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NSWRPF Archive world war 3, modern combat- inspired by Sith Lords

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by lieutenant_ketch, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. lieutenant_ketch

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    May 17, 2006
    This is n no way true, only ficion

    It is the year 2009, the terrorists in the Middle East have risen up with more resources than thought possible by other govermens. dozens of terrorist attacks occured in the year 2008, killing nearly 10 million people in global deaths, and countless amounts of damage estimated in the ner undred billiob dollars. World governments blamed each other, alliances broke, wars raged and nearly a year later, Al queida said they were responsoble, taking control of Iraq. Most alliances have been destroyed and the word is in a state of chaos and death. The united states has been split on what to do, some fearing the deaths, others fearing the financlial, and others saying that they should join in the war, saying it will not stop. Similar situations are taking place all over the world, with super powers such as China and Japan battling for power over each other, and North Korea invading the south again. It is time for all sides to declare their intentions, goals, and stances on each other.


    Character sheet
    Country controlled

    Description (during conferences, meetings, etc.)


    Government: (democracy, communisim, Aristocracy
    Key Personel: Ie: vice president, chief of stae, diplomat



    This game is based off of Sith Lords System Lords series. It will be a strategy, where countries give money, abilities, which you can use to buy units to fuel your War Machine. You may focus on Air, Land, Or Sea, and you can develop your own weapons, and do just about anything that would be physically possible. If you truly wante to you could have men with swords charge the enemy lines. If there is a unit that you wish to use that is not on the list below, ask me the price and I will tell you if it is possible. In the end you are the one who makes the decision.


    Combat will be turn based, I will give you an approximately 100 mile by 100 mile square engagement zone, and describe the landscape. I will moderate the amount of damage done by weapons, amount of units killed, and other aspects of the game. You are the one, again, ultimatel in control of what goes where. Moving possible for most distances, as long as their not outrageousely far, but the farther a unit goes, the more tired it is, which decreases combat efficiancy. Naval and air combat will be based mostly off of initial position, and ship class, and abilities.


    No matter what government you are there is always the possible uprising or revolt by he citizens. How a country sees you might determine if they attack you, or try to forge an alliance. Politics still plays a huge role even in a war, so be sure you take what you do and how other countries see you when you make a new bill or attack somebody. You can choose any country to control, and some countrees took advantage of the power vacuum and might be more powerful than you, and some countries might have old long grudges against you and might try to zero you out for attack, and others might try to kill your character through assasination. Your character can play a crucial role in changing the world. There is also the enviroment. Some might see you destroying the enviroment badly and try to impeach you in a democracy.
    nearly anything can have an affect on your country


    Units (money is in hundred thousands)

    Again, any units that are not listed are still available, pm me or ask in the

    infantry company - 100 troops - 100 dollars
    Infantry battalion - 500 troops - 500 dollars
    Special units group - 50 troops - 1000 dollars
    Scout team - 25 troops - 50 dollars
    Anti-armor team - 100 troops - 500
    M-1 /Abrahms tank platoon - 10 tanks - 1000 dollars
    Mobile anti air tanks - 2 tanks - 500 dollars
    Military jeep with 50. cal turret - 5 jeeps - 500 dollars

    air - Since there is such a wide variety of aircraft, just ask me the price for one and I will tell you.

    Naval -
    U-boats - 250 each
    Patrol boats - 100 each
    Diesel submarines - 1000
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