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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Zedd-Vega, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. Darth_Joesha

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    Apr 22, 2004
    ic: Radiant Light

    "You and your children are safe and in good hands." Jocasta's complete holographic form said as it appeared. "Hello Elaine, how are you feeling. Are you thirsty?"

    "Thirsty?... what on earth is going on?" Elaine said staring at the hologram in disbelief, Elaine had just been in a plane crash and she was asking if she was thirsty. It seemed that no matter what AI would never match human psycology.

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  2. Schoolgirl_Bounty

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    Apr 25, 2005
    Alice Sota- Tetsuo

    Despite her situation, her eyes never widened, nor did they leave Mentals. They only became harsher as she quietly choked. Two thoughts passed through her mind, the first was a hope that she could still do this, the second, was everything she would give for him to show up at this moment, and see what his legascy had become.

    The Brotherhood had become mutants blinded by hate, seeking revenge for something they new nothing about.

    Despite her choking, she mouthed four words... "For your legascy Father."

    Alice... no... Tetsuo removed her gloves as she stood tall, and rubbed her hands together. As she held them out in the direction of her opponents, the fire in her eyes grew.

    Elecriciy began to circulate around her arms and she took a few steps towards the fraud and his minion.

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  3. BartSimpson-SithLord

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    Jan 24, 2002
    IC: Lust, Envy, Gluttony
    En route to Remington's house

    They hadn't stayed for the end of the session. Envy, appearing once again in his role as the good elected official Angelo Remington, had complained to his advisors that the stress combined with the passion of his oratory had made him weak and given him a headache. The advisors had understood perfectly and allowed him to take his recess without much question.

    They had business to attend to, Envy leaning back in the pilot's chair as the helicopter travelled through the air. It was almost laughable, the conversation occuring behind him between Lust and the man they wanted to hire. Almost.

    "I understand that this is where I was supposed to call for...special needs."

    [hl=black]//Depends, what kind of special needs does a hot sounding woman such as yourself need? Wait, you aren't one of those shapeshifters, are you? You aren't a dude? Do you even have powers?//[/hl]

    "No, I assure you that I am merely a humble woman with a deep bank account. However, I need your special talents in infiltration and stealing. Have you ever heard of a company called Gekkogo? They're in Japan and this job pays a lot."

    [hl=black]//I'm sorry, my good woman, but nothing could get me to go to the land of giant eyes and tentacle porn.//[/hl]

    Lust sighed. "Those are just animations, you idiot. They aren't real."

    [hl=black]//They aren't? Wow, that explains the restraining order from Dakota Fanning. How much does the job pay?//[/hl]

    "20 thousand up front, another 30 thousand after you finish the job." Lust said, denoting the money they'd retrieved from Remington's bank account, most of it anyway.

    [hl=black]"Wow...that is a lot. Okay, then I'll do it!"[/hl]

    Envy turned away, concentrating on the flight ahead. He couldn't believe who they had just hired, nor could he believe the rumors of the idiocy were true. How did a man that stupid ever befriend the legendary Cable...

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    OOC: I'll post some for Modrin and Dark Devil when I get done with dinner.

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  4. LeiaHair

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    Aug 9, 2003
    Roxanne Moore "Hourglass"
    Xavier Mansion, exterior

    //Roxanne, wake up.// Xavier said, his calm voice echoing inside her head.

    Startled, she jumped up, hitting her head on a force feild of some kind. Realising it was one formed by her own teammate, she yelled. "Karra!!! Let me out!!! Let me out of this thing!"

    But no one heard her cries for help.

    No one, but Xavier.

    //Calm down, child. Everything will be fine, just calm down. We need your powers right now, so just relax and focus.//

    "I have nothing left, sir." She said outloud. The bubble around her dissapeared.

    //My dear, you have enough left. All you have to do is search yourself. Use that little bit. Don't doubt yourself anymore. YOu have what it takes, I know.//

    True, he always knows. SHe thought. With a sigh, Roxanne looked about her. With what she had left, her energy was going to have to be spent in little bits. Roxanne spotted Solar Flare and a few others about to do battle with the new enemy. But what of the lady who had attacked Roxanne in the first place.

    Squinting her eyes, Roxanne looked across the mansion, looking for this woman of darkness, but to no avail.

    "Xavier! What do you want me to do?" she called out to the Professor.

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  5. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Karra - Outside Mansion

    Karra took off, at supersonic speed to encircle the area and see if any other nasty suprises were about. She moved quickly, looking to see if any of her other teammates needed in help. Another portal opened, and she was tempting to check it out, when she noticed something.

    Iori seemed to have a few folks nearby, but he seemed to be handling it well. What caught her attention was Solar Flare, and Tetsuo. They both seemed to be in serious trouble. They were motioning as if they were chocking. Some strange guy with glowing wings,and a most evil look on his face. Maye he was somehow effecting them. She needed to help them first. Karra turned, and not decreasing her speed, but in fact going faster, made her way towards them. As she did, she used the mental bond that Xavier had with veryone involved. She directed it towards Solar Flare and Tetsuo.

    /You might want to move...and DUCK!/

    She had no plan of attacking the winged guy head on. He probably had access to shields, as well. But a low fly-by, at her speed....

