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    Name: Dink Warren
    Age: 17
    Current Place of Residence: United States, North Carolina
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: N/A
    Force sensitve: No
    If Yes, Light or Dark: N/A
    Lightsaber description: N/A
    Immediate Family: Mother (Kim) Father (Charlie) Sister (Lillia)
    If Force sensitve, does family know?: N/A
    Appearance: Stands 5'9 and weighs 170
    --Hair: Blond
    --Eyes: Blue
    --Clothes: Wears a white sleeveless shirt and blue jean shorts.
    --Other: Wears a black watch on left arm
    Personality: Tends to keep to himself, but very competitive.
    Bio: Dink was a regular kid, finishing up his last year or two at high school, when he accidently found out about a special group of people. It was his best friend he caught in the action. He did not tell him but ran away from home. He knew there were more people like that, with special powers, and so he began taveling around the United States on his motercycle seeking for truth.

    Dink sat on a hillside eating a samwhich he had made, he was some where outside of Texas. It was extremly hot and he was begining to get weary from his long trip. He had made it from North Carolina to the borders of Texas in 2 days. He was traveling on his father's motercycle he "borrowed". He had a drivers liceance but not a motercycle liceance, he if were to get caught his journey would be over.

    He had caught his best friend using a mysterious power, he knew what it was...there had been rumors that he had heard since he was a child. About there being people with supernatural powers and whatnot. But that's all he knew. Not many people believed it and hardly anyone spoke about it anymore, or they would get picked on and made fun of for believing that childish crap. Dink was no exception....until that day.
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    OOC: pateintly awaiting a start in RPG...
  3. goblin_fire Jedi Youngling

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    Auntie Mae

    Surrounded by sticks of burning incense and crystals of all shapes and sizes, she lay in her bed asleep and clutching her mystical teddy bear like always.

    It was in this slumber she dreamed of seating at a table, drinking tea with Elvis and a little green man who went by the name of Yoba. The tea was delicious and the conversation deep as Elvis and Yoba talked excitedly regarding the Jedians.

    Through the years, ever since the Rodient had touched her shoulder and took her to the planet Crescent, she had dreamed this dream. It had, for the most part always been the same discussion around the table. And like always it ended the same way.

    Taking a sip of tea, Yoba turned to her and said in his familiar patchy voice, "Need not worry, you must. For in time know of the Jedians your friends will."

    When she awoke the dream slowly drifted away and were replaced by the incredible sayonce of the night before. Who would have imagined that Bing would have chosen Mrs. Ping to be his host. Then there was the song he had sung through her, who knew that Bing was a saprano now.

    Looking at her lucky teddy bear as it sat in a chair nearby she said out loud, "Lucky, it's amazing how death changes a spirit."

    Letting out a happy sigh she tossed aside her bed covers and began doing her morning routine of yoga. Always wondering if the creator of yoga was a distant relative of Yoba.

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    (OOC: The typos were intentional. ;) )
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    OOC: Are you trying to hint at something Sabre? :p

    IC: Starting post for Sabre_11

    Jake Hanley stretched his arms again as he waited for his rental car. The flight from Ireland to the UK had been short, but the seating space was just a bit too small for him. Finally he spotted the car he had ordered and, after packing his luggage into the back, he drove away from the airport.

    On the way to his hotel, he got the sudden urge to stop at a small cafe' he was passing.
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    ic: Jennifer

    Jennifer left her office and took a bus slighlty out of central london to a small cafe that only a few people knew about. It was almost a cult in her office with people speaking about it in hushed voices fearing croads of people destroying their place of peace and sanctity. As she walked in she was greated by the soft aroma of coffee beans and a wave from a couple in the corner. She returned a smile hoping that they would not come over as she could not for the life of her remember either of their names, or infact how she knew them.... or if she knew them. She turned and surveyed the area looking for a seat. The place was full in a pleasent way, in that there was not many people but all tables were taken. She noticed a lone man with a table and walked over coffee in hand.
    "Uh, hi. I was wondering if i could sit with you. "She asked smiling. "All the other places are taken and i'd rather sit with you than McKormic in the corner." she said gesturing to an old man that was engaging in deep conversation with a man while his coffee ran freely down his beard loosening the crumbs that were lodged there. "I'm jennifer." she said holding out her free hand.

