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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Zedd-Vega, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Professor N'dare - Rooftop, Xavier Mansion

    N'dare looked down at the young girl, as he moved up to her, his cloak covering the both of them. Lera looked up into the face of Professer N'dare. She scrunched up her nose and sighed before standing with straightened shoulders. For a moment you see a flash behind her glasses. Probably the same that N'dare's eyes now held.

    "Helping. Staying. You can't control me. That's my family and if they need me I have to be close. For them...for me. For this place I call home. What about the hurt people? Shouldn't you take care of them? Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself. Demons,mutants,freaky god things or just street thugs I've always came out okay." she said starting off mad but ending softly.

    N'dare spoke soflty. "Dont be to sure of your options. And while you are a student..I DO, control you, so do not tempt me. For in your sudden rush to help them, you could cause them more harm." N'dare pointed to one side. "We are about to aid the others. But with you suddenly giving our enemy a lovely target, we had to pause." He gestured. "Did it never occur to you, that if you made it OUT..they could come IN, and attack the other students? My cloak is hiding us now. But these mutants are NOTHING like you have run up against before. Even right now, Xavier is having difficulty. There is another mind controller out there." N'dare ment down, looking over the edge, his eyes catching something.

    "If you wish to help, then use your powers with a bit more stealth." N'dare suddenly grinned. "You can electrify the air, can you not?" With a gesture of his hand, his eyes turned deep blue. The fog around the area, suddenly began to get abit misty. But the mist seemed to stick, only around the enemy. Their teammates stayed dry. He nodded. "If you wish to would be a good time. Give them a blast."

    N'dare continued to control the weather, as he waited for Lera to act.

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  2. Genimay

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    Jun 2, 2005

    Lera opened her mouth to say something about controling her but decided that could wait until later. She had never tried electrify the air but why not. For a moment she gathered her powers and reached into a part of herself she hadn't often visited before coming to Xaivers. Her control.

    Then a brillant light exploded from the youth. The air charged and fried anything that was wet from the fog. In what thought Lera had that wasn't controling her power she grabbed hold of the eletric box on the roof. Another bright wave of power poured through her. It wasn't really from her now and Lera was acting as more of an conductor. Lights within the mansion blackened as the power box began to run out. For a few moments after that Lera pushed herself to her limits to keep the power going and strong.

    Soon after though, her power slowly drained from her body and the light from the electricty faded. Lera came into veiw as the light dissapeared. She still gripped the electric box but it was more for support and her whole body was shaking. Blood ran down her face where her own powers had fried the tracks left by tears. Tears she hadn't even know she had cried but it had happened as she had tried to help her fallen team mates.

    Lera lifted her head to look at Professer N'dare. "I'm sorry." she said.

  3. Arclite

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    May 3, 2006
    OOC: Hi I'm new! Be sure to correct me if I'm wrong and for that I beg your pardon beforehand.

    IC: Voryn Ysuran

    Meanwhile, in a gothic style french cathedral...

    He could feel the darkness, a being of pure shadow, somewhere on the planet. His souls reached out to the anomoly, his senses probing the strength of the silouette being. The power he felt was amazing, exhilirating. Gripping his obsidian scythe, he determined that he must find this being.

    He was skeletal, wrapped in a tattered ebony robe that grasped at the breeze that buffeted him. The eyesockets of his skull face were filled with dark purple flame that burned lazily as he swept his gaze over the city. Raven wings sprouted and clung to his back, and the obsidian scythe he held, seemed to sap the light out of the air.

    He moved and sat amongst the gargoyles as the souls in his mind began their cacophony once again. 'We cannot! What if the being is too strong for us?' ,asked a whimpering voice in the corner of his skull. 'Nonsense! Nothing is to strong for us to vanquish!',another voice responded with malice. 'I suggest we speak with this dispicible being before we assume that he is hostile! Who knows, perhaps we can make him our slave.' resounded yet another voice, this one tinted with envy. the others followed in turn, tranforming Voryn's usually clear mind into a churning maelstrom of sound and emotions.

    The souls were evil of all calibers, murderers, theives, rapists and so on. They had been their since Voryn had emerged from the viel of the underworld in this form. Voryns own soul was the only pure one amongst them and it was HE, not them, who controlled this body.

    'Back to the Shadows, you dogs!' ,He thought forcefully and was relieved to find that they not only obeyed, but were terrified of his presence. Releived because sometimes he didn't know exactly how much power he held over those foreign influences in his mind. He cared not what they thought he was goiung to find that anomaly.

    The knell of the church bells began, as he leapt from the roof, letting his wings catch the air about halfway through the drop. He then turned eastward, towards the mysterious being as the Atlantic opened up before him.

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  4. LeiaHair

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    Aug 9, 2003
    Roxanne Moore "Hourglass"

    Roxanne quietly waited for Xavier's orders. With all her heart she wanted to jump in the fight, but she knew to wait. He had a plan. Or so it sounded.

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  5. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    OOC: FYI

    There IS NO powerbox on the roof. Dumb place to put one. And Lera didnt blank out the mansion. You only post what you try to do, and let the GM's respond with reactions of what actually happened.

    *nothing to see here...move along...*
  6. Darph_Nader

    Darph_Nader Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 17, 2005

    The two drove on through the night. Elana had fallen asleep on the back bench, and Jack was doing everything in his power to stay awake. Light began to fill th sky, although the sun had not broken the horizon yet, lighting the area in a bluish hue. They were near the Pennsylvania-New York border now, nearer to their destination. It was then that Jack realized - the nearest hospital to the park that they'd left was in the opposite direction. That was a spirit breaker.

    Elana began tossing and turning in the back seat, moaning slightly. Jack looked at the clock, and it was 7:13.

    "Wake up!" Jack shouted, and reached to the radio dial. Turning up the radio as loud as he could, the music boomed through the car. Elana, jolted from her sleep, sat up in an instant, her hands clasping her ears.

    "Turn it off!" she shouted in a gravelly voice.

    Jack, laughing uncontrollably, turned off the radio.

    "That wasn't funny," she said through gritted teeth, her arms folded across her chest.

    "Try getting back to normal, sis," Jack said, turning onto another highway, "We'll probably get back sometime this afternoon."

