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X-Men/Star Wars: The X-Over

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Darth_Invidious, Sep 26, 1999.

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  1. Darth_Invidious

    Darth_Invidious Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 21, 1999
    I can't post in the previous posting for some reason, so...
    Chapter One

    Deepest space. The Unknown Region. Not so unknown now, thought Grand Admiral Thrawn, Commander of the First Imperial survey Team into the vast unexplored region of the Galaxy, as he looked out the main viewport of the Imperial Star Destroyer Death's Head. After 25,000 years of space travel by most space faring species in the Galaxy, there were still some corners of Imperial space that had to be mapped out. Worlds that had to be tamed and introduced to Imperial doctrine. He had seen much during the course of his mission. Had briefly visited home, settled old scores and made plans for the future of the Empire...his Empire, if the last rumors he heard from Coruscant were to be belived. He wanted to return as soon as possible; he could not trust the seat of power to that megalomanical veetchea Isard. She was brilliant, yes, but she lacked vision. She was also petty and cruel, and the furthermost thing from her mind was order. The order the Empire promised and that he would deliver. But before he could begin the long journey back, he would explore one more world. An uncharted world just discovered a few days before after receiving long range transmissions emanating from a distant yellow star.

    "Admiral Thrawn", said Major Dunin as he stepped out of one of the bridge's command trenches. "We just ran some of the random transmissions through the universal translators. We've found them rather...interesting."

    "Indeed, Major? Well, let's see what you've found. Any relevant information on the world they originate from?"

    "Yes sir. We're not one hundred percent certain yet, but they appear to be standard communications broadcasts. News and entertainment...we can't exactly call them holos. The signals are very weak and the resolution is rather primitive. Some of the transmission are traveling in the radionics' spectrum and we had to cobble up equipment to be able to receive and decode them."

    "Radionics...yes, primitive indeed. To modern, Imperial standards of course. But they do indicate that their point of origin is a post-industrialist world. Are they space-flight capable, Major?"

    "From what we've seen in random broadcasts, not very much. The predominant species on the planet is human, though we do not understand how they happen to be here, so far from the Core. They seem to be limited to low orbit flights. From what we've gathered from one particular viewing, their grandest achievments in space exploration have been setting foot on their natural satellite and the launching of various interplanetary and extra-solar probes, if you can believe that", smirked the Major.

    Thrawn smiled softly. "Remember, Major, all great civilizations have humble beginnings. So this one is still on the proverbial cradle. Planetary government and defenses?"

    "The transmissions indicate that there are many ethnic, linguistic, social and even genetic differences amongst the populace. Very violent differences too, from what we've been able to piece together. There does not seem to be a central ruling government, but rather major separate governments across the continental masses. As for their defenses...well, they seem pitiful to tell the truth. No match for ours, really." The major allowed himself a small chuckle at that.

    Thrawn arched an eyebrow, not necessarily amused. "That remains to be seen major. We have been unplesantly surprised many times during our journey". Thrawn's voice took a chilly edge. "That will not happen again. All factions whithin this area are not to be underestimated".

    Dunin gulped softly, shifting a little in his stance as he caught a glimpse of the Grand Admiral's alien bodyguard, the Noghri Rukh, coming closer to the Admiral's side. "I understand sir, I meant no disrespect.."

    "Of course not, Major." Thrawn smiled again, eyes fixed on the various flickering images on the holodisplay. "I will see all the data you've gathered at my leisure, Major. Be sure the information will be waiting for me in my ready room. News, arts and ertainment, you s
  2. Darth_Invidious

    Darth_Invidious Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 21, 1999
    Umm...anyone wanna try adding to this while I crunch down the plot?
  3. Shadowen

    Shadowen Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 11, 1999
    A very...imaginative species, Thrawn thought. At least, early on and religiously. He shook his head slowly as he read further and further on.

    Unfortunately, they forgot the very thing that stimulates creativity, he mused sadly. [/i]Suppression of creativity. Since so many countries now have freedom of speech, almost everything supposedly creative is mostly "cookie cuttered", as they say, from other sources.

    He sighed. At least, that's the way it is for published work.

    "Interesting," Charles Xavier murmured softly. Lilandra nodded over the holographic communication. "And you say that your sources track them back to the Core?"

    She nodded again. "Yes. At the moment, there are several groups there fighting armed rebellion against the current government. From what we've seen, it's highly centralized--there seem to be many references to an 'Emperor Palpatine'." She looked away for a moment, probably looking at another report. "Although there are some reports that this Palpatine is dead and the galaxy is in major political upheaval."

    Xavier sighed, gazing at the stars outside the window. "Anything else?"

    "Hold on..." Then, she fairly jumped in surprise. "Yes. It seems there is an expeditionary force--a warship or two, apparently--searching the systems nearest to yours."

    She paused briefly before continuing. "And they're headed for Earth."

  4. Darth_Invidious

    Darth_Invidious Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 21, 1999
    *This story takes place shortly after X-men 1-3*

    Chapter 3

    Scott Summers watched the training section from the Danger Room's control booth and sighed softly. Ten different confrontations and every time the same result: The Magneto simulacrum handed the X-men's heads to them over and over again. It wasn't easy; he at least had to admit that. The X-Men had won their latest -- and probably last confrontation with the Master of Magnetism through default: Asteroid M had been fired upon by a soviet Energy beam, considerably weakening the structure and its own Master. The x-Men evacuated the doomed base, but Magnus and his followers stayed behind, as martyrs for their cause. And the sad fact is that the second, third and now fourth generation of X-Men have never been able to beat Magneto decisevely. Every time they fought him the X-Men pulled through out of sheer luck. And the man called Cyclops had to wonder if -- on that first fight, so long ago -- it was luck, not skill, what had won them the day.

