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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarthSeti5, Dec 28, 2002.

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  1. DarthSeti5

    DarthSeti5 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 6, 2001
    Welcome to War Of The Galaxy VI: The Shadow of Doubt . . .

    By order of Darth Attorney: There shall be no more than 6 threads at a time involving the War of the Galaxies Role Play.


    Story Background:

    [link=]War of the Galaxies, the Original[/link]
    It is a dark time for the Galaxy Proper,
    the Rebel Alliance was dealt a heavy
    blow at the battle of Hoth with the death
    of Luke Skywalker and several other key
    leaders and warriors.

    With the loss of his son, Lord Vader
    committed suicide and the Emperor was killed
    in a freak accident involving one of his Force

    But while the Empire and the Rebellion healed
    from their losses, a new threat has emerged
    from the pools of darkness. Aliens from another
    galaxy have dared to cross into our own and
    wage war against the citizens and its sovereign
    government, the Galactic Empire.

    Now it is a year since the Battle of Hoth and the
    Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire have new
    leadership, but the age old war between the two
    powers continue even as the invaders push forward
    toward the center of the galaxy...

    [link=]Clash of the Titans[/link]
    Many battles have been fought and won between the
    Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. But as the
    growing threat of the Yuuzhan Vong presses further
    into the Galaxy, the once distinguished enemies of the
    Civil War have settled their differences for the time
    being with the signing of the "Two Galactic Govern-
    ments" treaty.

    Now the Yuuzhan Vong face a deadly and determined
    foe as the two powers ultimately wage war against the
    invading aliens. The tide of war changes rapidly in
    favor of the Galactic Alliance at the Battle of Vortex
    with the death of Warmaster Shok Halycron, brother of
    the late Jace Halycron.

    With the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong at the hands of the
    combined forces from all corners of the Galaxy and a newly
    developed war machine, the Genesis Project, the alien
    invaders are in retreat. But the war is not over with just yet,
    the future still holds a great many obstacles for the Galactic
    Alliance and the Yuuzhan Vong to overcome...

    [link=]Breaking of the Alliance[/link]
    A serious blow has been given to the Galactic Alliance by
    the Yuuzhan Vong and its allies after months of defeat after
    defeat by the Galactic Empire and Galactic Republic.

    Director Kane Lavos foolishly pursued with his Genesis Project
    in hopes of creating the perfect warrior to fight and counter the
    Yuuzhan Vong in ground battles. But in doing so he has created
    a monster that has now escaped. Emperor Yun Yammka, Yuuzhan
    Vong God of War incarnate, roams the galaxy on a killing spree
    for Jedi blood while uniting the Yuuzhan Vong under his rule.

    Meanwhile Warmaster Nithrak Tewl succeeded in capturing the
    Second in Command of the Galactic Empire, implanting him with
    a mind control worm and unleashing him after the newly declared
    Emperor Jello. But Nithrak's plans were foiled by High Inquisitor
    Jace Halycron by defeating the unstable High General Mitth and
    releasing him of his master's control.

    Although the attempt on Jello's life was foiled, elsewhere President
    Yarlick of the Galactic Republic attacked the ISD Tiger and tortured
    General Zaarin. While the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire deal
    with Yarlick, the late Lord Budaki unleashes a computer virus into the
    HoloNet from Coruscant, destroying anything electronically connected
    to communications, including all systems in the Imperial Palace.

    But the most recent blow has been given by Warleader Yun Yuuzhan,
    prisoner of war now escapee, has successfully assassinated High
    General Mitth, leaving Imperial Center devoid of leadership and order.

    The Galactic Alliance is beginning to crumble apart, the HoloNet has
    been disconnected by order of High General Mitth, the Empir
  2. Wildwookiee

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    Apr 14, 2001
    It's good to be here.

    I'd like everyone to remember to have FUN...let's make this the best Chapter yet

    Edit: Here's to the FIRST reply ;)

  3. Jace_Halycron

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    Jul 5, 2001
    Yay for first non-Gamemaster reply.

    The following is approved by Warlord_Ken:

    *Hapes Starcluster...*

    Sarran and his Bothan/Chiss lackies made off with trillions upon trillions of credits' worth of Gallinore gems. While only numbering 45 in total, each gem could nearly buy a MC-80 analog cruiser.
    Sarran hoped to turn his Nephalem holdings into a powerhouse, then resist the Norrath Consortium holdings present.

    As he left the Hapan Starcluster, his ship was pulled out of space by a well-placed asteroid gamble only used by pirates.
    The vessel did not hail him, it merely attached tow cables and made off to hyperspace, with Sarran and his helpless crew on a weaponless cruiser were hauled to Force-knows where.

