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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by godofwar1233, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. godofwar1233

    godofwar1233 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 22, 2007
    The world is yours to conquer, the age of man is over and the age of the gods has begun, you along with your own personal race of minions must try to take over the world before some one else does so.You alone must conquer this world, you alone must defeat the other gods and if you do so you will go down in the history of your new world order This is the time of the gods.This is the way the world ends.

    "Darshe do you really expect to rule this world with that make shift race of kronaks please you will probably only conquer Purto Riko."Dergo said
    "Really thats why I have conquered more territory than both you and Alsho have in a year."Darshe said
    "Well I was busy with important matters that concerned my people."Dergo said
    "Well then brother, you are too concerned about your people, you must let them live on their own."Darshe said
    "Hmmm brother you let your people think to much soon they will dethrone you."
    With that the brothers walked their several ways.


    Hello and welcome to Wrath of the Gods:The Age of Gods you may be asking what do I do in this Rp well that will be told in the upcoming parts of this post so be ready for a new type of rp.

    Your Godly divinity(eg. God of War)is what you rule over,available divinity's are:Smithery,Sky,Ocean,love,Fire,Death,time,agriculter,technology,economy,sun,moon,rivers,fate.Get it(You may only use only one divinity.)

    Godly Powers
    Your godly powers come from the divinity that you come with, eg. with time you can turn back time if you are not winning in your war against the other gods.

    Your people are the beings that you personnally create you may also display a picture with it but that is not neccasary though it may help with what you want people to vissualize.

    Your territory is in what part of Earth do you reside in,(Eg. Mt. Olympus)

    Your resources are what your people harvest to survive or conquer.

    Buildings that are Buildable
    --Headquarters Cost:400 resources
    --BattleCamp(used in campagins): Cost:100 resources
    --Quarry Cost:300 resources
    --Mill Cost:200 resources
    --Barricks Cost:400 resources
    --Logging Company Cost:300 resources
    --Castle(Upgrade for Headquarters)Cost:1000 Resources

    --Skin Color:
    --Body Features:
    --Average Height:
    --Head Features(horns,antennas,etc.):
    Resources(starting is always 2,500):
    Godly Powers:

  2. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    [hl=black]GM Approved[/hl]

    Name: Armand
    Gender: Male
    Age: unknown 1,000 years active
    Divinity: Time
    Personality: Calculating, and cold. Peirce in combat as he is in tactics
    Weapons: [link=]Tensa the Heavenly Chain[/link]
    People: Danketh [image=]
    --Skin Color: Generally reddish but other colours exist
    --Body Features: Wings, and claws
    --Average Height: 5'10?
    --Head Features(horns,antennas,etc.): Horns, glowing eyes.
    Territory: Antarctica
    Resources(starting is always 2,500): Headquarters ? 400
    Quarry ? 300
    Mill ? 200
    2 barracks ? 800
    Logging company ? 300
    Total Remaining - 300
    Godly Powers: Acceleration ?(self) Accelerates time around him allowing him to move faster in combat. (Army) Allows his warriors to fight faster.
    Seiken Dentetsu ? Slow down time in a area round him allowing him to deflect incoming attacks with greater success, he may do the same for a small group of danketh.
    Time-warp ? Can return to a point in time where he was winning, or go back ans fix as fatal flaw in strategy.
    Bio: Armand, God of time, is older than even he knows. For millenia he lay frozen in time beneath the ice of Antarctica. 1 millenia ago a great shift in the ice awoke this god from his eternal meditation and he rose. He arose to a world in chaos, a world that disgusted him. And so he began his plans to control, to mold, to bring into existence his vision of a Perfect World. From his Headquarters deep in the frozen lands of Antarctica, he commands his army of Danketh, a fierce but loyal race of winged warriors, he seeks to dominate and control the rest of the world.
  3. godofwar1233

    godofwar1233 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 22, 2007
    So any body else want to join?
  4. Tog

