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    Dagmar Wolfe

    Dagmar was awake. Needing only a few hour of sleep a night it was not an unusual state to find her in. She was in bed with her...lover? Boyfriend? What was he exactly? How had that happened? She had been saving herself for so long and then to make love to this man she had known for mere hours and on the same night her parents had been slaughtered. What kind of person did that make her?

    Dagmar slowly got out of the bed she was sharing with Peter and slipped on a pink robe over her new nightgown that Astrid had provided for her. She looked back at Peter sleeping and hoped she had not made a mistake with him. He really seemed to care. But Dagmar was niave in many ways and she knew that. Was he genuine or just using her? If Viktor had taken such an interest in her perhaps she had been nothing more than an assignment. No. She had seen Peter's reaction when Viktor had shown himself last night. Assignment or no. He cared for her.

    With hours befoore sunrise Dagmar decided to talk a walk around the manor, maybe even go back to those wonderful gardens Peter had shown. Besides, she had had nightmares again and didnt need anymore. Dagmar leaned down and kissed peter's forehead before quietly slipping out of the room and into the hallway in her bare feet.

    Petra, take it away...
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    Dagmar Wolfe

    Storyteller :'re walking around WIldwood....where do you go?
    Dagmar Wolfe : Since I have no clue where my violin is...nor would I wish to wake the house...I will go back to the gardens
    Storyteller : Alright, you walk into the garden and the moon is large and bright above you. Not quite full, but beautiful nonetheless. It is rather cold, as it is January, but not brutally so, and the light breeze actually seems warm as it comes to you from the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. The fragrance of roses fills the air. This garden is truly an English marvel. Perfectly manicured and cultivated. Roll perception.
    Dagmar Wolfe : 1 success
    Storyteller : You hear a very slight rustle behind you, but it could very well be the wind
    Dagmar Wolfe : I turn
    Storyteller : It's Darcy Bennett-King, "You lost?"
    Dagmar Wolfe : "No, no. I dont sleep much, thought I would take a walk."
    Storyteller : She looks around, "Yeah, I do that sometimes, too. Actually, I guess I'm doing it right now. I can't sleep after I get laid either
    Dagmar Wolfe : "umm."
    Storyteller : She cocks an eyebrow at you and smiles devilishly, "You mean you and Peter aren't....."
    Dagmar Wolfe : I blush and turn my head away. "Thats...thats between Peter and I."
    Storyteller : "Hey, don't worry. I can totally see the allure. I've been trying to seduce Peter into my bed for ages." She looks you up and down. "Lucky girl."
    Dagmar Wolfe : I close my robe around me tighter. She's making me really uncomfortable. "uh, thanks."
    Storyteller : roll perception
    Dagmar Wolfe : 1
    Storyteller : ok...I'm going to tell you because she's being extremely blatant about it...
    Storyteller : Darcy knows exactly how uncomfortable you are, and not only does she know she's reveling in how uncomfortable you are. She thinks it rather amusing.
    Storyteller : She leans in closer and smiles wider, "Now tell me truly deary. Is he really an ANIMAL in bed?"
    Dagmar Wolfe : "Miss Bennet-King, I realize you live here and are family to our host but these questions are inappropriate. I don't even know you."
    Storyteller : "Oh really? If I'm not mistaken you don't even know Peter either, but that didn't stop you from jumping into his bed? And I applaud you for it. What does knowing a person have to do with anything? I just banged Lachlan seven ways till sunday and I don't even know what he takes in his coffee."
    Dagmar Wolfe : "It wasn't like that damnit!" She says in a slightly raised voice, which is screaming for her, to say nothing of swearing.
    Storyteller : Darcy laughs at you derisively, obviously enjoying this. "Well, of course not dear. That's why I was asking you how it was."
    Dagmar Wolfe : Dagmar pauses a long while. "It was beautiful." She says, maintaining eye contact for once.
    Storyteller : Darcy raises an eyebrow, "Really? Interesting choice of words. Maybe I should try harder in my pursuit. You've really intrigued me now, Dagmar. I've known a couple of Peter's conquests and "beautiful" was never a word they chose."
    Dagmar Wolfe : "What?"
    Dagmar Wolfe : "Conquests?"
    Storyteller : Darcy bites her lip and looks worried, "Oh no. Was that the wrong word?"
    Storyteller : "I really am such a dolt. I should learn to think before I speak."
    Dagmar Wolfe : "Why are you saying these things to me?"
    Storyteller : "Pet, I'm just making a bit of conversation. Trying to be pleasant and all....really you should learn to loosen up."
    Dagmar Wolfe : "How is insinuating Im nothing more than a conquest to Peter being pleasant?"
    Storyteller : She smiles at you, "I insinuated nothing. You simply took it that way. Could be I touched on a nerve?"
    Dagmar Wolfe : "If your desire is to hurt me Miss Bennet-King, you'll find me an easy mark. So if that makes you happy go ahead."
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    After an exhilerating few hours with the boss's daughter Lachlan decides to take a stroll around the manor to try and clear his mind with his thoughts always continuing to go back to her. He's not horribly upset that they do, it's much easier on the mind than trying to figure out what "special" ability it is that he has, as well as why in earth, his blasted cousing had to show up on his doorstep completely wasted, and then gets told that he's invited as well. This is all so very odd. Thoughts again going back to Darcy. "Oh bother" he thinks to himself, "Perhaps a bit of fresh air will help clear my mind." Lachlan goes off in persuit of an exit to the manor, deciding that the closest one would be the front door, he proceeds there.
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    You step out the front door into the cool night. The moon is bright and almost full above you. Standing in the grass at the edge of the driveway is a beautiful blonde woman, who you recognize to be Ursula Wolfe, Dagmar's sister. She's staring up at the moon, spellbound, and doesn't hear you come out. How do you proceed?
  5. Lachlan_Ramsays Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 11, 2005
    Thinking to himself, "hmm, apparently I'm not the only one with something on the mind." Lachlan approaches Ursula, thinking it would probably not be a bad idea to try and get to know everyone or at least be personally introduced to each person on the "team". As he gets closer he calls out to Ursula, "Wonderful evening isn't it?" He waits for her reply, continuing to walk towards the woman.
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