    He leaned over on the mike and spoke to the raggled teammates down below. ?Most impressive people. Truly. Yet one more extraordinary defeat for our camp. I really was under the impression that we were a team. But the less I?ve seen in all the sim-runs is teamwork. Again and again you?re trying to take Magneto down as individuals. I thought we all had moved past that failing strategy a while ago. Anyone care to explain? Ororo? Peter??

    Naturally, Storm and Colossus were still quite sullen from that last run and neither felt very outspoken after a beating like that. Naturally, there was one very outspoken person down there who always felt he had to give him a piece of his mind.

    ?There?s really nothing to explain bossman. This is just a game. None of us were really facin? Bucket-head. These?re just wargames. We run ?em and try learnin? from them. We just faced him awhile ago and after that fight, who?s to say he?s gonna threaten us any time soon? What I?d like to know is why we?re jumpin? thru Chuckie?s hoops again an? again. You just know how much I love doing that, bub.?

    Scott gnashed his teeth. That little creep somehow always found a way to get under his skin. And just looking at the grin creeping on his face he knew Logan enjoyed doing that very much.

    "That's funny, coming from you Wolverine. I particularly remember the Magneto sim batting you around like a rag doll because of your adamantium skeleton. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Magneto got creative and tried yanking it out of you out of spite?"

    Logan barked a mix of a scoff and a chuckle. "Never gonna happen bub. He'll never get that close to me to try that kinda stunt an' live to tell about it."

    "Hopefully, you'll never have to find out Logan" replied Scott. He then looked at Colossus. "Same goes for you Peter. You should know by know that your metallic form makes you extremely vulnerable to him. And you tried to duke it out with him?!"

    The big russian smiled sheepishly. "I guess, tovarishch, I got overconfident. I thought I could blinside him."

    "Well, you thought wrong. If the Asteroid M scenario had been the real thing, you would've found yourself expelled out of the hull and discovered first-hand the pleasures of freefall from 35,000 miles. Luckily, Jean saved you just in time..."

    A voice suddenly rang in his head. Jean. Not exactly impressed by his Pro-football-coach-style berating on the 'troops'. "Scott, hun, aren't you being too rough on them. It was just a Danger Room session. We don't always win them all here."

    Scott 'replied' at her through their psionic rapport. "Maybe hun, but I have a feeling that's simply not going to be good enough anymore. The x-Men are going to have to be at their best and give 200% of themselves. The world...the simply too dangerous for us now. And we have to be ready for whatever threat may come our way."

    Before she could reply to this, the intercomm in the control room beeped softly. Cyclops walked to the mainboard and hit a key on the comm panel. "Cyclops here."

  5. Darth_Invidious

    Darth_Invidious Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 21, 1999
    Chapter 4

    "A swirling whirlpool of nothingness and starstuff", thought Luke Skywalker as he watched the mottled sky of hyperspace, speeding past the Millenium Falcon's viewport. Watching the twisting universe envelop the ship helped him, in its own strange way, to settle his anxiety over this journey. Or to be more precise, this wild mynock chase of Han's he had been dunce enough to hop along in. Three days ago the Falcon took off on a journey to a place no single pilot or smuggler had -- very literally -- gone before: the Unknown Regions. No one, it seems, except Han Solo.

    Luke glanced to the pilot's section, watching Han studying the navicomputer and the charts that had long ago been burned on the ship's memorybanks. The frown on his brother-in-law's face didn't inspire much confidence in the mission. Jedi Knight or not, he felt very ill at ease here. He looked out the window again and broke the silence. "When exactly was it that you were this way?"

    "Mmm...couple of years before I met you, while Chewie and I were working our trade in the Corporate Sector", said Han. "I ran across this old smuggler that claimed to have made a few runs deep into the Unknown Regions and he showed me some of the charts and routes he took. Some think he liked to dare a lot of the young guns in that tavern to head out into the Great Unexplored Wilderness for drinks or favors. Me, I think he expected them to never return so he'd take over their business. Too bad for him, no one took him seriously."

    "No one save you", grinned Luke.

    Chewbacca hurfed-hurfed softly in the co-pilot's seat and growled a few grunts in Wookie.

    "Hey fuzzball, it wasn't that I expected some great reward for my trouble --"

    "Han Solo? The old Han Solo, not expecting any reward for his trouble??", Luke gasped mockingly, remembering the blusterous Han as he had fisrt met him.

    Solo glared and made a face at him before he continued "-- it's just that work was slow and I needed something to do in my down time. So Chewie and me just went out and took a looksee."

    "Saw anything intesresting?", asked Luke.

    "We didn't see much, just a couple of systems on one sector before heading back home. Pretty primitive stuff. One particular place was just post-industrialist. Hardly any space-faring technology. Not even repulsorlifts on their landspeeders. Speeders with wheels. Almost hard to believe."

    "Yeah, almost." Luke agreed half heartedly. Tatooine had been as backwater as worlds came. But despite the infernal heat, trillions of square miles of sand, psychotic Tuskens and pesty Jawas, he would not have wanted to live there without any decent spaceport or spacecraft that could take him off that place in a hurry. Much less traveling from the homestead to Anchorhead and back across the Dune Sea on something that travelled on wheels. "Is that were we're going?"

    "Yeah. Might as well start lookin' there, if that rumor I heard is true. I figure that old Kerk might've sold those routes too a friend; that friend to another friend and so on till the Empire got 'em. If they wanted to set a foothold in the UnkTers, they might as well start there. Mazzic heard from a guy named Karrde something about an Imperial expedition launched a few years ago. For all we know, there could be a few good sized strongholds out there right now."

