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SWRPF Archive WOTG V: Shattered Galaxy (A classic WOTG RP!!)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Protege-of-Thrawn, Aug 26, 2002.

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  1. Protege-of-Thrawn

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    Mar 14, 2001
    Welcome to the ?WOTG Bible!?

    To those who are new, and those who are old, this is the total compendium of every decision, ruling and interesting tidbit concerning this RP.
    So we can end on a high note, I?ll start now, with our WOTG style of Role Playing's weak points!!

    Weak Points
    1)Ego - This is a personal and subjective thing, but I urge you all to follow the gospel of Zaarin. Do it for the good of the RP, not the glory of the character. This one is up to YOU guys, and US guys, to fix.
    3) GM BATTLES ? Disrespecting, and failing to adhere to the rulings of the GMs. The best idea is to have a triumvurate of 3 GMs, which are voted on periodically, and all major conflicts are settled by a 2 : 1 vote.
    4) Technology - Must go through the GM's for approval before use. Simple but neccessary.
    5) All Characters must a) have a profile, and b) RP to that Profile. eg. if your weakness is women, and a female character hits on you, you can't suddenly 'resist' etc.
    6) All factions must have a profile. - Rules to go buy, - a statement of idealogy, - how that faction acts, - its territory and aligned planets, - credit sources/amounts - ship counts as outlined above, fleet breakdowns, - command structure and roster - type of ships and technology etc.

    Here we go guys!
    After the perilous depredation?s of war and horrific conflict, a galaxy is shattered?.
    Yet on a brighter note, War of the Galaxies?.IS BACK!!!!

    [hl=blue]War Of The Galaxy V: Shattered Galaxy[/hl]

    By order of Darth Attorney: There shall be no more than 6 threads at a time involving the War of the Galaxies Role Play.

    Editors Notes:

    I, retired then re-instated GM of the War Council, have decided to construct this, the fifth chapter of our WOTG, as a final cathartic cleansing of the darker elements of this RP ?we hope the old conflicts are purged, and a new era of Rpers, PC?s and stories can unfold in this, the WOTG arena?

    A quick thanks to Yomin, FID, GAJ and WildWookiee, whose support has surprised and enlightened me in many a circumstance.

    Story Background

    [link=]War of the Galaxies, the Original[/link]
    It is a dark time for the Galaxy Proper,
    the Rebel Alliance was dealt a heavy
    blow at the battle of Hoth with the death
    of Luke Skywalker and several other key
    leaders and warriors.

    With the loss of his son, Lord Vader
    committed suicide and the Emperor was killed
    in a freak accident involving one of his Force

    But while the Empire and the Rebellion healed
    from their losses, a new threat has emerged
    from the pools of darkness. Aliens from another
    galaxy have dared to cross into our own and
    wage war against the citizens and its sovereign
    government, the Galactic Empire.

    Now it is a year since the Battle of Hoth and the
    Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire have new
    leadership, but the age old war between the two
    powers continue even as the invaders push forward
    toward the center of the galaxy...

    [link=]Clash of the Titans[/link]
    Many battles have been fought and won between the
    Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. But as the
    growing threat of the Yuuzhan Vong presses further
    into the Galaxy, the once distinguished enemies of the
    Civil War have settled their differences for the time
    being with the signing of the "Two Galactic Govern-
    ments" treaty.

    Now the Yuuzhan Vong face a deadly and determined
    foe as the two powers ultimately wage war against the
    invading aliens. The tide of war changes rapidly in
    favor of the Galactic Alliance at the Battle of Vortex
    with the death of Warmaster Shok Halycron, brother of
    the late Jace Halycron.

    With the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong at the hands of the
    combined forces from all corners of the Galaxy and a newly
    developed war machine
  2. Protege-of-Thrawn

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    Mar 14, 2001

    William snorted through the dim light and hazy smoke, sitting foward to examine the swirl and dregs in the base of his mug, a hazy doubt softening his stare as his eyes lost focus, his mind wandering back and forth.

    "Will? You hear me? they reckon it's official. Coruscant has been turned to molten bedrock in places, and the fires are quickly consuming all the oxygen...they reckon the death toll will equal enlisted losses for the last 5 ye...Will?"

    William, a human male with both Alderaanian and Corellian blood coursing through his veins - both planets he had never visited, one of which he never will now... - sat back and smiled loosely.

    "Give 's a break Tonfey, can't you see I'm drowning my sorrows?"

    The Rodian laughed and slapped him on the shoulder, as he finally sat on the stool next to him in the seedy cantina.
    "Yeah, and that's why I'm trying to distract you. You gotta stop doing this man, you have a promising career in this business..."

    Will shoved his hand away, yet bore no malice. "Promising? So I'm a good mercenary now? what happened to not having the guts?"

    The Rodian laughed again and gestured to the rough heads in the corner keeping a respectful distance. "I saw you take out Bunsk and some of his boys, have a look at the fear in their eyes. They know who hit killed their boss, and they know how to respect that work."

    William stood up steadily, and gestured to the grisly barman. "More."

    Tonfey puckered his snoat in a dissaproving fashion, then nodded back to the newscast.
    "You can make a lot of money soon man. The Empire is seriously shattered now...first Byss falls, now Coruscant...Jello ain't going to be able hold power, and the Republic ain't in NO position to try and govern after what Lavos did..."

    "Yeah, I get the holograph Tonfey." Will said with a sideways smile, leaning on the edge of the table, his brown hair dangling slightly on his forehead almost peacefully as he fingered his blaster visibly to the shifty group who had just entered. "Swoop gang."

    Tonfey didn't turn. "Word travels fast, they will know who you are Mr. William Shard. They know who you are..."

    William laughed and took another swig. "Fair enough Tonfey. I'll have to raise their awareness some more if I'm to get the credits I need."

    Tonfey was impassive, but he lent foward. He knew why Will wanted to gain this notoerity, this amount of credits...When the Yuuzhan Vong had gained a foothold in Hutt space, Will had been seperated from his parents, after his father was imprisioned in a work gang and his mother kept under strict rural Peace Brigade guard. He wanted to gain membership with the sycophantic traitors and find a way to get his parents out from the yolk of Yuuzhan Vong tyranny and torture.

    "Look need to understand this won't happen overnight. The peace brigade may get you in, but they won't get you out. Crickey, the Vong may be hurting from the battle at Bakura and now at 'Scant, but they are still dangerous. You'd need a kriffing Imperial fleet to bust in there safely!"

    Will finished the glass, and held his arm out for another. "Fine. I'll go and enlist. Republic or Empire? who you reckon?"

    Tonfey didn't laugh. "Will, I'm serious. Your a good kid and a friend, I'm trying to help."

    But William Shard, 19 year old mercenary wise beyound his years and as tough on the exterior as any of the denziens in this bar, wouldn't betray the inner pain and turmoil.

    This was the real galaxy, not some kids dream anymore. He had to survive, and to survive he needed to purge any visible emotion.