    tag: Sabre11

    ooc; i need someone to converse with!
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    Name: Brandi Sicil
    Age: 15
    Current Place of Residence: Not sure yet,but is from Brazil and she was brought to America at 4 yrs of age
    Gender: female
    Occupation: movie theatre
    Force sensitve:not sure yet
    If Yes, Light or Dark: if she is, light
    Lightsaber description: doesnt have one
    Immediate Family: Mother,Rachel and Father,Dan. Younger brother,Greg and older sister,Christal.
    If Force sensitve, does family know?: Parents do not know,but may suspect.Since Brandi is the middle child,she recieves the force.
    --Hair: Long flowy brown hair
    --Eyes: light brown
    --Clothes: the hottest clothes she could find without going over $50
    --Other: She is light brown skinned with big,but not huge eyes and soft facial features. She likes staying fit so she is muscularly lean(like tennis player thin)
    Personality: Stays positive,she is the problem resolver for her friends and family.Her voice is friendly and soft at times,but at other times her voice becomes strong and confident.
    Bio: (Doesn't have to be lengthy, but make it detailed.)
    Brandi is half Brazilian,Spanish and African american.Her parents are both buisness people and met on a buisness trip in Brazil.They got married and stayed in Brazil for eleven years.By this time they had had Brandi's sister Christal who is seven heres older than Brandi.Her family then moved back to the states where her brother,Greg was born.Brandi's parents contuined their buisness jobs and so the family lived in NewYork.They live in a fancy family apartment worth more than Brandi could ever afford. Since her sister was 21 and a working model,she lived in her own apartment in the big city.As a fifteen year old, her parents make her get a job so that she can buy whatever she wants.She found a job at the movie theatre with a bunch of nerds.If that was not bad enough, Btandi also has to joggle her school work and sports.
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    Heinrich Holzdunkel

    Sidewalk Cafe, London, England

    You are recieving this letter, or invitation rather, because you posess a power unlike most in this world. You can do things no one else can. Unexplainable things. The others out there like us, those that claim that a life of peace and harmony is the only way, are wrong. That is a life of weakness. If you agree, if you would rather use your abilities for a greater purpose, then take up my offer. The plane tickets linked in this message will get you to Canada. I will meet you at the airport. Come and see what the true meaning of power is.

    "Kanada?" the German assassin said aloud after reading the mysterious letter. He was seated outside of a breakfast cafe near the Thames River and dressed in a German style business suit. He was here for business and had been going through his email while waiting for his target to arrive. Among the junk and real mail he found the letter. He was intriguied by it but wondered who this person was and how they found out about his private address. He checked out the plane ticket and discovered it to be valid. He was scheduled to depart from London in twenty-four hours.

    Heinrich was concerned about the email. The man somehow knew about his gift and was offering him a life greater than what he had now. "Hmph," he closed the email. "Es gibt nichts, das Sie mich anbieten können." Still he would go only to kill the man so that his secret would remain safe. For now, he had a job to finish and several million to collect.

    Heinrich eyed his target as she walked into the cafe and took a seat at a table a few over. She had a companion with her, an older man no doubt from her offices. He smiled at what the headlines would say in the evening paper when the media learned about how she died. The Dark Assassin waited for her meal to be served before he pounced upon his prey with his thoughts. When she began to swallow her food, he held it in place within her throat, cutting off her supply of air and causing her to begin choking spastically.

