San Fran, CA WonderCon - donations toward the electrical outlet for our booth

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by kay_dee, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. kay_dee

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    Jun 15, 2002
    Matt tells me people generally agreed it would be worth it to chip in for a single electrical outlet to be placed between the SFFF and RL table to show stuff on TV. We have video of events, one of our members at RL will be putting together a professional video slide show to music showing photos from events - etc. Any kind of content that helps show what our clubs are about is welcome!

    DEADLINE FOR PAYMENT: I need to send in payment for the electricity in the first week of February to meet the deadline for the discount price of $119. So I'd like to start collecting payment now and hopefully have it by Feb 1st .

    I'll keep a running total of the contributions of both RL and SFFF members here so we'll know when we have hit our target of $119.00. Matt and I figure since RL may have a few more members that SFFF that a rough goal for Rebel Legion could be $75.00 and a rough goal for SFFF could be $44.00.

    ROUGH DONATION AMOUNT: Donations between $5-10 dollars each would probably be suitable (The average for 6 non Rebel Legion members contributing would have to be $7.50).

    You can paypal payment to nightheron "at" pacbell"dot"net. Please put WonderCon Electricity in the title and what your screen name is :) If you don't have paypal and want to mail me a check just send me a PM and I'll give you my address. Thanks!

    - Kathy

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    "Bueller?" [face_worried]

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    I'll shoot you soem money today Kat. for sure.
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