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SWRPF Archive WOTG V: Shattered Galaxy (A classic WOTG RP!!)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Protege-of-Thrawn, Aug 26, 2002.

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  1. Wildwookiee

    Wildwookiee Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 14, 2001
    Silent Shipyards

    the Baas Class spacestation was complete. It was tractored to several transport ships, and then dragged into hyperspace to meeting coordinates that would be given to the buyer after he completed payment.

    TAG Admiral Zaarin

  2. AnakinDobski

    AnakinDobski Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 16, 2001
    Commodore Kaun had yet to get a reply from the Queen. It appeared she wouldn't give him any credits to get the planet a Defense. He knew of how the Nubian people were. He wished they would changed from their foolish ways. They could not survive a attack from the Vong or Imperials this way.

    He told his SiC to have room made in the public square at lunch time. He would be making a speech to the people. As this order was given the JSD II came out of hyperspace and was added to the Naboo Defense Force for the time being.

    Lunch Hour
    Commodore Kaun stood before the podium.

    People of Naboo, As you probably have heard the New Republic is no more. That leaves your planet with no defense, besides the two ships in space. We can not possibly hold off a Vong Attack or a Imperial Attack with just two ships. Also starfighters will not help much as they will come with much more power then starfighters. I ask of you to revolt your Queen as it seems I will not recieve adiquent money to buy you a Defense. It will take too long to make one.

    But if you do not I understand you ways and accept them. I only ask of you to think of your children and your childrens, childrens when they will possible be slaves to the Yuuzhan Vong or under Imperial Control.

    Commodore Kaun then walked off of te podium and into his shuttle to take him to his ship.

    On boards his Command Ship
    Kaun sent Diplomats to Umgal, M'haeli, and Triffis. He was going to have to get these planets defenses as well. He then sent a message to the Imperial Grand Moff of the Outer Rim.

    I request a meeting with you as soon as you can meet with me.

    Thank You Commodore Kaun.

    Kaun thought the message short, but to the point. He then took a fighter would to practice a little.

    (TAG GM's Public's Reaction)
    (TAG DS5)
  3. Wildwookiee

    Wildwookiee Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 14, 2001

    The crowd had mixed feelings. The young ones, having grown up in the war, were all for the armorment. The Older crowd, however, wished to adopt a neutral stance in the whole matter...and most were preturbed that some diplomat that they had elected had decided to go over their beloved queen's head...They trusted her, and did not expect to disobey what she thought was best for Naboo.
  4. Warlord_Ken

    Warlord_Ken Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2000
    OOC: WW, do I assume that you've already given your identity?

    IC: Queen Mother's Palace, Hapes
    "Our analysts are having difficulty reaching a conclusion, Majesty."

    Hyala frowned. "Perhaps our friends in the Republic can help. Contact the Governor of Sump to see if he knows of anyway to deal with this."

    TAG: Sectional Governor cavalier_one
  5. Jace_Halycron

    Jace_Halycron Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 5, 2001
    *Fast-forward: Coruscant and onward...*

    The Imperial Colonel who had accepted the Republican President's surrender arrived at Coruscant so fast that they were forced into repair docks soon after the Colonel escorted the President to Grand Admiral Batch. Having learned that HIM Emperor Jello was away, and communications seemed to be down, Batch took it upon himself, as not-so designated proxy to hear the former president's proposal.
    It stated, basically, that this man before the Grand Admiral was, in fact, still the Imperial High Inquisitor he had been before a defection over a year ago. His commission was updated to Grand Inquisitor, Director of the Inquisitorium. On a public note, the execution for Halycron was enacted, so that no one could tell that the real Jace Halycron was the Director of Imperial Inquisition.

    That public execution file was to be beamed onto the holonet as soon as the communications controllers figured out the system's most recent bugs and glitches.

    The Grand Inquisitor took up office in an abandoned spire as near to the wreckage of Imperial Palace as possible. Disguised as a mere Admiral, he sent for an aide.
    "Send for Kadann and Jedgar to appear before me on the Shockwave in under three days, at our future coordinates, or they will meet with an..." The Darksider's lip curled into a feral mockery of itself. "Unpleasant prophecy of their own futures."