    Waiters and waitresses came rushing to her aid. Her companion attempted the heimlich maneouver but he would not allow the piece of food to come out. It stayed there even as she was beginning to turn blue and collapsed from the lack of oxygen. Throughout the whole event he had continued to eat his breakfast and when she finally died, paid his bill and walked away. In the papers, a member of Parliament will be reported to have died from choking on her breakfast despite efforts to save her and to Heinrich's pleasure, no one would ever look toward him as a suspect if foul play was ever suspected.

    No one except that mysterious man.

    It did not take him long to have his flight changed to an earlier time and before long he was in the air for Canada.

    TAG: Vicky, Deiskrad, Penguinator, others

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    IC as Robert Church

    MI-6 had decided, finally, to let him go to Canada.

    His training would take care him, and it was addressed to him personally. MI-6 could make him a weapon, but they could not take away his rights as a person, albeit a very different person.

    There was little trouble going through customs when he got to Canada, as he could easily manipulate the minds of others. It had worked before on certain bereaucrats and agents. The weak-minded, they were very easy to sway. But the others, the strong-willed, they were a challenge. Luckily, Church hadn't had to test his powers against their kind very often.

    TAG: The Canada Group
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    Justin Lam, Lab, Osaka, Japan

    Justin pricked his finger, wincing as a small jolt of pain sped through his body. Slowly, he began to milk the wound, putting small drop after drop into a small glass vile. When he had a sufficient sample, he pulled out some gauze and tape. After doctoring his wound and sealing up the vile he placed it on a rack full of similar containers. Each one marked with a day and the amount of the phenomenon that had occured that day. Today he could remember three seperate instances where the phenomenon had manifested itself. So he had written a number 3 on the label before placing it on the rack.

    He sighed as he slumped back in his chair. This was all so strange. Why could he suddenly, and randomly, move things or affect things just by thinking about it? What was going on? Soon, he would have enough samples to begin testing his blood. He didn't think he had a disease, but he had to make sure it wasn't something in his blood.

    He chuckled a bit, remembering a show he saw a few years ago on DVD. A show about these aliens who could control machines after hitting a certain age and their blood becoming blue. At least his blood was still red when it reached oxygen. For that, he was glad. At least that meant he hadn't been transferred to some strange fantasy sci-fi world.

    TAG: Vicky to get my character started

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    One of the lab techs strolled into the lab with an envelope. "Hey Justin. Working the midnight oil again, eh? Well a letter was dropped off for you. Have you ensnared another love interest?" he asked with a laugh before exiting the room.

    Justin opened the evelope and read it.

    Hello Mr. Lam!

    We are delighted to tell you that you have been selected as one of ten scientists for a special research project. Recently, a new animal has be found that displays some interesting abilities that would interest you. We'd very much appreciate it if you would join us on this special project. Enclosed with the letter is a plane ticket to North Carolina, where our lab is located. We hope to see you soon!

    - Solomon, Hyndan Research Industries

    OOC: DarkSithDrew, this should get you into the story. ;)
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    Cameron Brieson
    Possible Employer's Office

    The man smirked as Cameron walked into the room. "Welcome Mr. Brieson. I'm glad you've considered my offer. But I must know: did you come for the money or the information?"

    Cameron shoved both hands into the deep pockets of his faded jeans, tossing strands of brown hair off of his forehead.

    "That depends on either how valuable the information is, or how valuable you are."

    Despite all of his training, and years of field experience, Cameron was nervous. Mostly because after using all of his contacts and most of his resources, he was still unable to find a shred of information he could use. He was going into this situation blind, and he despised it. The loaded Glock 18 concealed beneath his leather jacket helped to ease his mind, however.

    "So can we get on with it?" He began. "If you can pay me, cash or knowledge, then you've got me."

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    IC: Matthew J. Baxter
    Los Angeles, California

    The letter had disturbed him greatly.

    Well, actually, anything that comes in a transmission from Solomon disturbs me greatly.

