Phx Worst Music Bands in the Industry

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by MexChewie, Feb 9, 2004.

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    HEY! That's not nice!
    Well, in fair play...

    Just because someone knows how to write/read/or have studied music music dosen't mean...

    Nope. I wont stoop to that level. Ppplllllppp!:p
    Im gonna be the better person here.

    But I have heard many bands with amazing talent that have never gone anywhere. (Vacume)
    And bands with NO talent, become famous. (Ween)

    I think what that list comes down to is:
    Whomever wrote it put too much of thier personal opinions into it.
    I hate that.
    Is there any official review/critic that gives an honest, non-opinionated review?

    I have heard plenty of people with great opinions.
    Many where, even though they despise a band or musical style, can defend WHY. And not just give the reason of, "Oh, because they suck."
    Like Kreator. You have great opinions & taste. (see his server)

    My final words are, it's almost impossible to put that many different categories of music into 1 "The Worst" list.
    Unless you set specific guidelines & rules as to how they are rated & reviewed.

    (steps down from stack of CD jewel cases, Not a SoapBox)

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    thanks for the nod Bunny. Not usre that I deserve it but thanks.

    I just try to be as objective as i can but I have had my share of "because they suck moments" Metallica for example. I just lost respect for them . I cnat beleive that they got a grammy for that "St Anger Trash". The production was horrible,

    Anyway, you should download the new In Flames Promo and let me know what you think. It is ok but I only really like the 3rs song
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