Beyond - Legends X-Wing: Rakehell Squadron - upd 3/16 (Syal Antilles, Myri Antilles, pilots, original characters)

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  1. earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master

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    Nyla and Reetat are criminals blowing up a stardestroyer

    And nice scene with Syal and Gavin
  2. SWpants Jedi Grand Master

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    She really is like her father :D

    He might technically be the senior most officer aboard the Thrawn, but the Admiral knew that it was Nyla who had the ultimate say in what happened with the ship and the crew.

    It is good when your superiors know how well you are at your job, and the impact you have on others.

    Without so much as a word, Nyla withdrew the holdout blaster attached to her hip and leveled a shot, placing a well placed bolt right between the Admiral's eyes.

    *rolls eyes*
    The Empire really uses violence too much. You?d think they?d learn.

    (Fortunately, it tends to turn against them ;) )

    I like the idea of there being a Wild Space. With a galaxy as large as theirs, it makes a lot of sense.
    Is that your doing, or is that in the books and/or comics?

    "You want to press the button?" he asked incredulously.

    Like a child :p

    but the current topic of economics and currency exchange rate between the Alliance and the Remnant was enough to make Syal want to volunteer to peel a warehouse full of tubers instead.

    *grimaces* Peeling tubers sounds better than playing politics.

    I'm pretty sure that drawing X-Wings blowing up the Chief of State Daala on a sheet of flimsi is tantamount to treason."


    "I'm ready to go back to work,"

    I don?t blame her for feeling antsy, for believing that. While I think flying would be good for her, I?m as hesitant as Gavin about the situation.

    "There's also the thing where your father is one of my closest friends."

    Aah, I always forget the personal aspect of these things.

    I?m glad that Syal understands, bust especially that Gavin led the conversation so she could figure it out herself instead of just TELLING her his reasons.

    I?m also glad that he?s giving her a chance. :)

    "I've seen pilots go through what you did, many of them were under my command. It's not nearly as uncommon as we'd all like to think it is.

    It wouldn?t be. Ah, but he?s a daddy who really cares for his girl.

    it was important for a father to be a father sometimes.

    *nods* Awwww, Syal. :)
    I love how you write the way the two of them interact.
  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Force Ghost

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    Happy wriggles for Gavin giving Syal a chance - but the fat, big d'awwwwwww! goes to the Wedge/Syal scene.

    Sweet and open and warm.

    She is truly blessed to have him in her corner @};- [:D] !!!!!

  4. Hazel Jedi Master

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    Loved the honest tone between Gavin and Syal and Wedge. It is not easy to be Daddy in this scenario.

    Those Imps surea are ruthless. [face_worried]
  5. Luna_Nightshade Manager Emeritus

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    I [face_love] Syal and her dad going on their little dinner date, and his concerns for her. I'm also pumped to see what happens with this simulator terror they're going to unleash on her. Great update--glad to see Syal might be flying again soon.
  6. alhana_antilles Jedi Youngling

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    Good job writing Gavin- he was totally in character. I also enjoyed the scene between Syal and Wedge- they have such a sweet relationship.
  7. Katana_Sundancer Jedi Master

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    Nyla: scary

    Gavin & Syal: funny, good connection and wonderful banter

    Wedge & Syal: THERE IS NO MELTING SMILEY, WHICH IS WHAT I'M DOING RIGHT NOW! Wedge is such a very sweet daddy. And Syal trying to make him feel just a little bit better... NAW. Loved the date banter at the end.
  8. imiller Jedi Master

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    No! Must...repost! Cannot read...truncated!

    Brilliant as the rest of them!
  9. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Force Ghost

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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Too much like ff cliff notes [face_laugh] :p
  10. jcgoble3 Jedi Grand Master

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    I need more Syal, stat! When will this restart?
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