Before - Legends ~*'Wounds of the Heart'*~ New characters, some familliar faces. 50 years before TPM

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    TITLE: Wounds of the Heart
    SETTING: 50 years before TPM

    This is a FanFic I got the idea for in a dream. Tell me what you think!

    Wounds of the Heart

    For a planet that had few natural environments left, Coruscant surprised many visitors with its chill. The average daytime temperature hovered around 28 degrees Celsius, with its nighttime temperature dropping almost to zero. It got a bit warmer at the planet?s equator, but not by much. Anyone visiting from a warm planet had to remember to dress properly. Several residents of Coruscant speculated that the low temperatures accounted for the many layers the Jedi wore.
    In reality, the Jedi wore the different layers of clothing to accommodate many different climates. In addition, the thick cloak allowed them to blend in almost anywhere when necessary. It did get rather cumbersome on the warmer planets, however. When Jedi visited such a planet, some wished that they could have left that cloak behind.
    This particular morning, the young Jedi watching one of Coruscant?s spectacular sunrises was very thankful for her cloak. It was so cold that her breath made lacy patterns of frost on the guardrail bordering the high balcony. She could have gone inside to watch the sunrise from behind one of the Temple?s many windows, but for some reason she wanted to come outside today. She needed diversion. She needed to think.
    Nineteen year old Selia Makay was not particularly fond of the cold. It was the height of the Temple?s four communication towers. For some reason, the young woman was far more at home high in the air than down on the ground. She sometimes wished she were an avian rather than a biped so she could soar higher than the tallest tower on Coruscant and take in its sparkling beauty from above. Pulling the robe a little tighter, Selia closed her eyes and breathed deeply of the crisp, cold air. For a moment she seemed to drift along, drawn only by her own breath and the Force. If she sensed the presence coming up from behind, she did not acknowledge it.
    ?So here you are.?
    Selia opened her eyes and turned to see her master, Jhey-Den Tsuko, standing just behind her. She blushed in the cold. ?I?m sorry, Master. I must have lost track of the time.?
    Jhey-Den nodded. ?An easy thing to do in a place like this. But you mustn?t let your attention stray too far, Padawan.?
    Selia nodded. ?Yes, Master.?
    Jhey-Den nodded toward the door. ?Come. The Council is waiting for us.? He turned on his heel and strode back into the Temple. Selia followed close behind, eager to get back into the warmth of the Temple.
    ?Have they been waiting long?? Selia asked nervously.
    ?Nearly an hour. I looked for you in the library. Why weren?t you there??
    ?I?I don?t know,? Selia stuttered. Seeing the look of disapproval on her masters? face, she hung her head. ?Yes, I do. I couldn?t concentrate. I was too uneasy. I needed to think.?
    ?You are nervous about seeing the Council??
    Selia nodded.
    ?I don?t see why you should be. You?ve been before the Council before.?
    ?Yes, Master.?
    ?Are you afraid of them??
    Selia quickly shook her head.
    Jhey-Den eyed his Padawan closely. Her response was too quick and too vague. ?I sense fear in you, Padawan. Are you being truthful??
    Selia opened her mouth to protest, then closed it. She could never figure out how her master was so attentive to her moods. ?Not entirely, Master.?
    ?Not entirely??
    ?No. I don?t fear the Council; I fear their reason for calling for me.?
    Jhey-Den allowed himself a small smile. ?Ah.?
    Selia frowned. ?Why did they want to see me, Master??
    Jhey-Den only looked ahead. Obviously he wasn?t going to tell her. Selia wanted to know why, but knew better than to question him any further, and obediently followed him into the Council chambers.
    There were twelve Jedi Masters on the Council. Selia had seen one or two of them outside the Council chambers, but knew only two by sight. Master Oppo Rancisis, a mound of fur with a husky voice, and
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    This will be an intriguing rite of passage for young Jedi. But it looks like something bad is coming? Will Tonan try to prevent it?

    One hint on formatting: edit the last post and add blank lines between the paragraphs and add them on all future posts. Without them, the story looks confusing and really discourages people from reading it. Look at other story posts to see the difference in how they look.

    Aaaaah, and those Jedi robes can be inconvenient on those warm weather planets. ;)

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