    Tog Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 19, 2007
    Name: [link=]Anubis[/link]
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unkown
    Divinity: Death and the Underworld
    Personality: Grumpy,
    Weapons: Egyptian Spear ((See picture))
    People: [link=]Jackles[/link]
    --Skin Color: Pitch Black
    --Body Features: Muscular
    --Average Height: 5' 8''
    --Head Features(horns,antennas,etc.): Head of a Jackle
    Territory: Egypt
    Resources(starting is always 2,500): Headquarters, Quarry, Mill, Barracks, Logging Comapny. Four battle Camps. 500 left over.
    Godly Powers: Rain fire down from the heavens, cause plauges, suck the life out of mortals, those kind of things.
    Bio: The jackal-god of mummification, he assisted in the rites by which a dead man was admitted to the underworld. Anubis was worshipped as the inventor of embalming and who embalmed the dead Osiris and thereby helping to preserve him that he might live again.
    Anubis is portrayed as a man with the head of a jackal holding the divine sceptre carried by kings and gods; as simply a black jackal or as a dog accompanying Isis. His symbol was a black and white ox-hide splattered with blood and hanging from a pole. It's meaning is unknown.
    Anubis had three important functions. He supervised the embalming of bodies. He received the mummy into the tomb and performed the Opening of the Mouth ceremony and then conducted the soul in the Field of Celestial Offerings. Most importantly though, Anubis monitored the Scales of Truth to protect the dead from deception and eternal death.
    Early in Egyptian history, Anubis was a god of the dead. This role was usurped by Osiris as he rose in popularity.
    The god of embalming is probably associated with the jackal due to the habits of jackals to lurk about tombs and graves. One of the reasons the early Egyptians sought to make their tombs more elaborate was to keep the bodies safe from the jackals lingering about the graves. It is only natural therefore that a god of mummification would be connected with them. By worshipping Anubis, the Egyptians hoped to invoke him to protect their deceased from jackals, and later, the natural decay that unprotected bodies endure.
    Anubis was the son of Nephthys, and his father was Osiris. One myth says that Nephthys got Osiris drunk and the resultant seduction brought forth Anubis. Yet another says she disguised herself as Isis and seduced Osiris and subsequently gave birth to Anubis.
  5. godofwar1233

    godofwar1233 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 22, 2007
    Another score for the Gods.
    We need another two people and we can start.
  6. godofwar1233

    godofwar1233 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 22, 2007
    Here is my CS.


    Name: Soruin
    Gender: male
    Age: 1111
    Divinity: War
    Personality: Cruel
    Weapons: Mace of Malice
    People: Bor's [image=]
    --Skin Color: Black,Red
    --Body Features: Almost always on fire
    --Average Height: 15'00"
    --Head Features(horns,antennas,etc.): Has two horns that come out just before the eye sockets.
    Territory: Western Northern Africa
    Resources(starting is always 2,500):
    Castle - 1000
    Quarry ? 300
    Mill ? 200
    1 barracks ? 800
    Total Remaining - 0
    Godly Powers: Wrath of the God of War - Slams mace into the ground causing the ground to seperate making allies and enemy's alike fall into the abyss.
    Decimation - Calls in for a barage of Boulders to fall from the sky.
    Bio:Little is known about him other than he is the God of War.His estamated age is 1111.His Mace of Malice was forged by the Ancient Dwarf race that died out before the humans came to power.He resides in his castle found on the moutain where the Dwarves once resided.
  7. bozi

    bozi Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2007
    Gender: Male
    Age: less than 400
    Divinity: Fire
    Personality: cautious and calm
    Weapons: two burning scimitars

    People: Quch
    --Skin Color: from black to white (no colors)
    --Body Features: humanoids with feet and head of a goat, a bit taller than humans. long furry tails and body. (imagine satyrs, with minor diffrences)
    --Average Height: 250 cm
    --Head Features(horns,antennas,etc.): two goatish horns and furry face, when becoming angry their eyes glow white and their eyelids widens up.
    Territory: southern coasts of caspian sea

    Resources(starting is always 2,500):
    2 headquarters -- 800
    2 battlecamps -- 200
    2 quarry -- 600
    2 mill -- 400
    barracks -- 400
    100 remaining

    Godly Powers:
    Armagedon blade: calls uppon a meteor to fall from the sky, causing a devastation.
    minor fire abilities: firewall(casts a fire shield around himself) , fireball (you know what it is).