    "I get you load and clear Tonfey, the Imp's aint turned off the Holonet again quite yet..." again, his lopsided smile as he stood into the hazy atmosphere in this damp microcosm walled off from the harsh desert world around it. "I'm going to talk to Durga, maybe something new has cropped up for me to do."

    William Shard walked out, and Tonfey looked down at the half empty glass. Nodding slowly as he too realised the reality of the present, he turned back to the new
  3. Yomin_Carr

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    Jan 12, 2002
    OOC:*collapses* Thank god...


    Yuuzhan Vong Regrouping Point, Dathomir

    The ruined Yuuzhan Vong fleet limped back into the Dathomir system, bleeding from physical and emotional wounds. But... to the few Requiem who survived, including the one standing near Req Carr aboard the Grand Cruiser Jagged Coufee, hope sprang amidst the destruction.

    Yomin's death had been forseen by himself. His last visions of Yun Yammka and Yun Harla had forced him to assault Coruscant to ensure his race's godhood. Even now the proud race, beaten at the last, but still able to accomplish their goal, replayed constantly in their heads the last sight of Requiem as it blew into a thousand pieces, watching a hero die to save his people... but at a great cost.

    For even now, the Yuuzhan Vong were disorganized. Warmaster Yun-Yuuzhan had fallen while the battle took place, and the late Yomin Carr, Yun-Yuuzhan's heair had perished in the fighting over Coruscant, as had Supreme Commander Malik Carr. Now, the Commanders of the Navy and Army, along with all the different castes were at the brink of infighting. The importance of Yomin Carr had been great. With him, the ranks of the fleets and armies fell in line, respecting their former Supreme Commander as the Intendant Caste stood straight and tall, as Executor Carr united them, just as the Shaper Caste had fallen into line as Shaper Adept Carr, a proud and noble warrior, had deigned to lower himself into their caste to further his own knowledge. Even the priests would stand tall when Yomin passed, for they themselves had forseen his ascent to a deity and their own future ascent.

    But now...

  4. Rayson

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    Apr 10, 2002
    IC: Rayson headed to his quarters to see his wife was waiting for him. "He sat on the bed and started to take of his boots. He put them in the corner and walked over to his desk. "How was your day dear," Janeava asked. "Well, pretty lazy, were on our way to Eriadu though. We'll probably be there sometime tomorrow," Rayson said. "I see.." said Jeneava, "Rayson, come to bed." Intamo perked his head up, and grinned without looking at her. He quickly wiped the grin of his face and went and got ready for bed." He climbed into bed and the lights turned of. "Well now...."

    OOC:... :D
  5. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    IC as High General Mitth

    [blockquote]Somewhere on Dathomir in the bowels of a Yuzzie Prison

    Every day he slept and ate. Every day since his capture he talked of Imperial secrets. Every day since his betrayel of the galaxy he lived in pain of both the physical and the mental. And every day the former Warmaster Nithrak Tewl came to visit him, to scorn and pity him for what he had become.

    He was no longer the proud Chiss warrior which had first taken a sniper rifle and dared to assassinate the Warmaster long ago, when the war was still fresh and new. When the Empire fought the then Rebel Alliance and the invading Yuuzhan Vong on two fronts, held them back with victories upon victories. He was no longer the honorable Imperial officer that had led commandos and stormtroopers into battle to fight and die against the enemy that never seemed to wether beneath the might of the Galactic Empire.

    He was now a broken and pathetic alien. A slave of a race he had once sworn he would never call Master. A toy for Nithrak Tewl to play with and shape into whatever he deemed was appropriate at any time. Before, when he was the warrior, the Warmaster may have given him a warriors death.

    Quick and painful.

    But ever since his capture, the alien known as High General Mitth no longer existed. Just a shell of a man who thrived barely on the meals given to him and yerned for the attention of his masters. Whether that attention was a day's stay in the Embrace of Pain or a questioning session, he wanted it. He didn't want to be alone. They had left him alone plenty of times, to stew in his own pain and misery.

    He was nearly a mindless slave.

    Nearly I say because a part of him did thrive beneath the pathetic shell that he wore. A part of him yerned to escape, to touch freedom again. But that part was small compared to the other half of him that wanted and only knew of the Yuuzhan Vong. That part dominated him everyday.

    Every day he slept and ate.

    Every day he betrayed.

    Every day he lived in pain.[/blockquote]
  6. GrandAdmiralJello

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    Nov 28, 2000
    OOC: Just as school starts... great timing, PoT. :p

    [i]Death. Fear. Hope.

    Coruscant, once the proud capital of an Empire, was now a ruined planet. From horizon to horizon there were ruins of tall buildings, now pounded flat. The majority of the planet was more or less intact, for the bombardments could only blast through the first thousand levels of buildings. However, those first thousand levels contained the vast majority of Coruscant's affluent and well-to-do population. Hundreds of billions were, quite simply, vaporized.

    Imperial City, the continent wide capital district, had been subject to the the full brunt of [/i]Requiem[i] station. The city was more or less slagged, much like a Star Destroyers sustained bombardment. A few buildings had the structure neccessary to whether such an onslaught unscathed, but the rest were gone.

    The arrival of the [/i]Royal Mandate[i] Armada had pushed back the Yuuzhan Vong fleet, and indeed, saved the planet from complete destruction. It held the surviving Sovereign of the Empire.



    [b]Super Star Destroyer [i]Vindicator[/i][/b]


    Grand Admiral Jello, Emperor of the Galactic Empire, hated statistics. Unfortunately, the entire Empire had suddenly turned into a set of numbers. There were Defense Force numbers, there were popular support and poblic confidence numbers, win/loss ratios, supply indices, and even a ruined economy to worry about.

    The Empire had previously been an unfathomable juggernaut of resources. The mere fact that a series of datapads contained the raw sum of the Empire's productive capablities was almost more indicative of the changing galaxy, than the devastation on Coruscant.

    Indeed, the Grand Admiral had made mistakes. His skills were primarily suited for battle, he was a master of the Art of Battle. Strategy came second. His sojourns to the Outer Rim had earned him victories, for he had not been handed a single defeat, but it hurt the Empire. A government like this needed a highly visible leader. Under Palpatine, the leader was himself, locked in seclusion on Coruscant--or Lord Vader, the omnipresent reminder of the Empire's strength. The Empire also needed someone behind the scenes, controlling everything. [i]That[/i] was what Palpatine was, and what Lavos had become. Jello was both, but he made the mistake of leaving on highly visible campaigns, which diluted public confidence in him. Lavos' own ascention to power should have been obvious, for he had the strings of power, not Jello. Jello would now remain on the capital, and Empress Syra or Lord Vader would leave the planet in his name. For high profile events, Jello would leave the planet in Vader or Syra's stewardship.

    Jello had made a galaxy-wide address, and several smaller ones on Coruscant. The recent disasters had collasped the public's belief in Darth Ghast's New Order, and solidified their belief in the Grand Admiral. He told them that Ghast would bring them ruin, and he was right.

    Ghast was gone, but was he dead? Lord Vader had told him that Ghast survived a massive Jedi attack during the ancient times by hibernation, but it was unclear to him whether it was the Jedi, or Ghast himself that chose to seal that ancient Sith Lord. Could Ghast have survived the destruction of his skyhook?