    Chewbacca growled in agreement, adding a few more possibilities. Han grimaced and shook his head. "Well that's a cheerful thought. But I'm not counting on popping out in the middle of an Imperial shipyard or a new Death Star construction project. This is still pretty far away from the Core. They'd need a lot of support and we'd have noticed that kinda movememnt out of the remants of the Empire".

    "Still", Luke concluded, "I guess it's worth checking out. We don't need any nasty surprises coming out of here any time soon. We've got our hands full back home as it is."

    "My thoughts exactly kid. See Chewie, I knew he'd turned around."

    Luke chuckled. "More like following what you'd call a Jedi hunch. What's the name of this system?"

    "I don't think it has any parti
  6. Darth_Invidious

    Darth_Invidious Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 21, 1999
    Chapter 5

    Yet, as their creativity or otherwise creative genius grew, so did their capacity to inflict pain and misery upon each other and their world. Here is a branch of humanity that has found boundless joy in mutually exterminating one another. As time passed, the means of becoming so became more violent; the reasons for doing so more frivolous. Entire populations wiped out because of the color of their skin, their ethnic background, or the God they worship. I have seen it before in other similarly primitive cultures. Their artistic history presents such similarities. But this world...this "Earth" and its people have gone through so many horrors in so little time...the populace has become jaded, cynical and more recalcitrant than ever in learning from the mistakes of the past. Their different beliefs and gods do not support them anymore. Nor do they have any real faith on their governments and distinct figureheads. Their minds and hearts are not even stirred by their heroes...

    "So this is their home", Thrawn softly murmured to himself as he hast in the chair of his command room, carefully studying all the assorted on the world he and his task force was rapidly approaching. He had heard distant rumors from assorted sources of humans from a distant part of the galaxy gifted with extraordinary powers, forever separating them from their peers. How these champions had dedicated themselves to protect their world and their universe from any number of threats. He had heard from many a Kree and Skrull how these group of so called "Avengers" had thwarted their latest skirmish into the other's territory. From another source how a family had banded itself into a fantastic foursome that managed to actually repel many invading alien armies and an assault on their world by a ancient, world-devouring force known as Galactus. And he heard other rumors about the legendary cosmic fire known as the Phoenix. That its current human avatar owed allegiance to this people, and that once, long ago, it had single handedly saved the universe from total destruction.

    Thrawn inhaled softly, both trepidation and exhilaration stirring in his core. For many years he had wanted to visit this world and pit his wits and skills and the full military might of the Empire in its conquest. But the world's location had always eluded. And now, so far away from the Empire or his Bastion, with just a fleet of three Imperial Star Destroyers and support craft...he briefly wondered if it would be enough.

    He smiled softly. At this point, he actually did not know the outcome of this encounter...but the Grand Admiral suspected it would prove very interesting. And, above all things, most informative.
  7. Darth_Invidious

    Darth_Invidious Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 21, 1999
    Chapter 6

    Earth ? Xavier?s School for Gifted Youngsters

    After meeting for half an hour in his study, Professor X, Cyclops and Storm assembled the team in the mansion?s War Room; the X-Men?s Tactical Operations/Information Retrieval Center. Charles Xavier briefly explained to the assembled fourteen mutants ? his students, his children -- the situation as it stood. Surprisingly, it was one of the less vocal and newest students who broke the momentary silence after the Professor finished his briefing.

    ?So, lemme get dis straight. You sayin? dat some alien baddies be comin? dis way and that Lil?s spooked enough by ?em that she had to send ya dis warnin?? Fine, but how does dis concern us, mon ami?? asked the Acadian mutant known only as Gambit.

    Hank McCoy, the Beast, nodded in agreement. ?Gambit has a good point Professor. It?s not like Earth has not had hostile extraterrestrial visitors before. And all of us, including the Avengers and the FF, have summarily dealt with them. What makes these newest arrivals so different that they demand our immediate attention??

    ?Overconfidence in our collective abilities aside Henry, the fact is that Earth has never encountered these aliens before, making this a rather dangerous first contact situation.? Xavier sighed briefly before continuing, hitting buttons on a nearby console. A second later, an image of five Imperial ships appeared in the holo display in the middle of the staff table. ?This is a holofeed caught by a Shi?ar scout ship heading out of our system. That is the alien expeditionary force. It consists of heavy warships, which Lilandra deemed as ?most impressive? by Shi?ar standards??

    Bobby Drake leaned on the table on one elbow and scratched his forehead as he muttered his opinion of the kilometer long Star Destroyers ??Impressive? as in impressive enough to kick our asses if they get rowdy, right??

    Cyclops grinned lopsidedly at Iceman?s remark. ?Seems to be that way Bobby. However, what impresses the Shi?ar should be of great concern to us?, said Scott, with an edge in his voice. Storm continued for him. ?These ?Imperials? seem to be one side of a galactic civil war that has been going on for quite a long time on the other side of this galaxy. As their name implies, they seemed to represent the legitimate yet not-so-democratic government of that sector until a few years ago, when their Emperor and key members of his ruling council died during a decisive battle against the rebel forces. Since then the rebels have established a new government called ?The New Republic? while the remnants of the Imperial military have retreated, trying at the same time to retain some of their old territory and to undermine the authority of the democratic New Republic.?

    ?This ?Empire? seems to be expansion minded and somewhat xenophobic. Lilandra has informed me that the Empire nor the previous government it replaced, the Old Republic, had ventured so far into this side of the galaxy. That means that if they are expanding many more ships besides that small expeditionary force may be on their way,? added Xavier grimly. ?It also means that they might be inclined to invade us if Earth appeals to their needs?. He paused as he looked at the grim faces of his students. They understood the implications all too well.

    Logan simply scratched a match against the table?s woodwork and lit a cigar. He took a puff and exhaled it softly after a few seconds, looking at the Professor with a predatory smile and deadly serious eyes. ?Well Chuck, if they?re stupid enough to try, they?re gonna regret it pretty quick.?