    Bio: the fire god is a young god, little is known about his people. they have appeared recently on the surface. the young god prefers to hide his people in the shadows of the forests near caspian coast. thus his peoples' presence is still a secret. his people include the best fire mages and enchanters on earth.
  8. loneclonehunter

    loneclonehunter Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 17, 2007
    Name: Ragolith
    Gender: Male
    Age: 1200
    Divinity: Punishment
    Personality: Has no simpathy for anything or anyone, he finds laughable enjoyment in causeing intence pain.
    Weapons: Bladed chains with half-moon axes on each end.
    People: Zombies
    --Skin Color: pale, rotting skin
    --Body Features: pure white eyes, bloody, mort flesh and chuncks of flesh missing.
    --Average Height: 5'6
    --Head Features(horns,antennas,etc.): bald, all ripped out, somethimes part of it is missing.
    Territory: deep into the earths crust
    Resources(starting is always 2,500): Headquarters Cost:400, BattleCamp(used in campagins): Cost:100, Mill Cost:200, Castle(Upgrade for Headquarters)Cost:1000, remaining resources 800.
    Godly Powers: fear, pain, insanity, necromancing
    Bio: He was risen in a most evil state, alone and tortured by the larger demigods. This hardend him to an almost impenitrable shell of a creature with no emotions. He saw what those things had done to him and saw them as punishable. He from then on vowed to punish the evil or cruel to the most unimaginably painful tortures.
    He wears all black armor, with a sword he never uses( instead he uses his chain summon). If you look into his eyes you see only pain and death.

  9. godofwar1233

    godofwar1233 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 22, 2007
    GM Note
    Here are all of the players:
    Anubis The God of Death
    Armand The God of Time
    Soruin The God of War
    Ragolith The God of Punishment
    Arash The God of Fire
    All right thats all of the players needed new players can join any time.
    Alright here is Ragolith's story.
    The world is looking bright with the human plague gone and with all the new gods there are many that might make trouble one that has caused havoc is the God of War, Soruin. You along with your zombie hords arrive on earth near Cairo,Egypt.There you go start setting up shop in Cairo be warned though it is ruled by Anubis.
    Here is Arash's story.
    Arash's Quch's were once happy-go-lucky people who never bothered any buddy, but when Soruin started his worldly conquest he immediatly started going after the weakest race.Arash enraged at the ignorance of Soruin fought back driving back Soruins army.He decides to bring the fight to Soruin in an attempt to stop the God of War at its roots.Well there you go you can still reside in the Southern Coast's of the Caspian Sea getting ready for the fight.
    Alright heres Armand's story.
    Armand The God of Time was one of the mightiest gods alive, but when Soruin captured and tortured on of his Danketh, in hopes of using him as a allie.Only to make him one of his strongest enemys, while Soruin was at war with Ragolith and Arash, Armand on the other hand joined Soruin calculating, waiting for the right moment to strike.Welp there you go hope you like your part Armand.
    Alright here you go Anubis.
    Anubis was furius at Ragolith for invading his territory.For this he joined Soruin, the only being who could help cast out Ragolith and his Zombie hordes.Unfortunatly Soruin was in the middle of a war with one angry god and another who thought he should be punished.Fortunatly enough for Anubis Soruins territory was not far off from his, sending a emmisary to Soruin bering gifts.Soruin accepted and immediatly sent his Bor's for reinforcements.Well there you go.

    Well there you guys go and you may begin.
  10. bozi

    bozi Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2007
    a bit of explanation is neccecery i think(how to start). sorry never played godly games before lol.
  11. loneclonehunter

    loneclonehunter Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 17, 2007
    Ragolith sat on his throne of Human bones, pondering as the screams of punished souls filled his caverns. He slumped himself over onto is open palm and sighed. bordom overtook him, he thrust himself up and ripped his chains off of his shoulder, throwing them at the top of the cave. A swirling vortex of sand and pure energy cotorized the sand into glass. He jumped up through the hole to see a vast expance of dessert. Underneith him a horde of zombie elite sand wraiths, dressed in Ripped black cloaks and carrieing scythes, unearthed them selves.
    "Find the the jackles and there you will find anubis, once you do report back to me." said a low, growling voice with no feelings in it. And with that the sand wraiths we off, their rotting bodies contorting to burrow under the sand.
    With another heavy sigh he jumped back to his underground domain, to wait.
  12. godofwar1233

    godofwar1233 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 22, 2007
    Alright how to play:
    --1:Its just like any other RPG but you have an army.
    --2:You can recruit 100 soldiers form a barracks for 500 each(sorry to leave that out)
    --3:You will personnaly lead your troops against the other gods.
    --4:Do what you fell is natural for a god to do.
  13. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Armand, God of Time, prehaps eldest of all remaining gods, stood amungst the ice pillars of Antarctica. His coat flapped wildly in the frigid wind. Before him was a large block of Ice, magicly imbued to display specific areas of the world around them all. "War... Death, Chaos, Destruction. We, the last hope for utopia, we Gods could save this world, or destroy it." He sighed and turne to face several of his Danketh, "Go to Soruin, Inform him its time we talked." The winged and armored Vanguard bowed and flew off to complete their task, as Armand turned and looked back at the cube. As time passed his memory returned, he continued to remember more and more about his past, though it was still a blur, but this time it was not a memory that returned but a tune. "Today is the day, We die in the fight, None shall remain, To pass one more night, Now Valhalla's calling us, Immortal... We are Gods of War" He turned and walked toward his Headquaters, "Yes, we are Gods of War."
  14. TheJedi_Knight