    "Don't call me 'sis,'" Elana warned, "It sounds really stupid." Elana readied herself, but paused. "What about the money?"

    Jack chuckled. "Are you sure you want to stay like that for the whole morning?"

    "I might as well," she said, shrugging her shoulders, "It's not like I've got something better to do - I just want you to fill your part of the bet."

    "Have it your way."

    So, Jack drove on. The gas tank meter's dial was on the "E." Turning off the nearest exit, he stopped at a gas station. Wedging his feet back into those abominable shoes, he hobbled over to the building to pay the monew for the gas.

    Elana now had a few moments to ponder alone. She'd heard of mutants with uncontrolled powers before, and the single nagging thought all morning was - what if I can't keep this ability in check? Whenever she changed her form, she had gone through a lot of pain. And the past two times she exercised her ability, she didn't even want to use it. If she couldn't control her power, then she'd be in almost constant pain. But if Xavier was as good as her brother had said, he could help. Right?

    After paying the money at the front desk, Jack returned and filled the tank. He looked around the area as the tank was being filled, and noticed an entourage of the armored cars parked down the street at the highway patrol station. A chill went down his spine. They were less that 200 yards away.

    He finished pumping the gas, and then moved the armored vehicle over to a parking space. He then took off the soldier uniform, pulaced his basbeall cap on his head, and dragged Elana out of the car, towards the manhole in the middle of a small side-road. Just aberly able to pry the lid off, he helped his sister down into the sewer. After getting her into the sludge-filled tunnel, he climbed back up the ladder to place the lid on top of the manhole again. Hopefully those soldiers hadn't seen them.

    Reaching the bottom of the ladder, he placed his talone dfoot on the ground - in a wet, gooey substance. It was absolute darkness.

    "Elana?" Jack asked out into the darkness.

    "Yeah?" Elana said, her voice shaky.

    "Reach into the jacket pocket, and pull out the lighter."

    Elana reached into the jacket pocket, and found a cigarette lighter.

    Jack reached out, touching Elana's arm. Following her arm, he felt his way towards her hand. Taking the lighter, Jack flicked it open, and turned it on. Lighting up the tunnel, the two got a good look of their surroundings.

    The tunnel was around six and a half feet in diameter, with a stream of filthy water about three inches high flowing by them. Sewage lined the ground, creating an abominable stench that made Elana gag.

    "Do you think that there are crocodiles in here?" Elana asked nervously.

    "Nah," Jack said, turning to his sister, "But we've got more to worry about than crocs. And you're gonna have to change back - you're not gonna wan
  7. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Professor N'dare, Rooftoop - Xavier Mansion

    Professor N'dare watched, as Lera went into action. A brillant light exploded from the young girl. The air charged and fried anything that was wet from the fog. N'dare watched the girl as she continue to draw electricity from the area around her. He could feel her tapping into the same area as he did. He saw another bright wave of power poured through her. He then frowned, She was no longer controling her abilities. She was letting it run wild. With a practiced effort, N'dare called his own abilities into play, even as the Mansion switched into an emergency mode, to protect its power sources. N'dare created a buffer around Lera, so that she would not be able to draw any more electricity around her, letting her fade out naturally. A sudden cut-off could be more dangerious, so he watched her carefully.

    Soon, her power slowly drained from her body and the light from the electricty faded. N'dare was greatful for the holo-shield, and it would like the mansion had suddenly glowed with energy. Let their enemies wonder why. Lera gripped the edge of the railing, for support and her whole body was shaking. Blood ran down her face where her own powers had fried the tracks left by tears. Lera lifted her head to look at Professer N'dare. "I'm sorry." she said.

    N'dare shook his head. "You did fine. Now, if Surge does his job, it will give the others the breathing room they needed." He looked up. "We better move to the other side, so we can get a better look. Besides, we dont want anyone to get lucky, and see us up here. He gently helped Lera up, and helped her move to the other side of the mansion, so they could see the results of their efforts.

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  8. Genimay

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    Jun 2, 2005

    Lera let Professer N'dare help her down into the mansion but stood on her own from there. She wasn't sure if she liked him at that point. Plus,she was strong and wanted people to see that. Lera could stand alone here as well as she could on the streets and she had a pride that told her she shouldn't rely on these people as much as she had been doing. Thera,Karra,and Iori were different. They had gone through alot together but not everyone here was like them. Just an hour ago Professer Xaiver was talking about sending her away and Professer N'dare had made it clear he thought they could control Lera. Lera didn't agree.

    As they walked through the mansion Lera looked around at pictures or names on doors. Anywhere but the man walking next to her. Or really, slightly ahead of her. She wanted to say something but didn't trust her voice. It might betray the way she felt or it might shake so badly he wouldn't understand what she was saying.

    And what was Lera feeling? Surprise? Fear? She wasn't really sure. Black. Lera felt black. She had been so stupid for trying to help on her own and then argueing with Professer N'dare about control in the middle of a huge fight. And she was scared for her family. They were all out there. Oh how Lera wanted to be out there fighting. She knew she could. But she wouldn't say anything right then. First she would prove how good she was and how stable she was to herself then others. Then she would ask to fight.

    They arrived at the infirmary hall way and right before they entered the door Lera took a chance at trusting herself. "You'll never control me." her voice was steady and calm.

    For the first time in what felt like forever Lera's mind was totally clear and she was in total control of everything that was her. She let her powers dim the lights in the tiniest way then glow strong to prove to herself she was in control. It was over in less than a second but her voice had packed power.

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  9. Master_Vicky

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    Apr 29, 2003
    OOC: This may be my last post for a while. I'll be without a computer for a few weeks or so.

    IC: Gregory Balis/ Ogre
    Mansion Halls/ Infirmary

    Ogre hit the force field, but barely felt the impact. He landed heavily on the floor and laid there for moment trying to figure out how he'd ended up in this position. He stood back up and shook himself. His eye's focused on the hologram that was beginning to to annoy him. Rather than listen to her, he glanced around at the walls wondering where a weak spot was that he could bust through.

    The idea was short lived though, as an odorless sleep gas was sprayed into his face. Ogre blinked then swayed a little before falling back to the floor. His body returned back to it's original state, Greg's softer features coming out. The necklace that for Ogre was like a bracelet, fell off of his wrist as he shrunk.