    Hours later...

    Their destination was a lonely system.

    Well, lonely except for five Imperial-Class Star Destroyers, a larger, unidentifiable Destroyer, a host of smaller vessels, and four moons.
    His memory served him well, and he realized that he had been towed to the Japreal System. Last he had heard, there had been an increased amount of traffic in this system.
    As he was towed toward the planet, the largest Destroyer, IFFed as both the Shockwave, and Ur-Dragon (quizzical, no?) brought its tractor beasm to hold him firmly in space as a one of the smaller vessels moved forward.
    A dawning end lit about the Chiss's face, as he realized the significance of the on-coming cruiser...
    It was formerly the Nonnahs, the last ship Inquisitor Jace Halycron had captained before he had disappeared into the Wild Space.
    Now, its IFF transponder identified it as the Valcyn...the same name as the long-dead Sith Lord Darth Bane's ship.

    The communit came to life without his ships' permission, and a face Sarran never wanted to see again was brought to life in front of the Chiss's glowing red eyes...

    It was Jace Halycron...and he was alive.
  4. GrandAdmiralJello

    GrandAdmiralJello Comms Admin ❉ Moderator Communitatis Litterarumque star 10 Staff Member Administrator

    Nov 28, 2000

    You spelled WW's name wrong. :p
  5. Warlord_Ken

    Warlord_Ken Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2000
    OOC: With Jello's approval, the world Alzoc III and its native species, the Talz, are now...mine. :p

    IC: Alzoc III
    Arcturus's reasoning hit home. The Talz had been enslaved by a cruel tyrant. While they had been subsequently freed by a not-so-cruel tyrant, they would've preferred to not take their chances with passing Emperors who could destroy their freedom and their lives at a whim. Rather, they responded enthusiastically to a democratic republic, where the Talz could govern themselves and prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

    Meanwhile, the Imperial garrison surrendered, and the Rebel troops began to clear it out. Captive Imperials had to be kept on the planet, for security's sake, but they were allowed to wander free around a special reservation.

    The Talz busily began setting up a Republic of Alzoc. The Rebels settled down to Alzoc III, began construction of a new fortress, from which they would strike the repugnant Empire...

    And Juren Nast and Kenman Halouse, the intrepid warriors who had opened up Alzoc to liberation, walked free at last, back to the Pasha, where they would now lead the insurgent movement to bring freedom and democracy back to the galaxy.....

    OOC: Well, I originally intended this to be for WotG V. I guess it loses some of its "to be continued" weight. Ugh.
  6. DarthSeti5

    DarthSeti5 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 6, 2001
    Oh really? Do you have any proof Jelly? ;) :p

    ~ DS5
  7. GrandAdmiralJello

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    Nov 28, 2000
    DS5: I've got some stuff in my cache here... do you want me to find it? :p
  8. Yoda_Drinks_Red_Bull

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    Sep 27, 2002
    My first post in this thread :D


    Waystation Guardian

    The last ship of the first fleet had been painted, it's hull now a deep ebony.

    "Prepare for jump," Treshen ordered through the com. The entire armada and Waystation powered up their hyperdrives and awaited Treshen's signal

    Treshen smiled as he looked around at the determined faces of his crew.
    His chapter in the tale of the galaxy, was about to begin.

    "Jump!" he ordered. The ships and stations streaked into hyperspace, the stars turning into lines and they left nothing but empty space.
  9. Protege-of-Thrawn

    Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Mar 14, 2001
    OOC: May I remind the GameMasters that all OOC posts must be accompanied by an IC post, lest you all are forced to ban yourselves. ;)

    Oh, and I'm honoured that my submission was chosen. May the new year roll on...


    IC as Jai Lavos

    Standing proud and tall, Jai Lavos stood in his meeting room, and stared out at the stars.
    It was the night sky - or a subtle variant thereof - that the people of Eraidu would feel at home with. A vast array of roiling hot gaseous nuclear furnaces, all arrayed in the spiralling swirl of galactic intrigue that so many had called home, for so long.
    For eons, the Old Republic had reigned, in the name of peace, freedom, and equality. Then, the dark times had come.
    The New Order promised much in regaining stability in the galaxy, but it bred little more then oppression and further rebellion, setting the galaxy reeling as the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong undertook their crusade against all life in the Galaxy.

