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    Eridau the Lucky Dragon reverted into real space over the world. Pierce, having bene in the Alliance military, and still having somewhat of a commission was granted a priority spot in the traffic pattern, and was ushered into the parimeter between a LT-3000X Luxary Yacht and a Bimmissari schooner. the Utopia was in orbit, and immedately Pierce sent a boarding request to the supervior.

    "Sir, You have been granted priority docking, Jai Lavos is expecting you, and will welcome you in the hanger."

    Pierce sighed He recieved the message...Now, how will he recieve this one?

    Pierce landed the modified shuttle on the floor of the Docking bay, and there, as promised, stood Jai Lavos.

    The His of released steam prefaced the descending ramp and the opening hatch. Anna had stayed behind to do post-flight checks and to lock down the systems. Down the ramp, in a very Vaderesque style, Pierce walked. At the bottom, Jai Lavos waited with an outstretched hand and a warm smile. Pierce took the hand, and shook it.

    "Pierce, it is good to see you. I hope you brought your wife on this trip." Jai then noticed that Pierce was not smiling. "What is wrong my friend, you are rather pale...what has happend?"

    For fear of observation, surely there were spies here on the ship, Pierce pulled Jai into a hug, and pressed his mouth up close to Jai's ear.

    Kane Lives

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    Hapan Starcluster

    There began a massive outcry against the government. Some of the more moderate conversatives, who held power in the aristocratic society, were reluctant to go against the Queen Mother. However, when they sensed the possiblity of ascendancy to power in her place, they joined the plebian's protests.

    Generally protests were non-violent, and though a few called for the removal of the current leadership, the vast majority simply wanted comforting words to prove that disturbing video wrong and assuage their fears.

    TAG: Wk & Jace
  3. Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus

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    OOC: I'm awaiting a GM ruling on the Vindicator issue, before I post the fate of my characters on board.

    Eriadu, aboard the Utopia

    Jai froze and tensed up, his eyes closing for a moment as the name hit him.
    For years...it had meant father.
    For the last few months, it had become tyrant. A figure to resent, to empathise with, to bond with and to likewise, lament the grevious passing of.

    He had reconciled himself with the good memories of his father. Saving him from homelessness, delivering him to lead a Confederacy...his dream of peace, his refugee work...

    His countless counts of ammorality and evil...human life mere numbers in his hands as he sought to find the final solution to war and rebellion in the galaxy...

    Jai lent back, and stared deep into his friends eyes.
    "You and your wife better come with me to the conferene room."

    Pierce nodded, and they ventured into the room, as Hethrir bowed politely and left.

    Jai smiled at his guests, and tried to look confident.
    "This room is specially retrofitted to stop sensor probes, listening devices, or other forms of espionage.

    Now Pierce - my friend - understand the gravity of what I say next.
    Kane Lavos is an institution, but an institution best left dead. I have just come from Doornik 319, were I've taken apart a secret kabal operating independently of the Confederacy with our resources, to further his plans before Byss.

    So hopefully, you know how important it is that I know whatever you know, right down to the smallest detail."

    Jai exhaled, stopped, grasped his temples and rubbed the stress from his eyes. Smiling wryly, he sat, and gestured to Pierce.
    "I'm sorry for that tirade, things are getting complex. Sometimes I despair at how my father used to play the games he played and still keep a straight face...please..proceed."

    TAG: WildWookiee.

    Eriadu, coming out of Hyperspace.

    William Shard exhaled as Hero beeped to him the automated query to his ship, and Will shot back the IFF transponder in response.

    an IFF that would identify his ship as being a military X-Wing reportedly destroyed on Morgoth.
    Sure to gain him some sense of importance, and at least an officer on the comm, if not the priority landing clearance he hoped for.
    He looked around the space, and noticed an anomaly within the defensive screen.
    A non-Republic Star Destroyer, in orbit with a galofree luxury liner and capital ship of design he had never seen before...if roughly Ssi-Ruuvi in appearance.
    Shrugging and sitting back, he awaited whatever government still existed on Eriadu to answer.

    TAG: Ken, I believe this is your space.

  4. Yomin_Carr Jedi Master

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    "Of course, Grand Admiral. I'll begin immediately... Laric, out."