    Well, the results should be rather fun. Even if he is shielded.

    Karra increased her shields, as she moved now, attempting to catch the winged guy offguard, as he gloated over his current victems. After that, perhaps she could then join up with Iori, and together, they could kick some royal rear.

    Professor N'Dare, Ogre/ Gregory Balis - Infirmary corridor

    N'dare watched as Ogre/Gregory hit the shields, with the force of a small rampaging elephant, he made contact with the shields. Cloaked, he could watch, as Ogre had crashed against a security forcefield with such force, that it would have demolished the entire entranceway had the force field not been in place. Through so many renovations, security force fields did not just provide a barrier to exits and entrances, they also reinforced the structure around them.

    // Be careful...// he heard Sage say telepathically to him through their established mindlink. He nodded, as he heard the warning. He was QUITE aware of just how dangerious Ogre could be, when he was in this form.

    As expected, the Force field held after the tremendous impact. So did Ogre. The Powerful mutant's resilience came into play as he shook-off any stunning effects he may have incurred from the impact.

    At that moment, Jocasta's voice was heard as she spoke to the mutant. ["Gregory Balis. Your action nearly critically endangered three of your teammates. You must coordinate your actions with the designated team leader if wish to assist in repelling the enemy."]

    The silver holographic-image of her head appeared at the student's eye level as she engaged Ogre for a quick time out. Professor N'dare typed in a silent command. [Sleep em.] He didnt have time to try and figure out exactally what Ogre was attempting to do. Right now, he was a threat to the inside of the mansion...and if nothing else, the mansion needed to stay secure. He did NOT need to worry about inside elements, and outsid ones as well.

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  6. HunterPrime

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    Apr 17, 2004
    Lazer and NightFall - Xavier's Mansion

    Something bright and loud exploded over them just then.

    "What the...?" exclaimed Lazer, as she moved for cover, the glow around her, small and tight around her body. As she scanned their surroundings for familiar faces, a strange sensation began to fall upon the group. Lazer frowned, as she shook her head. Something was wrong. Another sound made her jump, and she ducked, as the glow around her intensified.

    Anger, fear, indecision and paranoia. These emotions began to increase in intensity within their minds. There was also an annoying background sound, like an incesant buzzing in one's ear. To compound things, a male voice could also be heard, but it sounded muffled and far away. It said something. It sounded like, /"link with me and I shall help you protect your minds from intrusion."] Cant be...maybe, Xavier? Lazer swatted her ear, and ran, moving for another area. NightFall. He was close. She was fine. It didnt matter what the annoying voices said. As long as Nightfall was near. But it made it difficult to concentrate.

    Lazer suddenly looked up and around. Dark Devil seemed to be repeating some mantra to help him clear his mind as he tried to focus on the voice offering help. Bad Boy was not fearing as well, as he held his temple with one hand and reached for his gun with the other, all the while spouting obscenities. NightFall simply became shadow. She smiled. He was more likely unaffected. The buzzing seemed to get louder. Another strange sound, seemed to sound off nearby, and Lazer suddenly stood up. There was simply too much noise, and it didnt seem to be going away anytime soon.

    Lazer let out a blast of light energy daggers. The flung out in all directions, as she increased the glow around her own body. To friends, the daggers were harmless, and actually helped to heal others around her. To others, the dangers stunned.

    NightFall, on the other hand, was making his own discoveries. He was watching, a very beautiful woman wreathed in shadow. She stood staring at him from a distance, her head inclined to one side. He was intreagued. If things were otherwise diffrent, he would love to engage one who walked the shadows. But right now, if Lazer's blast was any indication, things were not doing well. With a smile, nodded at her, before he moved, taking on the closest enemies, and drawing them into the shadows, as he moved on to the next set. He could not be touched, as he moved in this form, but he could draw others into the other realm. It would buy the others some time, at least, until they could find out what was going on. The lady, until she acted, he would not bother for now.

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  7. Schoolgirl_Bounty

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    Apr 25, 2005
    Alice Sota- Tetsuo

    There was no moving for Tetsuo, her eyes flared as she directed her shields at Karra, attempting to keep her out of range of the damage...

    The electricity around her handssuddenly shot out towards Razor Angel and Mental.

    She didn't see if the shots made it or not, but the wind seemed o be rushing around her.

    Am I... Falling?

  8. JediAayla

    JediAayla Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 21, 2005
    OOC: good god i've been gone for too long..sorry!! GJ, i'm a little my character going for it, or is this new figure stopping her? Or is it Mental...??
  9. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    Hawk had been right. He did not need to look back and see how many helicopters were coming after them, that wasn't necessary. He'd listened to his instincts and that's what was important. Hawk ran for safelty, pushing himself to the edge of his endurance, and once he decided to carry Elana, he had pushed himseldf past his limits. The mutant ignored every muscle ache and bodily protestation as he carried his adopted safety. In a flah of motion and powered by his wil and need to survive, Hawk leapt inside the opening of a hollow tree and covered the entrance with what foliage he could find. He did this not to moment too soon, as the holicopters passed over head. The gust of wind threatened to sweep away the fuliage coverig the mutants hiding place and although it swayed and shook, thankfully it remained in place.

