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Sac, CA Wondercon 2004 Thanks

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by cryovader, May 5, 2004.

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  1. cryovader

    cryovader Jedi Youngling

    Oct 24, 2003
    (Sorry this took so long to get out, I've been trying to catch up here at

    I want to thank everyone who showed at Wondercon, The Golden Gate
    Garrison, the Central California Garrison, The San Francisco Fan force,
    The South Bay Fan Club, The East Bay Fan Club, The Sacramento Fan Force,
    The Stargate SG-1Fan Club, Steve Sansweet, Mary Franklin, and Mike & Jerri
    Quinn. I want to especially thanks our organizers, Mark Chu-Lin, Brian
    Shaubmeyer & Bret Lonsway from the CCG, Ed Karl, Tami Ashford & Karen
    Katich from the GGG, Ming Pan, Matt Tolosa, Dale Tolosa from the SFFF, to
    everyone who helped me while in costume to keep me from running into
    things, to Jesse DeGraff for the videotape footage, to the Wondercon staff
    for hosting us, and to our tireless photographer, Karen Louie for all the
    wonderful pictures. (I hope I didn't forget anyone !) This years Wondercon
    was definitely bigger than last years, and next year is going to be huge!
    Our presence there definitely makes an impact; the con wouldn't be the
    same without us! There were some rough spots during the weekend, and
    through the next year we will review and correct these when planning
    Wondercon 2005. I especially enjoyed how everyone stayed in character & I
    was honored to be marching along side the very characters I so admired
    when I was a kid. By putting on these costumes we have assumed a sort of
    responsibility to portray the characters as they were intended, for some
    of these people, especially the very young ones, we ARE those characters
    come to life, the more we preserve the illusion the more enjoyable the
    atmosphere. This very concept is what made Disneyland the success that it
    is. The Star Wars culture is one of the most amazing phenomena's of the
    20th century, and I am proud to be a part of it.

    Ian Hiebert
    Commanding Officer
    Golden Gate Garrison
    501st Legion
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