(WT #2)Star Wars Captioning Thread BB version (Day 4)

Discussion in 'Big Brother House' started by JediSenoj451, Jul 12, 2002.

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    This is the thread where we gather SW pics and put our own captions to them. People here seem great at it already *coughcaspercough* ;) So hopefully we can have some fun with this. :D

    Here's my contribution, based on a Simpson's Episode:

    (Above Mace and Yoda are watching TV)

    Yoda: So incredibly absorbed in watching CSPAN were we that we forgot to send help to save Obi Wan from Geonosis.

    Mace: Oh my God, you're right! I'll go get the ship now...

    Yoda: No need, we have can take the X20041 I built. It's right here. It'll get us there in less than 40 sec. Hop in immediately you must.

    (Exact image of Yoda's X20041 above)

    Mace: But sir... that's not a real ship. It's just a toy model...

    Yoda: I said get in.

    (This is the moment Mace finally realizes all the years of doing drugs had finally taken a toll on poor Master Yoda...)

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    LOL. That's great stuff. You've been learning from Casper I see.

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