    More statistics. The Imperial Starfleet had sustained massive losses in the protracted campaign with the New Republic. Hostilities had more or less ceased, but brushfire wars had continued to destroy fleets for over a week. This, combined with campaigns intiated against the Yuuzhan Vong during Jello's earlier years, had dwindled the Starfleet into something barely stronger than its opposition. Indeed, the only unharmed armada was on lone to Jello by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Jello's two other loyalist armadas had been damaged at Kamino. He had captured most of the Inquisition Armada intact, but that didn't stop Genesii from sabotage attempts. Coruscant's own formidable defenses had retreated >
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    May 13, 2002
    Gorin's Mind, Depths of insanity
    Gorin's path was finished and he stood at the end, the end where all things go. To his right the images of a life he could have had, healthy, his body complete, and the darkside not slowly deteriorating his body. To the left the images of his life still played by, he saw himself n the deck of a ship, then on a hospital bed, then finally in a room that looked a lot like crew quarters. There before him the darkness coalesced into a figure, constantly shifting, Human, Wookie, Duros, Yuzzuhan Vong, some unknown race with blades and dragon like features. This figure seemed to dance, if that was possible for a being made of shadow and darkness, up to Gorin. He felt the awesome force power behind the being, the shear power he wielded was enough to make Gorin's force senses reel, yet, just the same his mind was cleared and he could think much more clearly in the presence of this figure.

    The shifting nature of the being held on the image of a Genesii female, rare in the extreme, because the cloners had felt that females were too innately caring and kind. This female was beautiful, lovely, graceful, and, as Gorin's mind reminded him, whole . It danced around him for some time before coming to stop before his eyes. Eyes appeared on the head shifting between, blue, silver, and gold. They merely stared at him for a while and then the figure made of shadow became a figure of flesh, flesh far too real. The hauntingly beautiful Genesii female led the way deeper into the forest, pulling Gorin's spirit behind her. They arrived at a clearing and the female turned to Gorin saying, "Hello Gorin, welcome to Death."

    "What is this place?" Gorin questioned.

    "Here? This is the holding ground, the place where all souls meet, the place where souls proceed on their journey from. Indeed Gorin your Soul is teetering. You, the sith, all are going to perish under the forces of the galaxy. That is the only truth isn't it? Death is ever-present."

    "Heh, speak for yourself, i plan to live forever...." Gorin said. As the words left his mouth he finally realized it, he really was dead, or at least so far gone getting back would not be likely.

    "I believe it's a little late for that Gorin." The female said and giggled, something no Genesii, anywhere ever did. it was haunting, intoxication, erotic. Whatever you wanted to call it Gorin was drawn in by it.

    "So what happens now?" Gorin asked.

    "Now? Now we wait to see if those still in the mortal realm can bring you back. Until then I have something to show you, a secret of the Sith that, until now, had remained hidden. I will teach you, if you are powerful enough to learn it. Come Gorin, Sith, Genesii,... Friend, we must go."

    Gorin walked with the Female, farther into the dream, his only though to stay at her side, to be with her, always.

    OOC; POT, Check your PM's about a request for new Force user Class.

    Medical bay, Imperial Task Force Gamma, Shattered after Courscaunt, Gorin's quarters.

    Ehele, Sith Knight, sat in the Conference room of the Imperial Star Destroyer Injustice, flagship of what remained of the task force. The captain and all his officers sat around, while Ehele worried about Gorin. He had been about to finish his jump to the cluster when the Task force appeared literally on top of his shuttle. They picked him up and repaired Gorin?s Broken blood vessels but he was still in a coma, and they said he may not wake up. Even if he did the mental damage alone would be considerable, indeed that Jedi had injured his friend greatly, and he would pay for that one day, Ehele vowed. When they picked them up it seemed that the task force was on its way from Courscaunt to Byss, to check on the remains. However when Ehele boarded, because of the massive losses suffered by the taskforce and the slagging of Imperial Center, he was the highest ranking officer and he took control of the task force. He still couldn?t believe that Imperial Center, the most secure place in the galaxy, had fallen, turned to a slag
  8. Veng_Commando

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    Oct 26, 2001
    IC: Veng C'Mano

    Veng sat in his luxiorious office on Dobski's secret planet operation thing. He didn't know what Dobskki had really wanted him to protect, he just knew that if anything big and sary with alot of guns came down, his fleets would come down and stop them. But even that was getting boring.

    He could take his fleet out pirate hunting. But that was what his border fleets were for. He needed something bigger to do. Something worth while. His forces were much too weak to lead an Anti-Vong campeign, but there was the Civil War. He remembered a long time ago he had been invited to help... I think to help Ghast aswell. Perhaps he would send him a message.

    OOC: cool, we start again. Plus, I did this in part four, but never got a response from Ghast so I'll do it again.

    Tag Ghast
  9. Yomin_Carr

    Yomin_Carr Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 12, 2002
    OOC: By the way, PoT... Tatooine has been devastated by me, so it would be interesting to learn that the NR rebuilt a cantina there despite the rising temperatures and the general destruction of the ecology... :D
  10. Juno_Epsilon

    Juno_Epsilon Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 28, 2002
    Juno's face throbbed with pain from the burns of battle. Him and his fleet had meet head on with the Re-treating New Republic forces as they where fleeing for there missrable lives from the bowels of the Empire. Juno sat at his desk reading throught the damage reports and the death tolls. Officers with moving around hurried and yelling, There was fires throughout the fleet and two ships where confermed Slag. The NR retreating forces had been beaten up but Juno had not expected so many to come out of the Byss system. He and his fleets had met them head on and had taken out 15 or so ships as they tried to make it past.
    The ships that had been protecting the Interdictor had been hit the hardest.
    All this had happened in a heart beat.
    Juno Gave the order to retreat when the Genereal Retreat was issued by the Command at Byss. Juno had followed his orders, but The NR had won, with lots of blood loss. But they had won.

    Bridge Officer: " Moff Epsilon , the fleet is ready to limp back to Suarbi for repaires shall we go?"

    Moff Epsilon: "No, Set course for Coruscant. I want to know what is happening. I want answers, I want to know where the Empire stands. Send the badly damaged ships home. Then ,when they are ready, have them return to the fleet. And Commander, I want it done ASAP , No Pissing around. " Juno's tone was that of anger. He had the right to be. This had all come around of mis-calculations, something he hated.

    With that the 1st and 2nd Fleet HyperJumped to the Ruined World of Coruscant.

    Fleet jumping in upon final orders of Kane Lavos.