    He couldn?t stop himself from smiling slyly. The Jedi Knights. An organization unlike any other. A group of sword-wielding mystics who relied upon a code and the powers of an all-powerful energy called the Force. His thoughts now came to the woman mentioned in Solomon?s letter.

    Tonya Barrister. I wonder who that is.

    The letter had given him information about numerous dark forces gathering and this girl, another candidate for the Jedi Knights. But where? Where was this woman?

    LA is a big city. It may take some time to find her.

    He stood up, shrugging on a brown leather jacket and picking up his drumstick bag, which contained dozens of pairs of drumsticks and his one true artistic creation, his lightsaber.

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    OOC: Just a little hint KOTORFan8, she's in Hollywood. That information should have been in the letter and I should have mentioned it, but oh well. Check out her character sheet. ;)

    IC: Patrick Warner

    "That depends on either how valuable the information is, or how valuable you are." he replied, putting his hands in his pockets.

    Patrick could sense his nervousness in the Force.

    "So can we get on with it?" Cameron said. "If you can pay me, cash or knowledge, then you've got me."

    "Money is not a problem in my eyes, just name your price." Patrick held out his hand and a drawer in a table across the room slid open. From it, a black cylindrical item floated to his hand. It was his lightsaber. With his eyes focused intently on Cameron, he asked, "Have you ever seen one of these before?"

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    IC: Karen

    Karen walked thwough a vast valley. She didnt remember getting there or where she was befor, but now she was in a valley. A valley full of yellow and blue flowers. A valley where a dozen or so more beautiful sleek horses ran wild and free across the hills.

    She began to walk towards the horses seeing that they were grazing pleasantly on the grass and flowers. she walked up to the nearest one which was an older stallion and began petting his white mane. "Hello sweetie. and what is your name..?" She said bending over so she could look into the stallions eyes. The horse slowly lifted its head and karen stood up straight. He put his nose up to her long brownish red hair. The horse seemed to be looking past her, she followed the stallions gaze behind her and saw a young boy, slightly older than her walking up over the hill slowly and calling out the horses name. The stallion whinnied and quickly galloped away from where Karen was standing, and trotted up towards the boy. The boy petted the horses nose and the slowly looked back at where Karen was. She waved shyly at the boy. He just stared at her. she nervously twirled a pice of her hair as she watched him walk nearer. This boy seemed to be dressed rather funny, some type of clothing which she had never really seem befor, brownish robes? and on his belt he carried a small metal stick that had a few buttons on it. very odd contraption.. His black hair covered alot of his face but she caught a glimpse of his eyes.... Dark eyes.

    Karens eyes flipped open and she quickly sat up. "Daddy!! Wheres Daddy!!" she cried into the darkness of the hospital room. a nurse quickly opened up the door and stepped inside, flicking on the light switch. "Are you all right love?" the man-nurse said "I heard someone yelling."

    Karen quickly got up to a kneeling position on her bed and started to tear up just a bit. "I need my Daddy.." She gracefully lifted her hand into the air "You will call my Daddy, and tell him to come to the hospital, Karen needs him." She set her hand back down on the end off her bed. The man-nurse stared blankly ahead of him. "I will call your daddy, and tell him to come to the hospital, you need him." He then walked out of the room and closed the door.

    Karen fell back down onto the bed and shut her eyes tight and pulled the sheet up around her and over her head. She didnt know how she was able to do it but she knew she could. she could control people for short periods of time, make them do what she wanted. It was like her special talent. that and telacanetic. she ould move things with her mind or with the slightest movement of her hands.

    she shoved the sheet off of her head and quiockly sat up again. she turned her head to the window and slowly turned around and slid off the cot. tripping over her hospital robe she stumbled over to the window. She saw her reflection. Pale. Bald.. Angry with what she saw she shoved the window open so she could not see her reflection any longer. She peared out of the window and looked straight downward. she saw streetlight, cars, big ben. nothing to exciting. It was dark outside and the moon was full tonight. She looked up at it and started to tear up again. everynight she thinks it may be the last time she will be able to see a time like this. She doesnt know how much longer she has. She is dieing..