    Jai had felt their effects first hand: His family on Agamar were long dead, and he would of joined them if not for the ships from the Kyanan Confederacy: sent by Kane Lavos to rescue the Refugees, the one legacy this galaxy would remember him fondly for: his one true virtue in the midst of all his vice.
    Jai had come to call Kane father, as the man had adopted him, molded him, creating a leader from the clay he had spotted as being so uniquely gifted.
    Jai had no dissapointed. Now, after the tragedy of Byss and the seeming collapse of the New Order, Jai had inherited his fathers holdings, and worked tirelessly to convert it into a machine of good, a force of freedom working to liberate the galaxy. He sought out now, allies in the Alliance of Free Systems, in an effort to work together to free the galaxy from tyranny and invader alike.
    And yet, forces still opposed Jai. Despite his loose alliance with the Empire, neo-imperialists in his COnfederacy had been exposed, hinting at a larger and more sinister web working within his holdings.

    Talk of the now infamous "Hand of Lavos" network could no longer be called a rumour: a terror network did exist, and it's source was from somewhere in his organisation. Be it the Doornik 319 Think Tank, or some other, as yet uncovered cancer, he knew not.

    And now, it seemed, it may even be his own father...back from the dead, betraying him...'s not him. I know it's not, and as soon as I'm back on Kyana, I can prove it's not.

    Shaking his head, he looked out to the planet below, and the ships all around. Freighters, warships, fighter patrols, a lone X-Wing coming in to dock at an orbital station, bacta tenders...

    The galaxy was inheritly good, it was at it's heart, a place of awe, beauty and love.
    And all be damned, Jai was going to fight for it. It's something to him, that was worth fighting for...

    but now, the hints, suspicions, rumours, fears...they all gathered once more, to cast the Shadow of Doubt over everything...
    Over it all.

    TAG: WildWookiee, whenever your clear or you wish to use Pierce with me again, just throw me a tag. ;)

    IC at Eriadu as William Shard

    He hoped out of his X-Wing wearily, and helped the R2 Unit hero out as well.
    "This guy's former owner - and the pilot of the fighter - is dead, he was consumed by the hordes on Morgoth. I'd like to claim ownership of both."

    The officer on the deck who was tasked with gathering all his possessions for inspection seemed unimpressed. THe same went for the two soldiers who pointed a gun amusingly at him, as if they could threaten..
    No, that thought was wasted, and beneath him.
    "That'll remain to be seen son." Said the officer. "Now, your weapons and equipment.

    Will smiled, and handed over his comlink, blaster, rope coil, vibroknife, fist claw, his two lightsabers - one his mistresses and one his - and stepped back.

    "That's all I have, as well as some stuff in the cargo of the ship. I can keep my clothes?"

    The officer scanned him and nodded back to his superior, who sized up Will once more.
    "Come, the
  10. Jace_Halycron

    Jace_Halycron Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 5, 2001
    *Orbit around Onderon...*

    The Chiss's eyes' deep hue of crimson that normally marked rigid calm was now replaced by a pale red, as Casa'rra'nuruodo realized he had crossed the wrong human. The Chiss renegade felt his head contrict, and he moved to prevent the rushes of pain that sent his body into spasmic contortions.

    They had just landed in the city, one one of the Royal Palace landing pads, and now Sarran's craft's door was being barraged. The door tore from its hinges, after a minimal effort of Move Object, and Sarran's nightmare walked in. Halycron was a tall man, merely a centimeter of two under the slightly taller Chiss, but aided and abetted by the Dark Side of the Force, Halycron appeared larger than life. Blue hued, lightning danced about his fingers in miniscule ballets of raw energy. The Dark Master seized Sarran by his collar, and plucked him from the spacecraft and onto the landing pad. From the other shuttle, a pair of men emerged; one incredibly tall, one incredibly short. These two were the pair who had so calmly captured Sarran.

    Jace summoned the two forth, and turned back to Sarran.
    His voice was a dark mew, "Casa'rra'nuruodo," he began, draining contempt into the Chiss's name. "Such a damned fool, yes. Did you really think it would do any good to have Mirax murdered? That wasn't a smart move, my dear Chiss. No, it wasn't at all."
    Halycron's hand twitched as Kadann and Jedgar arrived a mere meter behind him. He gathered power from his Rage, channeled despair and suffering into Sarran's Fear, entered the Chiss's mind, and drained energy...
    Sarran was a cowering mass, and Halycron's face was a mask of feral hatred. The Dark Lord began to summon a Force Whirlwind upon them. Channelling power and fortitude through Kadann and Jedgar to increase the sheer power of his Force-summoned maelstrom, Jace dropped the air's heinous elements upon the Chiss's writhing body. The ground grew unstable as Halycron held his ground, and continued channeling through the prophets. The blue body rose into the air, and was bombarded by strikes of the Force until most bones in the alien body were pulp.