    1st Suarbi Imperial Fleet (21 Ships)
    Devils Squadron
    Commanding OfficerMoffJuno Epsilon

    Flagship: ISD III-Tranchula
    ISD II- Ali
    ISD II- Techpoint
    ISD II- Godspeed
    ISD II- Protector of Liege
    ISD II- Eye Of the Storm
    VSD Dragoon Class- Alcon
    VSD Dragoon Class- Axies
    VSD Dragoon Class- XIM
    VSD Dragoon Class-Tott Doneta
    VSD Dragoon Class- Vimmy Ridge
    VSD Dragoon Class- Ruusan
    VSD Dragoon Class- Re-Endorsement
    Lancer- Priam
    Lancer- Ylesia
    Lancer- Bollux

    2nd Suarbi Imperial Fleet (21 ships)
    Priestess Squadron
    Admiral Marissa Fairdream
    (MIA) Vice Admiral Kola (Temp. Command)

    Flag ship: ISD III- Eye Of the Storm
    ISD III-Peace
    ISD II- Medicineman
    ISD II- Moonlight
    ISD II- Daughter of Light
    VSD Dragoon Class- Liquidation
    VSD Dragoon Class- Krakana
    DSD- Hopes Dawn
    DSD- Rose Lightning
    DSD- Kayleis
    Carrack- Avalon
    Carrack- Shadow of the Storm
    Lancer- Dance of Stars
    Neb-B- Tears of Truth

    The first and second fleet are on course for Coruscant all with light damage (repairable on the way), where as the damaged ships are going home to Suarbi for Repairs. 1 week in dry dock (RL time) for full repairs.

    Damaged Ships

    ISD III- Hand of Glory (badly damaged)
    ISD II- Olympus (badly damaged)

    ISD II- Empowerment (badly damaged)

    DSD -New Order (badly damaged)

    ISD II- Encounter (badly damaged)

    ISD II-Nightlily (badly damaged)

    Lancer- Golden Rain (badly damaged)

    Lancer- Rainbow Sky (badly damaged)


    Neb-B- Twilight (Slag)

    Strike Cruiser- Dream (Slag)

    Interdictor- Dissent (destroyed)

    ISD III- Priestess of the Moon (destroyed)
  11. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    IC as Major Gregory A. Thane

    [blockquote]Corellia - Coronet City

    "And what has the Empire brought us!" Screamed an Alderaanian looking human atop a raised pre-fabricated plateform. He held in one hand a megaphone and another some kind of remote that was controlling a holographic pod. It was currently showing the devastation of Coruscant and images of civilians dying in the aftermath of the attack.

    "Death and destruction!" The human hollared and the crowd, if you can call it one for it was only small of about ten or twenty people of various species, roared in response and echoing the speakers words. "What has Darth Ghast and Grand Admiral Jello done for us?"

    "What!" Cried one Corellian, most likely a member of the speakers group.

    "Nothing! While they fought for supremacy of the throne, we suffered attacks from the invading Yuuzhan Vong and the New Republic!" The speaker answered and he allowed that to settle into the small crowd he had. It was growing slowly with each passing minute and for as long as the speaker continued with his rant and speech. "Did they come to defend us?"

    "No!" Cried another somewhere in the crowd.

    "Did they prevent what happened to Coruscant?"

    "Hell kriff no!" The crowd said together.

    "What do we do?" A female asked of the speaker. He appeared to be contemplating the question while keeping the crowd in suspense without making it appear he knew not what to do.

    "We defend ourselves." He replied at last quietly and then in a much louder voice. "We remove our dependancy of the Empire and become independant! We cannot have the Empire protect us for they cannot stop themselves from fighting each other! And because of that we will be vulnerable to future enemies!"

    Major Gregory Thane had enough listening to the speaker drone on how the Empire was incapable of protecting its terroritories. He was a man in his thirties and would have been considered mildly handsome if it weren't for the intricate work of scars across the right check of his face and down his neck and into his uniform collar. Injuries he had sustained some three years ago at the Battle of Hoth when a rebel named Commander Skywalker had detonated a grenade into the troop compartment of his Imperial walker. He also wore gloves and always wore long sleeve clothing to hide the rest of his burn scars. It was only a matter of luck or by the will of the Force he had survived that incident long ago. He hated Skywalker and Darth Vader ever since.

    But what he hated even more were troublemakers.

    Thane laughed bitterly at the irony of that. He had been a troublemaker himself when he was a teenager until he screwed up for the last time with the Emperor, nearly killing his foster father with a heartattack in the process. Thane smiled, the scar tissue making it look sinister, at the memory of the late-Emperor Palpatine covered in shaving cream after he had accidently mis-aimed a thrown waterballoon.

    "Join me and the Brotherhood of --" Was all he was able to say before Thane tapped the driver on the shoulder of his LAVr QH-7 Chariot. The ground vehicle hovered away from its position several meters away to hover above the crowd and the speaker. "--Enlightment."

    Thane popped open the hatch atop of the Chariot and stared down at the crowd. "In the name of the Empire, you--Jenos Jaxon--are hearby under arrest for treason and desturbing the peace."

    "CorSec is the authority here, Imperial!" Jaxon replied and the crowd hollared agreement.

    "Not where speakers such as yourself speak treason against the Empire." Thane spat back and signaled to a group of approaching stormtroopers. "Disperse this crowd and arrest all members of the Brotherhood of Enlightment." And as an afterthought he add, "I want them taken alive."

    The stormtroopers began pushing into the crowd, dispersing them with threatening gestures of their blaster rifles and verbal commands. The speaker, Jenos Jaxon, glanced between the Chariot LAV and the stormtroopers before jumping into the crowd and bolting.

    "Follow him." Thane o
  12. Wildwookiee

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    Apr 14, 2001
    Outer Rim

    There were trillions of star systems in the Galaxy...most of them unihabitited. This was true with this starsystem. However, for the past several months, Admiral Cast's fleet had been scurring around the Galaxy, picking up supplies from many different sources. The planet of Sullust owed Cast for his support durning thier occupation by the Empire. They had sent millions of credits worth of supplies and personell to a rendevous point, where they were picked up by convoy and taken to this system codenamed...Vanguard.

    Gerul stood on the bridge of the Space Station that formerly belonged to the LEC, now re-christened and named "Harvester". The Security had been upgraded, with the addition of ten heavy turbolaser batteries, as well as the upgraded shields. Already constuction was in the works to add two wings on either side of the main base. These wings would be large enough to dock an Imperial Star Destroyer each. Construction was slated to be completed in two months. Meanwhile, the fleet had been bolstered by the addition of 12 Nebulon B frigates 9 Lancer frigates, and assorted Sullustian Patrol Craft that the Sullustian government gave the New Republic.

    Gerul turned away from the window, and acknowledged the officer standing at attention behind him.

    "Sir, the President is on the holocomm for you."

    "Thank you Leutenant." Gerul said.

    Gerul walked to his ready room, and answered the com.

    "What is it Admiral?" the President said.

    "Sir, I regret to inform you that I shall be resigning my commission in the New Republic. My men and I have created an identity of our own, and we have decided that your politics are useless in our quest, and we are tired of fighting for others...we are now on our own."

    "What the hell is this Cast? You realize that we'll hunt you down and charge you with subversion and will not get through this!"

    "We'll see about that've never been able to match me before."

    With that, Cast ended the transmission. Behind him the Leiutinant was still standing.

    "Leiutenant, was that Transmission encrypted?"

    "Yes sir...but it used an older encryption code...It was also routed through several unsecure listening posts...though with an attempt to look heavily guarded. Chances are their encrypters will pick it up and decrypt it."