    ?We can only hope that will be the case. And please Logan, for the last time, don?t call me that nor light those things here. It?s a clean room, after all?

    ?Sure, Chuck?, said Wolverine with a grin.

    Xavier looked up and sighed, giving up. ?In any case, I will shortly contact Alex in X-Factor and Kurt in Excalibur and inform them of the situation. I suspect we?re going to need all the help we can get. With the core Avengers and the Fantastic Four otherwise engaged in off world missions, the
  8. Shadowen

    Shadowen Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 11, 1999
    "Warning," the security system's voice rang out. "Unidentified spacecraft in-system."

    "So soon?" Xavier said, turning to the tactical display. "Put it on screen."

    The long-range radar array, disguised as a TV satellite dish on the mansion and a TV satellite in space, put up a strange picture: a massive blue blotch made up of three large wedge shapes and assorted other outlines following a tiny, circular blue blotch.

    "Now, de big mess is d'Imperials, neh?" Remy asked.

    "I believe so," Charles murmured. "So the little dot is an enemy of some sort. I doubt the New Republic would send an attack force, but you'd think they would send ships capable of defending themselves."

    "They did: observe the most miniscule of the ships," Hank said.

    "What?" Jubilee said after a moment.

    "Following close on the supposed Republic's ship's tail are many small dots. However, whenever they get too close, these dots seem to wink out," Beast explained. "Apparently, the small dots are the equivalent of fighter craft. There certainly are a great amount of them, and they're the only ships that seem capable of keeping up with the other one."

    "Could we open communications?" Scott asked, blood flowing at the sight of such a monstrous battle.

    "I do not know if that would be wise. They probably think we are fairly primitive," Charles said, "And so using Shi'Ar class technology could draw attention to us. At the moment, the only advantage we have is surprise."

    "If they have the proper equipment--and I'm betting they do--they'll scan in orbit and find us anyway," Scott countered.

    The Professor sighed. "Very well. Open frequencies."

    Hey, sorry. I thought I might be going too far, so I stopped.
  9. Darth_Invidious

    Darth_Invidious Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 21, 1999
    Chapter 7

    The twisting sky of hyperspace shifted to star lines and then back to real space, as the Millenium Falcon arrived in the Inner Solar System. Just as quickly as they arrived the Falcon's proximity alert started blaring, making Han take quick look at the navicomp and just as quickly making him wish he hadn't.

    "Aw shavit, I don't believe this! Chewie! Charge up the shields and the quads. We?re making a run for that asteroid belt!" Han muttered to himself. What is it with this ship and Imperial ambushes?!

    Luke woke up from his slight daze and looked at Han's flurry of activity. "Han? What--?"

    "Star Destroyers, 30 klicks ahead. I just don't believe this. I really hate it when you're right Chewie."

    Luke gazed out into the void, using the Force to enhance his sight. Yes, out there right in front of them. Not just three Imperial Star Destroyers, but also a Nebulon II Frigate and an Escort carrier. Enough firepower and starfighters to turn a good sized world into so much slag. But what were they doing here? Had the third planet in the system become an Imperial Stronghold and was this the sector fleet? Or did they just stumble on this world as much as Kerk and and Han had done years ago? Luke gazed harder, eyes closed almost to slits and saw the small number of craft emerging from one of the Star Destroyer's hangar bays. "They're launching fighters Han. I think I better head down to one of the quads".

    "Good idea kid. We have a head start, but not by much when it concerns TIE's." Han looked down at the sensor display, frowning and muttering another curse. "Yeah, standard fighters and Interceptors. They'll be all over us in a few minutes. Better head to the top quad station Luke. I'll make a run to the asteroids and use 'em for cover while we get enough range to make a jump outta here".

    Luke started running out of the cockpit, hearing Chewbacca growl impatiently and Han reply to him with a "don't tell me how familiar this situation is! I already know it dammit!"

    One of these days he really had to get around and ask Han what was the private joke with him, the Falcon and asteroids Chewie and Leia always grilled him with. Luke climbed the leader connecting the quad cannon stations, reoriented himself in the gravity discontinuity and settled down on the seat of the top quad station. He lit up the targetting computer, indicating the range between the Falcon and the incoming fighters. Three minutes before they were in firing range. He switched to another display, projecting the plotted course and a countdown chrono indicating the time till the Falcon cleared both the asteroid field and the nearby gas giant's gravity well before it could do a microjump deeper in system and out of the fight. Twenty minutes.

    Which would give them about 17 or so minutes or teeth-rattling evasive manuevers and creative sharpshooting till they were out of the fight. The Star Destroyer had launched a full squadron after them. He thought, curiously, that they should feel honored for such a warm welcome.

    Han's voice squaked over the comlink headset. "Look alive kid. They'll be in range soon".

    "Got it Han. Just fly hard and fast and we'll lose them in no time."

    ?Report, Captain?, said the Grand Admiral as he stepped into the bridge.

    ?Yes sir. A small ship entered the system just 5 minutes ago. I?ve just launched a squadron of fighters to intercept it?.

    Thrawn cocked a blue black eyebrow, his glowing red eyes widening just a bit. ?A squadron captain. A bit of overkill, don?t you think, for a single ship? Anyone we know??

    Ardiff stiffened, handing a datacard to the alien admiral. "I believe so sir. Sensors identify the ship as a Corellian YT-1300 Stocklight freighter. But as to what?s it doing here so far from home?well sir, your guess is as good as mine."

