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Story [X-Men/Heroes] Mutant | Update: 2/28

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Yodaminch, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Yodaminch

    Yodaminch Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 6, 2002
    Title: Mutant
    Fandom: Heroes, X-Men and possibly other Marvel characters.
    Rating: PG to PG-13 for mild violence similar to the television show.
    Summary:Taking place just a few days after Volume 3 ended, Noah Bennet and Angela Petrelli have taken the other heroes into hiding. An event at a press conference and a mysterious visit lead Peter, Claire and the others to FINALLY be the heroes they were meant to be, with a bit of help from the X-Men
    Other Notes:: I was at work and this idea came to me. It wouldn't leave me alone, so while I was bored I began writing and plotting it out. I tend to merge the personalities of the X-Men between the 90s animated cartoon, X-Men Evolution and the movies. For example, the Rogue you'll see is the 90s self confident Rogue with Ms.Marvel's abilities. Storm will also be this way. Cyclops will be a combination of the more likable Evolution version and the movie version. Wolverine will be mostly the 90s TAS version. Xavier will be a mix of Patrick's Stewart's movie Xavier and the 90s cartoon. And so on. And you'll see other characters that may not have featured prominently in the movies, such as Gambit, as a main team member.


    Claire Bennet wanted to be normal. Or so she had thought. When the eclipse came and she had been shot, she realized that it was ok to be a "freak". Since then, she?d been grateful to be a "freak". Her ability had allowed her to save Peter and her father from death. But not her mother...

    Claire withdrew her hand from the necklace her mother had given her when they first met. Meredith had died only a few days ago, but things were moving so fast. Her father had whisked Claire and the family off to another safe house. They didn?t even have time to bury Meredith, not that they ever found a body. Noah was adamant that they go into hiding. This time Angela and Peter were with them.

    Something was happening. Claire was sure of that. Noah and Angela were always on the phone and no one was allowed out of the house unless Peter accompanied them. Hiro and Ando popped in several times. Thanks to Ando?s new ability to ?charge? powers, Hiro was able to get his old abilities back. Angela had sent them on several missions. Daphne and Matt Parkman were currently out on an assignment of their own.

    At first Claire thought they were hunting Sylar. But now, she wasn?t so certain. Everyone seemed nervous. There was no television or computer in the safe house, except for Angela?s office, which Claire wasn?t allowed in. She instead spent her time training with her father to defend herself. He seemed adamant now that she not only learn self defense, but that she master it. It was almost as if he was preparing her for a battle.

    Claire was dragged out of her thoughts by a commotion in Angela?s office. Peter, Hiro, Ando and the Haitian were all standing in from of the tv. Her father stood next to Angela.

    "It's begun" Angela stated

    Claire crept into the office. ?What has??

    As one, all eyes turned to her and then back to the television screen.

    Claire moved into the room to see her father, her real father, Senator Nathan Petrelli, giving a press conference.

    "?And these people with abilities are being taken into custody now. Ordinary citizens are asked to contact the authorities. Do not attempt to apprehend them yourself. These individuals are to be considered armed and dangerous"

    "Indeed!" a voice in the crowd said.

    The camera panned to an older man wearing what looked like an old football helmet. His body was draped in a cape. But the camera and the audience were more interested in the fact that the man was floating. Members of the audience began screaming and headed for the nearest exits.

    Immediately, members of the secret service ran up to the oddly dressed man, guns pointed. Nathan was trying to say something but agents swarmed him and attempted to drag him off stage.

    "Magneto" Angela gasped.

    "I thought he lost his powers" Noah said.

    "Apparently not" the Haitian replied.

    Confused at what she was seeing, Claire return
  2. Yodaminch

    Yodaminch Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 6, 2002
    Chapter 1

    Claire was silent for a moment after Xavier introduced himself. She was used to people wanting her by now. Wasn?t it ?Save the Cheerleader. Save the world??

