitting black pants. A black robe almost always accompanies, covering his form complete with a hood. To top it all off, a smooth, black mask covers his whole face. The mask appears completely smooth, though there are rather large lenses in the mask that allow Remuza to see. Without his mask, Remuza has straight back hair, shoulder length, that is often slightly unkempt. He is not very well built, but his power lies elsewhere.
    Powers: Dark Magic
    Weapons/Equipment: His hands, often encompassed in spheres of soul-stealing dark energy
    Hero/Villain: Villain. Big Time.

    Base of Operations: Undetermined, though he has recently begun chilling with the Joker and his gang.
    Bio: Remuza?s history is dark and very mysterious. He is not one of the larger known villains, but he is moving up quickly on the FBI most wanted list. He tends to stay in America when performing his dastardly deeds, and has expressed a cold, heartless disregard for life? and an equally cold and heartless love for women. He has worked as hired muscle for various crime lords. He has recently joined with the Joker in Gotham to cause mayhem and destruction, though his ultimate goals remain a mystery.
  2. JespisGrabecca

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    Jun 11, 2009
    IC: Jess Morgan/Frostfire
    ~~Gotham Inner Hotel, Gotham~~

    The sun was very bright in the morning. It was good Jess got a fair amount of sleep, or else this day would have just not been one of the greatest. But when he finally woke up, he heard gunshots and monkey sounds just outside of his room. Great, I just got here? He thought as he grumbled and took a quick shower. He used cryokinesis to get the rest of the water off of his body then went immediately to his sports bag, which had his Frostfire costume. ?Alright,? He said to himself, ?let?s get this party started super-style.? He knew it was a lame phrase, which was why he only said it to himself and not in public. He then got his costume on, a blue and tight athletic shirt with long sleeves that were rolled up, his utility belt of water, his bed ?sheet-for-a-cape, eye mask that was similar to Nightwing?s, and normal dark washed jeans stuffed into boots that he bought at a costume shop with zippers in the back.

    ?Let?s go.? So he then looked out the window and saw a large monkey throwing an SUV at police. Well, you don?t see that in Arizona. He thought. Well, It would make very good publicity for the League of Liberty if he did this right. So he crawled out the window, jumped off, and cryokinetically made a ice slide that would lead him to the monkey. This guy would need some serious beating, and as he reached for his sword, which was not on his back. CRAP!!! I FORGOT MY SWORD!?, Jespis was terrified. He would have o face this three story tall monkey with just his ice powers. He finally slid to the ground and met up with the monkey monster. The monkey paid no attention to him and continued to throw cars at people. Frostfire saw a car heading directly towards a group of teenagers, who did not move out of shock. Frostfire went immediately into action and made an ice wall that covered the kids his own age. The wall cracked when the car impacted, but did not break, thus saving them. Now for the monkey? He ran towards the monkey and tried to freeze his hands. The monkey?s hands were moving too fast, so he couldn?t freeze them successfully.

    ?Look mom, it?s Iceman from the X-Men!? said a child, as they were running away from the tyrannical monkey. Frostfire hated it when people would mistake him for Iceman. Did he have the clothes of an X-Man? He could only bet the X-Men had enough money to not use a bed sheet for a cape. When he was done with being irritated, the monkey did not only start to pay attention to him, but decided for him to be a main target for car throwing. Frostfire quickly ice-slid away from the first car, then froze the next truck in mid-air. He shot ice shards into the legs of the monkey, hoping to disable the creature. The ice shards slid beneath the fur covering the massive legs and disappeared. The monkey was irritated with the attack but not in severe pain, so the monkey through bigger cars at Frostfire. Frostfire would use more ice-slides to dodge cars and froze a couple cars in mid-air when he could. Frostfire then make spiked balls of ice, then flung those at the monkey, which injured the monkey and put him into a rage. Crap, I need to contain this monkey before it starts killing people. Jespis thought.

    Frostfire then ice-slid around the monkey and started to make a huge cage of ice around it. He left holes at the bottom so the large beast could breathe, continued to shape the cage, and made it thicker, so the monkey would not escape. He finally got to the top, fixing cracks as he went whenever the monkey would bang on the ice, and finally left a hole on top for helicopters to get in and possibly tranquilize the beast. While he waited for help to arrive, he froze up cracks and mended break in the ice cage.

    TAG: Blu
  3. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: For once I have an easy choice when I choose the colours of my IC-post :p

    Not as long or well thought through as I would have loved it to be, but my time is rare right now and I wanted to jump into the cold water . . .