    Thrawn frowned softly, looking at the tactical display. "Oh, I can do much better than that. Of course you recognize that ship. It is the Millenium Falcon, captained by Rebellion hero Han Solo. As to what is it doing here?perhaps this is just a coincidental accident. However, I do not
  10. Darth_Invidious

    Darth_Invidious Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 21, 1999
    As I said before, anyone please feel free to add to this if they'd like. (And give me feedback!)
  11. Purp

    Purp Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 19, 1999
    You want feedback? Keep writing! You're doing an excellent job with both the X-Men and the Star Wars parts of the story. I would join in, but I don't know nearly enough about the X-guys to help out. I still love reading about them, though! Keep it up.
  12. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999
  13. Darth_Invidious

    Darth_Invidious Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 21, 1999
    Thx for the kind words Purp and Amidala 22. I'll try to do my best. And now...

    Chapter 8

    "That's pretty much it, Nicky. We got some interstellar navy-boys on their way and odds are they aren't stopping here to take pictures and some R & R. Just thought you boys should know when the time comes to roll out the welcome wagon."

    On the other side of the telecomm, Nicholas Fury, director of the Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage and Logistics Directorate chewed on his stogie, stone- faced, not sharing the blazé demeanor of the diminutive Canadian X-Man that was bending his ear.

    "I hear ya Logan. Val Cooper called me up an hour ago and pretty much spinned me the same yarn. I'm meeting with her, the President and the Joint Chiefs an hour from now. Problem is, no offense, I can't exactly tell the white House where I'm getting this information. Val's gonna have the same problem. Mainly coz yer supposed invaders haven't showed their ugly mugs yet."

    Wolverine grimaced, laid back on his chair, legs resting on the comm-console, also chewing the stub of a stogie. "I kinda figured that. No way the U.S. government's gonna take seriously any threat of alien invasion spouted off by mutant outlaws. As for not knowing where they are, can't you point the Hubble or any of your dirty-tricks sky-eyes spaceward to at least scope out the neighborhood?"

    "Problem with that, shortstuff, is that we wouldn't know where to start looking for 'em. I already put the word on Space Command to keep their eyes peeled. But as it is, odds are that we ain't gonna get that decent an early warning. We've got some space vehicles an' assorted doodahs we could throw at 'em, but not enough to stop anything the size of that fleet ya showed me." Fury stubbed out his cigar and let out an uncharacteristic sigh. Bad joss, thought Logan, if Nick's spooked like that."We'll be ready to mobilize EVERYTHING, if they show up and decide to set up shop dirtside. But taking out that fleet, well, that's something heavy-hitters like your people are more'n qualified to handle, Canucklehead. Too bad Steve, the Avengers and Doc Richard's people are unavailable right now now. We could use their firepower."

    "Well, if 'our people' fail Nicky, you can go ahead and recruit folks like Spider-Man an' the Hulk. I'm sure they can do no worse" added Wolverine with a smirk.

    "Yer real funny, y'know Logan. You should do stand up."

    "Dunno what you're talking about Colonel Fury, I got no sense of humor."

    "No kidding. See you later, Captain Logan. I gotta put on a suit and head for Pennsylvania Avenue to try to convince the President we got a crisis coming. I'll keep you folks posted. Fury out." With that, the telecomm display went blank and Logan got up his chair, lighting another cigar. Never a dull day around this house, thought Logan grimly. Of course, he smiled to himself, he doubted he wouldn't have it any other way.


    "It's quite simple actually", said Xavier as he patted the Cerebro helmet, the main interface unit of his telepathy amplifier/mutant detection device. "I will try to expand my conciousness and scan for any incoming alien presences in the immediate area. That will at least allow us to have some prior warning before their arrival. It will also give us an opportunity to learn their intentions and their capabilities before hand."

    "You must admit, Professor" said the Beast "that this is quite the longshot".

    "Not to mention dangerous", added Forge, the X-Men's resident Cheyenne shaman and mutant techno-visionary. "What if these Imperials don't take kindly to telepathic intrusions and decide to show you their displeasure by charbroiling your mind?"

    "I doubt that will happen my friend. From what Lilandra has told me, it seems that the Imperials are not superpowered in any way. It was rumored they had a few...gifted...individuals amongst their ranks. But if there are any present in that fleet, we must found out about them. It's a risk I'm willing to take."

    "Not on your own, you won't", said Jean Grey as she entered the room
  14. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999
    c'mon!!!! please continue!!!! this is sssooo good!!
  15. Darth_Invidious

    Darth_Invidious Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 21, 1999
    Chapter 9

    Jean Grey/Luke Skywalker/X-man/Jedi Knight/Outlaw/Rebel/Dreamer/Warrior/Earth/ Tatooine/Mutant/Force/Alert/Danger/Imperial Pursuit/Adrift/Help!

    Luke Skywalker suddenly gasped, falling back on his seat, perplexed and overwhelmed. The surprise and intensity of that brief rapport literally took his breath away. Suns of Tatooine, she's so angel...

    "Luke! Hey, you okay pal?" asked Han with a frown on his face, more than a little alarmed at his friend's sudden outburst. "You're getting spacey here son."

    "Yeah...yes, Han. I'm alright..". He rubbed his forehead and the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes, trying to settle down the spinning universe around him. After a few seconds he opened them again and stared out at...Earth. Yes, that was the name of this world. He nodded softly at no one in particular.

    "Not from where I'm sitting kid. What's going on? You found a Jedi down there or something."

    "A Jedi? No...I don't think so. SomeONE, yes. And I think, someone that can help us. We should head down there."

    Chewbacca grumbled questioningly at Han, obviously not quite enthused at the idea of landing down there just yet.

    A feeling the Falcon's captain shared as well. But he also understood that they couldn't stay out here. Not with those Imperials out there waiting to finish the job they started near that gas giant.

    "I guess that's great Luke. So what do we do now?

    Luke stared out, softly nodding again. "Yes, I understand...Jean." He then looked at Han. "She'll guide us down somewhere safe."