    But why was this man coming here now? She wasn?t the catalyst. That was Hiro. And the formula had been destroyed. What could they want with her? Her blood perhaps?

    She looked over to her father. Noah?s gun was lowered, but he had not holstered it yet. The man with dark hair, seemed to be eying him, almost daring him to raise the weapon. Angela seemed to be locked in a battle of wills with Xavier, giving him a glare that would kill a person, if that had been her ability.

    Peter was the first to speak. ?Mr. Xavier?

    ?Professor? the woman with white hair corrected.

    ?Professor Xavier? Peter repeated, ?What do you want??

    Xavier took his eyes off Angela and focused on Peter.

    ?I think perhaps, we would all do well to sit down and discuss this. This is hardly the place to discuss such things. Logan, Scotty, Jean, Ororo please come in and close the door.?

    Claire examined the four men and women that entered the front hall. With the exception of the man with dark hair and Xavier, they wore a gold bracelet around their left wrist. And the bracelet seemed to be blinking. Claire decided to listen to Xavier and learn what was going on.

    Without glancing at Angela, Xavier rolled into the sitting area across from her office. Silently, Peter, Hiro, Ando and Claire followed. Xavier?s people followed. Once they were out of earshot, Noah turned to Angela.

    ?He can?t??

    ?He just did? Angela answered.

    Defeated, Noah holstered his weapon and followed Angela into the sitting room.

    The safe house was a large 4 bedroom house. The sitting room was more like a parlor. There were several large armchairs, a sofa and a bench by the window.

    Claire and Peter sat on the sofa next to Xavier. Hiro and Ando sat in the pair of arm chairs. Logan and Scott stood by the doorway, standing guard silently. Ororo and Jean sat near Xavier on the bench. Noah stood by the wall across from Logan, never taking his eye off the man. Angela sat on the spare cushion next to Peter on the sofa.

    ?Well Charles, let?s hear it?

    Xavier nodded. He leaned in to better speak to everyone gathered.

    ?I?m sure you all saw Magneto?s press conference?

    ?That man is very bad man? Hiro said in broken English.

    ?You got that right kid? Logan replied.

    ?Yes Hiro. Magneto is a bad man. He believes that those of us with abilities are homo superior and that we should dominate the world. He?s not afraid to kill for these beliefs and his followers are dangerous.? Xavier said.

    ?But not as dangerous as Magneto himself? Jean added. ?Magneto has the ability to manipulate magnetism. He can move mountains, repel bullets. There?s little he can?t do.?

    ?We thought he had been beaten once? Ororo said, ?But apparently we were wrong.?

    ?The issue now is that he?s back. And there are more dangerous men and women out there now.? Xavier said.

    ?Like Sylar? Claire muttered.

    Xavier nodded. ?Yes Claire. Just like Sylar. My people and I visited the remains of the Company where you had defeated him. His body was no where to be found. We must presume he is still alive.?

    ?What do you want from us?? Ando asked.

    Xavier looked at Angela and Noah before continuing. He looked over at the four heroes.

    ?I created a school to teach those with abilities how to use their powers to help mankind.?

    ?And you want us to go to school?? Claire asked.

    ?Not exactly? Scott said, stepping away from his position as the silent statue in the corner. ?It?s not just a school. It?s also the headquarters of the X-Men.?

    ?X-MEN!? Hiro shouted, raising his arms in the air as realization dawned on him. He pointed at Scott. ?You Cyclops!? he then pointed at Ororo and Logan ?You Storm and you Wolverine!?

    Xavier chuckled. ?Yes Hiro, I?m aware of you intimate knowledge of comic books. We are indeed the X-Men that you have read about?

    ?How is that possible?? Ando asked. ?You are all comic characters?

    ?So is Hiro? Storm pointed out.