    Unable to see what was going Hawk could only listen for clues of what was going on. His adopted sister was not entirely aware of the severity of their situation.

    "What's going -" Elana began to ask, but was stopped by a hand before she could finish.

    "Shut up," Jack ordered, covering her mouth.

    The youngman could har the helicopters still hovering somewhere above. Moments later, the sounds of soldiers coudl be heard nearby. Slowly. the sound of the helicopters faded as they moved away, extending their seaerch. Though that seemed like goodnews, Hawk listened further to be certain and was justifiably rewarded. There were soldiers still around.

    "Sir, we found prints, but they end abruptly. The second pair of prints disappear a several meters in that direction." said one voice.

    "But see here, these indentations are deeper. This suggests that the subject was carrying the other mutant, but that's just a theory. These prints also suggest that the subject may have had avian capabilities. Any word from aerial recon?" asked the more official sounding voice.

    "Nothing yet, sir. They find it unlikely that the mutants escaped by air, but they will continue to search for them." answered the third voice.

    "Hmmm. Continue the search." ordered the official sounding voice.

    To Hawk and Elana time seemed to come to a crawl, then finally...

    "If they were here at any point, it is clear that they aren't here now. Call of the search."

    "Yes, Sir. If I may say so, sir...perhaps they teleported away."

    "Perhaps. What about the vehicle we found?"

    "It's been processed, sir."

    "Very well, now where is that extraction I ordered."

    The sound of Helicopters returned and another eternity passed before they had gone away. By now Hawk heard nothing but ambinent sounds. He knew that a long time had passed. darkness encroached and the tempeture around them was falling.

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    Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

    Oroshi was quickly becoming frustrated with his situation. He was tired of being forced into a defensive position against the powerhouse that was Esmeralda and the deadly Atomic Reaper. The powered up martial artist waited for the right moment as he feigned momentary lapse. Esmeralda took the bait and went to attack him. That's when Oroshi engaged a burst, effectively evading her attack as he shot past her and attacked Atomic Reaper in the blink of an eye. Before the scythe-weilding mutant could mount a defense, Oroshi delivered a powerful rising knee to his abdomen followed by a vicious uppercut that sent him sailing through the air for several meters. Despite the micro armor suit he wore, Atomic Reaper landed like a rag-doll. The impact had robbed him of conciousness even before he landed and the fire that enshrouded his Atomic Axe slowly faded into nothingness.

    "Nice combination honeybun, he was getting was just getting in my way anyway, thanks." Esmralda squared off and grinned.

    "You'll find that we are full of surprises." Oroshi retorted without humor as he too, squared off. He held Esmeralda's eyes with his own r
  10. EnnaJ

    EnnaJ Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 7, 2005
    OCC: I have no idea where I am. Please, fill me in. I read and read, and I can't find my charries Pyro or Ice Rose. OR where they are.
  11. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Xavier's Mansion, Danger Room

    Jocasta's ubiquitous holographic image lead the three young mutants to the Danger Room without incident. Wei Chen, Ice Rose and Pyro entered the training chamber which began to transform into a playground before their very eyes. It was quite a sight to behold.

    ["We'll then, what should we do first?] Jocasta enthused at the young mutants while gesturing with one hand at the playground behind her.

    "Uhm.....could we see what's happening outside?" Wei Chen put in tentatively, then looked at his two companions for support.

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  12. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Karra - Outside Xavier Mansion

    Karra warned her teammates, as she came in fast and furious, triggering a 'Sonic Boom' as she did. She grimiced a bit, slightly embarrised when she heard the windows shatter at her passing. But her attack seemed to have done some good. Solar Flare and Tetsuo seemed to be better now. Several of the bad guys had gone down, and she had seen them whisked away, by the samer myserious doorway that brought them here. As she zoomed upwards, to avoid doing any other damage, while she looked for others who might decided to pop in, she noticed something.

    Karra was able to spot two newcomers to the battlefield. Just at the edge of the Mansion entrance, one visible figure rose to the air with a second in tow, however invisible, but not to Karra, she could see them both. The First was a familiar form, tall, muscular, with green skin and pointy ears.
    Karra looked at the pair, frowing. They were planning something, it she was sure it was NOT good for her side. Their energy patterns however, were strange. She could not put a finger on it at the moment, but the two so far, they seemed to ignore her. That was good. Suddenly, Karra felt something strange, as the Super Skrull gestured with one hand. Through the mindlik, Karra could understand a sudden collective concern. Their shields were begining to fail. Was THIS the Jerk feeding them all this new energy?!?

    Karra would have to be careful. If she saw them, then through the mindlink, so did the others, even if they could not react to it. They had their own problems. Right now, she had no enemies to deal with directly. If she was to stop them, she needed to do something now. Something that would not indanger her other teammates, hopefully. If he was the source of their extra energies..then she needed to do something that would catch them off guard, and not... Karra suddenly smiled.