    Laric retired to his quarters and began pondering the situation...

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    IC as Mitth

    Coronet City, Corellia

    "Very well." Mitth replied to Parck. "Be sure to tell him that it is extremely urgent." He finished then disconnected.

    TAG: Jello

    Talk about being in RP Limbo. The confrontation between me and Yun will have occured long before the holonet was knocked out.

    IC as General Veers

    Imperial Garrison - Corellia

    "Now what?" He growled in annoyance.

    "Several people in customs have brought out weapons and are preparing to attack the area. I had already sent two squadrons of stormtroopers to investigate the anamoly that was reported earlier." Major Thane replied.

    General Veers sighed miserably. "No rest for the wicked."

    "Shall I deploy heavier units?"

    "How bad is the situation?"

    "We are getting reports of heavy weaponary spotted." Thane replied.

    "Send heavier units, lock down the immediate area and redeploy the other squadrons assigned to gathering the rebels to the area."

    "Sir, if we do that they will be able to escape."

    "They are the lesser priority right now, Major." Veers replied. "Besides we can always find them again. We did it once, we can do it again."

    "And those that we did apprehend?"

    "Send them to the garrison for interrogation."

    "Yes, sir." Thane glanced at his datapad. "Also sir, there was a report of an unauthorized user in the main computer. Log in time was short, about ten minutes."

    "Assign a team to investigate the matter." Veers stared out the window of his new office inside the newest garrison which was several times larger than the pre-fab he had commanded from.

    "Right away, sir."

    TAG: Warlord Ken

    We need to agree on the number of rebels I caught before the troopers were redeployed.

    Corellian Customs Building - Coronet City, Corellia

    The stormtroopers that were already there began firing on the aggressors who had failed the scanners. Corellian Security Agents who were there joined in with the Imperials and began calling for backup. The same thing with the Custom Agents.

    There were well over twenty armed civil servents and soldiers counter-attacking the aggressors. A few civilians looking for excitement and adventure joined in the fray just as the war cry from one of the aggressors rang through the air.

    The Rebellion had cowardly attacked the Empire...again.

    TAG: Yun

    This part is present day

    IC as The Virus

    Orbit - Coruscant

    Virus couldn't believe the reports from CNN (Coruscant News Network). The palace was in one giant pile of rubble and the Holonet was down all over the Core. He needed to get back to Corellia and tell Mitth what had happened.

    He also realized that the Operation could benefit from this disaster.

    Like many other ships in the system, he turned his vessel around and began calculating a hyperjump.

    This one is weeks before the Holonet failure.

    Bothawui System

    Two YT-1300 frieghters dropped out of hyperspace near the Bothan homeworld. The four commandos were divided up among the two ships with their special packages safely hidden in lead crates disquised as normal crates used for shipping food. Inside the crates themselves, the special packages were hidden beneath several layers of exotic food which were ontop of a carefully disguised lead lid. Beneath that lid were the suitcase or backpack sized special packages. The crates were also the kind that were used by smugglers to hide the weight of the objects and what the objects were. The lead layers would also mask the special signature of the objects from any detectors.

    The frieghters also carried several other crates similiar as the other four, except they were completely filled with food.

    "This is the Godendag and the Schwarz with the Intergalactic Exotic Food CO. requesting permission to land and offload our cargo."

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    Laric transmitted the requested information to Batch, and then left the system, headed to perform a check on an Imperial planet, so that it could be cleared for a new project...

    Some Time Later...

    Singularity entered the Suarbi system, and Intelligence Director Laric manifested himself on the Holonet device at the Moff's home.

    "Moff Epsilon, I am Director Laric of Imperial Intelligence. On the authority of the Emperor, I will begin Intelligence Operation TK-421, to clear your production areas for a forthcoming project. I am transmitting a list of workers who will be detained for questioning so that they are cleared to work on this project. Also, all non-essential droids will be transported to Singularity. Once it is ascertained that they do not have secondary programming, we will check your essential droids onsite. We expect to have cleared the listed personnel within 2 days, and have checked all droids within the same amount of time. Designs for this project will be forwarded to you within the week."