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    IC as Church

    Church was barely off the plane when he felt it.

    Someone was here, waiting for him.

    Then, he thought, let them find me.

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  16. Sabre_11 Jedi Knight

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    IC: Jake Hanley

    Jake had been waiting nearly half an hour before his rental car arrived. But still, he was impressed, a Vauxhall Monaro appearing in front of him. It was just like the old Holden Monaros from back home, except for the name and badge change.

    On his way to his hotel, Jake decided to stop into a small cafe for a coffee. He sat down at a table and grabbed one of the many English newspapers lying around. Flicking through it he muttered to himself "Bloody poms, can't even win a cricket match these days..."

    And not a second later a womans voice appeared to be coming from behind his paper. Jake lowered it, and there stood a young lady, asking to sit down, hand out towards Jake. He quickly stood up and shook her hand saying, "G'Day, sure you can sit down."

    OOC: yeah vicky it was.

    and yeah, you can sit down mysterious british woman...
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    IC: Justin Lam, Research Lab, Osaka, Japan

    Justin had responded sarcastically as he took the letter. It was nice to have a mix of cultures in this lab. They all learned from eachother. The particular lab assistant who had just left was of European descent. And as such, wasn't a bashful about making love life jokes as someone from a more subdued culture would be. It was a bit of fresh air, the difference in cultures.

    Hello Mr. Lam!

    We are delighted to tell you that you have been selected as one of ten scientists for a special research project. Recently, a new animal has be found that displays some interesting abilities that would interest you. We'd very much appreciate it if you would join us on this special project. Enclosed with the letter is a plane ticket to North Carolina, where our lab is located. We hope to see you soon!

    - Solomon, Hyndan Research Industries

    Justin stopped walking around his office once he read the letter and sat down. He looked inside the envelope and found the plane ticket. One way. Whatever was going on, they expected him to stay awhile. He really wanted to continue his work on himself, but this animal was far to interesting to pass up. The letter said it contained interesting ablities...perhaps it was experiencing the same phenomenon that he was.

    Thanking his lucky stars that he had no family, he began to make preperations to go to North Carolina. The ticket stated the plane left in a day and a half. He had a lot of planning to do in that short amount of time.

    The airport was bustling with activity as usual. It had been a long time since he'd been in this place. Sure, he flew all over Japan, but those were all national flights. This was the first international flight he would take since being placed in a research position in Japan.

    <<"We are now boarding Flight 138 to Los Angeles.">> came the call over the intercom. Justin stood at the mention of his flight and made his way to the terminal. Handing the young girl the ticket she smiled as she said, <<"Have a good flight, sir">>

    <<"Thank you.">> Justin said as he entered the long, winding boarding tunnel. These places always amused him to no end. Their box like nature, the suspension in midair, and their weak feeling structural integrity. It was like walking through a floating reinforced cardboard box. Soon, though, he was in the airplane.

    The flight would go to Los Angeles where he would then connect with a second flight that woul take him to North Carolina. Not long after sitting down, he was on his way to find out what exactly this letter was about.

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    OOC:That post oddly reminded me of Lost. :p

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    Tonya Barrister
    At home, Hollywood, California


    Tonya mused to herself, as she sipped on a cup of coffee on her couch, staring at her hand. Tonya Barrister couldn't help but look at her hand as she remembered what that crazy lady had said. When the lady asked for directions, she thought she was just a tourist. Then she vilently yanked her hand up to her face and said, "You'll meet them soon." She had shook the thought away, before continuing on into her house.