    ?But Mr.Isaac saw the f
  3. NYCitygurl

    NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 2002
    Very interesting! I only know parts of each fandom, but this is exciting :D
  4. Yodaminch

    Yodaminch Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 6, 2002
    Thanks! This is my first attempt with either fandom but I've always enjoyed the X-Men and the characters and themes of Heroes is so similar that they actually fit together rather well. I particularly enjoyed writing Sylar's introduction to Magneto in chapter 3.

    Chapter 2

    Peter finished packing and went over to the front hall where the others had gathered. Cyclops, Storm and Jean had already left. Only Xavier and Wolverine remained with the group. Peter had noticed that those three had kept their distance from him during their visit. He wasn?t sure why, but he thought it was intentional. He?d ask the Professor about it later.

    He headed over to his mother and engulfed her in a hug.

    ?It?ll be okay mom. We?ll stop him?

    Angela patted him gently on the cheek. ?Oh Peter, you still have some growing up to do?
    She kissed him on the forehead and stepped back to stand with Noah and Sandra. They were saying their goodbyes to Claire.

    ?Take care of yourselves? Claire said.

    ?You too. Remember what I taught you. And if they give you any trouble, I?m a phone call away.? Noah replied.

    ?Oh Claire. I love you. Be safe.? Sandra said.

    ?I love you too mom. Goodbye?

    Claire gave both her parents a hug and then turned to join Peter, Hiro and Ando. They followed Xavier and Logan out the front door and into the street.

    ?Where?s your car?? Claire asked Xavier.

    ?We didn?t take a car? Logan replied.

    Claire stopped outside the driveway and looked over at Logan. Xavier stopped his wheelchair and craned his neck back.

    ?What did you take?? She demanded.

    In answer, Xavier and Logan looked up.

    A large, dark black jet descended to the street in front of them. Once it touched down, the ramp lowered and Xavier and Logan headed aboard.

    Hiro threw up his arms and let out another shout of celebration before running up the ramp. Ando hurried after him. Looking at Peter, Claire raised her eyebrow and headed up the ramp. Peter followed.

    Once aboard, Claire examined the interior. It was very spacious. Clearly Xavier was wealthy. He rolled over to the cockpit behind Scott and Ororo. Jean got up and helped Hiro and Ando to a seat. She turned to Claire and Peter, flashed them a smile and then motioned for them to sit.

    ?Welcome to the Blackbird.?

    Claire thanked her and took a seat by the window. Peter sat next to her towards the aisle. Ando and Hiro sat across from them.

    ?Scott. I believe everyone is settled.? Charles said.

    ?Alright Professor. Everyone hold on. Next Stop: The Xavier Institute?

    Claire looked out the window as the jet suddenly lifted off. She?d flown before of course. But she?d never flown in a private jet. And certainly not one like this.

    Once they were in the air, Xavier turned to regard the four newcomers.

    ?We?ll be in Salem in about 20 minutes? he announced.

    ?Why didn?t you just drive if we?re so close?? Claire asked.

    ?More leg room? Logan replied.

    The Professor turned to look at Peter.

    ?Peter, when before we get to the institute, I?m going to ask you to wear this.? He withdrew a small gold bracelet from his jacket pocket and handed it to Peter.

    ?What is it??

    ?It?s a device that works similar to your friend the Haitian. It will nullify your abilities?

    ?Why does he have to wear that!? Claire demanded.

    ?Peter has the ability to copy anyone?s power. Unfortunately, there are those at the institute with powers that require control. Until we?ve begun training you, it is best that you wear that bracelet.?

    ?I understand Professor? Peter replied, taking the bracelet and putting it on.

    ?So that?s why the other three were wearing bracelets when you came? Claire stated.

    ?Yes. Scott, Ororo and Jean have powers that require an enormous amount of concentration and mastery. It?s taken years for them to control their abilities. And some, like Scott still struggle with it daily.?

    Cyclops turned around and tapped his visor. ?I have the ability to project optic blasts through my eyes. This ruby tinted visor keeps my powers in check.?