    Now nothing more than a Ghost, Grand Inquisitor Halycron knew it was his duty to, well, cease to exist. He was the Ghost. That lingering doubt you feel before walking out the door into certain peril. While aboard his obsidian Lambda-Class Imperial shuttle, the Shadowmage Infiltrator, the Dark Master spent much time in thought and meditation. His plans were fully prepared, and authorised, for he answered only to HIM Emperor Jello, and not proxies, like Batch. With both Darth Vader and Empress Syra Jello missing amongst the Palace rubble on Imperial City, perhaps dead, Batch was left as the highest ranking Imperial officer in these dark times of crisis.
    Dark there's a sad parody...Jace thought, and sad it was.
    He mentally scolded himself for the break in study. Master Jace Halycron had been deep in meditation, working out the kinks over a new control of the Force; the ability to bind a lesser being, semisentient or lower, into familiarity. He called the skill Dark Familiar, and planned to test the actual skill soon.

    Having arrived in the Shockwave's docking bay, he commanded his charge, the Legend Task Force, six Star Destroyer analogs in all, to make due speed to the remote system of Japreal, and the planet Onderon. Before leaving Coruscant space proper, Grand Inquisitor Halycron had Batch send a subspace message to Emperor Jello involving all the recent happenings concerning Coruscant, including his own induction into immortality.

    In times past, the ancient Sith Empire had operated in the Japreal system, and specifically on Onderon. Jace Halycron planned to have Onderon serve as the temporary center for the reformation of the Inquisition...and the rebirth of the Krath society.

    TAG: Jello (for message from Batch), and Gamemasters (on arrival at Onderon)

    [hl=black]Legend Task Force - 6[/hl] en route to Onderon

    Flag Ship:
    Mod. SD Shockwave

    ISD II Treva
    ISD II Darigaaz
    ISD II Rith
    ISD II Crosis
    ISD II Dromar

  6. Larnin_Macina

    Larnin_Macina Jedi Youngling

    Dec 21, 2002


    Stangding in the training room, the young larnin stood straght as he began to focus once more. Using his mind to focus the energy within him, he began to create a false image ahead of him with his Illusion technique. A small child appeared before him as he continued to use his skill. He thought in his mind how important this skill could be to him in the near future.

    from the darkness ehele walked in, he spoke telepathically to the young sith with dark tone...."How is your progress comming my young sith. I hope that you are perfecting your techniques just like i have taught you. If not, you will suffer the conciquences.."

    Disrupting his concintration.. the image before him faded away, till the image of a young child was nomore. Larnin cleared his mind once again and responded to his master using Telepathy.

    "Yes my master, i have been practicing your techniques with he upmost perfection. I feel as if i am gaining more and more skill with my powers everytime i use them. If i continue on this pace i will be able to use these powers to better enhance my abilities to perform my future tasks. Dont you agree master ehele?"

    Walking back twards his master, larnin remembered that he had written down his progress on a data pad. Seeing it apon the table, larnin focused his thoughts and broght the datapad to his hand with the us of Move object.

    "Here my master, this datapad shows how long i have spent mastering my techniques so far. Is this to your liking or have i not shown you enough devotion to my talents. If not, i will begin immediately to work on them harder."

    Larnin became furious with himself, thinking that he had not performed to is masters standards. Wondering if the other powerful sith was still onboard the ship, larnin remembered one of his other techniques he could use. Focusing his powers, he used See force to see if he could locate the Sith Darth Shadow. Finding his presence easily, larnin hoped that some day he would become as powerful as him.

    -Mind Trick - Level 1.25
    -See Force - Level 1.5
    -Telepathy - Level 1.75
    -Move Object - Level 1.75
    -Illusion ? Level .5
  7. Jace_Halycron

    Jace_Halycron Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 5, 2001
    *Arrival at Onderon...*

    A legion of dark forces befell the pristine state of the Japreal system. Onderon was metaphorically seized in the chaos of the system's new security.

    The planets physical seizure them commenced.