    TAG: Juno, and anyone who would be discovered by the above check

    OOC: I'll PM you specific designs for use within the week, Juno.
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    ((OOC: ok lets make it that I did'nt land on endor as it was hevily guarded and I made a jump to hyper space and meet back with the fleet ))
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    IC: Admiral Calaron Severus

    Admiral Severus stood before a holographic display of a system. He placed ships here and there and everywhere. Moved them about, recorded images.

    "The trap is set. The time is near. Very soon now, they will all die here," Severus pointed to a point on the holo-map. Calaron loved talking in rhymes, reciting poems. It was the only way he could get around his stutter.

    Calaron has assembled his fleet and was preparing to move. He needed only send a message requesting the objects. Then he could move against the enemy.

    "They sh-shall pay for their cr-crimes. Oh yes, they shall."

    Calaron sent the message. And prepared his fleet to move.

    OOC: Jello, I'll PM you what I want. It's much less than what I thought I would need.
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    Moria Base

    Turning his display panel off. Kieran passed the padd with his latest orders to a waiting ensign.

    The Raiders had to be cautious. They had no way of knowing what had happened after the shuttle dissapeared. While it was possible the Lt and Ensign had just defected, Kieran was betting that the Empire had some how intercepted the shuttle. Therefore they might have the locations of their bases and supply catches.

    Fortunetly, they had been prepared for this from the very beggining. The supply caches were spread out, very little at each. The recently aquired Star Destroyers were still being scanned, reviewed, and probbed, before they would be allowed to join the fleet.

    The defenses in the asteroid belt were also brought up to speed with the spoils from the Depot raids and the Jagga-Two raid. The main enterance to Moria Base was a death trap, and second entrance only large enough for a Assult frigate to pass through safely.

    The fleets themselves were re-arranged, and the cell system established. Commanders were under orders to kill their navigation droids, nav computers, and computer cores should the Empire have a chance of capturing them.

    As for himself, Kieran boarded the Pride of Lorien and jumped into hyperspace to ensure the saftey and well being of the organization. Commander Niekot was left in charge of the Morian Base, along with a substansial defense force.



    Through use of Folly, Ensign Chekov forged documents for himself as a Stormtrooper recently transfered aboard the Vindicator. Among the thousands of personell aboard the ship, one extra face would not stand notice, especially with the chaos of the bombings.

    An hour after the first bombings, the thermal detonators in the Morian shuttle, as well as the Enviromental controls blew up. Thanks to Folly's lockout of the controls before the bombing, this would be extremely difficult to repair.

    Snow was forecasted for the main hangar bay.

    OOC: Not a major thing..... Just wanted the Emperor to have a white christmas ;-)
  10. Yomin_Carr Jedi Master

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    The infidel ships were transported from Endor to a location known only to a few... Anzat...
  11. YouAgain Jedi Master

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    (( Ok so thats my ship right?))
  12. Yomin_Carr Jedi Master

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    OOC: No, those are the capital ships that were captured at Endor. Your ship is being detained, and you are being transported to the planet until you can be collected.



    Relian Laric began to do the hokey-pokey again...

  13. YouAgain Jedi Master

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    {{ So Im in my ship in a tractor beam thing or am I now on one of your ships?

    and whats with the hockey pokey?))
  14. Yomin_Carr Jedi Master

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    OOC: Your character is in a prison cell on the planet, surrounded by yslamiri.



    Project: Chaos began...
  15. YouAgain Jedi Master

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    Youi Gain tryed to reach out with the force but there was nothing there he expected it was those lizards the yslamiri they were called were blocking the force draining it away. He had been striped of his weapons but with out his most important weapon the force he was useless. He only hoped that the vong wearnt as heartless as they seemed..
  16. YouAgain Jedi Master

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    OOC: Ugh...my first minion....captured....

    IC: Thok

    Onboard the ISD III Rebel Spirit

    Worried about why his new admiral hadnt checked back in from his EASY assignment. Thok thought something horrible could have gone wrong.

    Thinking to himself....

    It shouldnt take this long to send a probe into a system...something must be amuk..

    Turning to his comstation, thok began to send out a general alert to any Friendly force within the galaxy.