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    Dec 23, 2006

    Name: Arcaelus
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Divinity: Chaos
    Personality: Arcaelus is cold and fierce, especially in battle. He is self-centered. He is greedy and doesn't care whether one of his minions die. He believes in one thing: making the world as chaotic as possible. His people began wars, kill, pillage, and even try to start diseases to spread across the world. His people are as brutal and ruthless as Arcaelus himself.
    Weapons: The Sword of Chaos


    People: Orcs
    --Skin Color: Dark green
    --Body Features: Hulking green beasts that are very muscular. They are brutes and have thick skin the acts as armor. They can fight against many races with their giant fangs and bone-crushing hands, but most prefer to shed blood with weapons.
    --Average Height: 7 to 8 feet tall.
    --Head Features(horns,antennas,etc.): Giant fangs and large pointed ears. Most are either bald or have black pony tails.

    Territory: Southern Europe
    Resources(starting is always 2,500):
    Quarry- 300
    Logging Company- 300
    Castle- 1000
    2 Barracks- 800
    1 Battle Camp- 100
    Remaining: 0

    Godly Powers:

    Plaque of Chaos- Arcaelus rises his sword high over his head, and brings it down into the ground, releasing Chaos Energy, which can only be described as a burst of black light that spreads far in every direction destroying, killing, and wrecking havoc upon anything it hits.

    Power of Chaos- Allows a certain group of Orcs to move, fight, think, and kill far better for a certain amount of time. In this amount of time these Orcs are near invulnerable.

    Chaos Reapers- Black spirits emerge out of the ground. Nothing can hit them or stop them. They can stay for as long as Arecaelus wishes but over some time they grow weak until finally they are just as good as the normal Orc and can be killed. They are fierce mages and have some fascinating abilities.

    Shield of Darkness- When summoned a shield of darkness completely surrounds a group of Orcs protecting them from attack.

    Bio: Arcaelus is a vile god that hates all other gods but him and all other species but his Orcs. Just like his Orcs, he loves to cause chaos in the world to disturb everyone else. He loves war and killing, and loves to torture and punish everyone. From time to time he does enjoy allying with fellow gods who will cause chaos as well, but will most likely stab them in the back when they don't expect him. Recently he has developed plans of joining the Soruin The God of War on his conquest to take over the world, so long as if it helps him cause chaos to all.


    Arcaelus sat upon a throne of Orc skulls he had forged himself. They were skulls of Orcs who had tried to betray Arcaelus in the past, or hadn't believed in following his chaotic ways. If anyone disagreed with Arcaelus or stood in his way, they were punished, tortured, and then violently killed in public. The usual fashion was to slice open their stomach, slice both of their legs, slice both of their arms, and then slice their throat, all while their arms and legs were tied to two posts. Then the crowd would laugh at the "criminals" as they slowly bled to death. There was even some fresh blood on some of the skulls.

    Arcaelus laughed that same demonic chuckle he did every time he was growing close to doing something maniacal and chaotic. His throne of Orc skulls had two logs attached to the bottom, sharpened at the front and ends as if it were a giant spear. Four Orcs rested the log on their shoulders, and carried Arcaelus to his destination. An army of Orcs were located to the front and back of Arcaelus, marching through the Orc occupied Southern Europe. No other race took residence there, because if one tried they would be slaughtered. Even if one was successful they would be constantly tortured by the Orcs.