    Karra seemed to wink out of existance, as she stook off at tremendious speeds... straight up. Professor Xavier was busy, and everyone else was in danger. She would try something, that she knew could possible leave her defensiveless afterwards, but would keep the danger to her teammates to a minimum. She hoped. She went up..up...up...and then in a blink, changed her trajectory back downwards. Back towards the Mansion. Back towards the pair that levitated above the others. She could not afford to make a mistake, so she didnt dare charge up, or show any signs of what she intended to do. Not until she was almost in point blank range. If this worked, the combined effort, might possibly give her teammates the upper hand that they desperitately needed. She wished Iori could help her, but last she saw of him, he had his own problems. 'Sorry, Iori'... she let the thought slide away, as she concentrated on her task.

    Like a falling star, she continued, until she saw her targets below her. There was no one close to them. Not that it mattered. Karra was going to keep this attack focused and narrow. Her second sight confirmed her targets. Karra slipped into focus, as she made her move. She plowed into the pair from above. Hitting them with her shields, and her energy blast. Point blank.This blast, was born from the solar winds, a potent energy, that was blocked by few things, none known of Earth. Karra concentrated with all of her might, to keep her attack focused to a point, like a surgical scapel, as she sought to only target the two. She had done such attacks before, on things like planets, and asteroids, but this..was much more difficult. She didnt have to worry about collateral damage in such a tight area, as she did now, so she extended her shields, to contain her blast to her targets. Karra prayed her attack would at least be enough, to by the others time, for she did not think, she would have the energy to sustain another attack. At the very worst, she would at least drive them into the ground.

    This was most likely, going to hurt.

    Tag: GreyJedi

    Professor N'dare - Inside Xavier Mansion, Infirmmary corridor

    [sleep 'em]

  13. HunterPrime

    HunterPrime Jedi Master star 2

    Apr 17, 2004
    NightFall and Lazer - Outside Xavier Mansion

    Lazer increased the glow of light around her after she had let loose with a volley of light daggers. Calrity of mind was coming back to her. She blinked, and looked around her. It seemed as if several others had also been effected by the strange 'attack', but now seemed to be recovering. Several of the bad guys, down, were wisked away by a door of light. How strange. Lazer scanned the area. She was sure NightFall was up to something, but not seeing him directly, she moved to take on any other targets.

    It was then she noticed something. The shadows moved..and began to envelope some of the other folks there. 'Gotcha!' she thought to herself..until she began to see the shadow suddenly receed once again. 'WHAT!' She wondered what was causing that. Certainly, not NightFall? No matter. Those not enveloped by the shadows, were now targets. Lazer attacked with another blast of light daggers, as she moved to help deal with those targets. NightFall would let her know, if he needed help. Hopefully. He could be stubborn. Right now, it was Xavier that seemed to be needing help, so she pressed on, sticking close to Bad Boy and the Dark Devil.

    Meanwhile, NightFall frowned slightly. He had moved, to envelop those whom were attacking the mansion. But suddenly, his attack seemed to receed. He looked back, and saw the woman as she smiled lightly.He manipulated the shadows, and moved, as a swell of darkness, with the speed that darkness tends to flow, until he stood closer to the 'shadow' woman. He looked over her for a silent moment.

    "What do you want?" he asked her, his deep voice, soft, yet clear and solid, as he spoke. His dark eyes watched the woman. They both manipulated the darkness. Another, who understood, like him.Right now, both neutral, at least towards each other. He might not get another chance. He stood ready, incase she attacked him, his form all but intangible. He was curious as to her role here.

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  14. Genimay

    Genimay Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2005

    This wasn't something Lera liked. Being trapped like this. Outside a battle was takeing place where her family could be...WERE in danger. She had to get out.

    The white haired teen was paceing back and forth in front of Shira. Who seemed to be off in her own world. Everynow and then Lera would mutter something about something and shake her head. She had taken a whiteish glow which was wuickly becomeing the yellow it did before she used her powers.

    Professer N'dare rentered the med bay with Greg. Before the doors closed Lera made a hastey decision...she slipped out the door and into the corridor beyond. "Free at last. Free at last." she whispered to herself.

    Hopefully, Professer N'dare would be busy with his other students to notice her not being there. Lera set off at a jog down the hall towards the front door. Or the way she thought was towards the front door.

    If her family was out there risking thier lives she wasn't going to be a good little girl and sit and wait for them to die. No,she had just found them and they weren't going anywhere. Well,not if Lera had anything to say about it. And as for the fighting,she had helped that morning and she had enough control to do damage. She should know! The time in class with Iori had been bad but she could fight and she had stayed alive on the streets of NYC for quite some time. Lera was an X-Man and she could help. She had to help.

    Finally,Lera came to the front doors. She pulled the sunglasses out of her back pocket. Surge must have put them there when he picked her up. She would thank him later. It was on her list of things to do. A list that was getting long,she noticed.

    Lera leaned against the doors and was met with choas.

  15. Darph_Nader

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    Aug 17, 2005
    OOC: For those of you who read this and wonder what I do in my spare time, just don't. :p And sorry about the big post - I got carried away.


    The sounds had subsided. The soldiers had been right on top of them, and they didn't notice the oddly-placed piece of foilage. That was almost too easy.

    Darkness came on, as the two kept themselves huddled in the hole.

    "Are they gone?" Elana whispered as quietly as she could.

    "I dunno," Jack replied silently. "It's too quiet out there."

    Elana rubbed her arms together a it grew closer to night, the air cooling. Jack, noticing her attempts at keeping warm, gave her his jacket. Eventually, Jack had to see if they were still around. They couldn't be, could they?