    "She huh?" He smiled lopsidedly. "You must've made some impression. And they call ME dangerous..."

    Luke blushed and smiled sheepishly. "Actually, it's more like I stumbled upon her by surprise. She was scanning out just as I was scanning in..."

    Chewbacca started urf-urf-urfing softly and Han chuckled in return. "Yup, a heck of an impression alright."

    Luke rolled his eyes, chagrined. "Just head down to that northern continent and follow its eastern seaboard to the north. She'll tell us where to land."

    Jean Grey got up from her chair, calmly, and proceeded down to the War Room's comm station. Forge was still sitting there on monitor duty, some of the displays showing views from nearby satellites, pointing spaceward. Another showed constantly updated shots by the Hubble space telescope as it stared out into the cosmos. Jean herself stared intensely at one of the displays, touching the zoom function on the screen to amplify the image of the incoming spacecraft. Forge turned to glimpse what had caught Jean's attention and stared at the screen slackjawed.

    "What the--? What's that??"

    "Friends...I think. At least they don't appear to be hostile. Their ship is damaged and they need to land for repairs. I'm guiding them down here."

    "'Here'? Ms. Grey, I don't think that's such a good idea."

    "We'll see, Forge." Jean then clicked a button in the comm panel. "Scott?"

    "Yes, Jean? What's up?"

    "Um...assemble the team. We're about to receive visitors."

    There was a long pause before Scott finally replied. "'Visitors'? The ones we've been expecting?"

    "Not exactly hun. But they know them and are fleeing them. And right now, they need our help."

    The Millenium Falcon skimmed across the Atlantic Ocean, stealth screens fully engaged, flying low enough to skim the waves of the starlit ocean. It was just as well, thought Han Solo, that they decided to touch down at night. Doing so during the day would attract the wrong kind of attention. Though he was certain that the Falcon could withstand anything the local authorities could throw at him, he also didn't want to massacre folks that were just doing their job. And he had to admit, throwback world or not, the dark carpet of the ocean below him and the encroaching lights of civilization made for a spectacular sight. It reminded him of Corellia. And while the metropolis they were quickly approaching -- New York, if he remembered correctly -- might not stand up to a single square mile of Coruscant's planetwide city, it was impressive on its own might and ho
  16. Darth_Invidious

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    Jun 21, 1999
    Whew, I'm winded. That last chapter took about three hours to write itself. Anyone want to take over for now? I need a drink
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    Jun 20, 1999
    Awwwww...c'mon!!! you can't just leave us with nothing!!

    you're good, finish your story,please!!!!
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    Chapter 10

    Captain Ardiff stepped outside the door of the Grand Admiral's command room. He cleared his throat and arranged his tunic before announcing himself. "Captain Ardiff to see Grand Admiral Thrawn".

    The door slid opened quietly. Steeling himself, he stepped into the dimly lit anteroom, hoping the little alien vermin who stood guard there would not catch him by surprise this time.

    Of course, he failed miserably, as a soft, catlike voice mewed just behind his right ear. "The Grand Admiral is waiting for you, Captain. You may step in."

    Ardiff did a supreme effort not to cry out in surprise. However, he exerted none in trying to supress his anger at the sneaky Noghri bodyguard. "Blast you Rukh! D'you want to give me a heart attack?! You just don't creep on people -- much less Imperial Navy Officers -- like that!"

    The alien smiled a grin full of needle-like teeth, clearly amused at the reaction he always provoked on the little Imperial. "Just doing my job, Captain. We cannot help being what we are. As I said, you may enter now."

    Ardiff gritted his teeth and stared at the small alien before growling a "thank you". He turned a roon, stepped to the door and entered the Admiral's Inner Sanctum.

    The secondary bridge was just lightly more illuminated than its anteroom; with a few of the repeater displays blinking their status lights, along with some of the holographic images they displayed the Admiral himself; his glowing red eyes closed to slits, their eerie light and the Admiral's white uniform being the only indication that the man was sitting in his command chair.

    He seemed to be fixated by some holos of what seemed to be flat paintings, but he quickly acknowledged Ardiff's presence. "Come in Captain. What have you to report?" asked the Grand Admiral in his quiet, modulated voice.

    "Yes sir. The fleet has just cleared the asteroid field and are ready to head further in system. We are waiting your command to make the jump to Earth", replied Ardiff, taken slightly aback as he watched the Grand Admiral's impassive reaction.

    "The command is given Captain. Take us to Earth. Inform me as soon we've arrived. That is all."

    Ardiff blinked, utterly surprised. The Grand Admiral had never been so cold -- so dismissive -- when giving such critical orders. He had to wonder if his commander was alright, but he simply gazed at one painting's holo intensely. He was a strange being, this blue-skinned Chiss. However, time and time again he had seen his brilliance, often in spectacular fashion. Whatever the Admiral's state of mind was at this moment, it seemed clear that he did not want to be disturbed by what to him
    would be a routine task. Ardiff straightned up in an adequate imitation of regal military posture and acknowledged his orders. "It shall be done Admiral. I shall notify you the moment we reach Earth." He saluted and began to turn around when the Admiral suddenly spoke.

    "This is an intriguing piece of work Captain. Not much detail to it, and the author was apparently more interested in making a study of the human form than a historical representation when he layed pen to canvas. But the history behind it is the intriguing part of it."

    Ardiff sighed and stepped closer to the display to get a better view of the holo. It showed mostly naked men, some weilding ancient weapons such as swords, spears and carrying as armor only capes, helms and inmense hand-held steel shields. They seemed to be in a somewhat festive mood -- and in some cases, as Ardiff cocked an eyebrow in disgust, rather extreme confraternization -- as they prepared for battle.

