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Story X-Men (Updated 7/27)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Nightvision91, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Nightvision91

    Nightvision91 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2013
    Hey everyone I recently watched The Last Stand, and got an itch to write an X-Men story based in the movie universe. This is my take on the third x-men movie, and will have some new characters and change up some stuff. Prelude will be up shortly.
  2. Nightvision91

    Nightvision91 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2013
    “The Scars”

    He stood there uneasy as usual. No matter how hard he tried he could just never find a way to fit in. Even amongst those he considered friends he felt like the odd one. He fidgeted with his glasses for the tenth time since he had come outside. It had become a daily routine for him praying that the sunglasses would stay on. If only he could be like them. To be able to not have to see the world in red, and to actually enjoy life. Instead he lived in constant fear that one day the sunglasses would fall, and all those around him would be wounded or worse.

    Even with as nice of day as it was he found himself far off on a bench watching the others as they played a game of basketball. Even Xavier was out there shooting enjoying the time outside of the classroom. He knew in time if he didn’t do something that Xavier would look at him, and motion for him to stop sitting around.

    “I thought you liked basketball?” A voice asked shaking him from his depression he placed himself in. Turning to his left he was stunned to see Jean Grey walking over to him. She was dressed to head out on the court to join the others. Of course the guys would love to be able to spend more time with her. Ever since she had arrived they had all tried to flirt with her non stop even if Xavier had spoken to them about it. “I mean you watch the games all the time on the television. Pretty sure I saw you sneak a sports magazine into class yesterday.” She commented sitting down next to him. Her long red hair was tied into a pony tail as she looked at him. It almost felt as if she could see inside of him when she gave him that look.

    “Can’t play well at all.” He replied honestly. When no one was around he would walk out to the court, and try to shoot some shots. However his constant fear of his glasses falling off kept him unfocused. “Always that chance I knock these off during the game. Don’t think anyone would be a fan of that.”

    “Well sure if you played with Hank and the others.” Jean admitted as they both watched their classmate stomp around the court with his big feet. With his massive size it was stunning the agility he had. “That’s why I plan to just shoot on the other side of the court. You could give me some tips? I promise I’m worse than you.”

    “Can’t take the risk…..” He mumbled fiddling with the glasses yet again. As he reached another hand up Jean grabbed it. For a moment it seemed as if all time had stopped as she held his hand.

    “Scott Summers stop it.” She said in a tone that made him sit up straight. The others on the court did not seem to notice what was going on as Jean leaned in closer to him. “Now just listen to me. You are going out onto that court with me. You are going to teach me some basketball. Then you’re going to take me out afterwards.” She finished getting to her feet, and marching off to the court. Scott felt as if his jaw was going to fall off his face as he just watched her walk off. He turned and noticed Xavier looking over at him smiling. A smile which was rare for Scott overcame his face as he turned to look back at Jean.

    “You let me die Scott!” Jean’s voice shouted at him. He looked up horrified at where Jean had once been. Instead he found himself in what he thought was an immense ocean. In the center was what he swore was a bird of fire. It cried out in anguish, and Scott wanted nothing more than to help it. Instead he was stuck where he was. Feeling utterly helpless as Jean’s words echoed in his mind. He wanted to cry out, but he felt something grab his shoulder pulling him from the water.

    “Scott! Wake up!” Xavier said from outside of the bedroom. His voice echoed in Scott’s head which meant his mentor was using his power to communicate with him. Moaning Scott rolled, and fell out of his bed. As he did he crashed into an array of beer bottles he had finished before he had passed out. He slapped his hand onto the desk next to him searching for his glasses.

    “Piss off.” He said deciding that the floor felt rather comfortable. His head was ringing, and the world felt dizzy. Why couldn’t he have just been left to his dream? At least then he could still imagine that the women he loved was still alive.
  3. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Great prelude!
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  4. Nightvision91

    Nightvision91 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2013
    “The Scars”
    The President grunted his disapproval as he watched his golf ball sail far to the right of where he had intended for it to go. No matter how much he had tried to work on his swing he could rarely hit a fair way down the middle these days. In fact he had stopped keeping track of his score due to how bad he had been doing lately.