    The modified Star Destroyer Shockwave, his former command, swept in to hover above the Great Walled City of Iziz, to appear as the dark beast in the sky, a forwarning of an drastic moves by the Onderonans.
    TIE Advanced and a few TIE Defenders roared through the atmosphere, ready to subdue any attacking beasts. Their "commander" had expressed dire concerns that they not harm any native wildlife, only to frighten the populace into submission.

    Troops landers followed the TIE fighters, landing AT-ATs, AT-STs, and legions of soldiers just outside the Great Walled City.

    TAG: Gamemasters (for any surrender/counter attack)
    Onderon is not listed under any affiliation, and does not canonically have any whisper of a defense. No sources listed Onderon as having anything but a planetary militia, which everyone has.

    *Bridge of the Shockwave...*

    Nervously, the seven-foot tall Prophet Jedgar followed the shorter dwarf-like man in front of him. High Prophet Kadann, despite his diminutive height, strold bold into the presence of The Ghost.
    As the walked onto the bridge, Kadann remained bold when challenging the Grand Inquisitor to words,
    "Inquisitor, we are here. Well?"
    He did not turn around, making them wait. Jedgar hoped they could cover this situation up with a prophecy...
  8. TIEace

    TIEace Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 27, 2000
    IC at Osarian

    Vehrmyth waited on the bottom floor of the hangar as the Lambda-class shuttle settled down on its landing skids. It was early. Vehrmyth had been in Intelligence and Special Ops long enough to know that if something was early, it was not always a good sign.

    The ramp lowered with a mechanical hiss, and nine men of varying heights walked down.

    "That's far enough," Vehrmyth commanded. He raised his Westar-34 Twin Dual Dallorian Alloy Blasters (What can I say, I love Jango's weapons :D).
  9. DarthSeti5

    DarthSeti5 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 6, 2001
    IC: Admiral Severus

    [blockquote]"Admiral, the operation is underway. Fighters are prepared along with the secondary units."

    "Excell-en-ent. Move the s-secondary units in and plant them in the spe-pe-cified locations. Fighters in a-fter them."

    "Yes, sir."

    "Where now the ship and her pilot?
    Where is the trumpet that was sounding?
    They have passed like grass on Courscant.
    Like a whisper in space.
    The days go down in the Rim,
    Behind the stars,
    Into shadow."


    Carnivore fleet moved itself further away from Location 17-G. Moved itself into Location 17-B. Ready for the prowl.[/blockquote]
  10. Yomin_Carr

    Yomin_Carr Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 12, 2002

    The two captured infidels were given surgery to their brains to remove their memories of the past few days...

    Then they were sent back to Eriadu in a Yuuzhan Vong vessel... It would be up to the infidels there to decide if they would destroy their fellows or not...

    TAG: Infidels
  11. Warlord_Ken

    Warlord_Ken Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2000
    OOC: I have been given control of YouAgain's character for the duration of his absence.

    IC: Eriadu
    The two released Rebels were taken to an interrogation room, and scanned/interrogated heavily.

    They both checked out, and were released.

    Youi Gain boarded a transport, which leapt for an unknown location. While onboard, he trained physically, mentally, and with weaponry, both melee and ranged.

    - YouAgain
    - Whoever controls the other person captured at Endor, if such an RPer exists


    IC: Darglum system (Umgul)
    "This is the Lucky Star, of Corellia registry, requesting permission to land on Umgul to see the Fondine Blob Races."

    TAG: Imperials
  12. bterrik

    bterrik Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2001

    "Incoming freighters, you are cleared for landing. Please sumbit all cargo for scan. Here is your incoming vector." said a bored traffic controler.

    TAG Mitthy


    Well outside the Endor system

    Intrepid Armada reverted to realspace. Admiral bterrik could see the system's sun. but it was only a very small amount bigger than the other stars. They should still be well outside any in-system scanners, but bterrik placed his ships on medium alert anyway. This raised their shields.

    A series of probes were launched from Endurance's foward missile tubes, and they shot off into lightspeed for the short trip to carry them into the system.