    Storm turned around. ?I have the power of the elements at my command. Cold, wind, rai
  5. Yodaminch

    Yodaminch Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 6, 2002
    Just a small violence warning. Nothing that hasn't been seen in the show before. So far, this is my favorite chapter, so I hope someone else enjoys it as well.

    Chapter 3

    Gabriel-no-Sylar let out a gasp.

    His eyes opened slowly and his vision cleared enough to see a woman standing over him. At least, it seemed to be a woman. She was blue. Instantly Sylar remembered what had happened. Claire! She had hit him from behind! Just as Angela was about to tell him about his real parents!

    How long had he been out? Where was he? Where were they? Were they alive? Yes! Of course they were. Bennet was still alive. He was sure of that. That man never stayed dead for long. He was like a cockroach that you couldn?t kill.

    His thoughts were rudely interrupted as he heard a door open. He struggled to a sitting position and realized he was in some type of infirmary. The blue girl gave him a faint smile. He responded by reaching for her with his telekinesis. Strangely, she didn?t gasp. She didn?t exhibit any fear at all. She just looked at him with amusement. He would fix that. He would see what made her tick. It had been a while since he had satisfied his hunger.

    Before he could begin opening her skull however, his bed flew into the side wall, pinning him there. He loud out a grunt of pain. The woman landed nimbly on her feet and walked over to the man who had just entered, wearing a bizarre helmet and cape.

    ?They?ll be none of that young man? Magneto said, entering the room.

    ?Who are you!? Sylar demanded.

    ?Someone like you? he replied, ?Call me Magneto.?

    Sylar tried to gesture his fingers and tear the older man?s skull off.

    Before he could raise his hand however, the rails of his gurney were violently wrenched off and impaled his hands into the wall.

    Sylar howled in pain.

    ?I?m well aware of your abilities Sylar? Magneto said. ?You will find I am more than a match for you?

    Sylar let out a laugh. ?You can?t kill me. You?re powers will be mine old man?

    In response, Magneto smiled. Then, giving him a cold, icy stare, he closed his thumb and pointer finger in a pincer movement and Sylar found a wave of pain shoot through him. He couldn?t breathe. He couldn?t think. It was like something was killing him.

    ?What? are.. you doing? he gasped.

    ?My abilities to manipulate magnetism include the iron in your blood stream. I am interrupting the normal blood flow to your brain, giving you a stroke.? Magneto replied. ?You?ll find that it will be hard to access your abilities once I?ve shut down that side of your brain, and consequently, that side of your body.?

    Sylar looked at Magneto in horror as he realized the man was serious.

    ?If you?re a good boy, I?ll let you have your abilities back. Eventually? he said, smirking.

    Sylar continued to stare at Magneto until he began to lose consciousness and saw stars.

    When the younger man had finally fallen unconscious, Magneto relaxed his grip and turned to Mystique.

    ?Well?, he said, ?That went better then expected?

    He motioned his arm and returned the gurney to the floor. With a quick yanking motion of his hands, both of the bars pinning Sylar?s hands were pulled free. Realizing that he had just shut off Sylar?s power, including his healing power, Magneto turned to Mystique, who had just placed the younger man back onto the gurney.

    ?Bandage his hands. Let this serve as a reminder that he is vulnerable from now on.?

    Mystique responded with a smile. ?Once he?s been trained, he will be a powerful addition to the Brotherhood?

    ?Indeed? Magneto replied. ?But we will tread carefully this time. I learned my lesson with the Phoenix. He will be under our control or I will destroy him. The risks far outweigh the benefits if we can not train him successfully.?

    Mystique nodded in understanding. ?I?ll tell Creed and Toad to prepare him.?

    ?Excellent? Magneto said. ?The sooner we begin, the sooner we can take what is rightfully ours.?

    ?Where?s Pyro?? Mystique asked, recalling she had not seen the young man in several days.

    ?On a recruitment drive for our cause. He?s foun
  6. Miana Kenobi

    Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 5, 2000
    Great start!

    I love Hiro's reaction; It must be like a dream come true for him.