    "Every year, this city just gets stranger and stranger." she murmored to herself, as she looked over at the clock. She reached over, and grabbing the remote, turned on the tv. She was exausted. She had worked like crazy at the studio. 5 new creatures, 4 makeup emergencies, 1 lost contacts, 2 last minute changes in the script, that required her making 4 new prosthetics. She closed her eyes, rubbing them with her hand, as she layed back on the couch, listening to tv. Maybe, a nap before dinner.

    Behind her, on her desk, lay scribled drawings. Ideas. Things she dreamed up when she worked on various creatures and effects. She drew so often and so much, it was beginning to scare her. Most of the stuff stayed at home. Only the best did she take to the studios. They always seemed to like it. But sometimes, the dreams were just a bit too intense.

    With a sigh, she laid down on the couch, listening to the news, as they rambled on with the daily happenings within the city.

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    Kasim had a strange feeling in the morning-as if his dream had touched the girl he dreamt.He knew she she felt it too,and he knew she is there,sick and frightened.And he knew she is like him,different.
    He needed to lose himself in the mountain...He went so deep in the mountain with the herd that he found the way back only by letting his feelings to search it.
    Soon,he knew.Soon,a change will come,and his life will never be the same.
  21. Space_Chicken Jedi Youngling

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    ic: jennifer Collard

    "Thank you." She said sitting down and unfolding her copy of teh independand she scanned the front page and then opened it up, she had no wish to hear anymore about David Blunkets resignation. "I'm guessing your from australia." she said looking over the paper at the man. "Either that or very peculiar." she said smiling.

    tag: Jake
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    Cameron Brieson

    Cameron raised an eyebrow, staring at the strange device.

    "Yeah, it's one of those newfangled Maglights, right?" He asked with an obvious attitude in his voice.

    Even as little as he seemed to care for the cylinder, he was indeed curious, and hoped that his employer would explain in spite of his rudeness.

    TAG: Master_Vickeh
  23. Master_Vicky Jedi Padawan

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    Patrick Warner

    "Yeah, it's one of those newfangled Maglights, right?"

    A short laugh rumbled in the back of Patrick's throat. "Maglight? Not quite." He thumbed it on, the distinct hum filling the room. He waved the red blade back and forth a few times. "This is a lightsaber. The weapon of a jedi, or in my case, a dark jedi. There are other like me all over the world, but we don't all see eye to eye. I'm tired of having to live in hiding, acting as if I'm 'normal'." Holding out his free hand, palm up, he created a small sphere of Force lightning. "We were given these powers for a reason, and if the others don't want to see it that way, then they can die." his grayish-blue eyes bore into Cameron. "And you will help me see to it that they do."

    Tag: Master_Valar

    OOC: Airport group, just sit tight. Once I finish with this exchange, I'll get to you guys. ;)
  24. Sabre_11 Jedi Knight

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    IC: Jake Hanley

    "As a matter of fact I am an Aussie, just arrived in this morning." Jake finished the sentence as he reached for his coffee. "And you sound british, I wonder why?"

    TAG: Jennifer
  25. Master_Valar Jedi Youngling

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    Cameron Brieson
    In the meeting

    Cameron's breath caught in his throat as the blade sprang to life. It was the strangest thing he'd ever seen, straight out of a Sci-Fi movie. Such a weapon, a laser sword, could be devastating at melee combat.

    Cameron was then even more shocked when his employer created lightning in his fingertips.

    "Incredible..." The mercenary said under his breath.

    "We were given these powers for a reason, and if the others don't want to see it that way, then they can die. And you will help me see to it that they do."

    "Who can die? I'm sorry, but this all so... strange. Is there a pamphlet or something I can read?"

    Cameron crossed both arms in front of his chest, thinking hard.

    "Regardless, you've piqued my interest. You have yourself a hired hand. Or a hired gun, if that's what you're looking for. My price is fifty thousand up front, or one of those." Cameron said, pointing at the lightsaber.

    "Upon completion of the contract I expect another 150,000. I assure you, I am worth it."

    TAG: Master Vicky
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