    Endor system

    Twelve probes shot out of lightspeed at various points in the system. They began taking reading all over the board, IFF scanns, bio scans, everything you could think of. A taskforce of ships was just lost here and bterrik wasn't taking any chances. They immeadiately began transmitting back to the command ship.

    TAG: Yomin
  13. James_Bond

    James_Bond Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 14, 2002
    OOC: Geez, what is up with Endor...such a mystical place, it is?

    IC: Jarus Nova, somewhere in the realm of hyperspace
    The Jarus Nova hurtled through the bluish chaos of hyperspace.

    Inside, a man huddled naked on his bed, under his covers. The sheets were soaked...with tears. Moans...of agony filled the man's soul.

    Arnold...Arnold, how could this be?

    He felt it, he felt Arnold's death in his very bones, the screams of agony as that monster Zaarin tore life and limb out of his battered body...

    Arnold, how can you be dead? I had a promise, a promise to keep you alive...You were so brave; you came to me, defected against the mightiest power in the preserve your ideals.... fought your own cowardice and I still let you down...

    The man could almost feel his organs compressing, his heart working overtime, his lungs and throat racketing by coughs and sobs...

    I can feel Arnold. I felt him when he died. I felt his pain, I felt his agony, his torture...I felt his anger, his hate, his stunned and vengeful realisation that I had betrayed him...

    No more. Arnold, you will not have died in vain. I will not let your pain, your suffering, your end, go with impunity.

    Zaarin will die by my hands.

    The Jarus Nova continued to hurtle through hyperspace.
  14. AnakinDobski

    AnakinDobski Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 16, 2001
    Kaun sat in the command chair of the Last Hope. He ordered a transmission be sent to Mr. Corban Dys. In the transmission he asked him for a 100 Million Credits loan and the planetary shield generator he had.

    (TAG SEA)

    Unconditional Surrender
    Mr.Plon left the ship in a shuttle to Corellia to speak with the CEO of CEC.
  15. Yomin_Carr

    Yomin_Carr Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 12, 2002
    Edge of Endor System

    All of the probes were pulled out of hyperspace at the edge of the system, and subsequently incapacitated by the interdiction field that surrounds nearly all hyperlanes around all Yuuzhan Vong planets, and the three 'major' ones ((ref. Gamer 9)) that surrounded Endor (not to mention the very few number that were uncharted, or very rarely used.

    Within seconds of their arrival, a magma mine had picked out each of the probes and exploded near it, presumably destroying the already incapacitiated vessel.

    The intrusion was noted by the local commander, and he brought the system to highest alert, and called for additional support beyond the already supported numbers there, so that guile and bioweapons would not be needed to defeat any infidel incursions...

    TAG: bterrik


    Warmaster Carr leaned back in his throne, considering the possibilities... Several planets of the late New Republic would be simple to take, and forces were almost in position, delayed in defending Endor from the infidels... Almost as though there was something on the planet of value...

    He sat up with a start.


    The similarites were there. Endor and Wayland were both planets that had been controlled by the infidels (for a brief period of time, in Wayland's case), and both had indigenous, technologically primitve species. The possibility that the infidels would do the same on both worlds...

    He stroked a villip on his shoulder, and began transmitting a message to the commander on Endor.

    "Commander, begin inquiring to the natives on Endor as to the events immediately after the surrender. If they don't reveal anything, begin searching for any traces of Rebels on the planet. I have no hard evidence that they are there, but..."

    He frowned.

    "You have your orders."

    The commander nodded, and disappeared.


    Another wave of coralskippers descended on the planet, same as the day before. However, this time, they skimmed the ground far outside the bases before engaging the infidels. The shaped slashrats, used to such effect on Tatooine and Bimmiel, were on Ziost, with one new modification...

    TAG: WW

    OOC: How far down do your shields go into the ground? Also, what type of shielding are you using?
  16. Snowin_Zachian

    Snowin_Zachian Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 15, 2002
    Morgoth, Mirrorwind, Sparring Room

    Ehele sat, meditiating, as Gorin used Move object to wheel himself in. Ehele's eyes flashed open, acknowlaging the Other Sith before returning to his meditations.