    "Good Leiutenant."

    Gerul went to his desk and flipped up the computer screen. The last orders he got were there. He closed it down, and opened up his secure tranmission program, which he typed a short message

    <<reciever unknown>>
    encrypt 6400 bit

    Operation Reclaim Begun. Transmission Sucess. Torel, Eclipse, Skymarshals.
    End Transmission


    Pierce layed on the deck of his ship. Inside, however, he was walking through a forrest. The sun shown down, the heat of the rays radiating on his skin. The first time in his life, he did not feel pain. He walked for a ways and exited the woods

    In front of him laid a valley that stretched to the ridges off in the distance. Down in the valley a stream ran, and the grass that grew there was the greenest that he could ever remember seeing. He had no clue what drew him, but he drew towards the water. The walk was not far, and it was very plesant. Reaching the water, Pierce began to feel thirsty, so he bent and drank of the cool water

    The water was the coolest that he had ever tasted, and the most refreshing. After he was finished, he sat up. Acrossed the river stood a man, dressed in a long flowing white robe. Around his waste was a belt, and clipped to the belt, a lightsaber.

    "Where am I?" Pierce asked.

    "You are the Force...Where does not exist." the figure said.

    Pierce stared questioningly at him.

    "what do you mean? am I dead?"

    The figure simply smiled. "How can you be the Force, and yet dead? The Force is created by life, therefore, you can not be are the Force."

    Pierce looked around. Honestly, he felt great...the best in his life. He looked around at the perfectio
  13. Warlord_Ken

    Warlord_Ken Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2000
    IC: Destiny, enroute to Morgoth
    "General Black, two minutes to Morgoth."

    "Excellent, Lieutenant." General Hogan Black, the Republic's specialist on Special Operations, was the natural choice for commander of this small expeditionary force, a mere MC80 and 3 Corellian Corvettes, to bring the Republic's voice - and hand - to the Sith initiates on Morgoth. Naturally, every soul on the force was strong-minded, so as to resist the wiles of the Sith.

    "Anxieties, Commodore Dravonia?"

    "What do you think?" Commodore Aragorn Dravonia, Jedi Knight, gave him a wry smile. As second-in-command, he was to take the Jedi and a troop complement down to the surface. "We have, counting myself, the Jones siblings, and Jedi Temis Hendren only 4 Jedi. That against a host of Sith."

    "I'm sure you'll be a match. Besides, you've got the commandos."

    Aragorn nodded sagely. "I hope they'll be of help."

    From the dark corner of the bridge Jedi Hendren spoke up. "At any rate, I completed the Jedi textbook you asked of me, Jedi Dravonia. Backup copies are being sent to areas around the Republic as we speak. Even if I go, the ideals of the Jedi will live on."

    "It's not so much as that as I'm worried about. If you go, we can't bring you back." Aragorn winced. "Well, these days perhaps we can."

    Any remark was forstalled by the deck officer's voice. "General, we're coming out of hyperspace."

    The Destiny and the three corvettes shot into the blackness of space, with the ball of rock known as Morgoth looming before them.

    General Black took the comm. "Morgoth and any Sith advocates, this is General Hogan Black of the New Republic. I have been authorized to present a series of demands to you, and both you and we will greatly appreciate it should you comply with them."

    TAG: Link_the_Sith

  14. Wildwookiee

    Wildwookiee Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 14, 2001
    Pierce lit his Lightsaber. The brilliant blade of Amber that lept from the handle cheered him, and the low thrum of the energy blade calmed him...making him wait for the attack. Pierce's attacker came at him, a purple blade lit...Gladius Reverus HIS saber!! Pierce's opponent had no features that he could see, all was hidden behind a dark cloak...but Pierce did know saber styles, and the attacker was a master, judging by the neutral stance he took.

    Pierce lundged first, a high sweeping attack, fairly easy to parry, just to test the skills of his opponent. As expected, he bought his blade forward and perried on the tip of his saber, allowing Pierces blade to skip off the end of his lightsaber and flash into the air, without touching him. In an instant, the antagoner pulled his hilt to his chest, and lunged forward, the lightsaber going straight for Pierce's heart. Pierce knowing that the figure was going to try somthing like that, spun his hilt in his hand, so that the the pummel stretched towards the sky. Twisting his torso, Pierce deflected this attack, while spinning his saber around, and back into a combat stance.

    The account of this battle is long. Over hours, the two combatants fought. The sabers flashed into the long night, and back into the day again. Though Pierce had been fighting for hours, he did not feel fatigue, nor the desire to quit...just focus and concentration. After a while, Pierce knew that there was no way that this swordsman could be beaten by him...nor vice-a-versa...they were at a stalemate.

    The dawning realisation came over him that this person was not just as good as Pierce...but he fought with the same styles. He was not fighting another Jedi...but he was fighting himself.

    As Pierce realized this, the figure ceased to fight, and dropped his saber to his side. With a small flash of light, he suddenly disappeared...and Pierce felt himself lifting off the ground. As he gained speed, he looked down. He was well over the trees now, and could hardly see the river. The mountains that were distant were still visible, but their monstorous height was just a memory. Pierce gained speed until everything became a blur...then black came over him, and the world faded from veiw.

    Pierce woke up, naked on the floor of his frieghter. His temperature had broken, and the wounds on his back had almost finished healing. The growth of his facial hair told him that he had been out for at least a week...his body was feeling it. His mouth was dry, and he was famished. So it had been a dream.

    Pierce went to the galley, and fixed chicken broth to drink...knowing that if he tried to ingest solid food, he would just loose it, as well as any liquid that he would put into his body. After a change of clothes, the broth was done, and he drank it well as some water from the purifier. With his second bowl of broth, he thought that he'd go to the table, and grab a datapad to read up on what had gone on since his little trip.

    He looked at the table, and dropped his broth, the bowl shattering into a million pieces, activating the cleaning droids, who shot around, beginning to tidy up the mess. There on the Table lay Carmone Corteses Lightsaber...
  15. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002
    Fleet Command Center, Byss, New Sith Order

    The Three Days had been kind to Ehele. the Shipyards had been Re-crewed and, though they were not as proficient as engineers, still it was mostly automated and they could begin to produce some smaller ships, including one Ehele had ordered designed for himself the Dragon-Class Light Cruiser. He had ordered the old Command Center Cleaned up and had taken residence in it as the fleets patrolled the skies. Tie Fighters flew in tight formation, learning how to fight in atmosphere more proficiently, while also learning the limits of their ships. Ehele had begun to, using subtle Telepathy Force loyalty on his crew, infecting their dreams with thoughts of hatred for Emperor Jello and of enjoyment with the power of the Sith. With his relatively low proficiency with it though, it was slow going and Ehele was afraid the crew might mutiny or send a message to Courscaunt before he could complete his work. Lavos body lay in stasis so as to lessen the decay but Ehele wasn?t even sure Gorin could do anything. He was a scientist, proficient in cloning yes, but he was no doctor. More and more Ehele realized the mutual dependency they had on each other.

