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Waco, TX Xbox vs PS2

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by BroodMcEto, Feb 3, 2004.

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  1. BroodMcEto Jedi Master

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    Jan 14, 2002
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    I think that we should discuss the merits/drawbacks of these two systems. Of course I want everyone to get an Xbox, but that doesn't mean I'm anti-PS2. I'm sure John can give us some good advice on the PS2.

    I'll kick things off for the Xbox.

    1. Hard drive. That means you'll never have to buy a memory card and you'll always have your game saved.

    2. System-Link. 16 player HALO rocks. Not that I would know, I've only played at most 7 player.

    3. Graphics. Comparing the two systems means that a game made for the Xbox will look better. Usually. There are some sloppy ports out there, and they don't always look better than the PS2 version.

    Those are my top 3 reasons for getting an Xbox. Yes, I'm a little biased, but when the PS2 first came out, I really liked it, and when Microsoft put out the Xbox, I wasn't really all that impressed at first.

  2. Amidala Starkiller Force Ghost

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    Dec 11, 1999
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    I guess I perfer computer to the lot of them.

    But by the end the last Halo night the Xbox was starting to grow on me
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