    Slowly moving the foilage aside, Jack peered up into the forest. No one was around. Motioning for his sister to follow, Jack hopped up out of the hole, still scanning the area for enemies. Once out of the hole, Elana brushed herself off, and looked around. Jack seemed intent on searching every nook and cranny in the immediate area.

    "They're not here," Elana said just loud enough for her brother to hear.

    "I don't know that yet," Jack muttered, looking around the area. He turned back to his sister, noticing something.

    "You're shorter," Jack said.

    Elana smirked. "What, compared to you? Yeah, I am shorter."

    "No, I mean shorter than usual."

    Elana looked at herself. Her clothes were significantly larger than before. A bit of panic overtook her.

    "What's happening to me?" she said, sitting down, her clothes bundling underneath her. She leaned against a tree, huddling herself together. Jack walked over to her, towering over her now smaller form.

    Jack began to think. Elana had gotten stronger at the food place when she wanted to get that one guy, and now she had shrunk - in a very small hole. He began to process things in his mind... He'd have to work out his solution somewhere else. It began to add up. Jack picked up Elana, who had become significantly lighter, and began running.

    "Where are we going?" she asked, frantically looking this way and that.

    "We can't go back to the car, so we're gonna have to run from here up to New York."

    Elana moaned. "Great."

    "But I'll be doing the walking, since you decided to shrink on me - now shutup so they don't hear us."

    In fact, with Jack running as fast as he could, he made a lot of noise. To make matters worse, he ran within earshot of an ill-placed soldier.

    The guard, not fully realizing what the noise was, spun on his heel, waving his rifle in the air. "Stop!" he shouted.

    Jack began to run even harder. Elana was bouncing in his arms, and the shouts became louder.

    "Try to do what you did when you changed at the food place," Jack panted trying to add speed to his sprint.

    "To what?" Elana said, being jostled this way and that in her brother's arms.

    "I dunno - give me a sec."

    Disguising his sister would be easy - if she could do it. But Jack would have to come up with a pretty good ruse to weasel his way out of the mess.

    "It's a bad time to mention it, but I think you're a shapeshifter."

    Elana processed this for a moment. Is he just joking? Elana looked at her brother's face. No, he doesn't look like it. He has to be serious. A chill ran up her spine. I really am a mutant... I'll do it in style.

    "I have an idea," Elana said, slowing her brother down.

    --- --- --- ---

    The soldier ran as fast as he could, following the noises that he had heard. His rifle leveled, he scanned the area for anything moving. Anything mutant. So far, he had found nothing, but kept hearing the noises. The noises became louder as he walked, to where he could hear voices. A thick line of brush separated him from the origin of the noises. He checked his rifle, and jumped through the brush - to find something he didn't suspect.

    A young man sat huddled over a young woman,
  16. EnnaJ

    EnnaJ Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 7, 2005
    IC: Ice Rose

    Ice Rose didn't really care for playgrounds, she didn't like to play around. She liked to do other things, like hockey for example or write dark poems, but she never really appreciated the playground. Ice Rose nodded at Wei Chen's idea. "I would like to know what's going on, I've seen worse probably."she said and stared at the playground, empty minded, tranced. She was remmebering her past and wanted to help anyway she could for other kids. She may not seem like the kid-type, but deep inside, she loved them. She loved kids, they brought her joy, and if anyone hurt any of them, she would be after them. She has been in many battles, she grew up with a gang of guys, so she knew how to her handle herslef.She was different from her parents, so she barely talked to them, but she didn't miss any chance that she got. Inara was different, and she was glad to be different. If someone truly wanted to be her friend, then they would accept her for who she was, nothing different.

    IC: Pyro

    Once in the room, Pryo took a glance around. She loved the playground theme, but she wanted to see what was going on. Sometimes her curostity got her in trouble, but most of the time she was glad she found out what was happening because she helped that person. Pyro also nodded. She wanted to help as much as Inara(Ice Rose), and loved kids, but would never understand them. She would help them if they needed help, but that's about it. She never really got close to anyone, whenever she did, they either ended up killed or hurt or they never wanted to see her again. That happened with her father. Sam's(Pyro)eyes began to water. She missed her father terribly. Sure she hardly saw him, but she knew that she was his girl. She was a Daddy's little girl. Sam was little sparky, always cooking up some adventure that she and her father could share. She loved dares, and would do anything basicly, as long as it didn't hurt her physically or mentally. She wanted to help. She turned to Jocasta. "Is there a possible chance that we could help ? I mean, I'm 18 and Inara...well, I don't know how Inara is, or Wei Chen, but could we help ? I mean, we are useful."Sam pleaded.

    TAG-Wei Chen, Jocasta
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    Apr 29, 2003
    OOC: Sorry about the lack of perticapation guys. I'm in the process of moving and school's close to an end so the teachers are giving us the heavy hitter assignments, so I just haven't had time to get to a computer. I've been keeping up though, so when my schedule clears up, I'll have a post up.

