Yas Tellushi(This story has not been titled yet)

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    Okay, I'm gonna try my hand at writing a story. I thought most of this story out in my head yesterday afternoon, just didn't put it down on paper or anything.


    Yas Tellushi, a young mercernary, was standing between on the bridge of an Imperial Star Destroyer,with a Stormtrooper on either side of him. One of them was entirely asleep, leaning against a wall;, the second of them was almost asleep. Yas could have easily killed both of them with his bare hands, stolen their rifles, and brought the entire ship under his command. He'd done it before, and it wasn't easy. Not easy, but nevertheless possible. But, at the moment he couldn't, thanks to a set of binders on his wrists, and another set on his ankles. The sound of an airlock whooshing open spun him around, but it didn't wake up the sleeping trooper, and his almost-dozing counterpart didn't even twitch at the sound. Yas felt for the stormtroopers because he was sure of what was about to happen. The Admiral gestured with his hand, and the four stormtroopers guarding him brought their rifles up and fired, blasting the sleeping trooper onto the deck. They then swung to point their rifles at the second trooper, and without making sure he was still there, they unleashed a flurry of laser bolts. Unfortunately for them, the second trooper wasn't there;, he had swiftly taken cover behind several packing crates. By the time other troopers came the realization that their target was missing, they were all lying dead on the ground, clean blast marks right through each of their heads. Then, suddenly, Yas' wrist and ankle constraints were on the floor, cleanly blasted off, and not a single singe mark on him. He found the rifle of the fallen trooper, and started blasting away at the many troopers that had now gathered on the bridge. Then, he heard the sound of a stormtrooper yelling at him, "Get over here, into this side room!" He leapt for the door, and came right in behind the trooper. "Get the door", shouted the stormtrooper voice. He got it. The door slammed shut, blaster bolts pounding against it, and gave Yas just enough time to notice some heavy artillery cannons being hauled onto the deck . Yas felt a sickening feeling in the pit of is stomach as the door started to buckle under the assault of the heavy artillery, realizing it was omly a matter of time until the stormtroopers got in.

    Meanwhile, outside, the Admiral ordered that all air vents be locked, and that poison gas was to be fed into Bridge Storage Room A-34."This will keep them in there, and even of they hold their breaths to thwart the poison gas, the air vent grates will be securely locked. Oh, and cease fire, in hopes of lureing them out of there".

    In the room, Yas asked the stormtrooper a question. "Why did you rescue me? I'm not used to having Stormies(as he preferred to call them) rescuing me".
    "Well, I'm not exactly a 'Stormie'. I'm a Rebel. You were shipping an awfully huge load of weapons in to us, that's why the Imps captured you isn't it?"
    "Yeah, that's right".
    "I was a prisoner, and when we allowed out to go the bathroom, I heard two stormtroopers talking about the incident. I htought I should help you , so I killed both the troopers with my bare hands, stole the armor off one o' those incompetents, then threw the bodies into the trash compactor. Then, I came down here to help you."
    "Just what in space is your name anyway?"
    "We'll talk about that later," he said as he noticed the gas coming through."Get your rifle out and lay waste to that grate up there. Oh, and hold your breath, we've got work to do"


    Just poat your comments, and be a critic.

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