    All else that happened, both minds would not know until they woke up.

    Tag: GJ125 if you need me ;)

    More to come if I can get to another computer...
  10. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005

    Alias: Spirit of Matter
    Real Name: Eagle?s Breath
    Date of Birth: During the Ice Age, Specific year unknown
    Gender: Male
    Age: A few thousand years, appears twentyish
    Height: 5?10??
    Weight: 190lbs
    Eyes: Left eye Grey, Right eye Blue
    Hair: Black short hair

    Family: No living family
    Marital Status: single-and-looking
    Species: mutant
    Nationality: Native American
    Team: None as of yet
    Base of Operations: The woods
    Ability: Control over matter, able to make himself or other things become as ethereal as a ghost or more solid than any known substance
    Appearance: Tends to wear light colored leather pants(Native American style), grey jean jacket, black wraparound glasses
    Other Special Features: Ability to see through solid objects
    Personality: Unnervingly calm, slow to anger, slow to joy, but anger once reached is a furry.
    Weapons: Carries a large knife with an ivory handle(think Crocadile Dundee?s knife), when solidified has increased strength twice that of a humans.

    History/Background: Had a rather normal childhood until his abilities emerged, although his parents tried to protect him the village banished him to wander the world and to not return but go back to the spirit or spirit village he came from. From that time forward he has wandered north and south America never staying in one location for any length of time. It has been so long since his banishment that he can?t even remember the village from which he started, only their decree and his search.

    Hello all! If I post anything wrong, or have intered to soon feel free to kick me back into orbit ;)

    IC: Eagles Breath

    He watched in fascination through the trunk of a tree as two stange people one with bird feet and another young woman roamed through the sewer below.

    It has been many moons since I have last helped or trailed another mutant, as the people of this age called them. Back in my day we were the spirits trapped in flesh. Then again I cant even remember when my day was, though the sun has yet to even reach its zineht(sp?) in my life if looks are any indication. It is decided than, I will follow these two perhapes I have finally found someone that can help me finish my quest or at least help me figure out why I am on it to begin with.

    He slowly let his body phase down through diminsions till his body began to slide through the ground. And he swam through the earth like a flying mutant might fly in the sky, feeling his body tingle as earthworms and the occasional rodent passed through his body. He slowed his progress and slowly let his head imerge into the sewer from the side wall, he could the two he was following walking the direction. Slowly he let out his held breath and tried to slowly inhalethe rank air. It was the only downside to moving through the earth, unless you found a pocket of air one had to hold their breath till they reamerged above it.

    Stepping out of the wall into the sewer he reverted back to the normal plane of reality that most beings lived on and began to quietly follow the light of the two as they walked down the tunnel.

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  11. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Hawk & Elana Warner

    Westchester County

    By the time the squad of soldiers arrived at the scene, their objectives had already departed the area.

    "The engine is still warm. They couldn't have gone far. Fan out and widen your search."

    "Commander, look!" said a soldier as he came up to the CO with the very uniform that Hawk had discarded just moments ago.

    "Hmph! they must have figured out that we were tracking them. No matter, we shall find them eventually. Good job soldier, take those in for testing."

    "Yes, Sir!" said the soldier as he gave a sharp salute, then turned on his heels and quickly departed as ordered.

    The CO turned away and barked into his transceiver. "I want a forensic team up here on the double." He ordered gruffly.

    He wasn't happy that his quarry had given him the slip. Their gambit to lull the fugitives into a false sense of confidence did not pay off as well as he'd hoped. The CO was lost in thought when he suddenly came to life from his reverie as his comm became active.

    ["Sir, you have an incoming call from MoMA (Ministry of Mutant Affairs), it's Director Moreau."]

    "Put him through." said the CO, his tone grave.

    ["So, what is the staus, commander?"] asked the aristocratict, yet sibilant voice at the other end of the transciever.

    "The mutants managed to elude us, sir. But I believe they must be close by, they couldn't have gotten very far."

    ["I'm not interested in your beliefs, commander. Find them, now."]

    "Yes, sir."

    The CO found himself responding to static as the caller hung up. Shaking his head, he growld as he brought his dispelasure under control. There was too much work to be done, so he stormed-off to the Roving Control Centre.

    It was already morning and the sun was rising into the sky. The CO was well aware that his two objectives had not rested for at least 16 hours or more. They had to be nearing exhaustion. This meant that they were likely to make a mistake. All things considered, it was only a matter of time before they were found.


    Sewer System

    It was unlikely that Hawk ever imagined himself in such a situation, yet, here it was. He and his recenlty reunited adopted sister, who also happened to be a mutant like himself, were being tracked....hunted. He had no idea who their persuers were, or what it was that they wanted, but his instincts told him enough. Not to get captured. So here he was, traversing the underside of westchester county. These tunnels were dark and long, not to mention horribly pungent beyond belief. They were knee deep in putrid waters filled with all manner of refuse, and only their sheer will and persevearance kept the stench from knockig them off their feet.

    It was fortunate for the fleeing pair that Hawk possessed fast reflexes, for several times the flame of his lighter caused pockets of gas in the air to combust and burst into flames. So far he had not hit any gas leaks or pipelines, but a gout of flame from an ignited gas pocket did almost incinerate them in one instance, were it not for his reflexes. A horde of vermin scurried every which way as the pillar of flame shot upward and vented through a nearby manhole. They had been fortunate that time, but keeping the lighter aflame was obviously dangerous, besides the fact that the lighter itself would not last very long.

    More than anything else, Hawk needed directions, odd as that may seem. If he was not careful, he would find himself going around in circles underneath the city.

    Additionally, it was not certain if Hawk did notice his surroundings. Not to far from him, a being slowly stepped through a solid and slimy wall and slowly took form. His pace was such that he made little noise as he trod through the murky waters. However, the new arrival and the hunters were not the only one's who took intereset in Hawk and Elana. A pair of curious red eyes peered through the darkened tunnels from a safe distance as it smelled the air, picking up their scent. It se
  12. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Voryn Ysuran

    The black creature exited the cathedral and poured into the twilight, almost merging with the darkening sky. It flew for a few moments, without a care in the world.

