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  1. Snowin_Zachian Jedi Youngling

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    Morgoth, Space

    "No, no, WE will pick up your personell from the shuttles and deliver them to you. We cannot have you wisking way our citizens only for us to find empty shuttles."

    Shuttles dropped out of the ISD's bays and docked with the other shuttles. Then, true to their words, they dilvered the Nrian personell to the Mc-80, which streaked away into hyperspace.

    The shuttles landed and the Morgothi disembarked, while the fleets took up defensive positions around the planet.

  2. Thok Jedi Master

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    May 24, 2002
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    The Mc-80 recovered its personel and streaked away to its destonation......

    Tag: noone

  3. Larnin_Macina Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 21, 2002

    After the long struggle, the morgthi were finnaly free from the evil rebel personel. Making his way through the docking bay, using See force, Larnin began to search for the most powerful sith force he could feel, to find his master lord budakai. After making his way up the ship, he found himself in the bridge. But before him he found another sith not budakai him self but another....

    "Where is my lord Budakai, i am a loyal sith that has followed him for quite some time, but here you seem to be more powerful than he...please, let me introduce my self...i am Larnin Macina, you are...

    Tag: Gorin..
  4. James_Bond Jedi Youngling

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    IC: Queen Mother?s Palace, Hapes
    Queen Mother Hyala Farvvad finished watching the transmission and snorted in disbelief. ?How preposterous!? she exploded, much to the discomfort of her adjutant. She looked at her. ?I want our top data and holoanalysts all over those recordings. And tell the people that the Hapan Consortium has no intention whatsoever to surrender to the Yuuzhan Vong- the very idea is absurd! Why would we, who have just annulled our bonds to the former New Republic and consolidated our defensive fleets in the Hapes Cluster, and have not seen Yuuzhan Vong warships or warriors in a very long time, suddenly decide to submit to those foul-hearted fanatics??

    The adjutant delivered her words and her question to the Hapan public.

    TAG: President Jace_Halycron

    IC: Grand Convocation Chamber, Hapes
    ?This is serious. Whoever started up these ridiculous rumors must be an outsider ? most Hapans have never even an Yuuzhan Vong.?

    ?My Queen, it would be most unwise for you to hastily jump to conclusions at this time,? the delegate from Thane cautioned.

    ?Nonetheless,? Hyala replied, ?I feel that this Cluster must be sealed. While I do not advocate going into complete isolation once more, I do think that for security?s sake we should allow only very limited trade, for only those goods that we cannot produce ourselves. Such trade would be limited to only one hyperspace route ? this route would be monitored and incoming traffic would be heavily scanned and would have to clear multiple security checkpoints, similar to those of the former Republic but much more stringent. The rest of our borders?will be sealed off.?

    This motion went well with most conservatives and even many liberals, though its fate was at the moment uncertain?

    TAG: GM?s (Will the bill pass?)

    IC: Destiny, several light-years outside Morgoth
    The Destiny decanted from hyperspace to patch a call. The captain didn?t know exactly who to call, given the confusion following the demise of the Republic. But there was someone he could trust: High General Monroe, who was in command of, by all reports, a fleet of his own.

    Meanwhile, Jedi Dravnonia, feeling very sore about all of this, sat down to meditate.

    OOC: Force points, anyone? :D I say 2 for Dravnonia?s deep meditation, but that?s for the GM?s to decide.

    So TAG: GM

    Grand Moff DarthSeti5, forget Yaga Minor. I have more important things to do.

    IC: Crushers Fleet, several light-years outside Yaga Minor
    ?We copy, Destiny. Enroute now.?

    And the fleet leapt.
  5. Snowin_Zachian Jedi Youngling

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    Gorin looked down at this Morgthi. He was about to send him flying into a wall, for approaching him so, but he sensed something. This Morgthi was Force-Capable, and partily trained even. Staying his hand he said, "Me, my name is far above you. You may call mne Darth Shadow, if you have need of a name. Why have you come here Morgthi? Why do you seek Master budaki?"