    Crews were beginning to search the derelict hulls and slag for anything useful, and to strip them for raw material. They used this material in the shipyard, for now it would work but the supply was limited and soon they would have to get supplies from somewhere, or the shipyards would have to shut down. Still they built, designed and tried out different techniques trying to get the Dragon -Class light Cruiser to be realized.

    OOC: For details on the Dragon See the WC
    OOC: POT, I still need a response from my PM.
  16. Kuna_Tiori

    Kuna_Tiori Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 20, 2002
    IC: Secret NRNAS base, three weeks earlier
    The NRNAS science lab was recently a veritable beehive of activity. Scientists rushed back and forth, trying hard to comply with blistering deadlines that was trying to add more and more information into the knowledge bank of the galaxy.

    Among the more recent cargo deliveries were specially marked packages labeled, "Yuuzhan Vong junk". In the packages were samples of the seeding materials released on Tatooine as well as complete lab reports of the NRNAS scientist team that worked there and samples of their semi-completed antidote.

    Here, in the secure research station, the scientists could safely find an antidote for this devastating Vong tool...

    IC: Meanwhile on Tatooine...
    The scientists, having sent their materials to NRNAS, now filed into their ships and took off for Eriadu. In space, they practically scorched themselves, their materials and belongings, and the ships in a meticulous search-and-destroy quest to kill anything Vong that might have hitchhiked.

    They stopped just outside the Eriadu system and made one more long check before calling Eriadu and awaiting orders.

    IC: Assembly Chambers, Olympus Station, somewhere in deep space
    The raucous frenzy of the General Assembly was finally silenced by firm rappings of the gavel by Consul Krist Kre'fey. The golden-furred Bothan spoke:

    "The chair recognizes Assembler Diaz of Malastare."

    The Gran stood and said an amazingly concise message, "Assemblers, I believe we've dillied about in the middle of nowhere for long enough. With Apocalypse neutralized and the worlds relatively secure, why not return to the Eriadu system?"

    The proposal was greeted with cries of assent.

    IC: Worlds recently devastated by Imperials and Vong
    Scout probes emerged and took a long look at the system and its planets.
  17. Warlord_Ken

    Warlord_Ken Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2000
    IC: Nast Rider, somewhere in Deep Space
    "You've become quite good, Kenman," Juren Nast remarked as Kenman shot both of the flying chips with dead-on accuracy.

    "Thanks." With an air of cockiness he spun the DL-44 pistol quickly on his index finger.

    "Your skills are growing. In time, you'll be a powerful asset to the New Republic."


    "Now you're excellent with almost any weapon - except for this one." Here he took out a lightsaber and ignited it. A sizzling green blade sprouted and cast greenish hues on the practice room.

    "A lightsaber?" Kenman gasped. "You're joking right?"

    "Not at all. A lightsaber is more useful than other melee weapons, like vibroblades. Harder to use yes, but more useful. Besides, seeing a non-Jedi wield a lightsaber is unexpected and terrifying. Now, let's first practice some basic strokes..."

    And Kenman began to learn how to use a lightsaber.

    IC: Surface of Wayland
    The barren, charred steppes of Wayland yielded little in the way of life. There would be no reason for anyone to come to the forsaken wasteland.

    Except for two groups: the Yuuzhan Vong and, more recently, the New Republic.

    The planet was held by the Vong, but their grip was not exactly iron-fisted. A group of speeder trucks, camoulflaged superficially and electronically, sped along, with a sensor dish on top revolving, trying to pick up signals.

    When the Republic forces detonated hundreds of thermal detonators on Wayland, they did not seek to wipe out the entire planet, just the areas with Vong. Unfortunately, that was most of the planet, and to find any more non-Vong sapients here would be difficult. Still, it had to be done...

    A day later...

    "I think we've got something. Weak and faint, but it's there."

    "Good. Let's move in."

    The source of the signals was a seemingly abandoned cave. Wayland Team, heavily armed and armored, moved in and found a group of 10 humans and 3 Psadans huddled around a smouldering fire.

    "Who are you?" a woman asked.

    "My name is, uh, Han Solo. Who are you?"

    "We are mere simpletons, who lived here for generations before they came," the spokeswoman replied. "We have escaped from their grasp, but when the Republicans arrived...we thought..."

    "I know, and I'm sorry for what they did here. But it was necessary to strike one last blow against the Vong before they had to retreat."

    He turned to his subordinates. "I want Red Group and Yellow Group to search this cave and find anything and everything that may be of use or want to us and this group of people. Belongings, food, and so on. Bring it here. Everything else...burn it. Move." The two groups moved to comply.

    As soon as the cave had been cleared of any potential Vong spy devices, the man turned back to the Waylanders. "I'm Colonel Mukken of the New Republic Army. We're here to free you and any other native Waylanders from the Yuuzhan Vong, but we have limited supplies and numbers and we have to wage a long war of pinpricks, rather than blows. If you want to be freed, you'll have to help us. We'll need supplies, more support, and so on. Do you know of any other groups like yourself?"

    The woman shook her head.

    "Well, that doesn't matter. If they're here, we'll find them. Meanwhile, we'll have to set up shop here, if you don't mind, and get ready for the upcoming war."

    IC: Bimmiel system
    Bright explosions flared as outlying mines were cleared. Before anyone could say Yomin Carr, a huge Star Destroyer-like ship entered the system. A massive hulk bristling with weaponry, the Jedi Star Defender opened up with its side turbolasers, destroying more mines, while its forward turbolasers and lasers began to smack the nearest Vong warship.

    Behind the massive battlecruiser came a few more smaller, organic-looking Mon Cal cruisers, and even smaller destroyers and corvettes. Protecting the flanks were round ships known as Hapan Battle Dragons, as well as the sleek Hapan Nova Battle Cruisers
  18. Baron_Fel

    Baron_Fel Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 28, 2001

    In a bunker owned by Domain Fel, Warleader Baron Fel sat thinking possibilities to strike at the infidels. He currently sat in a chair that fit itself to his features accordingly, eating out of a sacworm.He tossed the sacworm aside and headed for the exit. As he walked his amphistaff slithered up around his right arm, poised to strike.

    He reached an underground hangar where his coral craft was waiting. He took his seat and the pilot put on his cognition hood. He ordered the craft up and it followed the order. The ship flew low over the ground, past huts owned by the Shamed Ones, over small warrior garrisons, and over weapons emplacements. Everything in this region was his, or more appropriately Domain Fel's.

    They soon reached a cluster of damuteks owned by Domain Fel and landed on the green grass of the landing field. Baron walked out and was greeted by warriors of his domain. The followed him to the vilip damutek and waited outside while he entered.

    Baron walked into the structure and was met by Feras Domain Fel. "Warleader, we have contacted Commander Darrk. His fleet should be here soon."

    "The gods smile on you," Baron told Feras. "No," he corrected himself ,"the gods smile on Domain Fel."
  19. Wildwookiee

    Wildwookiee Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 14, 2001
    Gerul Cast looked at the back of his hands. From the back of his knuckles to his shoulderblades were the raised red bumps of irritation. They hurt, but were not too painful. He rubbed a little soreness out of his hands, and continued his tour of the station.