    "Stop my minions," Arcaelus muttered. The entire Orc army, were in a perfect formation. They were in long lines marching side by side. And right as the
  15. godofwar1233

    godofwar1233 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 22, 2007
    Soruin sat on his throne watching as the ambassador from Arcaelus rambled on about how together they could control the world.
    Soruin had heard enough.
    "I agree to his proposile but you left something out."Soruin said
    "What your majesty?"The orc said
    "The part about you slaming into the wall"Soruin said
    The orc partly confused and partly scared cringed before Soruin's Height.
    "Have mercy."The orc said
    "Those who ask for mercy are not worthy of it."Soruin said punching the orc so hard it sent him through his castles wall.
    "Take the body, return it to Arcaelus, tell him I agree to his proposle."Soruin said siting back down.
    "Yes your majesty."The Bor said
    "Your majesty you have another ambassador, this time its from Armand."Another Bor said
    "Send him in."Soruin said
    In came a breathless Danketh.
    "Hello I have come from his majesty Armand God of Time."the Danketh said only to be thrown to his knees by a Bor.
    "Now,now my Bor's no need to get testy, please continue."Soruin said
    "His majesty Armand suggests a pact."said the Danketh
    "Tell him I accept, now get out."Soruin said
    The Danketh exited the castle perspirating like a mad man.
    "Watch Armand will you."Soruin said to his Second in Command.
    "With pleasure."The Luietant said
  16. godofwar1233

    godofwar1233 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 22, 2007
    OOC:Forgot to welcome TheJedi_Knight to the game.So welcome
  17. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Armand now sat upon his throne, as the Danketh ambasador returned from his visit with Soruin, "Sire, Soruin has agreed to pact and I am assured he will see you." "Good..." He stood up and called his Sword Tensa to him, "Summon the Valkyrie Vanguard!" he commanded as he stroad towards the exit of his command center. Once outside he was flanked by 20 fully armed and armourd honorguards, in black and silver armor. "We fly." He commanded as he to took off into the air, and he oppened a rift in space and time, allowing them to instantly travel to Soruin's citadel. all but Two of the Honorguardsmen remained outside as Armand marched into the castle, towards Soruin's throne room. There he stood, where a normal being would bow, and spoke with a normal tone and a slight nod, "Soruin."
  18. bozi

    bozi Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2007
    "Soruin..." Arash whispered as he watched Armand and his forces riding away from his castle to Soruin's citadel.

    "Pretty Intresting alliance." Arash walked outside the citadel of Soruin, Looking at the poor embassador of Arcaelus as they were moving him out of the citadel. His vision started to fade slowly as his advisor walked into the throne room.

    "Is there something bothering you master?" the female advisor said, dressed in a red robe with silver shoulders and a long staff with a red fiery gem for the headpiece.

    "Such a waste of time observing what these old fools are up to..." Arash mumbled, Looking at his advisor, the grand mage of kingdom.

    "Soruin the god of war?" The grand mage asked, Arash nodded.

    "Yes...Now joined by Armand and Arcaelus." He answered. the Grand mage looked around...

    "But no one can stand against the burning wraith of flame itself, don't even doubt it." he added. The Grand mage nodded.

    "Yes, I've seen it through history." She agreed.

    "Herona." He called the Grand mage. Herona lowered her head as a sign of respect.

    "Yes your highness." She answered.

    "I want you to dispatch quickly and discuss this setuation with Anubis the god of death. Explain to him the setuation and offer an alliance." he ordered.

    "Dismissed!" He said it loud. Herona nodded and kneeled before finally leaving the room.
  19. loneclonehunter

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    May 17, 2007
    Ragolith trudged through the thick mounds of heavy sand. His pointed boots occasionaly stabbing into a buried animal of human corpse. After days of walking he came upon a small egyptian town. Not wanting to attract attention he changed shape and size to look like a Gray skinned traveler, his chains now worn as a belt and his sword temporaraly a small knife in his left shoe. The ground of the town was flat sand stone, so he was not slowed by the sand. He stopped, hearing the low growl of a jackle coming from behind him. He ripped out his chains and turned form slashing the jackle away, but he was surprised from behind by 3 more jackles. He alone could not do this in public.
    But he was not alone.
    As soon as he thought that his Sand wraiths unearthed them selves and slashed the jakles to ribbons with their sythes.
    He was sick of this petty battle and his anger welled up inside of him, he slashed the ground and returned to his underground home.
  20. TheJedi_Knight

    TheJedi_Knight Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 23, 2006
    Arcaelus deviously smiled as he dipped his little pen into a vial of blood he used as ink. The letters he was writing were going to be sent to all of his Generals across his land, as soon as the answer to his question was received. Arcaelus sealed the last letter, and threw the last letter down to his side. His Orcs had set up camp for the night, awaiting for their ambassador to return, and for the blood shed to begin.