  18. Arclite

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    May 3, 2006
    Gamemaster Approved

    Alias: Voryn Ysuran
    Real Name: Chris Stephenson
    Date of Birth: 37 B.C.
    Gender: Male

    Age: 2043
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 47 lbs. (He's a skeleton...this is an estimate on bone weight. If you have a better guess, please tell.)
    Eyes: Purple flames
    Hair: NONE

    Family: None
    Marital Status: He's a skeleton...single.
    Species: Cosmically Altered, Formerly Human
    Nationality: Roman
    Team: To be decided.

    Base of Operations: He's a drifter...

    Ability: The ability to create fear, flight from black raven wings, hellspawn demons, soul-stealing, shadow manipulation. (I know this sounds almost god-like, but he's very limited to using his powers, he trying to repair the veil not tear it asunder!)

    Appearance: Skeletal...always in a black robe. Reaper like. Eyes are filled with dark purple flames. Bones slightly decayed. Glossy black raven wings.

    Other Special Features: He has a scythe...real cool...made of obsidian...well I think it's cool.

    Personality: Doesn't understand humanity, or mutantkind for that matter. Once killed a puppy, because he just didn't understand. Cold, ruthless, but has intense loyalty to his allies. Seems cold heartedly evil, but objectives are in the thought of good. He just doesn't understand. In short, not evil, just really really mean.

    Weapons: Hey, remember that wicked obsidian scythe? Yeah, that one.

    History/Background: once an upstanding roman citizen, he tripped into the viel of the underworld, throwing him across the void of hell, forever altering his appearance and abilities. He was pulled back in 1353 by a division of satanists trying to summon a demon for their cause. He was what they were looking for, but not willing to work for anyone, much less near sighted satanists. After learning to control his shadowmancy, he broke thier bonds and threw them down to the lord they worshipped. Later he learned to manipulate the shadows in people's souls causing fear and pulling demons from across the veil to feast on it. This is his story... and nobody's in it.
  19. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Welcome Arclite :)


    Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

    Danger Room

    ["My instructions are to keep you safe, as in away from the battle, so joining to help is out of the question."] Jocasta informed the three young mutants she managed to usher to the safety of the danger room. ["Your training is incomplete, however..."] she added in that same neutral yet amicable tone she always had.["Madame Sage has agreed that viewing the battle might prove educational."]

    Before Wei Cheng, Ice Rose, or Pyro could utter another word, the danger Room was already undergoing another change as the Playground slowly vanished and was replaced with the all to realistic image of the battle going on outside. It was almost as if those in the danger room were in the middle of things, but just not interacting. Everything was realistically represented, except for physical effects, like fire bursts and shockwaves given off by explosions.

    Wei Chen's eyes and mouth opened in sheer amazement as he was nearly overwhelmed by what he saw. He and the others had front row seats to one of the fiercest battles to date and seeing it this way, as amazing as it was, it was also breaking him up inside.

    Silenced by awe, all the young mutant could do was shed a tear.

    Tag: Ennaj ( anyone else who finds themselves here )


    Infirmary Corridor

    Using what abilities she had gained in the harsh streets of the Big City, Lera managed to slip past unnoticed, or seemingly so. Right now she was a very focused individual with a mission in mind, and nothing would stand in her way. Lera put on her sunglasses and strengthened her determination.

    She could clearly see the chaos outside through the front door, which only increased her desire to help. Without hesitation, Spark took a bold step forward and crashed unexpectedly against something that felt solid. The young girl bounced back and fell on her derriere. Tendrils of electricity flew from her and unto the entranceway without so much as affecting the structure.

    By now Lera realized that her way was barred by a force field.

    Tag: Genimay


    Professor N'dare

    Professor N'dare was dealing with Greg/ Ogre, delivering the mutant to medbay 14 as Jocasta began to answer his inquiries.

    [Jocasta, where are the other students?] he had asked via text.

    Jocasta confirmed the locations of the students he knew about first, including those involved in battle. Then she went on to inform him that Wei Chen, Ice Rose and Pyro where inside the Danger Room and that Lera was inside the infirmary corridor; additionally, she was also working on getting those who sought refuge in their dormrooms, out of there and into the Danger Room. The A.I. went as far as to give him an account of the students rescued from the plane crash, who were resting well inside the main infirmary, which was something he was well aware of. She even gave him an abbriviated list of those currently not on the premises.

    By now the tall professor had returned to main Infirmary, where Elaine was sitting up and clearly concious.

    "Is everyone alright?" he asked.

    Surge was the first to speak.

    "Lera's gone!" he said with urgency in his voice.

    Tag: Ktala, ( Master Vicky if you want to do any 'internal' dialogue between Greg and Ogre )


    Mansion grounds, Battlefield

    The moment Mental sensed that the shields Erik created to protect his charges began to fail, the Brotherhood field leader poured on his own attack.

    "Die you sham! Fall before my Psionic Might!"

    A brillinat wave of Psionic Power erupted from Mental's enhanced form and crashed violently against Erik. There was a flash as the two mighty forces collided, however,
  20. EnnaJ

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    IC: Ice Rose
    Inara's eyes widened. "Forget safe ! People need are help out there ! Look at them ! Do you always do what you're told ?! I know I never did !"she yelled at Jocasta. "And for information, I am far from a child ! I will not stand here, and watch my friends get hurt !"she screamed. She then took a breath, realizing what she just said. Did she just call the house her friends ? No one was ever her friend...or friends...Inara calmed down. "I know how to fight."she said finally. She looked at her fellow mutant friends for help, seeing if they were brave enough to stand up and fight. They couldn't just watch. It was a battle for crying out loud ! Inara's cheeks were red and the room temperature was a little cold. She eyed Sam and then Wei Chen.