    Gorin stooped in the middle of thje sparring circle, and waited till Ehele finished his meditiations. It was time for the test, and Gorin would get great pleasure from administering it.

    Ehele, revived from his meditiations, slowly stood up. Not a word was passed between them, but they both knew, the time for the test had come.

    ehele's saber was in his hands and lit faster than the eye could follow while, at the same time, thee Double blades of Shimmering Force energy appeared in front of Gorin. Using telepathy, though it was not nessicary, gorins Said, The time has come, Blackgaurd, to step up, to prove that you are worthy of continued existance. Lay a blow upon me, and you will have proven your worth.

    Ehele nodded, and filled himself with the force. He prepared himslef for combat using Enhance Ability: Agility, Enhance Senses, Knight Defence and Knight Speed and then decied to try something quick and easy. he flew twords the shimmering blades, battling against them, dodgeing and weaveing while he extended a hand out twoards Gorin. Feeling his rage and hate fill him he channled it, though the force, as streaks of Sith lightining Began to travers the room twords him.

    Suddenly, one of the Force blades was in front of his lightning, delfecting it back twords him. he dived, and rolled to the right, while defelcting another of the Force blades. Flipping back he stood, watching gorin. the force blades where pulled back, once again gaurding him from harm.

    He felt the tendrils of Gorin's Control Mind power reaching in, not as powerfully as they could, but still strong. He hardened his mind, filling it with images of battle and bloodlust, using Battlemind. Still there was very little one could do to defend against such power, and so he took advantage of the concetration nessicary to inflitarate his mind so, and launched into another attack. He flew into the blades, but, what was this? Now there were 4?!

    He quickly switched to a defensive pattern, trying to keep the deadly blades of pure Force energy away from him, while trying to come up with a plan. When he look again though, one of the blades was hazy, indistict, as though it wasen't quite real. then he put it together, and the image that had been created, using Illusion, of the 4th blade dissapated.

    Gorin pulled out of his mind, and dispelled the now useless image. The three blades still battled on, but Ehele was slowly overcoming them, though hseer skill of Arms he was keeping them at bay, while stil' advanceing twords Gorin. This he could not allow, and he reached out with move object and lifted the floor beneith Ehele, flipping it up and back.

    Ehele swiftly manuved to get off the moving floor block, but the distraction caused him to lose concentration for a second. He felt the hot, sheering pain as one of the force blades nicked him in the side, as he rolled away. He conqured the pain, using it to further fuel his rage and Anger. Lancing more bolts of lighting at Gorin, he advanced again, this time keeping two of the blade busy protecting Gorin from the lightning. He advanced, only one blade to hold him at bay, and left gorin with a choice, he could divert another of his Force Blades to defending against Ehele, and stop his advanmce, while leaving some of ht elightning wioth the chance of stiking him, or he could try and hold him off with only one blade.

    Reaching a quick decision Gorin tried to create a third Choice. Using Affect Electronics he reahced into the gravity controls and tried to get them to shut off, if even for a second. He strined, reched, and diverted most of his powerto it, but to no avail, he simply wasen't proficient enough yet in it's use. Suddenly the blades vanished, and the lightning struck home against Gorin. yet it caused him
  17. DarthSeti5

    DarthSeti5 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 6, 2001
    IC: Onderon

    [blockquote]The Prince of Onderon watched as their simple war-machines were cut down by imperial fighters and walkers and troops. He stood before a dilapidated communications device and pleaded to the Imperial forces, "Please, do not harm our people." His speech was that of someone whose native language was not Basic. "We do not wish for death. You have murdered too many of my people today. Please, you must stop. We surrender."[/blockquote]

    OOC: You have triumphed today, Jace; the planet is yours. But a group of Onderonians have taken to their beaststeads and retreated into the forests with some war-machines. They will do all they can to retake their planet from the evils of the alien invaders.
  18. Jace_Halycron

    Jace_Halycron Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 5, 2001

    They moved toward the city, leaving Halycron all-but alone with only a few elite stormtroopers.
    The armored transports and TIE fighters searched the forests for traces of the escaped beastmen. In time, they hoped to hold the entire world under boot.