    Arcaelus blew out the light in the lantern, and threw it down to his side. Suddenly from outside a large light in the center of the encampment lit up half the camp. Arcaelus groaned, and pulled black robes over his pale red skin. He grabbed his Sword of Chaos that was buried beneath an assortment of items, and ventured out of the tent to see what the cause of such a disturbance was.

    As he peeked outside his tent, he spotted a small group of flaming Bors, and dropped the dead Orc ambassador to the ground. He landed with a loud thud. "Why in the world did you kill my only Orc ambassador? Explain before I kill you. I have quite the temper."

    "Soruin agrees to this alliance as we have allied with Armand as well. But he did find that your ambassador was a coward so he killed him."

    Arcaelus chuckled while approaching the Bors. He held his sword calmly and got close to the group of burning Bors. "Yes I know my ambassador was cowardly thats why I hired him for the job instead of killing him. It will be hard to find another one. But since your God has killed one of my people, I think its only fair to return the favor." Before the Bor could even utter a world, Arcaelus jammed his sword right through its chest and watched it collapse. "Now. Will you take us to your God?"

    The Bors merely looked at their fallen comrade and ignored it. "Yes. When shall we depart?"

    "Well we must prepare our army first. Godric get your messenger. In my tent is a bundle of letters for the rest of the General. Have him deliver the letters to the Generals right now. We must be ready in a couple of days then we shall depart for Soruins land.

  21. Tog

    Tog Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 19, 2007

    The God of Death sat on a golden throne, he was surronded by the treasures of the dessert: Diamonds from his diamond mines, gold trinkets, gems, and other lovely items. He loved being the richest god around. He held up a large red gem and started looking at it intensly. He threw the gem into a pile of treasures and looked down at a kneeling Bor. "So the dead have finnaly come out of their holes, hmmm? You and your Bors will patrol the city.. Send a group of them to help repair the western wall. Dismissed." Anubis said to the Bor, who got up and left as quickly as he could. Anubis stood up and started walking to a nearby wall, his entire body and his clothes when dark and smokey like a living Shadow. Anubis walked into the Shadows of the wall and appeared, not in Cairo or Egypt but, at the Throne room of Soruin just as Armand appeared. Anubis stayed in the shadows and choosed to watch.

    Tag: God of War. Kahn_Iceay
  22. godofwar1233

    godofwar1233 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 22, 2007
    Soruin sat in his throne room looking outside of a window.
    "What a pleasent day, shall we torture the prisoners today?"He asked his second in command
    "Yes milord but first you must tend to your other duties."He said noticing the anger that showed in his face.
    "Very well lets get this over with."Soruin said
    "Yes master, send in the prisoner."He said as a Bor flung in a prisoner.
    "Its a human master."The second ing command said as another human was flung to the ground.
    Soruin stepped of his throne and looked at the boys face.
    "The male shall prove to be exellent entertain ment for the hunt, send him there and gather the Bor's for the game.I shall be their shortly, now then who is this."Soruin said flipping back a hood of a cloak.
    He stared right into her eyes only to become wossy.
    He caught her as she was about to fall.
    "No god is complete without a queen, get her ready for the arrival of Armand and Arcaelus."He said before sitting down on his throne once more.
    "Milord Armand is already here."The second in command said
    "WHAT!"He said shaking the castle with his voice "Send him in, I will deal with him personnaly."He said getting up and walking through the door.
    "Armand I was not informed of your arrival? Explain."Soruin growled.
  23. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    "Why should I explain it to you? Its just he incompetence of your Bor's. You sought me out, my power, my age, my wisdom. You knew I was coming For i know you met my ambasador. Now.. Armand stated bringing his hands behind his back, "Why do you want my Aid? I know you, you like all the other beings whom concider themselves Gods, have an hidden agenda, so, Unearth yours or I leave." Armand gazed intently at the God of War, there was no hint of fear or any other emotion in his eyes.
  24. godofwar1233

    godofwar1233 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 22, 2007
    Soruin watched Armand wondering if he could trust this being.
    "Very well then, my agenda is to rule this mortal world and that of the heavens."
    "That is all that can be revealed at the moment.Though it would be best for you to stay here untill the other gods arrive, I am having a feast tonight."Soruin said

  25. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    Armand narrowed his eyes at the God of War, "Would be best for me? You would do well to work on your people skills if you are to maintain alliances. Armand crossed his arms before him, "That is a skill i could teach, you, should i want to."
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