    "To all friendly ships, something has come up and is starting to make me wonder. A fleet of ships i sent on a simple probe mission have not checked in and have basically dissapeared from our maps. My force is Completely tied up, so could any friendly force out there, investigate what has happened. Thank you all. Goveneor Thok Out."

    Tag: ANYONE FRIENDLY that wishes to help.
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    "Admiral, we are receiving a transmission from Governor Thok."

    Thoks message plays.

    "Lieutenant, set a course for the Endor system, but have us drop out well before we actually get there. We're going to probe the system first."

    "Yes, Admiral."

    A few moments later, the course was plotted and the Armada jumped into lightspeed.

    All except a lone gunship, who was waiting to see if the hired mercenaries showed up.
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    Pierce stood and put his hands on his wife's shoulders. She placed her hands on his hands to support him, seemingly the weight of Eriadu was crushing them from below.

    "Sir, I infiltrated the Lusnkanya II Laboratory over two months ago. I was able to work my way down into the lower depths of the organization where I discovered a project underway codenamed Fester. I was able to do this with my extensive knowledge of biotics, and I was able to quickly assess what they were building. I took notes and began to work on a counter plan, understanding the workings of the beast. I sent a warning out just in time, knowing where the shipments were going, and giving a preface on thoughts to destroying the epidemic...however, I was late, and people still died."

    Pierce walked forward and plugged his datacard into the wall. The screen lit before him, illuminating the faces of the people inside the conference room.

    "You see Jai, I thought that this was a plot against you. I had detected a presence inside this Laboratory, and they were seemingly working against your peace. I felt that Tavira was involved, however I could not, nor still can, prove that. But I thought it best to gather information on the operation so that legalities might be initiated...I have a profound respect for the law."

    Pierce let the Datacard continue to project it's information which was terabytes of information about the Laboratory. Layout information, personell files, project names, dates, and results, test subjects, administrators, and much more information scrolled. He allowed several seconds for this information to be processed before beginning again.

    "While I was undercover here, I noticed a woman seemed to be keeping an eye on me. She had no clue who I was, but I could feel her tugging on me. My alternate personality, the one that I had setup as an infallable cover, was totally seduced by her...he even went so far as to ask her to dinner."

    The people in the conference room, not discounting Anna, stared at him...not comprehending what he ment by "alternate personality"; so he explained.

    "Well, To be honest, I moved my consiousness back into the back of my mind, and allowed another personality, one that I created, to flourish. Using multiple Jedi meditation and trance techniques, I was able to function two unique sets of brain patterns in my mind...you all do know that the Humans are on the low side of brain usage...only utilizing about 8% of their potiential? I just used a little more, and That is how I was able to gain access."

    Jai piped in.

    "What of this personality now?"

    "Well, I have "killed" him per se. Since I no longer needed him, I just forgot about him...I now wish that I had not; even though I took notes every night of my experiences, he would be able to tell you first hand about certain feelings and emotions that I have no response for. Anyway, on this "date" (sorry honey), I was able to leave this personality in charge of not only my mind, but my bodily functions, and I left my body for a while. Through that, I was able to focus the Force on this Woman without her being able to determine that it was comming from my body"

    Everyone looked rather confused.

    "Anyway, I noted that she had some degree of Force sensitivity, and as I probed around the room, she became VERY distracted. After that, I knew that things needed to be resolved with all possible swiftness. I had gathered enough information on the place, and so I blew my cover. I left, transmitted the formula for destroying Fester, then I returned, this time, as myself, to confront the Scientists and people working there. I found out that Jai had already ordered the Captain of the guard to seize control."

    Fatigue washed over Pierces face as he finished his story.

    "I went back with the guard, and found the woman. I assaulted her through the Force and got her off guard. She could not resist, and I blocked all resistance from her mind as I probed...and she told me of the following. He played the tape that was tak
  20. DarthSeti5 Jedi Knight

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    IC: Pax Dellos

    The aide walked at a slow pace. The pace of the ship. The Republica had become quite laid-back and slow. Just like Pax Dellos.

    They arrived at the map room. The aide opened the door and gestured for the older man to enter.