    Dark Master Jace Halycron, his revenge far from satisfied, allowed the Chiss to drop,
    "Take that garbage to the dungeons. I will visit him again later. For now, bring those gems to the Valcyn."

    Dark Master Jace Halycron:

    Mind Trick ? Level 5.25
    See Force ? Level 4.75
    Telepathy ? Level 5.50
    Move Object - Level 7.25
    Alter Perception ? Level 8
    Summon Storm - Level 4
    Force Push - Level 6
    Drain Energy ? Level 1.25
    Drain Knowledge ? Level 1

    Force Lightning - Level 4
    Fear ? Level 1.25
    Control Mind - Level 1
    Rage ? Level 1.25
    Force Whirlwind ? Level 1.25

    Absorb/Dissipate Energy ? Level 1
    (Experimenting with Dark Familiar)
  11. cavalier_one

    cavalier_one Jedi Master star 4

    May 21, 2001

    Work had gone well on constructing Haven Base. The largest asteroid chunk now housed a series of interlinked pre-fab garrisons that contained the main command centre, the War Room, labs and workshops, armouries and barracks for one thousand individuals. A simple starfighter hangar was set up on the second largest chunk, and housed three squadrons of starfighters for close defence. The smallest plantoid housed a second hangar, this for the storage of transports and frieghters, along with their cargoes. A planetary turbolaser protected each site, with a KDY v-150 Ion Cannon covering the main base. Two colossal power generators provided the power for the defences, as well as the shield generators that covered each site.

    Perimeter hyperspace traps had been placed on the edge of the system, along with early warning buoys to warn of an impeding arrival. Each vessel assigned to Haven was supplied with a unique code to allow them to pass through the network unmolested. A minefield ringed the planetoids, deactivated until needed. Orbital guns were strategically placed throughout the system, offering excellent fields of fire and the concentration of firepower on any unwelcome guests.

    Twenty-four combat ships lay in close orbit of the planetoids, undergoing up-grades and cosmetic changes. Wrokbees and shuttles buzzed around the vessels and the burgeoning defence network, refining and improving.

    Standing in the War Room, in front of a three dimensional hologram of the system, Baron Admiral Delmion watched with pride as his forces turned the barren system into a fortress. It wasn't as secure as he would have liked, but it would do for know. The rest would follow in time.

    An aide approached him from one of the outer stations in the War Room.

    "Sir, transports MDTD One through Ten have finished unloading their cargoes."

    "Have them form up on the XQ platforms and transport them to these co-ordinates." Delmion handed the aide a datapad with a series of co-ordinates on them, supplied to him by Dellos. "Then have them return here for further duty."

    "Aye, Sir." The aide didn't question him further, and left immediately to carry out his orders.

    Taking one last look at the hologram, Delmion left the War Room, heading down the series of corridors that led to his quarters on the base. Sparsely furnished, it was clear that the room was just a working one, a place to rest between shifts. The one luxury was a deep, comfortable chair that faced the only window in the room.

    Draped over the back of the chair was the uniform that Dellos had gifted him. It was a good fit, and know was the time to wear it properly. Stripping off his old Republic uniform, he donned the new one, fastening the zip and brushing his fingers across the name badge and rank insignia.

    Stepping over to the personal hologram pod he had requested to be installed in his quarters, he activated it and sent the image to all pods throughout the system, as well as condensing the image into a two-dimensional image that was transmitted to all available monitors. In addition, the sound was pumped to all speakers so that those befreft of monitors could listen.

    A distinctive tone sounded, indicating to all that a message was being sent. Everyone, in some way or another, listened or watched. Those who watched were surprised at the change of uniform on their leader.

    "My friends, we have reached a crossroads, a turning point. That which we pledged to serve is gone, dust on the wind. We must find a new calling, a new direction. That is why we are here. To stand firm against the darkness and the night, a bastion of light, and a fortress of freedom. I cannot promise you victory, or even peace, but I can promise you that I will fight for it with every fibre of my being, with every resource at my disposal.

    I promise you that we will not go quietly into the night and we will not vanish without a fight. So I ask you all, to step forward one more time, for one more battle, to hold the line agai
  12. Juno_Epsilon

    Juno_Epsilon Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 28, 2002
    OOC: Ok sorry I haven't had time to post the way I want to. So I will be trying to Make up time here. There is many things on the Go.