    [hl=blue]Clark Kent[/hl]
    Gotham Gazeteer

    He was assembling his article on orchid collectors from Amsterdam, the whole day. Slow but steady, he had build a reputation to dislike the spectacular cases and get his job done. A reporter for thirty years now, thirty years and ten years as a his only job, he had a good reputation. When he had left the the Daily Planet, the great Metropolis Newspaper he had been offered many jobs. His Pulizer-Price had helped obviously. He had written a book about his experience with his late wife's cancer, though. And finally taken the opportunity to move out of the house he had seen her dying in . . .

    Bruce had helped him settle down here. Helped him find a job not too spectacular and helped him stay out of harms way. Not that he could be harmed. He did not wanted to provoke any further harm, that was the important part. He did wanted to be that other man. No longer an alien or god among men. All he wanted was to be. Alone. And write. And read. It had worked well until . . .

    "CLARK!" Until the daughter of his Boss found out she liked elder men. Not even his grey-dyed temples had made him appear to old for Rose Newman. Rosette. Hectic, gorgeous but young, far to young, she still had that fire. That burning desire to be a GREAT journalist. He was one and did feel he just wanted to be left alone and write. "Rose, what you´re hurrying to . . ." He said and gave her a mild smile, pushing up his glasses with his index finger.

    "Clark!" Rose tried to breathe. Clark took her by the shoulders. God, was she young. "Calm down my dear. What is the problem?" He asked and smiled. Trying to calm her down. A few years ago Lois had come to him like this. And he had found excuses so he could slip out and rip apart his clothes.

    "Big...Monkey...Over by...the Gotham Inner Hotel...We have to go before any other reporters get there." She was catching his breath. He looked at her. unbelieving. "A . . . monkey?" He asked. "Like King Kong?" He added than. "Rose, my dear, we can´t run after things like this, if we want to be taken serious." He said, but as she was already dragging him along he followed her. Not wishing for her to get anywhere near a giant ape without any protection. "Well, I guess you won´t be talked out of it. So, where did you get your info from and what do we know?" Clark asked and ran after her to the garage, where her car stood. The one her father had bought her. "I won´t get any trouble with your father to help you, do I?" He asked, seemingly seriously worried.

    It felt strangely familiar. The situation. But this time one of the others would need to save the day. He would do the story about it.

    Tag: bluebeast
  4. BartSimpson-SithLord

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    Jan 24, 2002

    Batgirl used the momentum from her bathook to swing across and into the building. She could sense the Green Arrow wasn't far behind, using a grappling arrow to bring himself over from the other rooftop. The holes the mutants had already created were perfect for a quiet entry into the den of madness. Walking slowly, she could hear the screams of people below and around them as she cautiously began to make her way downstairs. The fight was intense, with the two animals showing little to any regard for the civilians.

    Actually, no. She could tell the one in bright yellow and blue, he was holding back. As she saw him fighting the other, she could tell his actions were geared towards leading the brute away from the innocents. He was holding himself back, not allowing his own animal nature to get the better of him, lest the civilians suffer the consequences. He was the good one. Or, if not that, he was at least mindful of his surroundings. If there would be an ally against the other, it would be him.

    Green Arrow finally came down from the top floor. The people up there easier to usher to safety because of the fight leading lower into the building. Batgirl didn't respond to him, she just pushed forward, trying to get people's attention by waving her hands. Green Arrow also chimed in, shouting at the top of his lungs, but the fight was still on this level, and many were spilling into the stairwell, trying to escape the horror their night had become.

    This is not working, Cassandra thought to herself as she tried to see another way for Green Arrow to lead them out. If the masses stayed the way they are, someone was liable to be crushed in the stampede. But she didn't get the chance to find a new route, one was created for her as the yellow and blue mutant went flying out through a wall. "Use hole." she said to Green Arrow as she turned her attention to the now opponent-less other mutant. "I will cover."

    "Bad place to be, girly." the enemy said as he charged straight at her. Cassandra flipped to the side and into a punch, reading from his demeanor and charge he meant to meet her in melee. He wasn't fighting with her the same way he had been the other mutant. This was fun for him, not business like before. His entire attitude had changed.

    As she met him blow for blow, studying his movements, never pushing anything, she pulled his attention away from the innocents and more towards herself. As she twisted him around, she noted a window in a room behind her. That would be useful, as this monster clearly had enhanced strength. His reflexes weren't bad either, but her ability to read his movements and his simplistic fighting style helped her counter anything he could toss at her.

