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Discussion in 'Community' started by Aytee-Aytee, Sep 3, 2012.

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    On Friday, my mother received a piece of certified mail from a Baton Rouge law office on my behalf.
    Upon further inspection, it turned out not to be for me at all....it was addressed to "Eddie Miller a/k/a Edward Calloway" with my parents' address on it.

    So, being thoroughly confused and wondering if someone has stolen my identity, I called the lawyer.
    Me: "Yes, I received a certified letter from you, but I am not known as "Eddie Miller" and I have never gone by "Calloway" at any time. I think this is a mistake."
    Her: "Okay. So your name is "Edward Lawrence Miller, yet?"
    Me: "No, I am Edward Lee Miller".
    Her: "Okay...let me just...." *typing noises*
    Her: "And you have never gone by Calloway?"
    Me: "No ma'am. I don't even live at that address anymore."
    Her: "Well okay then, there's nothing you need to worry about. We could not find Mr. Calloway, so we sent it to every Edward Miller listed. You can open it if you'd like, but if it doesn't pertain to you, just throw it away."

    Me: Okay...thanks....

    So...a lawyer just told me that....
    a. she could not find her client so she just sent mail to everyone with the same name in the same city and
    b. I could open a certified letter meant for someone else.


    So, those of you in the law profession.....surely this kind of thing isn't par for the course, right?
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    I missed the part where she said that Eddie Miller was her client?
  4. Aytee-Aytee Jedi Master

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    I'm assuming he was her client, since I have not opened the letter.

    Because its not mine. :p
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    Gomez Addams was pretty bad too.
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    "Can you imagine a world without lawyers?..."
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    I dunno - subpoena, maybe? Or attempting to locate a potential witness?
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    I highly doubt this was a client issue. Years ago i got a phone call about my involvement in an accident. That I wasn't involved in. They were looking for someone with the same first and last name, and the woman I was talking to refused to accept that I was the wrong person. "Were you in this accident?" No. "You weren't in Fullerton on this day?" No. "You don't have this kind of car?" No. etc. A few minutes later, after going over nonmatching addresses, we finally get to birthdays, and its a birthdate in the 50s, and I said "I'm 22 today" and she said happy birthday and finally stopped bugging me.
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    I admit it. I laughed. And I feel bad for it.
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    i am just a simple caveman...
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