    ****Coruscant: Two Weeks Prior****

    With the Apparent deaths of the Emperise and Vader, and the dissapperance of Jello. Juno Stood in front of the Man who was now In charge. Grand Admiral Batch. The Man seemed stressed, and knew that the Dark Troopers had helped with the clean up. Moff Epsilon had been to Coruscant, not thinking to find destruction and death but he had. This was not the happy trip that he had expected to find.

    Grand Admiral Batch: "...and so with the times in front of us. The Emperor has granded the power of Grand Moff on you Juno Epsilon. I hope that you will bring order to the Inner Core and Colonies."

    Grand Moff Juno Epsilon: "Thank you sir. Have we recived any word from the Emperor?"

    Grand Admiral Batch: "No Sir.'

    Grand Moff Juno Epsilon: "Hummm. Well I'm sure he is fine, But now I have work to do. For the Glory Of the Empire."

    Juno saluted and turned and returned to his Ship.

    ***20 Min Later***

    On the Bridge of the ISD III Tranchula The new Grand Moff Looked over his orders and proceeded to go through his messages.

    -High Admiral Ben Skywalker had Conntacted him.

    -His Intel Operations had been put into place.

    -And The Governers, Moffs, and Admiral's of the Inner Rim and Colonies had all been infromed of his Promotion.

    Juno Turned to the First Officer and relayed

    Juno: "First Officer Bryce, Have the ISD II Prowler Go to Agamar. Infrom Admrial Tr'ble Of what is happening and tell him to Breif High Admiral Skywalker of the mission outline of Operation TAG. Then Have the ISD III Olympus and Admiral Table go to Osarian where the First phase of Operation TAG is hopefully in process. Have them re-supplied them if needed. Then Finally Have us return to Suarbi. From there I will start a complete Rebuild of the Inner Rim and Colonies..." his voice trailed of

    First Officer Bryce: "Sir About Opeartion TAG I believe that we have found a prefect officer for the mission requirements. And he has just finished a Mission."

    Juno: "Really... hummm have the ISD II Techpoint Pick him up and bring him to Suarbi. Then we will find out weather you are right or not."

    With all this done the 4 Star Destroyers went there sepearte ways. The ISD II Prowler went to Agamar. The ISD III Olympus went to Osarian. The ISD II Techpoint to Balmorra and finally Grand Moff Epsilon's Command ship went back to the Now capital of the Inner Rim and Colonies. Suarbi/Susevfi System.

    Glory To the Empire

    Tag: TIEace, Daemon, Ben & Jello



    The Ship yards where preparing for the final Casting off of the Three mighty Ships that lay in the belly of the shipyards. The Gryphon Class Star Destroyers Where ready to take there place. They would take there place as the Governer's of the Inner Rim and Colonies. This would be the Power of the New Grand Moff. And now they where ready....


    :D :D hehehehe My ships are almost ready, they shall be done on Monday. Then The Fleets of the Empire shall see that Size doesn't always matter :p .

    Hopefully I haven't missed anyone. PM me with complants. ;)
  13. Darth-Pales

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    Dec 2, 2002

    Sadow slashed his lightsaber upwards, blocking his apprentice's lightsaber, sending it to be driven into the ground.

    "This place is strong in the Force. In the Light Side, unfortunately. Does it tempt you? Sway you back to the Light?"

    He slashed at his apprentice again, and stopped, inches from his throat.

    "You seek to betray me... Perhaps from the beginning..."

    TAG: DS5
  14. Yomin_Carr

    Yomin_Carr Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 12, 2002

    The slashrats began digging through the rock, using their shielding dovin basals to slide effortlessly through the rock. They split up, and once they reached the surface, they lunged out at anyone near them. They quickly fell to the ground as blaster bolts burned through them ((Presumably, thanks to your seismic sensors, you will be ready for them when they reach the surface)).

    Another plot ruined, but another one would replace it, and another one after that...


    The Yuuzhan Vong Domain Anor Battle Group appeared in Sumpan space, jammed communications, set up an interdiction field, and launched fighters. They fired as one, targeting the nearest infidel ships.

    TAG: WK (Assuming you still control the defenses here)

    OOC: It seems your little plot to use the technologically primitive Sumpan sustinence farmers as engineers, and whatnot is at an end, your highness.

    (Wow, that 'SW quote' didn't work very well..._


    The Domain Qwadd Battle Group burst out of darkspace at Xagobah, and began the Carr Battle Protocol. They opened fire on the infidels immediately...

    TAG: Infidels

    OOC: Defense stats, please

    Presumably, Juno, you are allowing the Intelligence operation in Suarabi to take place, seeing as you didn't respond to me...
  15. DarthSeti5

    DarthSeti5 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 6, 2001
    IC: Tey-Ral Denob

    [blockquote]Tey-Ral sensed the rage within Sadow through See Force. He spoke, "I would never betray you master."