    But as fate would have it, it had flown by a tall building, where a guard had spotted it and called an alert.

    "Mon Dieu, C'est un Diable!"

    Given the recent events, their reaction could be said to be predictable. One guard cried out in alarm, while another took aim.

    "Non! Non! arretez! Ne tirez pas!" bellowed a third man.

    But his warning came too late. The third guard attempeted to stop his second companion from making a terrible mistake, but the shot from the rifle was already fired.

    Did he miss or did he hit the flying creature? The answer was uncertain, however, the third guard fell down immediately on his knees, crossed himself and prayed fervently for protection and that evil would simply pass them by this night.

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  13. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

    Mansion grounds, battlezone

    It was true that very few beings understood what it meant to be one of the most powerful minds on the planet, and the responsability that such mantle carried. Just like his father before him, Erik Xavier knew that beings like Sage and Thera, who were fellow telepaths and psionics, possessed a very good understanding of it; even a genius like N'dare, who was no telepath but an academic giant, had a crystal clear concept of the earth shattering responsability such powers demanded. But alas, there were other who also understood, but held dissimilar world views. Not only did the former student known as Mental understand, he was well aware of the unimaginable personal gains such god-like abilities could bring, for he was blinded by his lust for absolute Power, just like the rest of The Brotherhood.

    Even as he psionically battled against the meteoric tidal wave of psionic energy that was Mental, Erik was connected to all his charges, his students and his fellow teachers. He shielded their minds and protected them from sneak attacks from the enemy. Subtly and actively he directed them in battle, even as he also brought back those who had fallen unconcious, but were still able to do battle, namely one Solar Flare, a.k.a. Jonhn Storm II. Though he was injured, Erik knew that his long time friend would rather be on his feet than laying unconcious in the field of battle.

    Indeed the whole battle was like a superpowered game of chess, but the stakes were indeed much higher. There were wounded and people to protect.....more than that, there were innocents to protect and a whole future to safeguard. To falter now would be to lose everything, and that was not about to happen.

    Erik could feel it in his mind. Mental was in a power-synch with another powerful being, though he could not discern who at the moment. That's how he was able to exude so much power, but unbeknownst to most, Erik had his own secrets. Erik was aware of every nuance of the battle and everything taking place on the estate, even those things some might easily overlook. As he battled-on, cancelling attack after attack, he felt a definitive moment approaching. Internally, he dared to smile as he continued moving the pieces. Mental had introduced a 'big gun' into the battlezone, and it was then that Erik knew that his former student had already lost.


    Danger Room

    Wei Chen seemed not to be able t hear or listen to his companions as he hovered in place. The young mutant was completely absorbed by what he saw. He'd never met Bad Boy, but had only heard about him from Lera and the others. He clearly saw the woman that was burnt take him by the neck and suck the life out of him, then toss him aside. That seemed to have healed her as she seemed alot stronger now. The woman immediately squared off to do battle with Oroshi.

    Just then Wei Chen noticed that a glowing woman in the background. She finished laying hands on Karra and now moved to do the same to Bad Boy. He saw her placed her glowing hands on Bad Boy, and immediately the fallen hero gasped for air, just as his dissicated body began to slowly become 'normal' looking again. Apparently she'd jump started his regenerative abilities.

    Wei Chen himself gasped at the sight, then shouted all of a sudden: "Iori, Watch out!"

    He could hardly follow their movements as his head quickly moved from side to side as he tried to keep up. The enemy was attacking Iori, and she seemed to have the powers of the Super Skrull. Oroshi speedly dodged several blasts of fire just to be tagged by some sort of invisible battering ram, but as expected, Oroshi took the blow and returned the favor with a powerful ki-blast of his own, which was blocked by a gigantic hand made out of rocks. Oroshi flew up, anger evident in his posture and immediately rained down a shower of energy bolts at his opponent. An invisible forc
  14. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    Roxanne Moore "Hourglass"
    Xavier Mansion, front lawn

    //Roxanne, now!// Xavier excaimed, sending her a burst of energy and an image of the sphere above the mansion. He wanted her to freeze it.

    Roxanne focused on the golden throbbing sphere and stopped it's movement in time. Within seconds of doing so, what little energy he had sent her, she had burnt up. Her pale skin was shaking from all the effort. But sheer determination can get one farther than one could ever imagin.

    Suddenly, an idea popped into her head. Little did she know, the surprime beings who were watching over her had sent the idea to her. Quickly, Roxanne sped the timeline of the sphere up, but at the same time, she rewound it.

    The timeline was unsure of what to do, so it destroyed itself, in turn destroying the golden sphere into a black hole of nothingness, as if it had never been.

    Unfortinatly, the effects on Roxanne were life threatening, although she didn't know it. Slowly, blood was leaking from one of her organs into her chest cavity. It would be close to fifteen minutes before she would notice anything.

    Without hesitation, she ran over to John Storm and helped him off the ground. She had wanted to do it before, but had been instructed to wait for Xavier's word. "Are you okay?"

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  15. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Xavier Mansion, Front lawn

    When Roxanne reached John and the others, it was likely that she did not notice it at first.

    "Are you okay?" she asked the blonde leader of the X-men. But John had a haunted look in his eyes as he attempeted to find his voice. He seemed so pale.

    "Roxanne...what did you do?" he asked, his voice shaking and hesitant.

    "Erik....he wanted you to do a time freeze on the energy sphere. He was in there, doing battle against Mental. Erik....we could feel him in our minds, then.....there was this horrible wrenching feeling followd by screaming...then, he was.......he was.....gone....just like that. we couldn't feel him anymore."

    John shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. He seemed really scared now. He looked to the spot where the golden sphere of psionic energy had been, then back at Roxanne.

    " there anyway...anyway at all that you could bring him back?"

    John's blue eyes looked into Roxanne's. He was silently pleading that she would be able to undo what had just been done. Sage stood to one side, silently waiting to see what transpired before intervening.