    TAG: Larnin Macina
  6. Larnin_Macina Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 21, 2002

    "I have come here Darth shadow, because i am a loyal sith servant to my liberator lord budakai. I found my self here because i searched out for the most powerful sith presence i could find, and it led me here, to your bridge."

    Tag: Gorin
  7. Snowin_Zachian Jedi Youngling

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    "Then your force senses do not decive you. Why have you sought us out, however? What is it you require of us so far above you that we are almost unfathomable?

    TAG: LM
  8. Warlord_Ken Jedi Master

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    Sorry for the OOC-only post, but the last post under the name James_Bond should be considered as one of Warlord_Ken. I forgot to change the user name.

    Ok, back to the game!
  9. Larnin_Macina Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 21, 2002

    "I have only come here because i serve my master with the utmost loyalty. For my previous mission is over and i came here to see what he had planned for me to serve him in his ways."

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  10. Snowin_Zachian Jedi Youngling

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    "If you wish to serve you must first be trained, fully. I present to you my former apprentice and now friend, Darth Wraith to you. He will train you in the ways that you seek."

    Ehele stepped out of the shadows, guiding the young Morgothi to the training Rooms within the Crusier.

    "Is it now time Budaki?" Gorin asked as Budaki walked in.

    "Indeed it is Gorin. Though i have to wonder what you have planned for my servant. he has served well in the past, and i do not wish for his life to be terminated so quickly."

    "I will have Ehele train him, for we have more importiant things to attend to."

    "Yes, i will have my people move into the hills and begin to set up the location, as well as serch for what we will need. I belive we would be safer if we re-located there." Budaki said.

    "You are, of course right. Let us begin the project, let us being the time of our reign."

    TAG: Budaki, whenever you get back.

    Morgoth, Mirrorwind, Training Room

    Ehele led the young morgthi to the room, thoughts brimming.

    "Alright young one, show me what you have been taught."

    TAG: LM, i turn over control of Ehele to you, within limits. He will be your master, and you may get training from him.
  11. Larnin_Macina Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 21, 2002
    Morgoth, Mirrorwind, Training Room

    Larnin walked into the room with ehele.

    Larnin-"I must tell you master, my techniques are only rought at best. Would you care to have me demonstrate."

    Ehele-"Yes my apprentece, that would be a wise decision."

    Larnin-"Very well, my master."

    Larnin then turned away from his instructor, and looked at a stick on the ground. Focusing his energy, he used Move Object to bring the stick to his hand.

    Ehele-"Very Good young sith, pehaps you could show me something else..."

    Larnin-"As you wish"

    He then focused his energy's once more. He called out from his mind using Telepathy and spoke to his master.

    Larnin-"Master do you hear me"

    Ehele-"Very good my young apprentence. Your skills are gaining strength. Show me something else."

    The young sith then motioned for the guard to come over to him. Waving his hand and with a slight tone of voice, he used his Mind Trick Ability to make the guard forget what he was doing infront of the sith.

    Larnin-"Is there anything else my master?"

    Ehele-"Yes there is my young sith, you must now start to creat your own personal lightsaber.. Chose your color and style carfuly, for it might affect you later in life."

    Tag: Noone

    New Force status

    -Mind Trick - Level 1.25
    -See Force - Level 1.25
    -Telepathy - Level 1.25
    -Move Object - Level 1.25

  12. YouAgain Jedi Master

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    OOC: can I ask whats in my cell How many guards it has, and whats holding me in...?
  13. Yomin_Carr Jedi Master

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    OOC: You are strapped into the Embrace of Pain inside a small cell. Outside the cell are two Requiem 1 Guards.


    Relian continued to do the hokey-pokey
  14. Thok Jedi Master

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    OOC: hokey pokey?!?!?!?!?!?
  15. DarthSeti5 Jedi Knight

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    OOC: YouAgain, please keep the OOCs out of this thread. Use PMs or AIM for that. Also, doing the "hokey pokey" is a favored past time for people waiting for a response.