    Tey fell backward, slashing his saber upwards, batting away the dangerously close blade. He rolled backwards on the ground and came up, crouched a meter away from the Darkness. Tey quickly thanked the Republic and the Alliance for the combat training he'd received over the years. That move could have killed him, he realized. His saber was cetimeters away from his skull.

    "The lightside no longer has power over me."

    Tey pulled a rock with Move Force and threw it into the wall, hard and fast, near to his master while saying, "The lightside is weakness. Do I look weak to you?"

    Tey jumped up, and brought his weapon into a defensive position. He awaited the next move, which would be perilous no matter what it was.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Pales

    OOC: If you're really interested . . .

    Jedi Mind Trick: 2.00
    Move Object: 3.25
    See Force: 5.25
    Telepathy: 1.25
    Alter Perception: 0.25
  16. Wildwookiee

    Wildwookiee Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 14, 2001
    OOC: I fully expect that Yomin...oh, and instead of attempting to penetrate my base all at once, perhaps try more conventional means of warfare. Remember, your troops are limited, whereas I have some means of resupplying. It's not fair; but War's not either. I'll tell you now, the Commander of Ziost is going to be pushing his line outward, not allowing Yuuzhan Vong to get close to the base...soon the line will be 10 KM...and hopefully after that, I'll have a 100 Klick range pushing my outer bases as being a parimeter of Allied controlled land.


    The Slashrats came up through the floor of the Base. It had been impossible to guard against that except to somehow have an early warning sensor. Still, it did not guarantee that the base would remain uscyathed...three soldiers were caught up as the creatures attempted a frantic attack on any being near to them...before they were cut down.

    Captain Malxom looked out over the wasteland that had been created by the orbital bombardment from the Dathomir.

    "I want these shields to be tested...we don't know how many Dovin Basals they have on planet, and they might choose to attempt that. I am confident that we can hold of any assault here...even a full scale one; but putting the lives of my men needlessly into peril is not my way."

    Malxom looked thoughtfull for a moment.

    "Send out sonar bouys in a radial pattern from this position. I want to know if a field mouse enters the Zone. Also, I want orbital surveylance to pick out possible Yuuzhan Vong strongholds and send them to us, so we can begin to drive their forces apart. Order our three Sattelite bases to be on constant alert for orders to attack at any time."

    The XO standing quietly behing Malxom grinned "Yes SIR"

    TAG YC


    Pierce had finished his meal with his wife, and had almost started to feel at ease.

    Gerul Cast was ushered aboard the Utopia, where he awaited a meeting with Jai Lavos.


    The 11 Jedi Knights that Pierce had been training continued their work...becomming a Jedi Task Force.

    Also, another Full Armored Division was entered into service of Jai Lavos

    That makes almost 4 Million Troops now

    I'll post the Jedi's abilities later, as well as the destinations of the groundtroops


    Silent Shipyards

    Word finally reached Myrna Dubrovick of Jace Halycons capture...she would have to wait for Cast to decide if a rescue mission was in order.


    Olympus came out of hyperspace near it's old hiding place...the Wasteland. Using the still present sensors, gravity wells and navigation buoys, it traveled into the heart of the maelstrom...and away from all trouble.

    Though the chiss had somehow discovered the location of Olympus inside the Wasteland, they had no way to get into it unless the path was cleared by the wells, and they could hyper in on the proper heading.

    TAG POT, WK, and everyone else
  17. Senator_Elegos_A-Kla

    Senator_Elegos_A-Kla Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 18, 2001
    IC at Naboo

    A Z-95 Headhunter shot out of hyperspace and broadcast a message requesting an audience with Commodore Kuan

    TAG: AD
  18. AnakinDobski

    AnakinDobski Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 16, 2001
    Aboard the JSD II Unconditional Surrender a tractor beam grabbed the Headhunter and pulled it into the hanger bay.

    Waiting next to the ship was Commodore Kuan.

    (Tag SEA)
  19. Senator_Elegos_A-Kla

    Senator_Elegos_A-Kla Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 18, 2001
    IC at Naboo - Aboard Unconditional Surrender

    The IGC courier opened the Z-95's hatch and dropped down and walked to Commodore Kuan

    Courier: Commodore, a message from CEO C. Dys of the InterGalactic Corporation.

    The courier handed the Commodore the datapad, which contained Corben Dys' response to the Commodore's earlier message

    TAG: AD
  20. AnakinDobski

    AnakinDobski Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 16, 2001
    Tell him to meet me near the planet of Dagobah, I will meet him there in a couple of hours.