    I also like that you're including all of Marvel fandom, even if they're not directly involved. But will we be seeing cameos of others? [face_batting]

    Can't wait to read more!
  7. NYCitygurl

    NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 2002
    This is cool!! This last chapter was a little violent, but I was kinda glad to see Sylar taken down a few notches.
  8. Yodaminch

    Yodaminch Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 6, 2002
    Miana Kenobi: You'll see most of this next chapter from Hiro's perspective and it is indeed a dream for him. And as to cameos, well...
    NYCitygurl: Thanks. Yeah it's about as violent as Isaac's final fate, but I think if anyone could put Sylar in his place, it would be Magneto. He's showing Sylar who's in charge. We'll see how that works out for him in a bit.

    Author's Note: This chapter is dull. Sorry in advance but it's a lot of description and explanation that I just wanted to get out of the way in one chapter. It's mostly aimed at those unfamiliar with the X-men. So, it had to be done and it was a chore. But, with this out of the way, I can really dive into exploring each character and the Brotherhood as well. As a small reward for suffering through this chapter with me, I've made a small addition which will be expanded upon in the next chapter. [face_whistling]


    Chapter 4

    As soon as they had landed, Scott and Jean had taken everyone?s belongings to their room. Professor Xavier excused himself, explaining he had another appointment. Logan mentioned needing a beer and headed out of the hanger after Xavier. That left them alone with Storm.

    Hiro surveyed every inch of the hanger, craning his neck to catch every detail. He felt like once more he was living his dream. Who would have thought that he, a low level employee at his father?s company would become a superhero and save the world several times over! It was still unreal to him. And now, his best friend Ando was a hero as well. They were like Batman and Robin, only with powers.

    Storm motioned for everyone to follow her. She raised her arms outward, indicating the hanger they were in.

    ?Welcome to the sub-basement level. This area contains the hanger which you see before you. We have a War Room for meetings and planning. We?ll be going there next to meet several other members of the team. Also on this level is Cerebro. For now, that area is the only place off limits. Only telepaths can use Cerebro and it is important that you never enter unsupervised. Normally, we?d give you a tour, but Emma Frost is currently using it.

    She led the group past several lockers and cases containing uniforms. She pointed to the cases and said ?These are the uniforms members of the team wear. Over time, we?ve customized them to our unique abilities. For now, you will use standard issue uniforms.?

    She walked toward the exit and the doors parted in front off her. A bright metal hallway nearly blinded Hiro and the others. It was meticulously maintained without a single scratch of scuff mark in sight. Hiro admired his reflection.

    Storm began walking down the hall. ?Down to your left is Beast?s medical lab. When we?re done here, you?ll all need to see him for a quick physical. And on the far side of this corner, you can see the entrance to the Danger Room. You?ll all become intimately familiar with it soon. The Danger Room is our primary training area. We use holograms to simulate battle scenarios. Make no mistake however, when the levels are increased, the simulations can be deadly.?

    Storm led the group down another hall and pointed out a lounge area equipped with a television, couch and pool table.
    ?This is the Rec Room. Members of the X-Men come down here when they need a quick nap or break when they are on duty. There?s another area similar to this upstairs on the school level.?

    Storm headed for a room directly across from the Rec Room and the door slid open for her. Hiro could see several people inside sitting at a table.

    Storm waited until everyone was in the room before speaking.

    ?This is the War Room. And as you can see, several members of the team are already gathered here.?

    Storm motioned to a large man covered in blue fur. His hair was another shade of blue and it was combed back neatly. The man had reading glasses lowered to the bridge of his nose and he wore a leather uniform similar to the ones Hiro and the others had seen in the hanger. ?This is Dr. Henry McCoy?, Storm said, ?His codename is Beast.?

    Beast rose
  9. Miana Kenobi

    Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 5, 2000
    OMG so much awesome in one post!

    Micah and Molly! Then Cap America, Reeds, Tony... oh man. So cool.