    Thanks :)

    Yommie, Juno doesn't come on here every day, so you may have to wait a little while. I know he'll be on-line in the next days or so.

    IC: Tarquin Seti

    Tossing and turning, Tarquin dreamt. His dreams were always the same. Death. Pain. The soothsayer. His home. His death. Pain. He awoke.

    Tarquin splashed some cool water on his face and walked to his desk in the spacious study of the palace. Out side Yaga Minor was moderately busy. It was out of the way but still a major facility. A massive library, a massive computer, a massive shipyards.

    "Two with Sebastian's help," Tarquin noted.

    Seti drafted several messages for the yards, for system governors, for a banquet coming up on Yaga Minor. He sat back and watched the fire. This exercise had become routine for Tarquin. Sleep. Dream. Nightmare. Water. Work. Fire.

    "I hope Calaron is having better luck than I am."

    Tarquin noticed the message awaiting him.

    "Ah, the supplies for Yag'Dhul are in."

    Tarquin sent messages out to his forces. The Yag'Dhul operation was a go.

    IC: Admiral Severus

    Carnivore fleet arrived at location 17-G.

    "Admiral, 17-G dead ahead."

    "Be-be-beuatiful. Carnivore, control. Be-begin the oper-r-ration."

    "Yes sir. Fighter control, prep bombers for their tasks. The Admiral wants ten squads to be ready once the operation is underway. The secondary units must be ready at a similar time."

    "They will be ready whenever you want them," the fighter control lieutenant called back through the comm systems.

    More actions proceeded through the ships, preparing them for their strike at Location 17-G. A massive strike.
  16. Ben_Skywalker Jedi Master

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    IC: Deep Space

    Death Armada hung in space, oblivious to time and other events happening across the galaxy. The fleet had been in limbo for reasons unknown. Rumor had it that a wild monkey had gotten lose around the Executor causing havoc. But whatever the reason, Death Armada was stirring.

    "Admiral Piett, set a course for Agamar. We'll be reorganizing and regrouping there," said Ben.

    "As you wish, Grand Admiral," replied Piett.

    "I'm a High Admiral now, Piett. Kindly remember that when we are amongst others."

    "You deserve to be more than that, Ben. I'll put out a petition..."

    Ben interrupted, "Don't bother. It won't go anywhere. Just focus on the here and now. We're going to be quite busy in the next few months. I can't afford to have your concentration falter. These next few months will be very important. Understand?"

    "Yes, sir."

    A few hours later, Death Armada jumped into hyperspace.
  17. YouAgain Jedi Master

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    Youi Gain was in a Medative state waiting for something to happen if he was kept in here to long he would lose his mind allthough it had only been a few hours it felt like years he was wondering if he would ever be let out...
  18. Quinnithxtherol Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 28, 2002
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    Izik Ruloon silently promised that if he ever got out of here, he would win Endor, and Obra-skai from the Yuuzhan Vong hands.

    No matter what.

    "Please, someone come!" he thought.
  19. Larnin_Macina Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 21, 2002
    Morgoth, Mirrorwind, Training Room

    Sitting down Larnin began to think aboust where he could find all the parts needed.

    Where to find all these parts.

    Looking for a writing utensil, he saw on on the table, and broght it to his hand using Move object. He then began to write his list of objects he would need to complete his lightsaber...

    Using telepathy, he reached out to his master.

    Larnin"Master may i go to any planet surface to search for the parts i need?"

    Ehele-"yes my young sith, go to the planet surface and begin your search, but first, you must learn the technique of illusion

    Turning his attention back to his master he spoke with a soft tone of voice.

    Larnin- " A new technique, alright my master."

    Following his masters moves, larnin began to learn how to use Illusion

    Tag: gorin(if he wishes)

    Force levels
    -Mind Trick - Level 1.25
    -See Force - Level 1.25
    -Telepathy - Level 1.50
    -Move Object - Level 1.50
    -Illusion - Level .25

  20. YouAgain Jedi Master

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    Youi Gain knew that Izik Ruloon was in the cell next to him he also knew that they had both been tortured for all information they knew..