    (Tag SEA)
  21. Senator_Elegos_A-Kla

    Senator_Elegos_A-Kla Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 18, 2001
    IC at Naboo

    Courier: It will be done

    The courier got back into his Z-95, closed the hatch and prepped for lift-off. Once he got confirmation from control, he put power to the thrusters and left the JSD. Once he was outside of Naboo's gravity well he made the jump to hyperspace


    IC as IMP-22 - Aboard Andromeda Shipyards

    The commander of the Andromeda Shipyards debriefed IMP-22 thoroughly. Asking him many questions, mostly about why Tu'kla hadn't returned with him. After the de-brief, the commander spoke to the droid

    Commander: Over the past year and a half, we have been cut off from supply lines, meaning we can't built ships. We have about 4 Imperial Star Destoyers in the yards, but work has all but stopped on them. We made a couple of freighters, so we can get supplies in from outside the Marcol Void. But to be quite frank, in the next few months, our supplies and credits will run out. If you would, if you can get word to Imperial Center and inform them about this shipyard and it's situation, myself and the crew would be most pleased.

    IMP-22: I'll see what I can do, but my mission takes me deep into the Rebellion's territory, but if a get a chance to get in contact with the Empire, I will inform them of your situation. But as for now, I must be going. I have to search the galaxy for one man, and I need all the time I can get.

    Commander: Very well, IMP-22. My men have put supplies and other equipment aboard, to help you with your search. Good luck IMP-22.

    IMP-22: Good luck and good-bye Commander.

    IMP-22 left the briefing room and made his way to the Queen of Blades. He powered up her systems and got ready for launch. He had already received prior clearance to depart. Several minutes later, he was outside the Shipyards' outer perimeter and made the jump to hyperspace. He switched the ship's transponder to that of the Sarah Kerrigan - Which had Commenorian registration, it was a legitimate ID, verifiable through the Bureau of Ships and Services. Sarah Kerrigan's destination: Clak'dor VII

    Sorta-TAG: Whoever rules the Home Sector, AFSians. I'd like some Defence Stats, just in case you'd like to shoot me out of the sky ;)


    IC at Coruscant

    The Sienar Fleet Systems Skipray Blastboat dropped out of hyperspace just outside the outer defence perimeter of the system. The pilot hailed the closest Imperial ship, requesting an audience with the highest-ranking Imperial in-system

    TAG: GAJ
  22. Thok

    Thok Jedi Master star 6

    May 24, 2002
    IC: Thok

    ::eek:nboard the ISD III, Rebel Spirit::

    The massive fleet of ships dropped out of hyperpace at their destination. Here they would begin to upack and re-assemble the old mon-cal shipyards. This planet would now be the capitol of the United legions of trantor and the first shipbuilding facility for them to work with. As they began their work, the MC-80 Destiny(or was it defiance) dropped out of hyperspace to join Govenor Thok's Fleet. He then turned to the com station to send a message to his subordinate, Izik.

    "Izik, when you recive this, make way to the rest of our planets and begin initiating their new economic plans to gain more revenue. Thok out."

    Tag: Quinithxtherol

  23. Jace_Halycron

    Jace_Halycron Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 5, 2001
    *Valcyn, and onward...*

    Pain is an illusion, and blood is only liquid.
    Still honing his rigid discipline, and cutting back on his torture of the renegade Chiss responsible for his current dilemmas, Master Halycron spun around to face the Valcyn's communications officer.
    "Send a request for a cloaking device to the Capitol; make well to include a request of Inquisition funds for the initiation of the Indoctrination. We need recruits, and we needed them years ago."

    Having powered her hyperdrive, the Valcyn shot towards the Capitol.

    TAG: Jello
    (Post my arrival and initial communications exchange)
  24. Attack_Of_Da_Gnomes

