Niagara, ON Y.J.N. Movie Night - Monsters Inc.

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by YoungJediNiagara, Nov 1, 2001.

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  1. YoungJediNiagara RSA Emeritus FF Canada

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    Mar 23, 2001
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    City : St. Catharines
    Playing Date: Tuesday, November 06, 2001
    Theatre: SilverCity St. Catharines
    Time: Movie starts at 7:10pm

    If anyone would like to grab a bite to eat in The Pen Center food court please meet outside the theater at 6:00pm.
    For those who are just coming for the show, we will meet inside the theater at 6:45pm.

  2. Han_YoungJediNiagara Jedi Youngling

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    Apr 28, 2001
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    Could you bring your Qui-Gon, Luke or Vader saber for me to use? I'll bring a white one.

    I can't believe I'm not seeing the trailer today! My dad would gladly let me go today, but then I couldn't go on Tuesday.
  3. Darth_Pestilence Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 26, 2001
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    I'll come if I can find a ride. My dad has our van that night.
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