Would You Save The Life Of A Helpless Tyrant?

Discussion in 'Japan' started by RoninAquila, Aug 5, 2005.

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    Brother and Sister Warriors:

    I am currently conducting a collection of results from the Japanese and Australian threads to see what how the people of each culture would react in Anakin's situation.

    Picture yourself running into a room, witnessing an old man whom you know to be evil, assailing a Good Warrior with waves of potent demonic lightning, and yet is losing the struggle. Exhausted and weakened, he relents his sorcery, then proceeds to helplessly cry and begs for his life, even as the Good Warrior raises his blade to strike him into hell.

    Now picture yourself not as Anakin, but as a perfect stranger who is nevertheless a patriot, and one who walks the path of the warrior.

    I for one would have done the EXACT same thing that Anakin did.

    No matter how evil a person may be, no matter how heinous his crimes, striking down a helpless old man begging for his life is an act of murder, nay, butchery that renouncees the ties to humanity of the person performing it.

    As a warrior, I would NEVER suffer a defenseless person being murdered before my very eyes if I can ever help it.

    How about you?
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    So! my pupil came to here ...I sense when u are.

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    If I truly didn't know who they were, maybe I'd save the old man
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    I'd call for security.
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