    Tag: LeiaHair ( those were in mindlink with the professor: N'dare, Karra, Dark Devil, Thera, Tetsuo, Iori, Lazer, etc)


    Demolished Entarnceway

    The Shadowy lady emerged once again and just in time to hear some interesting whispers. She was wondering why she hadn't felt Mental's presence, and now she knew why. Both Xavier and Mental were gone.

    "So, the children of disobedience do our work for us. I would feel embarrassed if it weren't such a triumphant moment. With Xavier gone, there's NO ONE to stop us now. Won't Lord Exodus be pleased..."

    With that, the shadow woman began to dissolve once again as she laughed softly to herself. The begining of the end was finally at hand.


    Hammer Bay, Genosha, The Citadel

    Atlas Room


    Lord Exodus screamed as he fell to the ground. Sweat was falling in copious amounts from his brow. He panted and breathed heavily and was almost unable to hold himself up. He had narrowly escaped oblivion.

    What in the deepest pit of the abyss had just happened, he could hardly begin to formulate. One moment he and Mental were doing battle with the thrice dammed Erik Xavier, then reality itself began to collapse all around them. If it were not for his incredible psionic might, he too would have been lost.

    There was little consolation in the fact that the mighty Xavier had fallen with Mental in tow. He was such a promising understudy. No doubt something had gone horribly wrong. Xavier seemed as surprised as they were, but failed to save himself. Now that he was gone however.....

    Lord Exodus summoned a surge what strength remained in him and managed to drag himslef onto a divan. He could not allow anyone to see him this way, so he locked all access points to the Atlas room electronically. This unexpected turn of events gave the Brotherhood an advantage they sought for a very long time, though the price that was paid for it was too high for Lord Exodus' liking. The X-men would be made to pay. Mental would be avenged.

    Lord Exodus felt a slight chill and sensed something stirring nearby. He turned an angry eye towards the source, but relaxed once he saw who it was that 'entered' the room unconventinally.

    "It's you...welcome back." he said without mirth as he sat himself straight up on the divan. The effort it took him to do so was quite visible, but his guest did not react to it.

    "Much to tell you, I have Lord Exodus..." said a shadowy woman, her tone deceptively sweet.

    "I have no doubt of it, Lady Darque. I am most eager to hear your report."

    Lord Exodus managed to get himself in lotus position, before the shadowy lady began to recount her experience in the battlefield. There was much
  16. LeiaHair

    LeiaHair Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 9, 2003
    OOC: :_| Crap! I always misread things.... I'm so sorry about that... Hopefully this works... otherwise we're in for it. *kicks self*

    [b]Roxanne Moore "Hourglass... and other stupid things"[/b]
    [i]Xavier Mansion, Front Lawn[/i]

    "Roxanne...what did you do?" he asked, his voice shaking and hesitant. "Erik....he wanted you to do a time freeze on the energy sphere. He was in there, doing battle against Mental. Erik....we could feel him in our minds, then.....there was this horrible wrenching feeling followd by screaming...then, he was.......he was.....gone....just like that. we couldn't feel him anymore." John shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. He seemed really scared now. He looked to the spot where the golden sphere of psionic energy had been, then back at Roxanne. " there anyway...anyway at all that you could bring him back?"

    Roxanne was screamming on the inside. [i]NO! No no no no no! This can't be happening. [/i] "He... couldn't have been in there... there was only one timeline... wasn't there?" She tried to remember, but couldn't. Her chest was starting to hurt, but nothing like her mind was. How could she bring him back... wait! "I know. I need to get up there. Exactly where the shpere would be. If I can rewind time enough, I should be able to grab ahold-"

    Roxanne coughed. The pressure on her chest was growing to anoying now. The real race for time had begun, and Roxanne had just realised it. Yelling inbetween coughs, Roxanne put one knee on the ground. "Get me a way up there, now."

    TAG: GJ

    OOC: Again, so sorry for being stupid. (Also, if this plan works, they should already be back.... maybe else where in the Mansion... or if not, I can work that out in that post.)>
  17. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Xavier Mansion, Front Lawn

    John heard what Roxanne had said and a glimmer of hope shone in his eyes, he was about to turn and say something when Roxanne coughed several times. John's eyes grew wide.

    "'re coughing up blood!" he said, alarm and concern mixed in his voice now.

    "N'dare! we need you..." John said turning as he grabbed a hold of Roxanne.

    "No....if we're going to do this, we need to do this NOW." Sage interrupted, as she stepped up.

    John gave the woman a hard look.

    "John, she's hemorrhaging from the inside. I can slow down the bleeding. Lazer could probably forestall any greater damage with her healing powers, but If we don't do this now, we may never be able to get Erik back. She will need intense medical attention after this, but at least she will live. N'dare can tell you as much."

    Without waiting for a response, Sage used her telekinetics to lift Roxanne to where the golden sphere of psionic energy had been, to where Erik and Mental had been locked in a powerful psionic struggle.

    "Good luck my child, we're counting on you." the Raven haired mutant said as she levitated Hourglass to the exact spot she needed to be.

    John looked on, uncomfortable with the whole proceedings. He kept his eyes on Roxanne the whole time and said a silent prayer.

    Tag: LeiaHair, Ktala
  18. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Karra - Xavier Mansion - outside

    It was so strange and bizzare. Karra felt as if she had stepped out of time, and was now watching from a distance, the events that were happening around them. Lazer, a girl that Karra had worked with once before, hovered over her. Turing her head slightly, she could see Bad Boy was laying nearby as well. She scanned the immediate area. No Iori. Lazer was glowing, and from her touch, Karra felt a surge of energies. She was tired, but she felt pretty good. Around them, the battle seemed to range around them, but near Lazer, it was quiet. Peaceful. How very pecuilar. She could still feel the mental bond, as Xavier was battling someone. She slowly sat up, and let Lazer attend to Bad Boy, who had definatelly taken the bigger brunt of the attack. She head the mental command from Xavier, //Roxanne, now!//

    And then, her world came crashing down. Within the mind link, she felt something grow horribly wrong. Karra looked around, and then up, trying to see something, anything. Xavier. No wait. This is not right. "No!" Karra called up, as she felt the link violently break. A horrible wrenching feeling followd by screaming...then, nothing. No death. No life. As if it has never been. Gone. Karra began to shake. What did Roxxane do!?! Her stomach plummeted. A quick scan however, revealed no other of the bad guys were still around. But if they could telelport in again...they were in trouble.