    Loving this! Can't wait for more!
  10. Yodaminch

    Yodaminch Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 6, 2002
    Miana Kenobi: Glad you liked it. There are plenty more marvel characters who will pop in at some point

    Author's Note: As I am now back to class, I will have less time to write as often. I'll be updating this story normally on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and/or Weekends. My goal is to get at least 1 large chapter for this story a week, if not 2.


    Chapter 5

    Charles Xavier surveyed the men gathered in his office. Namor and Reed Richards were embattled in an argument and Stark and Captain America seemed to be having a disagreement of their own. Dr. Strange was attempting to mediate both arguments and get everyone to calm down.

    ?Enough!? Xavier shouted, projecting his thoughts to amplify his voice in their minds.

    Everyone fell silent and turned to the professor.

    ?We must face facts gentleman. Our secret is out. Magneto has seen to that.?

    ?What if we just wiped their minds again?? Tony asked.

    Xavier shook his head. ?Several of us, including myself nearly died the last time. And that was only New York and surrounding areas. A global mindwipe would almost certainly destroy any telepath who attempted it.?

    Doctor Strange nodded in agreement and added. ?Magic is also impossible. Even I, the Sorcerer Supreme, could not withstand that many minds.?

    Captain America spoke up ?So what do we do gentlemen??

    ?We prepare for war!? Namor exclaimed, slamming his fist on Xavier?s desk.

    Dr. Richards and Tony Stark immediately launched back into an argument against the Prince?s declaration until Xavier said softly ?He?s right?

    The two men swung their heads around to face Xavier.

    ?Professor, surely there must be a better way? Reed said.

    ?There isn?t." Xavier sharply replied, "Magneto wants a war. And he will get it. Nathan Petrelli will not be so easy to stop.?

    ?That fool has no idea what he?s done? Namor muttered.

    Xavier nodded. ?No he hasn?t a clue. Which is why we all must be ready to defend this world when Magneto and the government go to war.?

    ?What about S.H.I.E.L.D?? Rogers asked.

    ?I will speak to General Fury, but he takes his orders from the President. And while we do have a new leader, our outgoing president did agree to Petrelli?s actions. I?m afraid it?s too late for the President to simply undo this.?

    ?But he must be informed of his options or else he will play directly into Magneto?s hands.? Stark said.

    ?I know. I will be leaving for Washington tomorrow. I?d like for you all to join me. Perhaps together we can convince the president to end this before Magneto leads us into World War 3.?

    ?We?ll be there Professor? Rogers replied.

    ?I?ve asked T?challa, Dr. Pym and Blackbolt to join us. I?ll extend an invitation to General Fury when I speak with him this evening.?

    With the conversation finished, the men said their goodbyes and quietly filed out of Xavier?s office.


    Having finished unpacking his small bag, Peter headed out of his room and walked toward the elevator. Several students ran past him in a hurry to get to class.

    ?Hurry up! You know how Logan gets when we?re late!? a girl shouted.

    Not needing to be told twice, the students flew down the stairs (one boy literally flew) and headed around the corner to class. Peter simply stood there.

    A few years ago, he?d never have believed any of this was possible. And even when he was learning about these people, all their abilities were kept hidden. But here at the Xavier Institute, no one hid who they were. Peter liked that.

    He quickly moved down the stairs, not wanting to be late for his appointment with Beast. He wasn?t. The older man greeted Peter as he descended the last step.

    ?Salutations Peter? The older man said.

    ?Uh. Hi? Peter said, still getting used the blue man.

    ?Well, let?s get started.? Beast said, beaming.

    He let the younger man to the elevator and pushed the basement button in the pad. When the doors slid closed, Hank turned to speak to him.

    ?So what do you think of the school so far?? he asked.

    ?It?s very impressive. I?ve never seen anything like it? Peter replied honestly.

    ?Yes. It is a shame that our little utop
  11. Miana Kenobi

    Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 5, 2000
    Nice job! Ooooh, this might be interesting if SHIELD won't back them.

