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Would anyone like to start a Star Wars on TV site with me?

Discussion in 'Fan Sites' started by -blur-, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. -blur-

    -blur- Jedi Youngling

    Feb 25, 2004
    I've been kicking around the idea of doing a very in-depth site that will focus just on Star Wars on TV; maybe even just the live-action, although I can probably have my arm twisted and convinced to do the Clone Wars stuff, too. URLs, hosting, software... easy. I guess I'd just like to have a small team of people to do it with, so that I didn't feel I was all alone (sob, sob). Anyone interested? If you can write a bit, or like to design, or have some other skill you think you could bring to the table, email me:
  2. Brandon Rhea

    Brandon Rhea Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 26, 2004
    What exactly are you looking for in terms of a design? Do you want something flashy to attract immediate attention, or would you prefer to keep it simple? I ask this because the design and the user friendliness of it will make a break a site at times. I also just want to point out that I think it's great that people are getting a jump start on this sort of thing. Any number of these new sites about the upcoming TV show could become the foremost authority on it. KryptonSite, for example, was a small little site that was made after Smallville was announced, and now the Webmaster of that website is writing the official Smallville companion guides. It just goes to show you what can happen with a site like this.
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