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Discussion in 'Fan Design - Sites and Graphics' started by Darth_Marix, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Darth_Marix

    Darth_Marix Jedi Youngling

    Nov 22, 2009
    A quick glance at GalacticLegacy before I start.
    Basically, the site is currently set in 47 ABY, on a timeline where the Rebel Alliance lost at Endor, and the Emperor and Vader did not die. The twists continue from there, with Sidious breaking away from the Rule of Two. Which opens the doors to new Apprentices, and a vast world of potential Sith. Eventually, the Emperor dies and a Civil War broke out, between 3 Factions. We are now set in the time after the winning Faction (Elronic Empire) takes control. There is also a small Jedi Enclave on Tython that sprouted during the chaos of the Sith. From there, anything is possible. We accept Role Plays of any kind. But canon Role Plays must be played out in a specific forum and monitored by our Canon Committee (not its actual name).

    I have three main reasons for being here.
    (One) To ask for members.
    We are not a brand new site, but we've had our fair share of inactive periods, some due to technical errors, others just to lack of time on the users part. But we can really use interested and capable members. We are in a state of rebuilding, so the more people we can get actively participating, the more fun it will be for everyone.

    (Two) Comments, critiques, and suggestions for the [link=]Forum[/link] itself (storyline and style).
    I took the best from all the forums I have had the pleasure of being on, and tried to incorporate them into this site. I have a mild case of OCD with somethings, so it is very organized and detailed. But it can always be improved.

    (Three) Comments, critiques, and suggestions for the [link=]Flash Intro Page[/link].
    Yes, I know it takes a while to load right now, and is a blank white page to start with. I just went through a major update/overhaul session and I am still working out the kinks. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have tried to make it interesting, exciting, and eye drawing. But I can always use pointers on what to add, remove, edit. And I am not a Flash Pro (yet) so hints on the encoding and use of specific items is very helpful.

    You can find a lot more information in our Flash Page, and on the Forum itself. Feel free to pop in
  2. Brandon Rhea

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    Jun 26, 2004
    Just so you know, this isn't the place to be asking for members, as we're not an advertisement board. We're a feedback and suggestions board, unlike Fan Sites which was a purely advertisement board before it was closed. I just wanted to tell you that so you didn't get your hopes up here. I won't lock your thread, though, since you are legitimately asking for feedback. I'll give you some of that now.

    For (Two), the forum looks pretty good. The phpBB software you're using is nice. I personally prefer vBulletin but you look like you've got a good set up. One thing that I do think you need is an OOC discussion board(s), which, unless I'm missing something, there isn't one of. The only OOC boards I see are role-play related, and IMO you'll never maintain a website without giving people something to do other than role-playing. OOC builds community, whereas RP boards are just for gaming.

    Now, are Sith and Imperials the only options for role-playing here, because they seem to be the only factions? If so, while you can certainly have a focus on that, IMO you should give people the choice to be other types of characters such as the Galactic Alliance (or whatever is the "good" government at the time) and the New Jedi Order, as well as independents such as bounty hunters, mercenaries, smugglers, pirates, etc. Only allowing one or two types of characters, namely the Sith and Imperials, will hinder your ability to gain members because not everyone wants to be a character like that. I ask this knowing you can be a Jedi, but I don't see any type of faction board for them unlike with the Sith, for example.

    For (Three), the flash is alright. The first thing I would do is get rid of the music IMMEDIATELY, or make it optional to turn on instead of turn off. Contrary to what a lot of people seem to think, people don't like going to a website and being confronted with music. It can slow down slower computers, someone could have their volume up, and it may just overall annoy people to the point of clicking away and not giving your site a second's thought. It's just one of those things you shouldn't have.

    The design looks pretty good. I just have one question. On your page for your wiki, there's no link. Is that because the wiki isn't set up yet or is there an issue with that part of the Flash page?
  3. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    The layout of the home page and the forums look good. However, it got a bit annoying when I kept clicking on the "Go to Foum" when I hear the Vader soundbyte about five times while trying to click on the link.
  4. Darth_Marix

    Darth_Marix Jedi Youngling

    Nov 22, 2009
    We have OOC Forums, down at the bottom. The "Community Hall" is what the category is called I believe. We gave them Star Warsy names, to keep with the theme. But they are OOC for basically "spam" posts, that have nothing to do with the Roleplays and site. But on anything the users wish to discuss. They aren't as popular as the Roleplay related forums, at the moment, but they are there.

    There is also the Jedi. The Jedi forums had been hidden from Guests, but I just gave Guests reading permissions, if you wish to view them. The Jedi isn't as big as the Empire (Imperials and Sith are one faction), because of the way the timeline goes. But they are allowed to use other RP forums as well, not just their Jedi-specific forum.

    I've tried to keep the factions down, because that spreads the users out. We do have some NPC factions set up/being set up to add to the timeline, as well as make it more realistic. But there are only 2 PC factions at the moment to try and get users into them. However, we do not discourage being independent. We advise against it, but that option does exist.

    Alright. I had debated about the music. It is the main reason the file takes forever to load. But when I went to remove it, the contact form stopped working (even when I kept the music in) so I have to go back in and figure out what else happened before I can publish the new version. I liked the music, but I do see your point. I was thinking of making it really soft in the background too. So not a loud, obvious blast, but a subtle "elevator music" going on to keep from the monotony.

    Yes there is. The link is the "To Our Wiki" button, which switches to "View