  12. Yodaminch

    Yodaminch Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 6, 2002
    Miana Kenobi: Let's see what S.H.I.E.L.D thinks:

    Chapter 6

    Senator Nathan Petrelli walked at a brisk pace toward his office. He had been hounded by reporters since the ?incident? with Magneto. Nathan was still furious with the FBI and several other agencies for keeping the information on Magneto?s existence from him. He was so involved in his own thoughts, that he ignored his secretary.

    ?Senator! Th-There?s someone to see you! I tried to stop him!?

    But Nathan had already flung open the doors in his frustration.

    ?Careful Senator. That?s an old door?

    Nathan spun around to see an older man speaking. His hair was light brown, streaked with white around the sides of his head. But the feature that caught Nathan?s attention was the black eye patch on his left eye.

    ?Who the hell are you?!? Nathan demanded.

    The man stood up and extended his hand.

    ?General Nick Fury. Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

    Nathan ignored the man?s hand and walked over toward his desk.

    ?Never heard of it? he said.

    Fury approached his desk and sat down. ?You wouldn?t. Until Magneto attacked, your clearance level wasn?t high enough.?

    Nathan?s face flushed with anger and he grabbed the sides of his desk to steady himself. If one more secret organization gave him that explanation, he?d grab them, fly out of the office and drop them a dozen stories.

    ?Alright.? He said, gritting his teeth. ?What do I need to know??

    Fury motioned for the Senator to sit and then he leaned over the desk.

    ?Son, you have no idea what you?ve done. You?ve opened Pandora?s box.?

    ?Spare me the metaphors General and get to the point?

    Now it was Fury?s turn to flush with anger.

    ?Supernatural beings have been around since before World War 2. Some are even older. For the public?s protection, the government has kept these people a secret, calling on them only when they most needed them and disavowing any links between them. Any lingering claims were linked to conspiracy theories to keep the public calm?

    Nathan sat back, absorbing this information.

    ?About 5 years ago, Magneto and several others attempted to wage war on the previous president. They were stopped.?


    ?Several groups of heroes banded together. Perhaps you?ve heard of the Avengers or the Fantastic Four??

    Nathan shook his head.

    ?What about the X-Men??

    Nathan let out a laugh. ?Comic book characters? What do you take me for Fury??

    ?To be frank son, I take you for a complete idiot. You had no business getting involved in this. Wasn?t getting shot once enough??

    ?How dare you!? Nathan said, rising from his chair.

    But Fury was fast, He jumped to his feet and leaned on the desk, his head mere inches from Nathan?s.

    ?Sit. Down. Senator.? Fury said through clenched teeth, ?We?re not done.?

    Seeing the menace in Fury?s good eye, Nathan slowly resumed his seat. Fury remained standing.

    ?As we speak, a group of these heroes are on their way to Washington.?

    ?To do what??

    ?They intend to inform the President that a war is coming. And this time, we can?t cover it up.?

    ?And why not? What did you do last time??

    Fury fixed Nathan with an icy stare.

    ?Last time, the world?s most powerful telepaths, sorcerors and a woman named the Scarlet Witch wiped the memory of every New Yorker, every citizen of Washington D.C. and several other areas where these battles took place.?

    ?So just do it again.? Nathan ordered.

    ?Can?t.? Fury replied.

    ?And why not??

    ?Because of your little press conference. The entire world was watching when Magneto walked in. Even if we had every telepath on Earth and beyond focus on this, the stress of all those minds would kill them. And likely it would kill anyone whose mind they were linked with at the time causing one hell of a massacre.?

    ?What do you want me to do?? Nathan asked.

    ?Shut Down this witch hunt before it?s too late. Or you?ll regret it.?

    Fury turned to leave.

    Nathan jumped from his chair.

    ?We?re not done! Get back here!?

    Fury paused by the door.

    ?If I were you Senator, I?d be picking out a plastic bunker deep underground.?