    Boldy and without care, Dark Master Jace Halycron strold into the Iziz Palace and into the Throne Room. Before the Prince, he feigned a genuflection, then spun up the dias and swung a lightsaber toward the Prince's attendants...

    TAG: DS5
  19. Larnin_Macina

    Larnin_Macina Jedi Youngling

    Dec 21, 2002
    Morgoth, Mirrorwind, Sparring Room

    Larnin was completly amazed by the battle he had seen before him. Nothing he had ever seen in his life was so intense as the sparring duel Darth Shadow and his master Ehele had had. When ehele was finished, somehthing was different about him. Using See force, Larnin focused on the power that ehele was emiting. His skills were more powerful that he could imagine. For larnin could tell, ehele had reached the rank of MASTER.

    Larnin's face became more enthusiastic about what he had felt from his master. Using Telepathy, he began to speak to his master, to congrajulate him on his great duel.

    "Master, what a great duel i have just witnessed. Only in my dreams have i thought to ever see something as intense and as powerful as the duel i witnessed with you and Darth Shadow."

    Ehele replied"Thank you my young apprentence, i too agree, that was a duel to remember. You should take some notes apon what you have seen today. For some of the moves used in the situations today could help you in future situations."

    Larnin nodded to his master, he knew that what he saw was a great learning experience. Using Move Object, larnin broght a datapad to his hand. Reflecting apon what he saw earlier, he began to write down from memory the battle he had witnessed. While writing, he though of the techniques each master used. Remembering one technique, larnin thought he could try his attempt at it again. Using Illusion, larnin started to make the datapad dissapear. In his hand, the datapad turned translucent, to the point where larnin could see right through it.

    When larnin had finished his notes, he knew it was time for him to start refining his skills once again. Waving to a guard to come into the room, he knew what technique he should work on next. The guard stopped infront of him and shrugged one of his shoulders.

    "What do you want Now?" the guard asked.

    Larnin's face grinned with a sly smirk across his face. With a swoosh from his hand, larnin used his Mind Trick technique on the guard and spoke to him softly.

    "You will act as a nerf untill i say otherwise."

    The otherwise prostrate guard, began to bend over and stand on all fours. With a bellowing laugh from larnin, the guard started to act like a real live nerf.

    Only if training could be this fun everyday...

    -Mind Trick - Level 1.5
    -See Force - Level 1.75
    -Telepathy - Level 2.0
    -Move Object - Level 2.0
    -Illusion ? Level .75

  20. Wildwookiee

    Wildwookiee Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 14, 2001
    OOC: Cast would have been recognized on Eriadu...he would show ID, that's it, and if the person scanning hasn't been under a rock for the past three years, then they'd know who he is.


    OOC: Yomin, the shields are double layered, Gen IIs...atleast on the main base. The others are getting established without shields, however their artillery and early warning systems are up to date. Most likely your Corralskippers couldn't get within 20 klicks of my base before a whole squadron of X-wings intercepts and ground defenses are warmed up. If you're thinking about tunneling, I've already thought about that...I saw Starship Troopers too This base is built on Stone. there are sismec detectors that check for any anomolous readings. The shields, HOWEVER, do not go all the way to the ground. They make room for gun emplacements, ramparts, and other concrete barriers that allow for internal defense as well as quick mobilization.

    IC: Ziost-THE ROCK

    The Main fortress was under attack again. Corralskippers dived in, testing thier magmalaunchers against the shields, while their ground forces moved in. These forces, however, were facing a well rested infantry, backed up by two divisions of Artillery, and half a squadron of X-wings. The other half was engaging the Corralskippers, who were also taking fire from anti-aircraft weaponry posted on towers inside the base.

    The X-wings screamed towards the ground troops, dropping cluster Napalm Bombs, which exploded into searing liquid fire, then they came around again, straffing the incomming creatures. all the while, the shields held from the barrage. soldiers prepared themselves on the ramparts with concussion grenade launchers and E-web Cannons; along with several anti-personel batteries.