    "The painting is called Leonidas at Thermopylae, crafted by a man named Jacques Louis David some two hundred standard years ago. The man in the center, Leonidas, was king of an ancient city-state called Sparta in what is now known as Greece. Along with the three hundred men that comprised his personal guard, he marched to a small narrow pass to scout the advance of a conquering army. These Spartans were outnumbered a hundred thousand to one, and yet they stood there, hol
  19. Shadowen

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    Yeah! Don't forget that if you're writing Earth v. AT-ATs that in this universe, humans have the Sentinels and Mastermold--which are armed with all sorts of weaponry and have very long serpentine cables in their hands.

    And if they end up fighting TIEs in the atmosphere, I don't want to see missiles and Vulcan cannons doing nothing to those pitifully weak pieces of flying Imperial scrap metal.

    Finally, if Magneto comes into battle against the Imps, let him kick some major ass! Imps use so little plastic it's moronic.
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    Hmmm...I'm planning to throw some of our finest aircraft against TIE's. You know there's gotta be a dogfight in there somewhere. TIE's are deadly, but luckily, the have no shields. And I dont think the durasteel or whatever they're made off will stand against a sidewinder up their exhausts.

    However, if I were to use TIE Advanceds or Defenders....

    As for this point in time he's supposed to be "dead"...but you never know. Those Star Destroyers are just chuck full of metal. Imagine Magnus standing in orbit and closing his fist as he crumples an ISD into scrap.
    *laughs evilly*
    And anyways, if I can't use him, there's always Phoenix...
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    Chapter 11

    Han Solo stood in the X-Men's hangar bay with a rather dumbfounded look on his face. Just before landing, he figured they'd have problems communicating with the locals and that they'd probably need a translator like Threepio in order to speak with them. However, he understood the old man in the hoverchair that had just greeted them perfectly. If he spoke Basic perfectly, that meant that people from the other side of the galaxy -- namely the Empire -- had colonized this world. That or...

    Charles Xavier cleared his throat and smiled. "No need to worry, General Solo. Earth is not an Imperial colony by any means. As it is, we've been expecting their first visit in system for a few days now."

    Han stared at the older man and opened his mouth. Then how in the stars do you speak 'Imperial' so well?, he wondered. Just as Luke opened his mouth to explain things to him, the Professor cut in.

    "To answer your unspoken question, I simply took a cursory scan of your thoughts and 'learned' your language. I apologize for the intrusion, but it seemed to quickest way to facilitate communication."

    Han arched his eyebrows and shook his head. " problem. I understand. Perfectly logical." He glanced Luke a questioning Luke and the Jedi Knight just smile, with Chewbacca simply shrugging and shaking his head in confusion. "Scanned my thoughts huh? So what're you, some kinda wizard or a Jedi like my friend here."

    "Neither of those things, I'm afraid to say General Solo. I --"

    Han suddenly cut him off, a little annoyed now. "Um listen sir, I don't mean to be rude, but you can call me Han. Or Captain Solo even. I like to downplay the 'general' thing a bit."

    Luke put a hand on his mouth, trying to hide the smile that was about to burst in a laugh. The Professor simply arched an eyebrow in obvious amusement and continued. "My apologies then...'Captain' Solo. As I was saying, I am neither a wizard nor, as you said, a 'Jedi'. I am a telepath. My students and I are as human as yourself, although with a rather different genetic makeup that gives us different, eXtra powers and abilities that distinguish us from the rest of our race. Powers and abilities we use in the protection of this world and its people, both humans and mutants. We...are the X-Men."

    Han wasn't exactly impressed. In fact, as Luke Skywalker had noticed in the past, very little impressed his brother-in-law. But as he stared at the group, he simply felt...awe. He also felt great power emanate from each of them; power that was as fearsome as it was uncanny, if what he had seen so far from Jean Grey and their escorts was any indication. The Force was with them alright. It manifested itself differently with each of the mutants, but it was there. And while not being Jedi, the words of the Professor and the actions of some of his students told him that they were indeed the very next, best thing. He stepped closer to Xavier and extended his hand. "We are pleased that you could open your doors to us sir. We greatly appreciate your invitation."

    Xavier shook his hand and smiled to the younger man. "The pleasure is ours, Commander Skywalker."

    "You can call me Luke, sir.", said the Jedi Knight as he smiled at Xavier, imitating Han's gesture although with more obvious tact and diplomacy.

    A gestured that Han did not miss at all as he made a face at Luke and likewise extended his hand to Xavier. "Nice", he growled at Luke. "Um, yeah, we appreciate your help", said the Corellian warily.

    Chewbacca growled, feeling somewhat left out and the Professor smiled at him and bowed his head gently. "You are most welcome Master Chewbacca. And you as well Captain Solo. Please, follow me. I would like to introduce you to my X-Men."

    Introductions were quickly made and the X-Men and Han explained to the group the kind of damages the Falcon had suffered and the kind of material and parts he'd need and did not have to make proper repairs. Xavier in turn suggested to have Forge and Beast take a look at the ship and see if they could help with the repairs. The two men glanced at the ship with
  22. Hagel

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    Darth , this X-Over KICKS ASS!!!

    I have been a X Men fan for several years. You have the team 100% in character. This is great work. You write Thrawn very well, I loved how he apprecaited the Spartan's. If he read our military history he would like that.
    Keep up the great work!
  23. Darth_Invidious

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    Thx for the kind praise, Hagel. As long as I don't get some serious blockage (hee), I'll keep doing my best.