    He opened the door and walked out, sh
  13. Miana Kenobi

    Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 5, 2000
    Awesome job! And hehe, Go Nick, putting Nathan in his place.

    Can't wait to read more!
  14. Yodaminch

    Yodaminch Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 6, 2002
    Miana Kenobi: Thanks!


    Chapter 7

    After what seemed like an eternity, Sylar awoke. His vision took longer than normal to clear and his ears were ringing. He felt numb. But he also felt excruciating pain. Finally his vision began to focus. He looked around and saw that he was in some type of hospital room. The whole room shined of metal. He could feel the cold metal railing of his bed against his right arm.

    Slowly, he began to remember what had happened. The pain started to ebb and he looked down at his hands, which were heavily bandaged. He remembered now. He attempted to sit up and found he could only move his right side. His left was unresponsive. Realization dawned on him as he remembered what Magneto had done to him.

    He attempted to let out a scream, but it sounded more like slurred moan and he could feel drool down the right side of his face. His left side was completely paralyzed. Sylar sat there for a few moments, unable to comprehend what was happening. He was powerless again. He was at this man?s mercy.

    Apparently someone had noticed that he had finally awoken as a metal door hissed open and two men entered. One was extremely tall. His hair looked like a lion?s mane hanging over his shoulders and he wore a ragged array of clothing. He flashed Sylar a snarl that exposed his fangs.

    The other man stunk. Even paralyzed, Sylar could smell him. He was much shorter than the other man. He wore baggy clothes and his hair was shorter and slicked back. But what got Sylar?s attention was that this man?s face was green.

    The green man approached the bed. ?Finally awake I see. About time. You?ve been lying around for several days. That?s enough relaxing.?

    Sylar glared at the man. How dare he call this ?relaxing?! It was anything but. He attempted to push himself up with his right hand but found it was harder than he expected.

    ?Oh that?s right!? the green man laughed, ?Magneto removed your powers. You?re a vegetable?

    ?That?s enough Toad.? Magneto said, entering the room. He glanced over at Sylar with a smile.

    ?Finally awake? Good.?

    Sylar fixed the man with a look that could kill. If he only had his abilities, it would have.

    ?It seems we got off to a rocky start last time? Magneto said. He rounded the corner of Sylar?s bed and sat down in a chair. ?I?d like to try again.?

    Sylar looked over to see Magneto holding some sort of collar in his hands. Suddenly the collar flew out of Magneto?s grasp and wrapped itself around Sylar?s neck. It sealed with a click and Sylar let out a gasp.

    "Wh?" he tried to say.

    ?That collar will stop you from attempting to kill me when I restore your abilities.? Magneto said. ?When you attempted to kill Mystique and myself, I was forced to take more drastic action than the collar.?

    He fixed Sylar with another insufferable smile and then spread his hands. Sylar felt another wave of pain and then felt the pressure in his head disappear. The feeling in his left side started to return and Sylar?s left arm shot out for Magneto?s throat.

    The Magneto's associate with the fangs was quicker and he grabbed the bandaged hand with his claws.

    ?Really Gabriel, I thought we were past this? Magneto said, his voice showing disappointment.

    ?My name. is. Sylar!? Sylar said through clenched teeth.

    ?No, that was your mutant name. But you are one of them while that collar is on. You?ll have to earn your true name back as well as your powers.?

    Sylar snarled and reached his right hand for the collar.

    ?Oh I wouldn?t waste your time trying to remove that collar. It will explode if you try.?

    Magneto stood up and walked toward the door. ?Now it?s time for your training to begin. Sabertooth and Toad will escort you.?

    He turned them and nodded. Sabertooth roughly grabbed Sylar by the arm and dragged him from the bed. ?Let?s go runt! We got a lot of work to do.?

    David Palmer, the current President of the United States of America, paced around the Oval Office. He found himself doing that a lot.

    He had really inherited a mess to clean up. In addition to what the public did know ab
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