    Karra quickly leapt to her feet, moving away from Lazer and Bad Boy. She scanned the area quickly. Finally, she saw Iori, standing with Thera. Karra ran towards him quickly. "Iori!" She called out to him, as she ran up to him, and hugged him tightly around the neck. "Did you feel...what happened?" she asked him softly, as she left go, to see if he was alright as well. She was truly worried, and her eyes glowed softly, in multi-colored sparkles as she waited for him to respond.

    TAG: GreyJedi, anyone else

    Professor N'dare - Xavier Mansion, Vantage Point

    N'dare watched the events unfold, while slightly amused at the display that Lera had attempted to display. He was not about to argue with her, for too much was in motion at the moment. Perhaps in time, she would learn that the truth of things, but now was not the time for such debates. The area had exploded into action. But N'dare was impressed with the electrical arc that Lera generated, combined with his own efforts as well. They seemed to have done the job. As the enemy began to retreat, he looked down, reading a text message from Jocasta. It was also copied to Sage.

    [Current Status Update: Mutant known as Hawk has been located several kilometers from present location. Travel trajectory suggests he is traversing the westchester sewer system. Preliminary scans also show other mutant signatures in close proximity to him as well as various non-mutant signatures in pursuit pattern. Extrapolation suggests military or paramilitary units. End of Update.]

    Wonderful. Did it every slow down? Apparently not. As the battle reached it climax, The Orb of psionic energy that contained both Erik and Mental hung frozen before them as it hovered over the Mansion. All was quiet and still in the mist filled daylight. It was an slightly errie sight. N'dare remembered tales of when such battles backfired.

    //Roxanne, now!//The command was given within the mindlink generated by Xavier. Yes, now things were reaching their conclusion. Then, the link was shattered. N'dare bent down on one knee, as the feeling as if something had been physically ripped away from him, from his mind. There was screaming. Horrible screaming he heard within his mind. And finally, mind numbing silence. Nothing.

    //Xavier?// came the thought. Nothing. //Erik!//

    N'dare moved with lighting speed, as he leaped, and took to flight. He made it to where Xavier had last been seen, near the front door of the Mansion. Nothing. He frowned deeply, not liking the implications involved. He looked over, and saw Sage. And somet
  19. LeiaHair

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    Aug 9, 2003
    OOC: Okay, my brother is going to send you a PM later to day, GJ. He wants to join the game. He's never played, but he's always over my shoulder watching... and I'm going to help him along... so please help him out. (It's DarthTK421.... or something like that.)

    [b]Roxanne Moore "Hourglass"[/b]
    [i]Xavier Mansion, Front Lawn[/i]

    As Sage lifted her in the air, Roxanne closed her eyes. The Life of every mutant within Xavier's care now depended on her sucess. Roxanne had a feeling that once she went back into time, Sages powers would no longer be there. Luckily for her, if she didn't stop her manipulation of time, she would not fall.

    With one last ragged, deep breath, disappeared into the past.

    [color=indigo][i]Like watching a movie in rewind, Roxanne could see the actions around her. People walking backwards, mutants jumping to their feet instead of falling, powers being reviersed. Roxanne felt like she was breaking a law. Then, she was surrounded by nothing... absolutly nothing. That nothing was the black hole.

    Sweat poured down her face, and she coughed a few times, all the while she was still rewinding.

    Gold. That's all she could see for moment. Then, there he was. Standing in front of her as if nothing happend.

    Without hesitation, she paused time, took a breath, then started time slowly, grabbing Xavier. Once she had a hold of him, she sped up time as fast as she could. Her coughing continued, and soon, everything was turning black. All she knew was that she wasn't going to stop to early.

    NOT YET... NOT YET.... NOT.....

    Roxanne blacked out.[/color][/i]

    Little did Roxanne know, she had passed up the time she had left, and ended up falling from the sky, Xavier in hand, ten minutes later.

  20. Darph_Nader

    Darph_Nader Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 17, 2005

    Time passed. The two mutants wandered through the tunnels, hoping they were getting somewhere.

    Unbeknowst to Jack at the time, the sewage was a bit flammable - which wa sshown as a bubble of the vile stuff filling the tunnel popped, and the gas emmited made a fire ball as big as Jack's head. The air seemed worse than before, if it was at all possible.

    "That wasn't you, was it?" Jack said, turning back to Elana, a grin on his face.

    "Shut up," Elana retored, a disgusted look on her now tired features.

    They both were tired. They been on the run for nearly twelve hours now, and Jack hadn't gotten a lot of sleep the night before. Jack had gone from clean and tired to filthy and tired, while Elana had gone from clean, awake and beautiful to dirty, tired, and stinky. Elana had tripped and fallen more than once, and the sewage caked her clothes and body.

    Another gas pocket burst, creating yet another fireball. Jack considered extinguishing the light, but that would make matters worse than a few fireballs.

    Elana carefully watched her brother. The determination on his face, the ferocity in his eyes... he almost wasn't the same man, if it weren't for his wisecracks every now and then. She looked down at herself, and took it in. The horrid filth covered every part of her body, and strung through her hair. If she looked at herself in a mirror at that instant, Elana knew she'd look like she'd gone through Hell.

    How right she was.

    Jack maneuvered his way through the bile, wretching every few minutes from the unbearable stench that filled his nostrils. Another large bubble was forming underneath him, and only a moment before it popped, he waded backwards as a gigantic fireball geysered out of the sludge, and up the hatchway to the manhole. Falling back into the sludge, Jack watched as the manhole was blown off, and the fireball continued up several feet before dying out.

    Elana stood over her older brother, giggling. "You look worse than I do now, Jack," she said inbetween her bursts of laughter."

    Jack sat himself up, and got to his feet. "Don't worry, I'll get you."

    Up ahead of the duo, a head emerged from the side of the tunnel, its eyes glaring at Jack. Jack froze in his tracks, staring at the head. Flicking the cap on his lighter, he plunged the tunnel into darkness. He slowly, quietly approached the area where the head had emerged, and flicked back on his light.