    IC: Pyro
    Sam took a deep breath. "I agree with Inara, I might not know much about this place, but I agree with her. I think we should help. I am 18, and Inara is probably around my age. I know how to fight as well, maybe not great physically, but power wise is whole nother story. I can't stand watching people getting hurt. And I won't. I'm in. And if we have to fight you to get the battle, so be it."she said. She then eyed Inara and Inara grinned at her. Sam knew what the grin meant, it meant, thankyou in a weird way. For the first time, someone was thanking her. She felt happy and then turned back to Jocasta. She waited for what Wei Chen would say.

    TAG-Wei Chen,Jocasta, anyone in the danger room
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    Xavier Mansion, Battlefield

    Lazer had moved forward, not to far behind Bad Boy, as NightFall had gone off on his on form of attacks. She had moved throwing her daggers where they could be useful, when suddenly, the area in front of them became as if the sun had suddenly appeared in front of them. Lazer suddenly felt as she was supercharged, as she turned her head from the brilliance before her. WOW! she exclaimed even as the light began to fade. Suddenly, there was a rush of air next to her. It was the young man, with...blonde hair? Didnt he have black hair eariler? He was running forward, and then he was flying. She looked up, and saw why. He had managed to catch someone, who seemed to be falling. The young man landed, laying the girl on the ground. Lazer didnt think twice. Someone was injured, and she could help them. As she ran forward to help, she didnt see the thing that had grabbed Bad Boy, until he gave a yell. She looked, shocked, as it tossed Bad Boy away, like a dirty towel, and them it seemed to change shape some. It was a woman. Maybe. She heard the name Ultima..and some strange term she didnt quite understand, but it sounded like some type of construct to her. Which means, if it was, her daggers might not bother it. But right now, she now had TWO injured people to deal with. While the boy Iori, moved to deal with Ultima, Lazer reached out, and grabbed both Karra and Bad Boy. She dragged them, pulling as fast as she could, to get them out of the way so that she could work on them.

    Lazer threw another series of light daggers, making sure she had clearance to deal with the two who were down. Bad Boy looked bad. And the girl Karra....Lazer as unsure. She was barely breathing, but she looked okay. She might simply be drained. Lazer hoped that was the case then, as she placed a hand on each of them. She began to concentrate, the glow around her body increasing, as she moved to heal the two.

    " something!" she hissed under her breath. She knew her partner would hear her.

    Karra was the first to react. Her eyes opened very slowly, like she was groggy or drugged.. "Lay still." Lazer told her, as she kept a sharp eye on the raging battle around her. If things got hotter, she would need NightFall to wisk them out of the way. So far, they were fine. Lazer bent closer. "You should feel better in a moment." That seemed to make Karra feel better, as she turned away slightly, her eyes looking around the area. Lazer looked worried, as she continued to work. She leaned over, checking on Bad Boy, as well.

    Shadow Realm, Xaviers

    "What do you want?" NightFall asked the shadow woman, his voice deep, soft, clear and solid all at once. She responded with her own qustion. "What is your name?" she responded, smiling, musically. NighFall smiled, as he heard his partner mutter in his earpiece. He did not react to it however, his attention was fully on action....on both the lady in front of him, and other projects.

    NighFall responded with his most charming smile. "You answer a question, with a question. But it is an uninteresting question. What is of interest, is that we both appear to walk the shadows." As he spoke, NightFall's cloak was busy. As it draped to the ground behind him, it streached out, and faded into the shadows that already surrounded the pair. Soon, other strands made their way swiftly to their targets. Last time, he had streached out his shadow, and it had been seen. This time, he would move quicker, and try something diffrent, while she was otherwise engaged. The fog covered ground also helped to cover his shadows as they moved.

    NightFall looked down at the woman. "But, since you are interested.. I am called NightFall." He left himself partiall intangible, as he took another step towards her. "What are you called?" he asked her moving slightly. It was strange, finding one who drew the darkness, such as she. She might control shadows, but he did more, was much more, than that. And while he had no love for these X babies,
  22. Genimay

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    Jun 2, 2005

    Lera wacthed in horror as Karra didn't recover from her attack. "karra,get up!!!" she screamed throught the force feild.

    she saw Bad Boy get drained and the freaky super woman taunt Iori. "Bad Boy!" she called,trying to wake him up.

    This couldn't be happening. Lera fantically searched for the power source that controled the force feild. If she could hot wire it or just over load it she could help. It wasn't anywhere she could see. "Iori,please be careful!" she begged to him barely above a whisper.

    She wasn't powerless anymore. Lera was strong and ready to fight. She flung her bofy against the forcefeild while useing her power in an unconctrolled brust. All it did was end her up about ten feet from the front door. "Bad Boy, Karra! GET UPPPPP!!!" she screamed again.