    TAG YC
  21. Senator_Elegos_A-Kla

    Senator_Elegos_A-Kla Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 18, 2001
    IC as Corben Dys

    The Imperial left in his shuttle and Corben jumped back to Platform InterGalactic
  22. Larnin_Macina

    Larnin_Macina Jedi Youngling

    Dec 21, 2002
    Morgoth, Mirrorwind

    Walking around, it was dark in the entire training room. Soo dark that one could not see an inch infront of their face. Using Move object, larnin moved a pencil across the room to turn on the lights. The training room grew lighter and things became visible.

    Sith Master Ehele walked twards him from behind a barracade.

    "I see your up early my young apprentence, now it is time to continue your training. If you continue like you have, your powers will soon become very great."

    Replying to his master, larnin used Telepathy

    "Im glad someone else has faith in me master. I was begining to think that you thought i was not worth your time. But now it seems that you do think i have the potential i see."

    Ehele-"Yes my young sith, i may have misled you, but i do think you will become more powerful, given time. Now, continue with your training."

    "Yes Master Ehele."

    Still amazed that his master agreed with him that he had potential to become more powerful, larnin felt a new sense in him, pride, but that feeling soon dropped away. It was filled with rage. Using See force, he was reminded of the all powerfull Darth Shadow. Deeply in his mind, he wanted to show him what he was really cappable of, to prove to him he will be a great sith.

    Larnin turned away and began to walk into the center of the room. A faint noise was heard from behind a box. Qurious about this noise, larnin walked over to the box. To his suprize, the same guard that he tricked to being a nerf was still on the ground. Thinking he would have some fun, he used Illusion to make the image of some grass infront of the nerf guard. The guard bagan furiously biting at the illusion but with no luck, didnt get anything to eat. Felling sorry for the young guard, he knew what he must do.

    "Young guard, arise, you are no longer a nerf. How do you feel"

    Startled the guard arose to his feet, cranky and aware what had just happened. Knowing that this guard could be trouble some in the future, larnin knew he must trick the guard into forgeting what happened. With a wave of his hand, Larin used Mind Trick and spoke...

    "Nothing has happened hear, except you falling asleep on the job, now get back to your post."

    Tag: noone

    -Mind Trick - Level 1.75
    -See Force - Level 2.0
    -Telepathy - Level 2.25
    -Move Object - Level 2.25
    -Illusion ? Level 1.0

  23. Protege-of-Thrawn

    Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Mar 14, 2001
    OOC: And now, as the NR becomes decentralised, Eriadu begins to become popular again. ;)


    IC as Jai Lavos

    A frustrated sigh was all that left Jai after two long minutes.
    Looking up finally, he smiled wanly to Pierce.
    "Isn't it always the way my friend? I understand what you are saying, and I agree. I have rooted up the main weed, but many spores in all probability, still exist in the Confederacy. Until they are cleansed, the blooming flower of freedom will be loathe to rise."

    Standing up proudly, his eyes hardened as he put one finger to the table.
    "But mark this: as much as I am sure this isn't Kane Lavos we are dealing with, I do recognise someone out there still exists in this Confederacy, who is working contrary to our plans.
    I will lend you the Kyana-Class Cruiser that is still accompanying me. Although light on for weaponary, they house strong shields and fast engines; they will see you through to Kya or Goron."

    Pierce frowned. "You will come too yes? Alone, I can do little compared to you in ripping down the rest of this web; or finding the spider that still rests in its middle."

    Jai nodded, as he frowned at a new hive of activity out to starboard. He commed the bridge and asked them to query the new ships ID.

    "I understand that Pierce, and I will follow. But first, I must meet with the AFS sector head for this region, and try and initiate contact with the other leaders: if these traitors in my Confederacy are trying to bring us back close to the Empire, I will bait them and draw them out by strenghtening our ties with the Republic."

    Pierce nodded, and his wife regarded Jai with what seemed to be a new understanding and regard.
    "And if it is, Kane Lavos?"

