Saga You Can't Go Home Again. (Obi-Ani-Bant. The first night at the Jedi temple after Naboo. Post-TPM.)

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    Title: You Can't Go Home Again
    Characters: Anakin, Bant, Garen, Obi-Wan, a few (unimportant) OCs.
    Summary: It's the Chosen One's first night at the Jedi temple and he struggles with the cold, his master struggles with life in general and this night in particular and the temple's inhabitants struggle with their curiosity.
    Disclaimer: I believe it is needless to stress that I do not own any recognizable characters, locations or even concepts. Star Wars etc. belongs to George Lucas and I am merely borrowing some of his characters for the sake of this little scene. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made with this.

    Note: Part two will be up next weekend & constructive criticism is always welcome :)

    ~ You Can't Go Home Again ~ Part 01/03 ~

    It was rather surprising how many persons had found some ? imaginary or real ? reason to come to the landing pad, Bant Eerin thought as she tried to stand on her tip-toes in order to peer over the heads of the small crowd. In contrast to what a lot of people thought, the Jedi were not nearly as emotionless as their reputation made them out to be and one of their favored emotions, as far as the short Padawan could tell, was curiosity. Well-hidden and controlled but it was still there nevertheless and while it was true that news traveled fast in the Jedi temple, the same was twice as true when it came to gossip.

    Bant looked around and smiled softly in amusement. Everyone seemed very busy around her (or pretending to be so), only few ? merely the younger padawans, in fact ? daring to do what they all wanted to: stare shamelessly at the landing pad where the elegant ship had landed mere moments ago and its occupants were doubtlessly going through the final post-flight check-ups. Bant stretched in order to get a better look. She had a reason to be there, the young Mon Calamari thought. After all, the vessel held one of her best friends and it was perfectly justified that she was here to come and greet him. In fact...

    "What are they doing in there? Painting their fingernails? I wish they would hurry up."

    That very un-Jedi-like exclamation was accompanied by a befittingly whining tone as its owner, Padawan Garen Muln, proceeded almost without any notable delay to admire the sleek design of the Nubian ship. Bant sighed though her smile grew.

    "More patient you must be, young padawan." She informed Garen in a serene tone and Yoda's unmistakable grammar, earning nothing but a small snort from her friend who, without missing a beat, went from admiring the ship to wild speculations.

    "So do you think it's true?" The dark-haired Jedi asked, oh-so-carefully nudging a grateful Bant into a position where she had a better view.

    "What is true?" She asked softly, her silver eyes fixed on the ship. Garen was right. What were they doing in there?

    "That they picked up the Chosen One." Garen breathed with a fascination in his voice that was usually reserved for spaceships. "The one who will bring balance to the force."

    Bant tilted her head to one side thoughtfully. "That's what they say."

    "It's true." Another voice interrupted as Knight Ta'Vrell came up next to them. "They say the boy's midichlorian count is off the scale."

    "And he has un-heard of reflexes." Another Jedi said as the crowd slowly but surely abandoned all pretense of working and took to staring shamelessly at the ship.

    "I bet he's tall."

    "I bet he's strong."

    "He must be. He defeated a Sith." Another voice broke in and a collective shudder ran through the small crowd at the naming of their ancient enemy.

    "That wasn't the Chosen One." Ta'Vrell informed them in a thoughtful voice. Obviously the news that the Sith had re-emerged was still startling to him. However, it wasn't long before the next one, a Padawan with brightly-colored hair, added the next piece of information.

    "Yes. That was the Sith Killer." An appreciative murmur went through the small crowd. It was reassuring to know/>
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    Wonderful characterizations. I've always wondered what the begining would have been like for Obi-Wan and Anakin and everyone. =D=
  3. dianethx Jedi Master

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    Very nicely done. I really enjoyed the almost festive air about it until Garen figured out who had died. Plus the crowd was so disappointed in a mere boy.

    Good job. If you are doing PMs, please put me on the list.
  4. Lolly_Tolly Jedi Master

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    Wow. I don't really have anything to say that hasn't already been said...

    And that includes, "Please add me to your PM list." :p
  5. KELIA Manager Emeritus

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    What a wonderful beginning!

    I loved all the Jedi flocking around the landing pad, desperate for their first look of the chosen one.

    Please PM me when you update.

    Looking forward to more

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
  6. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    Your portrayal of their coming home is what it?s like when loved ones return home from the airport everyone jostling to see their loved one.[face_love]

    I imagine to the Chosen one, their gawking at him is like a circus is in town, and he?s the main attraction.:confused:

    He must feel very uncomfortable.[face_worried]

  7. Obi-Odd13 Jedi Knight

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    Wow. I like the way you portrayed this moment from everyone else's view, and how they all have some facts, but nobody knows exactly what is going on. I loved the moment of horror that Bant and Garen shared when they realized that Qui-Gon was not coming off the ship.

    =D= Nicely done. PLease add me to the PM list? I don't want to miss the next chapter.
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