    Again, Lera threw herself against the force feild. And again she was knocked onto the floor. This time she sat there a minute and thought. Lera knew she wasn't the smartest person alive since she had only completed fourth grade but she had an idea that just might work. They could put a force feild on the front door but why would the professer bother to put one on the roof.

    A few minutes later Lera was on the roof. Sure she couldn't fight directly and she didn't want to draw attention to herself but she could help...hopefully. She closed her eyes and tapped into her power. It gave her a light glow which she directed at Bad Boy. She let her power enter him and give him the tinniest shock. Quikly,Lera did the same for Karra. Then she reached out to Thera. It was much easier to find her own power in the mix of everything and she gave her the smallest shock to say she was there.

    Then Lera hid behind an eletric box on the roof. She was there and able to jump into the fray if needed but well hid. Plus she could draw power from the box. Wait,was this another idea?!

    It was dangerous. Lera was afaid and decided to wacth the battle a minute before making a move. If another person got hurt she would but if karra and Bad Boy woke up she might not have to. Please,if there was a God,please don't make me do this,she thought.

  23. greyjedi125

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    I'm posting this as a favour to our Sub-GM, Ktala :)


    Professor N'dare

    Infirmary, Xavier Mansion

    Professor N'dare was dealing with Greg/ Ogre, delivering the mutant to medbay 14 as Jocasta began to answer his inquiries. [Jocasta, where are the other students?] he had asked via text. Jocasta confirmed the locations of the students he knew about first, including those involved in battle. Then she went on to inform him that Wei Chen, Ice Rose and Pyro where inside the Danger Room and that Lera was inside the infirmary corridor; additionally, she was also working on getting those who sought refuge in their dormrooms, out of there and into the Danger Room. N'dare continued to listen, until they had reached the Infirmary. Elaine was sitting up and clearly concious. He placed Grey/Orge in the medbay, and turned his attentions on the others, after setting up the monitors. "Is everyone alright?" he asked.

    N'dare walked over towards the monitors, after listening to Elaine. A few bits of handywork with the pannels, and he brought up the other defensives that the Mansion held. It probably would not hold back their attackers for long, but the sudden interuption might give Xavier a breather, to aid in dealing with the intruders. He looked over at Surge. "Our defenses, are made to NOT fire on our own. But they will take out anything else, that is out there." He turned, looking at the monitors. "Hmm. I show two that do NOT have transponders. We shall have to be careful for them. Right now, we deal with the ones near Xavier."

    He now gave Surge a wink. "How are you at video games?" He handed Surge a controller, as N'dare reached out to take another. Suddenly, he concentrated on one screen, and his eyes flashed a deep blue. "What is she ...?" With a deep growl, he moved swiftly, taking flight as he flicked on his cloaking device. Taking the upper exit out, he moved quickly. What was the silly girl trying to do. If they spotted her, they might find a way to get in. And, she was endangering the other students. He quickly made his way onto the roof, letting Jocasta move the force fields behind him. Once he was on the roof, he extended his cloaking device to hide Lera as well as he landed on the roof. The look on his face was quite readable, as was the anger behind it. "What do you think you are doing?" he asked as he moved closer.

    TAG:GreyJedi, Lera



    Mansion grounds, Battlefield


    Karra remembered flying, and then the light, before this. Strange, she didnt feel any pain. She had felt the wind, whistling past her. Then, it was peaceful. She felt nothing. She was nowhere. Where was this place, not that it mattered. She felt like she could float forever here. A voice began to creep into her subconscious. She tried to push it away. She didnt want to hear any voices. It was nice here. Quiet. No battles. Just silence.

    /"You have to be alright, c'mon. Don't do this."/

    Where did that voice come from? She kinda recognized it. But it was sooo far away. She would answer it later. It sounded kinda worried. But, she could wait. She tried to sleep again. It was quiet for awhile. But antoher voice soon showed up. And this one was much louder. This voice was not going to give her any peace.

    /WAKE UP. WAKE UP NOW, Karr'chia Bran'do'shan. You are NOT going to ignore me./

    If Karra could have, she would have jerked upright. Her mind went into overdrive. NOBODY, but NOBODY knew her full name. Not on this planet. Who could possibly..? The voice sounded vaguely familiar.

    /I...I can't. Im tired. I want to rest..../ Karra could feel that nice warm feeling coming over her again. She started to snuggle back down in the feeling. /lemmme sleep.../she thought with a soft murmor. /Go away./

    /YES YOU CAN. You will wake up. You WILL open your eyes young one../

    ..Young one? ...the voice kinda sounded like..her old teacher. But no. He was...

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    May 3, 2006
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    Jun 2, 2005

    Lera looked up into the face of Professer N'dare. She scrunched up her nose and sighed before standing with straightened shoulders. For a moment you see a flash behind her glasses that must have been her eyes. "Helping. Staying. You can't control me. That's my family and if they need me I have to be close. For them...for me. For this place I call home. What about the hurt people? Shouldn't you take care of them? Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself. Demons,mutants,freaky god things or just street thugs I've always came out okay." she said starting off mad but ending softly.

    Lera looked right at her teacher and gave a soft smile before turning her back on him and recrouching next to the electrical box to wacth the secen below. Her smile brightened when she saw Karra wakeing up. Everything might just be okay.

    TAG-Prof N'dare,GJ
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