    The smell of burning wires and plasma torches filled the corridor as techs scurried like insects to fix, upgrade, tearout, and replace systems all over the station. Admiral Bterrik had given Cast the access codes to all the booby traps around the station, and the techs had quickly disarmed them. In return, the fleet had been sacking cargo convoys throughout the sector...making them all look like Imperial attacks.
    These attacks were on cooperations sympathetic to either side of the Civil War...each thinking that the other Empire was attacking them. Gerul felt satisfied with this. In the past month, over 20 convoys had been raided sucessfully. all the bulk parts headed directly toward Admiral Bterrik, for payment to the LEC for the ships and crewmen...the debt was paid with over a billion credits worth of plunder.

    Cast's Crushers had a new identity now. They were going to be seperated from the occurance that Cast had been discussing with several governmental officials for some time. Under the New Republic, Cast was unable to fight his war...needing to wait, and not having any backup when it was nessicary. With the trechery of that fool Anakin Doboski, the New Republic had lost all the momentum it had gained during Gerul's run as High Admiral...but that was about to change. Gerul would not let the actions of a fool destroy what he worked hard to recieve.

    Here is a list of Cast's Crushers.

    Cast?s Crushers

    1st Fleet= Admiral Gerul Cast
    1 MC 150 Gerul?s Fist
    2 ISD II Zagreb, Rieka
    2 ASD Alamo, Hope
    1 VSDII Doloran
    3 VSDI Pleteus, Dominium, Exalter
    1 DSD Intractable
    2 Agave
    3 Strike Cruisers
    2 Warrior
    3 Lancer Frigates
    3 Neb B2
    = 23

    Fighter Squadrons
    10 X-Wing
    10 B-Wing
    20 Tie Defender

    2nd Fleet= Vice Admiral Myrna Dubrovick
    1 MC-150
    2 ISD III
    1 DSD
    2 Neb B2
    3 Corellian Gunships
    6 Nova Cruisers
    = 14

    Fighter Squadrons
    10 X-wing
    20 A-wing

    3rd Fleet= Fleet Admiral Mikal P?oth
    3 ISD II
    1 MC-80 C
    Mon Tumla
    1 DSD
    1 MC 90
    Mon Tusla
    2 Nebulon B Frigates
    1 Sparrowhawk Lt. Cruiser

    Fighter Squadrons
    10 X-wing
    6 Tie Defender

    4th Fleet- No Commander
    5 ISD II
    1 DSD
    3 MC 90
    4 Neb B frigates
    Fighter Squadrons
    15 Tie Defender

    5th Fleet-No Commander
    5 ISD II
    1 DSD
    3 Lancer Class Frigates
    Fighter Squadrons
    15 Tie Defender

    Currently unused ships: (Defense)
    10 ISD II
    1 DSD
    5 Hapan Battle Dragons
    12 Neb B
    6 Lancer Class
    30 Sullustian Patrol Gunships
    Fighter Squadrons
    291 Tie Defenders

    I know this is a lot of ships. I captured most of them, and the rest are My New Repbulic ships.
  20. Ben_Skywalker

    Ben_Skywalker Jedi Grand Master star 5

    May 20, 2001
    IC: Coruscant

    Death Armada came out of hyperspace almost on top of Coruscant. The leader of the armada saw an image he knew he would never forget.

    The fleet had come out of hypersapce facing the side of the planet the Yuuzhan Vong had incinerated days earlier. There were dozens of supply ships flying in and out of the system but as soon as Death Armada came into existence, almost every ship near them had fled.

    Ben stood on the deck staring out of the viewport.

    What have I done? So many families destroyed. So many lives lost.. All this time, I was blind. I didn't realize.... But no more.

    "Admiral Piett, send a message to Emperor Jello. Tell him we will be staying in-system for 36 standard hours. In that time, we'll be picking up all of Ghast's loyal troops, personnel, and starfighters. Tell him that we're under a banner of truce for 38 hours and after that we'll be gone for good. Also tell him that we are eternally grateful that his fleet came to Coruscant in time to save it from the Yuuzhan Vong and that we wish him well in his fight against them. End it there," said Ben.

    "Message sent, Admiral," said Piett.

    "Excellent. As soon as we get the go ahead from the Emperor, start sending down all our Imperial Landing Crafts to pick up our personnel and our equipment."

    "What if he says no, Admiral?" asked Piett.

    "I don't see any reason why he should say no. I don't think he'd want to start another fight right after he's been in a battle with the Vong. But on the off chance he does say no, retransmit the message on broad frequencies and power up our essentials."

    "Understood, sir," replied Piett.

    TAG: GAJ

  21. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002
    Gorin?s Mind, Realm of Non-Existence

    So it was true, this woman could show him power. Gorin thought. He had been training for what seemed like 2 Years, though in the real world it had merely been 6 days. He had learned the ways of the Sith Mentalist and could now even reach though that impenetrable barrier, he reached back into life itself. He looked back longingly at the female as she smiled, just before he forced his way though the barrier. It was time to rejoin the living, time to take back his power, time to make all fear him.

    His body jumped up, if for just a split second, before his physical deformities forced him back down. All around him was medical equipment, doctors, and nurses. They Jumped when they saw him rise and then came rushing over to him, questioning, pleading, whatever they could do to get answers out of him. He threw them back against the wall using Move Object, his new found power staggering. He called his chair to him and used Move Object to guide himself into it, and then wheeled out of the bay, using Move Object. He had to find Ehele and find out about the current situation. As he was moving along he sensed something, something faint, and then it quickly closed again. No matter, he shook it off and continued down the hall.

    When he arrived he found Ehele quietly meditating, interweaving his Telepathy skill to give those dreaming the images he wanted, slowly turning them towards him. When he came down and opened his eyes he was amazed, there sat Gorin, healthy, and apparently with all faculties intact, in fact, he looked more powerful than ever.

    ?What has Happened Ehele?? Gorin Asked.

    Ehele gave him the rundown and Gorin nodded. He went back up to the pedestal, and went into meditation for about a minute, then came down. He had affected the same number of people, move vividly than Ehele had, in a minute. It had taken Ehele 3 hours to weave those patterns. Indeed Gorin had become powerful as he wheeled out, going to the cloning labs to begin his work.