    “For a Bipartisan President you sure do like the right side.” Warren Worrthington the third joked as he patted the President on the back. The President merely mumbled something under his breath as Warren walked up to the tee. His caddy who he was paying more than the average club caddy would get handed him the specific driver he had custom paid for. “Good thing these matches are just gentlemen wagers.” He said laughing as he sent his ball perfectly down the fairway. The President watched in silent frustration as Warren gave a beaming smile.

    “Remind me why we have these matches again Warren?” The President asked as the two headed towards the golf cart. As usual there were three more carts with Secret Security that kept tabs on the two during their match. Warren as usual drove the cart as he took a sip of his drink.

    “Well for one my father’s arthritis keeps him unable to play these matches.” Warren said shaking his head sadly. In fact his father had become uninterested in keeping Worrthington Enterprises so tied into politics these days. His son however had come to love the world of Politics, and had been more than eager to fill in for his father. “Secondly it’s good for one to be humbled sometimes. Of course this is our secret you get beaten so badly.”

    “Here I thought it was because your company was under contract to help with the new Homeland defense systems for the last 20 years.” The President corrected him as the cart came to a halt near the President’s golf ball. Warren remained in his seat as the President marched over to his ball, and looked at it angered.

    “You seem more wound up than usual if I may say so sir.” Warren began as the President took a look down at the rest of the course. For a moment Warren thought the man was ignoring him, but instead he took his shot. The ball looked much better this time as the President turned back to face him. “I hope all is well with the First Lady.” He added grinning as the President sat back down next to him.

    “It’s always about the ladies to you Worthington’s.” The President said as he took a sip of his drink. This time however he nearly drained the alcoholic beverage as he placed it back in the cup holder. Warren laughed at this as he stopped the cart near his ball which was still further ahead than the President’s second shot. “You’ll find out soon enough once the news gets out. It seems our dear friend Magneto attacked a warehouse in Maine last night.” He added making Warren raise an eyebrow. He had seen the news lately of the attacks that Magneto had done. However none of them made much sense. They had been random targets from a warehouse to a train depot down in Georgia.

    “Seems like another odd place for him to attack.” Warren admitted as the President shook his head in agreement. For a moment Warren fiddled in his rather large long sleeve shirt he was wearing. He let out a sigh as he stood up to walk over to his ball. “You consider that maybe someone is playing fanboy for Magneto? Might just be an overzealous person who wants to gather attention.”

    “That was brought to my attention when the attacks started.” The President said as Warren took a few practice swings. “However the footage we have clearly shows it is Magneto. Also the death toll picked up to 12 workers who were at the warehouse.”

    “You usually think Magneto likes to put on a show when he attacks something.” Warren commented as he took his swing. The club made perfect contact with the ball as it soared down the fairway landing a few feet from the green. His caddie clapped for him as he handed him back the club. “I’m going to assume that you’re going to deliver a message on this? Can’t imagine you being able to hide this for much longer.”

    “I deliver my speech Friday.” The President said as the golf cart took off down the course yet again. Warren could see the stress on the President’s face clearly these days. Ever since the incident with Stryker he had almost looked close to leaving the office. “Before that however I have a meeting to attend to with Sebastian Shaw. You’re familiar with him I’m sure.”

    “Oh I’m very familiar with Shaw.” Warren said with a disgusted tone. Sebastian Shaw was no more than a playboy who had found fortune with all the paranoia going on about Mutants. He had come up with a series of security systems that he had sold to other countries, and had started to make his way into the President’s inner circle. “Does he plan on opening up another club near the White House?”

    “Not this time. He apparently has a new idea he says will be the key to finally stopping Magneto.” The President replied looking rather hopeful about it. Warren felt rather uneasy as he didn’t know what sort of idea Shaw could come up with to handle Mutants. “In fact I’d like you to come along with me if you are able. It’s two days from now. He wanted to be sure his prototype was perfect before we met.”

    “I wish I could, but I am otherwise engaged.” Warren said truthfully as he pulled the golf cart over. He checked his watch, and saw that he was already late. They had both agreed this would be a short round of golf today. The secret service carts pulled up alongside of them as Warren shook the President’s hand. “A school reunion I promised I would attend. Can’t afford to miss showing off to everyone.” He added as the President laughed at this. He turned and walked to the Secret Service as Warren motioned for the caddie to take the cart back to the clubhouse. His own personal driver had met him, and the two walked to his car. As the golf cart with the caddie drove away the face changed to that of Mystique who smiled at the news she had just picked up.
  5. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Uh ho. Mystique is one sly devil.