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Montréal X2 ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by KitFist0, Apr 30, 2003.

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  1. KitFist0

    KitFist0 Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 10, 2001
    So when we going again ? :D
  2. Uilmuteiz

    Uilmuteiz RSA Emeritus star 4

    Dec 4, 2000
    As you can see from kit's reaction, a few lucky of us went to see X2 last night and we all LOVED IT.

    The next time we plan on seeing it again is Saturday.

    I would also like to propose that we go see it in the early afternoon, we might have less of a crowd to deal with.

    In any case:

    Review of X2

    A movie that can stand alone by itself just as well as he can be paired with the first one. X2, X-men united, is a great movie that takes us back into the Marvel world of Super-heros.

    When a young mutant attacks the white house, militant authorities use it as a reason to launch an attack on Xavier's school for the gifted. However they thumble upon the worst baby sitter they could have and they get in a small altercation with "professor" Logan.

    Even tough some mutants did escaped this nightmare, William Stryker gets what he was coming for.

    And so the remaining X-Men quest to the coldest state of USA to find and rescue their friends.

    Don't forget that the enemies of your enemies are you friends, and you will see the first step of the great mutant war.

    All the characters are greatly depicted and it's nice to see some of the background characters exploited that well in some cases.

    Wolverine is present at least 1/3 of the movie, but it still leaves it interesting enough for us to wonder about his past a little bit more.

    Jean Grey / Scott Summers
    The couple is going trought some difficulties in the movie, I'll let you see how it turns out.

    Every other character simmers down a little bit, I mean emotionally wise, and the acts of Pyro, Iceman, Rogue and Colossus are fun to watch.

    I highly recommend this movie and I can only say this, Matrix Reloaded will have some competition.

    The movie does end on an "I wish there were more" note, but it's only to tease us. I know I'll be watching the next chapter.

    JEDIBYKNIGHT Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 17, 2001
    Just saw that one. Thought it was just like the first one : lame, pointless... not terribly bad, though. Some cool effects and action.

    But still. I didn't like it. Just like #1. Therefore I will not be seeing #3.
  4. Uilmuteiz

    Uilmuteiz RSA Emeritus star 4

    Dec 4, 2000
    I hope that star wars fans won't do the same with Star Wars Episode III

    I mean X-men 2 was good for X-men fans, I liked the story and I can't wait for the third one to come out. I so want to see



    She will be so cool... I hope.
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