    Attack_Of_Da_Gnomes Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 2, 2002
    The man was alone. He stood in an icy hallway, his eyes squeezed closed, a blue beam of light in front of him. He threw the metal object up, and the blue beam followed, as it came from within the ancient lightsaber, the weapon used by Jedi knights for millennia throughout the galaxy. And now Grid Gericks was becoming one. He had been here for a little over two weeks, living off of food the Rebels had hastily left behind. The lightsaber landed in Grids other hand after completing it?s long arc. He spun around at lightning speed and reflected the blue stun bolt. The droid wielding it quickly brought up it?s shield and the stun bolt completed it?s journey, knocking ice off the ceiling. Grid made a roll halfway through the hall, bringing up his lightsaber again to deflect another blue bolt. It fizzled out upon hitting the floor, and Grid jumped up, making a run along the icy wall, coming out behind the droid. It dropped its shield, and ripped forth a metal rod that had once been part of a X-Wing?s laser system. It fired repeatedly and Grid deflected each bolt. The droid backed away quickly, still firing. Grid threw his lightsaber, which slashed apart the seven year old stunner, causing the droid to dash forward with the spear-like rod. It lunged after Grid, and he countered by kicking the droid back right after a slash almost impaled Grid. He used the force to rip the rod from the droid?s hand and easily threw it. He did a force dash directly at the droid, flipping the lightsaber off. Finished with the training, Grid smashed the the droids deactivation system. It looked around quickly, wondering what was happening to it, and why it wasn?t tending to the Tauntauns. Grid opened his eyes finally, and being extremely exhausted, began meditating. He was doing the same thing later that morning before he fell asleep on a cot in the nearest room.
  25. Protege-of-Thrawn

    Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Mar 14, 2001
    Eriadu, aboard the Utopia

    Jai Lavos entered his meeting room again, and felt as if he was working a production line. This, his 3rd visitor in the last two weeks.

    He strode up to the dominant form of Gerul Cast, and thanked the stars that he was tall for his age, for the average 19 year old male would be dwarfed by this huge mountain of a man.
    "Gerul Cast, it is a pleasure." he clasped the man's hand, as the two leaders exchanged greetings.

    As the pair took up seats in the room, Jai gathered himself.
    "Sir, I'm about to speak to you about the same proposal I made to your former President Jace Haylcron, over two weeks ago, to which he agreed.
    Basically, my Confederacy is finally reaping the fruits of it's efforts. During these tumultuous times, we have preserved freedom, strong economic power, and a sturdy defense. Many of our worlds are yet to taste even the barest hints of war: a rareity in this galaxy.

    Thyferra petioned for membership over a month ago. It gave me pause, for never has the Confederacy really thought about allowing new members in. But Thyferra is not alone. I've been approached by many diplomats and worlds formerly of the Republic, looking for the protection they can no longer afford.

    Despite some neo-imperialist elements in my Confederacy, I believe our idealogy is shared by your forces. I have been seeking out all the leaders of this new "Alliance", for the one purpose. A purpose I explained to Jace, to your Jedi friend, Pierce, and now, to you.

    I wish to forge an Alliance of my own: with you, and with all the other sectors in the former Republic space. Together, your newfound hit-and-fade capability, and our Confederacy's strong economic, trade and Intelligence capabilities, will help forge a new force of freedom and liberity in this galaxy, and resist the Imperial Tyranny and Yuuzhan Vong zeal.

    Yet, I speak at length, and do not allow you to at all. Please, your thoughts on my proposal."

    TAG: WildWookiee.

    IC at Eriadu as William Shard

    Will sighed, and looked up at the one-way mirror screen, and spoke again, here, in his "debriefing".
    You'd think I was a former Imperial Loyalist the way they are treating suppose.
    "I'll say it again, for clarity. I was felled in the battle of Morgoth, and seperated from the rescue teams allocated to us from the rescue fleet in orbit.
    I managed to battle my way through the Morgothi hordes, and came across an X-Wing that had landed, it's pilot trying to reach an EV comrade. Both of them had been killed, and the X-Wing was about to be ransacked.
    I fought off the enemy, and managed to get the fighter airborne, using it's weaponary to great effect on the enemy forces.
    I was cut off from the Repulic fleet by what appeared to be sucide bombers. Whilst competent in most fighter craft, I didn't want to risk the odds, and decided the safest option would be to hyper to a safe location.
    I managed to go to Jomark, where I found a lady, skilled in the Jedi arts...she spoke of an inner potential I had, something I knew not of, a code and way of acting I had never known of: the stuff of Myth.
    I was trained as a Jedi, and this accounts for my delay in returning. But when I heard of the dissolution of the senate, I abandoned my training, feeling that my place was here, with the military, helping to right things.
    I have returned, and hope to return to my unit. Now, is there anything else that's still unclear?"
    Waiting in the cold room, he jutted his chin out to the silent pause, and awaited a reply.

    TAG: Warlord Ken.


    Aboard the Imperial Majesty

    The shuttle had returned, and the Prophet was escorted to his throne room to recuperate.

    Kati Seal changed her uniform, smoothing out the cleanly ironed blue with the red trim: Kyana Standard.
    Tightening her boots until they fit snugly, she sighed to herself, and closed her eyes for a moment.
    I too, should rest some more...I was very nearly killed.
    She keyed her door and was about to stride out, when the Prophe
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