    "Welcome to the Republica, Baron-Admiral. It's been a while. Obviously if you've come to Haven with that," Pax pointed toward the holographic display in the center of the room that showed Delmion's fleet. "Obviously you are no longer a part of the Republic."

    TAG: c_1
  21. cavalier_one Jedi Master

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    Delmion smiled at the holographic representation of his fleet.

    "It has been too long, and it has seemed longer. As for the Republic, it no longer exists, Sir. At least, not as you built it. Control has been decentralised, responsibilities lessened. We will continue the fight, but on our own terms and in our own way."

    Delmion's eyes glazed a little, and they seemed to look beyond the bulkheads, staring into space and time. In an instant, they were back and focused on Dellos.

    "May I ask what you are doing here, Sir? It was my understanding that you have left the Republic behind you."

    Tag: DS5
  22. Thok Jedi Master

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    OOC: im taking over for wk at Morgth ....


    Seeing the Dragoons fly past the fleeing mc-80, the captain knew when he was beat.

    "Hail the ISD III. Unidentifyied ISD, we have a propostition for you. Allow us to leave unharmed and we will give you back all the morgthi population in our shuttles...Do you agree?"

    Tag: Zacharin
  23. Snowin_Zachian Jedi Youngling

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    Captian Morend was about to refuse, after all, they had the Ship trapped, the hsuttles were being stopped dead in space, and soon the fleet would be in firing range. All his military Training told him to destroy them.

    "Hail the NRian ship. Tell them..." but then something bubbled up within him, something not his own, but a short message just implanted on his mind saying, Let them go, let them go and carry the message of Fear with them.

    "Tell them we accept."

    TAG: Thok
  24. Thok Jedi Master

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    "I am glad to hear you accept...We will pick up our remaining personel on the surface from the shuttles if you would be able to move the shuttles back to the surface. Then we will leave without any more comfrontation."

    Tag: Gorin
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    IC: Republica, Eriadu
    Captain James Bond greeted the new President, Jace Halycron, and then said his goodbyes to both him and Lord Jai Lavos, whom he thanked repeatedly. Might as well; he'd probably never see him again.

    James had the heavily damaged Jarus Nova towed to a local stardock for repairs. Fortunately, the landspeeder inside was in good condition, and he was able to use it to ride to Intel HQ, stopping by a bank on the way.

    He arrived and was briskly accepted into Director Winton Cantrell's office.

    "Captain James Bond," Cantrell glowered at his long-lost spy. "I've been expecting you, Double Oh Seven. I received your report. You have the files?"

    "All here, sir." Bond handed him the datacard(s).

    "Very good, very good. Yet the manner by which you've obtained them is not what was planned, or at least expected, and is highly questionable..."

    "Yes, sir."

    Cantrell noticed Bond's fidgety mood. "A problem, Captain."

    "I don't feel well, sir."

    "Ah. Well I'll give you a three-week leave. You've more than earned it-"

    "No, it's not that, Director. It's...about my career."

    "Your career?"

    "I feel that my job performance on this last assignment was subpar." He paused, then added, "I don't feel confident, sir."

    "Now don't be ridiculous!" Cantrell said. "No problem, my lad. We'll just-"

    "I just don't feel comfortable in Intel anymore, sir. I'm resigning my commission." He removed his insignia and his gun and placed it on the table.

    Cantrell arched an eyebrow. "As you say, Bond. Though I think you're making a big mistake."

    "No, Director, I've thought about this all the way from Doornik. I can't handle Intel anymore. I'm no longer...of fit mind."

    Cantrell gave him a suspicious look; it was obvious that there was something Bond wasn't telling him. But he shrugged. "Very well, as you wish."

    "One other thing. I'd like to buy the Jarus Nova and the landspeeder from NRI. You can remove all the weapons that exceed civilian limits, I just want the ship and the speeder."

    Cantrell pursed his lips, thought it over, and said, "Sold."

    Several hours later...

    The decommissioned Jarus Nova and its accompanying droids and landspeeder, which Bond had bought, took off from Eriadu and rocketed into hyperspace.

    OOC: I'll have new stats for the JN soon.

    Also, I'm going to keep my hands off Intel from now on (more or less), and leave it to Nymph. This marks the end of Bond's old life, but the beginning of the new...
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