    Sure enough, a head was sticking out of the wall. If it had been a few years earlier, Jack probably would have died from fright, but he'd seen things a lot stranger...

    "Uh... Who are you?" Jack asked the head.

    As Jack finished his sentence, the lighter's flame died. Jack tried numerous times to get it on again, but to no avail.

    "Jack?" Elana asked, still off in the distance somewhere.

    "What?" Jack spat, frustrated by the newest disappointment.

    "Something's happening to me again."

    The tingling had begun in Elana's body. Her head, amrs, legs, and back went numb, while the other parts of her body began tingling. Then unbearable pain overtook her. She fell to the ground as her legs gave out. She was in so much pain, she couldn't register what exactly was happening. Everything seemed to be slowed down, and sped up at the same time. Then it quickly subsided. She regained her breath, her form sprawled across the ground.

    As she sat up, her body felt much different. Bringing her hand to her face, she no longer felt her hand - the palm was small, with enlongated fingers that had spikes protruding from the ends. Her skin had become thick with scales, and bony spikes protruded from the top of her head, pointing backwards. Her legs were reverse-articulated, with feet like that of her brother, but much more unearthly-looking. On her back sat two parallel rows of spikes, each even in length.

    She called out for Jack once again, but instead of words, she uttered an unintelligible growl. A surge of panic welled up inside her.

    I didn't do this... I didn't even try...

    She tried to call o
  21. Schoolgirl_Bounty

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    Apr 25, 2005
    Alice Sota- Tetsuo

    Everything appeared to happen in slow motion. The energy seemed enormous... then, it was gone... It took her a minute to regester what happened, then, the shock hit.

    Alice fell to her knees and clenched her fists; her vision blinded with blinding hot tears. Across the din which followed the onslaught a single voice struck out, shaking the very hearts and souls of the survivors. What once was, was no more; and with the shattering of that link the most primal rage swept through her body. Coming not just to her feet, but rising into the air without nary the aid of a single shred of metal, Tetsuo erupted. Her eyes brilliant snow white as the forces coursed through her veins and out to the unsuspecting world around her. Computers, cell phones, televisions, cars, anything which relied on a regulated electrical charge was disrupted on and off the immediant campus. This was the true and unbridled wrath she wished to unleash on whatever... no... whoever did this to her. Whoever stole away the one constant which had found its way into her life.

    He was more of a father to her than anyone had ever been. The sounds of her scream echoed for miles, and turned heads. All of her bottled emotions erupted in this single ear shattering moment. It seemed like the piercing agony would echo forever within her heart, and only hers, nobody else could understand. They couldn't... they never do...

    Little did she know what was going on.

    (tag- Anyone and everyone)
  22. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Spirit of Matter

    Slowly following and grinning to himself at the two mutants interactions, he almost couldn't contain the laughter that wanted to exscape his lips at the two's jokes.

    But the real fun began when a head that had been hidden in the dark from his piercing gaze came into view, his body stiffened as he sank in dimensions stratiledling a bridge between this reality and another, his breaths came harder, pain seared through his lungs with each breath he took. Such was the old cost of protection, pain.

    The light ahead flickered and went out, came back and left again, the young man calling to the new comer. Then his sister stepped into view in a beautiful form, at least to one of his era, like the combination of many creatures that some tribes believed were angels or demons. And whatever had him on this quest of ages heaved into his mind and he knew now that he had to make contact and move to protect this mutant if that need be.

    He moved toward the light of the manhole until he was just outside of it and whispered so the girl could hear him, "Do not fear no harm will come from me behind. I will help, but remember this Joy umixed with sorrow is suspect. If help needed just call in two short sounds." And with that he stepped away poised to help or vanish whichever the situation should call for. Safe in his knowledge that she couldn't tell her companion and that her companion wouldn't hear over his own calls to the head sticking around the corner.

    TAG: D_N, GJ125
  23. DarthTK42-Wan-

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    Aug 14, 2003
    [hl=limegreen]Character Sheet GM Approved[/hl]

    Alias: Angeldust
    -Real Name: Semaj Adair
    --Date of Birth: April 14, 1989
    ---Gender: Male
    ----Age: 17
    -----Height: 6' 0''
    ------Weight: 167
    -------Eyes: Green
    --------Hair: Shaggy brown which is always messy and never combed; usually under a backwards hat

    -Family: Cousin of Roxanne Moore through her mother, Anawyn (Adair) Moore. His father is Seamus Adair his mother is Marion (O?Brien) Adair. His father wherabouts are unknown and his mother died in a car accident when he was 7.
    --Marital Status: Single
    ---Species: mutant
    ----Nationality: Irish/American
    -----Base of Operations: none
    ------Ability: While his power is in use (uncontrolled), for Semaj time appears to slow down however he continues moving at the same speed, so to others he appears to be moving very fast. Also, he is extraordinarily strong while maintaining same physical appearance, for him colors are altered and he is immune to pain and life threatening injury to a great extent. The downside to all of this is that while he is using these powers, he is completely out of his mind with a reckless rage. Once the powers have faded, he is weakened, often to the point of being comatose, And/or near death.

    -Appearance: Zildjian T-shirts and khaki pants with cargo pockets.
    --Other Special Features: He has had very little formal education often times found listening to rock music.
    ---Personality: Angry; cynical and considered a lone wolf rarely opening up.
    ----History/Background: Born in Castlebar Ireland, his mother moved to America in the St. Louis area after his father disappeared when he was 4. After her death, he wandered the streets of St. Louis until he got in a fight that he knew he was going to lose. This is when his powers first kicked in, and the next thing he remembers is waking up in the hospital.

    OOC: I'm a noob to roleplaying so if i screw something up just yell and throw things at me
  24. HunterPrime

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    Apr 17, 2004
    Lazer - Somewhere on the battlefield, Xavier Mansion

    As Lazer knelt on the ground, tending to Karra and bad boy, she noticed a low lying fog slowly moving around her. It seemed to miss her and the others, as it moved slowly, winding its way along the ground. Then, a blast of light and energy so bright, that even Lazer was astounded by its brilliance. Suddenly, tounges of darkness, seemed to appear from nowhere and lap up the bad guys that suddenly fell. Lazer grinned, knowing who was responsible.