    The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier soared at 10,000 feet above the New England coast. As the mobile headquarters of the United Nation's elite counter-intelligence/global trouble-shooting taskforce, the ship was laden with world's most sofisticated espionage, surveillance and communications technology. It was also the testbed of some of the world's most sophisticated military hardware, as the highly advanced V.T.O.L. capable, forward-swept wing F/X-44 Interceptor fighters that routinely escorted the massive flying command ship gave testimony to. As Nick Fury stared out the ship's Command Bridge main viewport, he wondered if all this muckamuck-trillion-dollar technology would be enough to fend off yet another and decidely more deadly alien entanglement.

    The really maddening part, of course, was the waiting. He had never been a pacient man, especially when it concerend waiting for a battle. After receiving the X-Men's warning earlier in the week, he had done his best to prepare his troops for the very possible eventuality of combat against what were more likely to be superior forces. That part didn't bother him that much. As a veteran of the last World War -- and virtually every other military confrontation his country had been involved with ever since -- he had seen his share of 'superior forces' and had not been impressed. He was confident his crew could handle the job. Now, if these aliens wouldn't keep him waiting so long...

    And, as if fate or time had decided to grant him his unspoken wish, his wait suddenly came to an end.

    "Colonel Fury! Report from Space Command. They've got new contacts in GSO Grid AE-35!"

    Fury made his way to the highly-agitated lieutenant's WorldSAT Intel command console. "Settle down, Harrison. You'll never live to see your grandkids if you don't calm down."

    "Um, yes sir. Sorry", said the lieutenant, trying to regain control.

    "That's better. They have a make on them?"

    "Yes Colonel. We have a feed from one of our survaillance satellites. Coming on screen now."

    Fury stared up at the massive tactical display screen as it lit up, showing a vista of space...and the alien fleet that had virtually appeared out of nowhere. There they were, just as Logan had showed him. Three massive wedge-shaped ships flying in closed formation with a couple of smaller ships flanking them. And they looked as deadly as advertised alright.

    The bridge went deadly quiet, all present staring at the Imperial fleet in quiet awe and professionaly-hidden distress.

    Nick Fury shook his head and chewed on his stogie. "Well, $#!+", he muttered out of anyone's earshot. He then walked to the main Comm Station and grabbed a head-set. "Jeffries, put me on the line for both the White House and the Security Council. I gotta tell 'em our visitors have arrived."

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    This is great stuff. I love it. Keep it up.
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    Chapter 12

    Captain Jerra Ardiff stared out at the small blue world hanging outside the Death's Headforward viewport. So that's Earth. Not really much to look at, at least not from "up" here. Ardiff had been with the Imperial Navy nearly 20 years. In all that time he had seen many worlds in and out of the Empire. At this point in his life, even what some would think a spectacular sight like no longer stirred any passion in his heart. To him, Earth was just a world. Another world to conquer for the glory of the Empire.

    Major Dunin stepped out from the starboard bridge crew pit and walked towards his Captain. Ardiff caught his approach from the corner of his eye and turned to acknowledge him.

    "Captain, the fleet is assembled in standard approach formation. All commands alert full battle readiness.", said the Major with his natural and sometimes often misplaced enthusiasm.

    "Very good major", replied Ardiff. "I shall head down to inform the Grand Admiral that his fleet is in readiness --"

    "No need for that Captain", the Grand Admiral cut him off as he walked in the bridge, escorted as always by his Noghri bodyguard.

    Ardiff and Dunin straightened in salute and Thrawn nodded softly in return. "Status report?"

    Ardiff cleared his throat before answering and briefly glanced at the status display on his datapad. "Our fleet has arrived safely and stands at full readiness, Admiral. All commands stand at yellow alert. So far there has been nothing out of the ordinary to report. There aren't any indications that we've been spotted by their orbital or ground-based sensors."

    "Let us assume they already have Captain. If the Rebels that escaped us do have allies on this world, then they most certainly are expecting our arrival." He turned his head and stared down at one of the crew pits. "Comm, are hailing frequencies open?"

    "Yes, Grand Admiral. No transmissions from dirtside yet...", the duty officer hesitated as he glanced his monitor station. "Just a moment sir...yes, we're picking up transmissions in the radionics spectrum. No video feed, just audio. Running them through the translation screens."

    Thrawn and Ardiff quickly approached the Comm station, staring down at the officer as he completed the screening and cyphering process. "Translation screen engaged sir. They're hailing us."

    "Well, that didn't take long", murmured Ardiff.

    Thrawn caught the other's frown from the corner of his eye and smiled gently. "Such apprehension Captain. Surely you don't feel intimidated by these barbarians, do you?"

    ", of course not, Admiral. I was just stating that I was expecting them to take longer, what with their primite technology and all."

    Thrawn's not-quite-pleasant smile lingered as he stared down the Death's Head's Captain. "Of course not. Open a comm channel, lieutenant. Let's say hello".

    There was a loud squark as the channeled open and Nick Fury's leathery voice boomed out of the speakers."...Logistics Directorate, hailing unidentified spaceships. Please respond and announce your intentions. Again, this is Colonel Nicholas Fury, Director of the United Nations Strategic Hazzard Intervention, Logistics Directorate, hailing unidentified spaceships. If you can understand me, please respond and announce your intentions."

    Thrawn clicked a button on the Comm station and responded in his cool, modulated voice. "Greetings Colonel Fury. We hear you perfectly clear."

    There was a pause on the other side of the comm channel before the colonel's smug reply boomed back. "Ok, I'm impressed, so you know
    English. May I know who am I speaking to?

    "Cerainly Colonel. I am Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo, Warlord of the Empire and Commander of His Majesty's First Expeditionary Force into this Region of Imperial Space. I take it, Colonel, you represent your world's Defense Force?"

    "I represent at least one of them, yeah," Fury replied smugly. "Warlord huh,? So, Admiral, what can we do for you?"

    "Not much, and at the same time, a great deal Colonel Fury. I am here to offer your world membership into the Galactic Empire. An offer, colonel
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