X-wing cockpit question

Discussion in 'Scifi 3D Forum' started by BruceM, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. BruceM Jedi Padawan

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    first of all, sorry scifi3dzoo if this should be posted in a sticky, but I didnt see any that fit.

    My question:
    Is their a model on scifi3d or elsewhere, or some decent CG pictures, of the interior of an X-wing cockpit? I would really need the back, but the whole cockpit would be preferred. I couldnt find anything on scifi3d that is passable as a X-Wing Cockpit(Still not sure about that E-Wing Cockpit).
  2. darthviper107 Jedi Master

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    I believe that one has one modeled but not textured. You might want to ask FX_GUY (Trey Stokes) to see what he did for Pink Five, he might have a good background that you could use.
  3. Dansolo1 Jedi Youngling

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    Hi if you are looking for a xwing cockpit, take a look at mine :)


    I use Maya as my software, I got a lot of reference pictures form Woody over at www.lwg3d.org.

    If you come to research it you'll find there isn't a definitive design, there was a different design/layout for each film.

    If you want to know more get intouch.

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