    Still, the blows were hard, and she could feel herself tiring. The fight with the thugs outside hadn't been too long ago and while for a normal night it had just been a quiet workout, tonight it was proving to have been a mistake. She could force the offensive if she wanted to, but that put the others in danger. No, she wasn't going to win this fight in the cramped corners here. She would have to take it outside, away from the people, and where her skills could push the advantage firmly towards her.

    These two fight like Mad Dog. I wonder if they have his senses as well, she thought as an idea struck her.

    Flipping away from a particularly strong swipe at her abdomen, instead of blocking it with her leg like she had been doing, she casually dipped into one of her pouches. David Cain taught me to fight, Batman taught me to cheat, that notion entered her mind as she pulled out one of Batman's gadgets. A smoke grenade that had irritants inside of it. Something to delay the likes of Killer Croc during desperate times. Waiting for Sabretooth to get close enough that he couldn't dodge it, she planted the smoke grenade straight into his face. A claw scraped her shoulder, tearing into her flesh, but at least the smoke had filled the hallway.

    Throwing three batarangs, she broke three windows at once, the
  5. TheManinBlack

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    Aug 1, 2007
    Name: Travis Touchdown

    Alter Ego: None

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    (it should be noted, though the jacket and jeans ensemble always remains the same, Travis constantly changes his shirt?depicting his love for whatever anime he is watching at that moment.)

    Powers: One of, if the not the best swordsman and wrestlers in the world.
    Travis Touchdown has superhuman speed, durability (enough to take laser cannon that can knock down buildings, take a grenade a lap without any major brushing, and hundreds of bullets to the chest), and Strength (comparable to Spider-Man)

    Weapons/Equipment: Beam-Katana?who is he kidding? A Light Saber knock off! As such, if Travis powers it up enough, it can slice through anything.
    One tricked out motorcycle.

    Hero/Villain: Villain

    Base of Operations: Run down motel room, cluttered with anime/manga and wrestling collector?s items. It should be noted he?d be well to do, if it weren?t for his freakish devotion to the shows he watches.

    Bio: Where to begin? Travis was the number 1 Assassin in America, but why he got there made him sick to his stomach.

    It all started, with Travis drinking his troubles away at a local bar in Santa Destoya, California?when he met her, one of hottest babes he had ever seen, Sylvia. He had just gotten over a very bad relationship, and was trying forget his previous girlfriend, Jeanne, so he decided to chat her up. He told her more than he wanted, or even really knew. During his drunken rambling, he mentioned he was broke after being a lightsaber off E-Bay, and getting kicked out of his previous apartment by Jeane, and having to keep up with collecting anime and wrestling memorabilia. She offered him a deal, if he managed to kill a ?Mr. Palmer?, she would pay him 200,000 dollars.

    Yeah, Mr. Palmer turned to out to be one bad dude, not some old dude in a tux. He was a stone cold killer, and managed to put the drop on Travis, drowning him with lead in the failed ambush attempt. Funny time to find out your bullet proof, right? After managing to kill Mr. Palmer, Sylvia revealed to have been watching him the entire time and that the entire hit, was a test and a trap. Travis was now the number 11th ranked assassin in America or the U.A.A (The United Assassination Association), and in order for killers across the United States to get the most lucrative contracts available, they?d have to kill Travis to take his rank (after paying a small fee, or having someone do it on their behalf).

    This might have been okay, but there was a three week waiting period before Travis could take on their contracts himself, meaning he couldn?t pay for protection or anything, making him a sitting duck for any wannabe. Sylvia informed him, that the only way he could survive now was to kill his way the top fast enough, that the U.A.A would temporary ban killing it?s Assassins, until they found replacements for the new ranks of 11-2, and acquire enough cash to be able to himself in a position where the lower ranked No.2 Assassin, would be at a major disadvantage if he ever tried to oust Travis from his position.

    Doing whatever he could to get enough cash to pay for his fights, Travis climbed the ranks quickly, taking down legendary assassins like Death Metal and Bad Girl along the way, meeting a mysterious figure named Henry, and even sparing a few like Shinnbou (Travis doesn?t like hurting women, and will only do so when he thinks he has no other choice. One of his few better qualities.)

    When he reached Dark Star, the number #1 assassin in U.A.A, informed Travis that he was Travis father, hence the Travis?s supernatural skills as an assassin. At first Travis thought that was impossible, but after being told to his search his feelings for he knew it to be true, Travis began to hear an echo of truth in what he had to say.

    But it was impossible, as his ex-girlfriend, Jeane, informed him as she killed Dark Star, as she killed his parents. She had unintentionally been set up as the trap as Travis had bef
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