    Lazer felt as Karra slowly sat up, and looked around. Lazer smiled. She was tired, but glad to see the girl moving around. She was about to ask her something, when suddenly, Karra lept to her feet. Before she could ask what was wrong, Karra moved away from her, looking around.

    Lazer shook her head, and then turned her attentions to Bad Boy. He had really been hurt badly, and it was taking a bit more time with him. But at least his own abilities seemed to be kicking in. Apparently, quick healing was one of them.

    As she waited for her partner to return, she looked, checking in on the Dark Devil, and to checking on Bad Boys condition. Soon, she was finished, and she stopped, the glow around her body fading. She looked to see if anyone else needed help. Something was going on, she could see, but she waited until she was sure that those in need were fine. Suddenly, she noticed Professor N'dare frantically waving for her assistance. That was unusual, and Lazer quickly moved to interceed. It didnt take her long, to see the problem, as she waited to help, as best she could.

    TAG: Ktala, Greyjedi125, others

    NightFall - Shadow Realm, Xaviers

    The Shadow woman steadily gazed upon the form of NightFall, which was fine with him, for it gave him time to admire her form. He was well aware of the fact, that she probably knew what he was up to, but sense she made no move to stop him once again, he found the thought, intreaguing. Finally she spoke, responding to his eariler question, and he found that he liked the sound her voice made.

    "I am known by many names, but you can callme, Lilith, Lilith Darque."

    A moment of silence fell between the two as they gazed at each other. He gave a grin. A lovely name. He was about to comment on it, when the mommet was interrupted by the ingress of a winged boy who glowed faintly. He fell slowly to the floor, as if he were underwater. It seemed as if Lilith recognizded him. He was just annoyed at the sudden interruption. A short moment after the boy's arrival, there was another interroption as another being was drawn into the shadow realm. This one was alreday recovering from whatever malady assailed her. His smile faded. She must be drawing her teammates to her, for he would have sent them much farther away. The other female collected the body, and in fort of her, a shimmering door was now open, obviously leading out of the shadowy dimension. Amazing. That was difficult for most teleporters. The shadow realm had no real 'address' so it was hard for most to lock on where they were. This one seemed to have no problems doing such. That was dangerious. The woman turned it's head, flame-hair trailing and cast one last fiery glance before departing. Good riddance. Lilith's gaze shifted back to NightFall.

    "Well, this has certainly been an.....educational encounter." She said with some humor in her voice. "I agree." he quickly replied.

    "There's one more task I need to attend to, but before I go, I want you to know this. We shall meet again, and perhaps then I will deign to reveal certain mysteries unto you.....perhaps."

    Ah. A bit of mystery, to go with the mystique. Not that it was needed. He had found enough so far to garner his attentions. "Perhaps.." he echoed softly. Lilith raised one eyebrow and gave Nightfall as charming smile, then she slowly vanished from their shadowy meeting place, however, Nightfall could still feel her presence nearby.

    "Until we meet again, Lilith Darque. And believe me...I look forward to it." NightFall replied so
  25. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Welcome, DarthTK42-wan-, all new players and those waiting as well. Thanks once again for your patience. I should have you all up an running shortly.


    Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

    The Big Lawn

    Iori felt the pain of the blows he'd suffered. He was definitely going to be bruised and black and blue all over, but at the moment, the pain seemed very far away. He smiled reasuringly at Karra as she held him. He couldn't help but smile at her. Karra's concern for him was genuine and it showed, and honestly, it felt good that somedoby cared, because he knew he cared for her....and Lera. Iori thought of the lil' 'sparker' as a younger sister, but Karra. He really liked Karra.

    "Did you feel...what happened?" she asked him, eyes glowing beautifully in multi-colours.

    Iori had been dazed at the moment it all went down. He vaguely recalled hearing Xavier's voice, but the wrenching feeling....that he remembered well.

    "I did feel something..." he confessed, "but I'm not sure what that's all about."

    Iori stayed close to Karra as he looked at the senior memebers of the team. Solar Flare, Sage, N'dare, Thera. Something was happening and he had a vague sense that it had to do with professor Xavier. Iori felt odd, as if there was a sudden emptiness in his mind, more like the lack of a powerful presence. Before their eyes, Hourglass was lifted into the air, then there was a flash of light and she was gone. Iori noticed that John looked awfully alarmed and N'dare called over the young lady known as Lazer.

    "It must be serious..." Iori commented under his breath.

    In the meantime, Sage regarded their surrounding critically, before resting her gaze on N'dare. She didn't speak with words, but answered him telepathically, sharing with him critical images and concerns. Like her, N'dare was a consumate professional, and she knew that atleast he would understand. If the man had any disagreements, she knew he was more than capable of presenting his point constructively. As it was, the X-men were living in very dangerous times and could not afford certain mishaps.

    Time passed as they all waited for something to happen. They had no exact idea what Roxanne was capable of, and apparently, neither did she, but one thing was for certain. They all hoped for the best.

    The waiting continued, and when it all seemed unbearable, the flash of light returned.

    To the amazement of all present, three figures lay spraweld on the lawn.

    "She did it!!" John exclaimed aloud as he moved immediately towards the figures. Sage and N'dare were on the move right on time with John.

    Erik, Roxanne and Mental lay unconcious on the grassy lawn. They did not move and looked deathly pale.

    "Damn! They need immediate medical attention!" Sage said sounding none too happy.

    "Right here Miss Sage!" a voice called out. Sage turned to see Surge moving in with a hoverbed. Jocasta had two of them with her. Sage gave a faint smile of gratitue as she waved them forth.

    "Let's get them on carefully...." John instructed as he helped with Roxanne's unconcious body.

    "This is going to be closer than anticipated. We may need to use 'more advanced' means for this." Sage suggested to N'dare. The raven haired beauty used her telekinetics to get both Erik and Mental on the hoverbeds. There was no time to waste.

    Above them, a bird of prey could be heard calling out up in the sky. Sage took a quick glance just in time to see the image of a fiery bird vanishing. Sparing not another second, they hurried their three patients to the Infirmary.

    Tag: Ktala, others

    OOC: More updates later. Busy day today. FYI, my little ( one week ) vacation is coming to an end. :(
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