    Youi had just recently rejoined the Alliance (OR Republic or whatever it is) so he knew nothing although he had to use Jedi calming tecqnics to sooth the pain..

    He knew that Izik would hold allot of knowledge and If he was a strong willed person would be very shaken up If not close to dead
  21. Senator_Elegos_A-Kla Jedi Master

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    IC as Corben Dys

    Corben: Increase my profit ten fold? I'd like that very, very much... What do you want?

    TAG: DS5

    IC at Thyferra

    Since everything had been cleared up with the Kyanan Authorites, the Passenger Liner was loaded with the IGC employees, sans the Vratix and other contraband. The last of the boarding parties came and went and the ship had clearance to leave Thyferra. And it did.

    IC as IMP-22, on Exocron

    After thoroughly searching Jorj Car'das' property for any signs of where he went, IMP-22 returned to the Sarah Kerrigan. Shortly thereafter, the Sarah Kerrigan lifted off Exocron and jumped to the Marcol Void and the Andromeda Shipyards/>/>
  22. Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus

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    Aboard the Utopia

    Jai reeled, gasping, as he lent foward in his chair.
    He had felt the searing Force probe scour his mind, looking for malice...it had found none of course - Jai was a peaceable and honest leader, not in the same vein as his father - but it's thoroughness had astounded him.

    Jai looked up at Pierce, and felt white-hot betrayal sear through his veins.
    Attack me, will he?...
    He felt himself gather for an order, a tantalising temptation, to have this one placed under arrest for..for..
    for working to save the Confederacy.

    Jai's head drooped, and he massaged his head, before croaking out to Peirce, as strongly as he could.
    "I don't know if I should pin a medal on your chest or have you shot, Pierce."

    Smiling wanly at the perturbed Jedi, he tried to regain his posture. "I thank you for your efforts in investigating on Kya. I'll forgive you for this now, but I do regret that you couldn't even trust your own feelings about me to begin with."

    Placing a hand up to forstall further comment, Jai swallowed again and wondered how the galaxy had come to this.
    "Now, I have known something has not been right for a long time. I believe the cabal I took down on Doornik 319 was just the beginning. the so called "Koornacht Think Tank" located there on Morning Bell, was almost a "who's who" of father's former inner circle.
    Whatever they were planning, it was obvious it was a return to Imperial Intelligence's former glory days. They had many plots and operations ready to launch, and had managed to put a power base in place from which to topple me."

    Jai frowned, not sure of himself, but he alone knew, where this might be going.

    "I knew they could not put Tavira on the throne...as much as she resented the way I was taking the Confederacy and longed for the old days, she was not the type to cause her surrogate son harm. I knew there must be another but..."

    He shook his head. "She must be lying. I know it cannot be father, he's dead."

    Pierce looked fondly and smiled at Jai. "Oh my boy, I know it must be ha--"

    Jai, closed his eyes, and exhaled, saying strongly this time. "It's not Kane Lavos, Pierce, I promise you. I know at least this much. The inner circle were planning something, and I know they must of had someone powerful backing them...but not Kane Lavos."

    Jai looked into his friends eyes, and almost wished he could tell him. Tell him how the cure he had made had been diliberately hidden by Jai, denying it to his insane father, how they had a confrontation on Byss during the battle..
    Kane had collapsed in fatigue, had wept silently, deciding to return to his throne room to endure his final moments alone..

    Jai had pleaded...had screamed for his saviour, the one he had come to call father, to come instead, that he was sorry for hiding the cure, he didn't want Kane to die..
    Kane had smiled - just as Pierce was now - a wise smile to the knowing zeal of youth....

    "No Pierce, it's..what can we do? My Confederacy is stronger then ever. Economic and political stability in a shattered galaxy of chaos and anarchy. I've had entreaties from some worlds for the possibilities of membership: Thyferra has outright signed the articles of membership.
    We've began to recruit troops from the Farlax sector now, and our fleets are primed and ready. As soon as I regain contact with the Kyana Armada - which has gone awol for now - I'll be at full strength.