    Jai shuddered, then gathered himself.
    Again, he knew why it couldn't possibly be Kane Lavos...but that secret he would not yeild, not to anyone. If he even dared to breath it's existence, his entire Confederacy may fall to the wolves like so much carrion.
    Smiling, he raised his chin and grinned to his friend, as his commlink beeped.
    "Again, I can promise you it's not him, but if it is...well, allying with the Republic's ghost will probably bring him to my bedside with a stern talking to on his lips; about the need for stability and order in the galaxy."

    Answering his comm and hearing the message, he smiled with surprise.

    Pierce frowned once more, sensing the sheer delight and surprise in Jai. "What is it Jai?"

    Jai looked out once more to the new ship, and pointed it out. "That. I believe an old friend of yours is here; someone I have been trying to contact, in fact."

    Walking back to his chair, he activated his intrasystem comm, and hailed the new ship, looking back to Pierce warmly.
    "Gerul Cast is here."

    TAG: WW, on both counts. ;)

    IC as William Shard

    Thinking to himself that it was a strange situation to be coming once again to Eriadu, this time, not as a mercanary, hired to kill a drug dealing Bothan, but as a Jedi, newly schooled in the Force, and a presumed dead member of the New Republic's Special Operations Force.

    Reaching out with his newly schooled mind, he touched the traffic controllers, hunkered down in their safe bunkers. Why did they not respond?
    The Force spoke to him in soft whispers: Peace child, they are busy building for themselves a new hope, a new life. They will answer: in time.

    William smiled, and keyed his comm again, withdrawing from the Force before he noticed the bright light shining in the Force out in orbit.

    "Eriadu Control, this is Lieutenant William Shard, formally of the New Republic Special Operations Unit, Griv Team, stationed on Morgoth. I was forced to flee during the native uprising, and have only now managed to return home. Request landing at a military installation for debriefing. I say again..."

    TAG: Warlord Ken, Eriadu is YOUR space, my friend.

    OOC: Gorin, don't get to cocky with the dark...the light has a new friend.
    Me. ;)

    Aboard the Imperial Majesty

    The bridge gr
  24. Wildwookiee

    Wildwookiee Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 14, 2001

    Gerul Cast's comlink beeped

    Jai Lavos?...this is very, very, interesting

    Cast sent a brief Comm back to the ship that had just hailed him stating that he would meet with Jai Lavos as soon as Eriadu control cleared him.


    Pierce started to feel better about things...this was the first time in several months that he could see light at the end of the dark tunnel that had become his life.

    "Sir, I would very much like to see Gerul again...I do have some duties to attend to though...I have just assaulted my wife, and I need to try very hard to begin to make up for that."

    Jai Smiled with a knowing look

    "My friend, I'll comm you when Cast gets settled in...go take care of Anna."

    Anna smiled as she rose, and the Pained expression returned to Pierces face.

    They will never know how much it pained me to do that.

    Pierce and Anna left for the Lucky Dragon. Pierce had heard that there was a magnificent Alderaanian TapCaf on Eriadu, and was dying to try it out.

    OOC: POT, That Message card that you sent for Gerul will also be arriving. It had not left Eriadu, but it had just gotten into BLACK CLAW hands. They noted the reversion of Iron Pony and began to attempt to get the Data Card to if it's NOT from Jai...this could be an interesting twist.
  25. TIEace

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    Nov 27, 2000
    IC at Osarian

    Everyone could breathe easy.

    Onh had arrived early because of Eplsilon's need to hurry the operation.

    In the time since, Vehrmyth had wasted no time in beginning the intelligence training and briefings, and during this time, three more men arrived.

    The first cell was complete. Now, the hard part began. Each one was trained in combat, both armed and unarmed, reconnaisance, electronics, demolitions, etc. However, the upcoming campaign was going to require more from each one.

    More discipline and more expertise. Each one would need to know how to complete a mission if each one of his comrads was killed, or kill each one of his partners if they were going to compromise the mission. They needed to know how to work together as one group, and they needed to know how to split and work individually.

    Each one needed know how to kill the other, yet also needed to know how to take a laser blast that same person.
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