    OOC: Here are my force profiles, updated

    Gorin?s profile

    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Sith
    ---Title: Knight/ Mentalist
    Dark Apprentice:
    Move Object- 12.5 Ranks
    Jedi Mind Trick- 5 Ranks
    Alter Perception- 7 Ranks
    See Force- 2.25 Ranks
    Drain Energy- 1.5 Ranks
    Drain Knowledge- 2 Ranks
    Heal Self- 3 Ranks
    Telepathy- 7 Ranks

    Blackguard (Sith Knight):
    Fear: 1 Rank
    Control Mind: 5.25 Ranks

    Enthrall- 1 Rank
    Force blade- 1 Rank

    ---Weakness: Bound to his Wheelchair, weaker than a Stingfly
    ---Lightsaber Type: None
    ---Blade Color: N/A
    ---# of Lightsabers: None

    Ehele?s Profile
    ---Yes or No?: Yes
    ---Affiliation: Sith
    ---Title: Knight
    Dark Apprentice:
    Battlemind- 3 Ranks
    Enhance Senses- 3.5 Ranks
    Move Object- 1 Rank
    Jedi Mind trick- 1 Rank
    See Force- 2 Ranks
    Telepathy- 2 Ranks
    Deflect Blaster- 3 Ranks

    Blackguard (Sith Knight):
    Enhance Ability- 4 Ranks
    Dark Knight Defense- 5 Ranks
    Dark knight Speed- 5 Ranks
    Battle Meld- 2 Ranks
    Force Lightning- 1.75 Ranks

    ---Weakness: N/A
    ---Lightsaber Type: Single Bladed
    ---Blade Color: Red
    ---# of Lightsabers: 1
    ---Other: N/A
  22. Theron

    Theron Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 23, 2000
    Coronet City, Corellia

    The prototype cloakable ship given to the Black Wolf Commando unit was allowed access to Corellia.
    The ship landed on an Imperial controlled platform at the time still partially controlled by Ghast's forces. Once landed the platform lowered deeper into the facitilty until they were in an enclosed hanger. The hangers extremely large ceiling blast doors closed. Inside an Imperial Intelligence officer waited.

    The ships hatch opened and six humans wearing Imperial Army Officer uniforms exited carrying large bags. They stopped and saluted the Intelligence officer. The highest ranking Army Officer motioned for them to proceed to there quarter.

    Colonel Theron and Commander Cruuge walked together to the barracks, while mechanics went to work repairing and resupplying the ship.

    Cruuge: Greetings General Theron

    Cruuge handed Theron a General's rank plaque and a medal.
    Theron looked at Commander Cruuge confused.

    Cruuge continued: Yes, you have been promoted but that is the only good news I have for you. It seems you have been out of the loop. The New Order is in crumbles Lavos is dead, and the Yuuzhan Vong have nearly destroyed Coruscant with the Emperor on it. Ghast's Empire is growing thinner by the minute. Guess who came back to Coruscant as savior.

    Theron replied: Emperor Jello?

    Cruuge: Yes.

    Theron: Where does your loyalty lie?

    Cruuge: Does it matter anymore? I serve the Empire. I'm trying to survive.

    Theron nodded agreeing

    Cruuge continued: The Corsec Director has heard of Ghast probable demise, he is growing bold. He is allowing minor uprisings to grow and public speeches against the Empire are running rampant. It is Corsec's job to suppress these minor inconviences. Not Imperial troops, he wants us to look bad.

    Theron: I'm not the one to confront him, I will use force proving his point.

    Cruuge: Your probably right. Also Jello's political support seems to be growing on Corellia. Plus a General has arrived I believe he is loyal to Jello, but don't take my word as fact.

    Theron: Who is it?

    Cruuge: Don't know some General, Ask Major Thane, he seems to be taking orders from him. Do you know Major Thane?

    Theron: Yes, I heard of him. Cruuge my friend, I'm thinking about defecting to Jello's Empire. This New Order didn't even last long. In that case Jello should be Emperor. Inform this Major that I wish to speak with his superior.

    Cruuge: As you wish.

    Theron and Cruuge saluted each other again and went there seperate ways.

  23. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    Thane is a Major, not a General. But there is a General there that Thane serves under. I just haven't revealed him yet. I'll reply later today, gotta go buy some hay for the horses!
  24. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    IC as Major Thane

    [blockquote]Corellia - Garrison Base

    "So they know not who Jenos Jaxon was or why he wanted them present at the rally?" The General asked his aide, Major Thane. The man was young, around his 40s, and considered mildly handsome. He sat in a hoverchair, a tool he was cursed to be with forever due to an accident that had happened in a battle long ago. It was the same battle which Thane had received his own injuries.

    "That is correct, sir. They were hired for their brute strength and...stupidity I might add." Thane replied, staring down at the General. His dirty blond hair was cut short to standard military style. An olive cap adorned his head and matched the olive uniform.

    "Have our scouts discovered the route which Jaxon used to escape through the sewers?" Thane's superior questioned, his dark blue eyes casting upward to lock gazes with him. Thane could see the pain in the General's eyes each time he had to look up instead of down like he use to...before he had lost the use of his legs.

    "No, sir. There is a maze beneath the city and Jaxon could have taken any direction." The Major replied.

    The General directed his hoverchair down a bending corridor, Thane following him without losing a beat to his pace. "Jaxon has certainly become a thorn in the Empire's side--in my side." He said at last.

    "I can understand why, sir." Thane said. "When did he first become known to you, was it back at the Battle of Yavin?"

    "Yes." The General scowled and cast his eyes down at his covered legs. Thane knew the General wished he could walk again, to pursue the troublemaker on his own. To "chew him up and spit him out" again as the General had said he done to Jaxon when he was the rebel's prisoner on Yavin after a heated conversation over the destruction of Alderaan.

    "Major Thane! General Veers!" Called an officer behind the two. "Sir, a General Theron wishes an audience with you two."

    "Send him to the Conference Room." Veers commanded and the officer disappeared to relay the order.

    "General Theron?" Thane inquired and glanced down at Maximilian Veers, the hero of Hoth. "I have never heard of such a General before."

    "Newly promoted, I believe." Veers replied. "I overheard the previous Garrison commander talk about promoting one of Ghast's men to General before we arrived."

    "Oh." Thane said as they turned toward the direction that would lead them to the Conference Room of the base. "Why do you think he wants to see us?"

    "I do not know, but I do intend to find out." The General answered. "Perhaps, he may want to defect back to the Empire?" He looked up at Thane, a slight grin on his face.

    "I hope that is the case, Father."[/blockquote]

    TAG: Theron
  25. Baron_Fel

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    Jul 28, 2001

    With the current power vacuum on the Yuuzhan Vong stronghold world of Dathomir, Warleader Baron Fel needed to consolidate his assets. One of which was the Bloodlust fleet that had returned to Dathomir. It was under the command of Commander Fenix Darrk, who was loyal to Domain Fel.

    "What is the reason I am before you now?" Commander Fenix Domain Darrk asked from one end of a long table.

    "You are here to catch up on current events," Warleader Baron Domain Fel replied from the other.

    "And they are?"

    "Since the deaths of Warmaster Yun Yuuzhan and Yomin Domain Carr there has been a power vacumm here on Dathomir. A power vacumm many will try to take advantage of."

    "Including us?"

    "Maybe. I do not care as of now. I am not suitable to command all Yuuzhan Vong forces. I will gladly support any who take command. Be it Domain Carr or Domain Halycron."

    "But we can take advantage of this."

    "Silence!" Baron shouted. "We shall not speak of this again." His voice was that of finality.

    "As you wish," the Commander allowed. His expression looked as if he didn't care.

    "Good," Baron said, his voice neutral. "You may return to your duties."

    "Yes," Fenix got up. "Belik Tiu." he saluted then left.
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