    What would you have me do?"

    TAG: WildWookiee.
  23. Wildwookiee Jedi Master

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    Apr 14, 2001
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    Picking his shoulders up again, Pierce worked up the courage to first look to his wife for an appology, and then to Jai.

    "Well, I do not see how we can trust anybody within your Confederacy...Remember what Xia said about this Corrupt Sisterhood. They are very dangerous primarily because they are almost impossible to detect in the Force. Their Force skills seem to be limited as once I suprised her, she was unable to resist my probe. Tavira, whom I was able to sense in the Force, when I suprised her as well, was able to hide it from me several times before."

    Pierce felt a hand on his shoulders. He had not noticed Anna come up behind him. She placed her hands on his shoulders, and then traced her left hand acrossed his back, down his right shoulder and into his right hand as she sat down.

    She has accepted my appology, However, it will take me a lifetime to make up for.

    "What we need to do is get back to Kyana and rally my Jedi Trainees. They should be quite strong in the Force now. While you have been gone, they built their own Lightsabers. I have taken the information that I had found from the Library on Kyana about the Jedi from the Old Republic and created, using the formula that they had suggested, a Holocron. There had been some files that were saved by several masters that had been designed for one. On his departure from Goron, he had instructed the Trainees to place them in the Holocron, imbuing it also with the Force. Through this action they created not only a teacher, but they improved their skills even more."

    "After we rally them, then I would like to proceed to Kyana, where I will interrogate the Corrupt Sister Xia, and find out as much as I can about their organisation. From there, we will be able to ferret out the operatives working against us."

  24. CaptKieranFlar Jedi Master

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    Moria Base

    Commander Niekot watched from the large window in the assembly bay of Moria Base. The 8 Interdictor Dreadnaughts had just been completed, and were now streaking out through the rear exit of the asteroid belt. The 4 hour drive through the rear exit was long, but they would also be dropping several more defenses on their way out.

    Word had come from Kieran to delete the entire database of weapons caches in the Morian Base computer core. Niekot had been skeptical as to the wisdom in this, but had complied. Further orders involved prepping the base for evacuation if needed. Any attacking force would need at least 3 hours to reach them through the belt, and it would give them the time they needed. The preperations were minimal, as there was not much to prep for evac. Most of the resources were stored at alternate locations. All they had at the main base were the defenses, a token fleet, and the manufacturing equipment. But come what would.... They would be ready.
  25. Daemon Jedi Youngling

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    The Wraith was running. His superiors called him Gabriel, but the Republic sleeper agents following him didn't need to know that. Balmorra's sidewalks were highly overrated. Barely a meter from the landspeeder lanes, he was but a trip from being a Corellian speeder's new hood ornament. Wraith wasn't scared. He never was. A blaster bolt whizzed past his black-furred head. Balmorra's police were incompetent, and the Imperial garrison for the city wouldn't be here for a while. He'd have to do it himself. He thought for a minute. The NRI agents were catching up. The idea was dangerous... but... A second blaster bolt flew past, then Wraith dove into the lanes.
    The two agents froze. The Bothan, the only one in Imperial Intelligence, had dove in front of a landspeeder in excess of 100 km/hr. There was no trace of him now. They shrugged. The first pulled out a comlink and linked to an Intelligence craft to take them out. It was too easy...
    Hugged to the transmission of a SoroSuub X-72 speeder, Wraith sighed. It had worked. Pulling out cables, he formed a cocoon. He was now snugged against the speeder's bottom. The NRI men were just standing there. Fools... He pulled out his sniper rifle. The twin targets were pulling away, but he could pull it off. He attached a grenade launcher and zoomed in on the agents.
    Civilians turned. Two men had been suddenly reduced to a pile of ash in a quick, lethal, explosion. Traffic stopped. The public gaped again as a black-furred Bothan climbed out from underneath a speeder. Walking to the nearest building, he sat down in the foyer, rifle holstered on his back. Mission accomplished.

    TAG: Grand Moff Juno Epsilon
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