You know you're reading a fanfic by (so-and-so) when...

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by Sebulba2179, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. Lusa_Thul Jedi Knight

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    Sep 9, 2004
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    [face_laugh] Oh, so true! That made my day, right there!
  2. Zonoma Jedi Master

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    Jun 28, 2005
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    You know you are reading a fiction by IrishEyedJedi when it's H/L mush and Han has the Force.
  3. Valairy Scot Backpacking One Pack a Day Mod of New Films

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    Sep 16, 2005
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    Hey Alison & RK_Striker: you got mentioned! See, you have a following, or recognizable style.
  4. SilSolo Jedi Knight

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    Mar 5, 2004
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    Oh, did I ever mention that the one for AlisonC is based more on what I saw on her website and on than the stuff here?

    You know you're reading a fic by Draconarius when
    1. It's J/J
    2. It's D/K and something horrible happens to these two
    3. It takes place after TUF in a universe where Anakin is alive.
    4. The posts average 10+pages, no matter the fic
    5. There's lots of sweet A/T
  5. ZebulaNebula Jedi Master

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    Feb 10, 2005
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    You're reading a fic by CourtneySolo, when:

    [face_love]Nearly every post contains A/T.

    [face_love]Ongoing flashbacks intercut with other parts of the story and/or timeline jumps are to be expected.

    [face_love]Cute mush abounds, and even the darkest parts hold a sort of innocence.

    [face_love]Riina Kwaad has a physical form apart from Tahiri

    [face_love] Despite everything, everyone is in character.

    Rose Skywalker:

    @};-She tries to write a Mary-Sue, and the character comes out complex, lovable, and utterly believable

    @};-You consider a 100+ page story too short.


    =D=You got an account here just to be able to reply to her story.

    =D=You can see and hear the characters(canon and OC) in your mind's eye

    =D=Matters going on in the characters' heads evoke powerful emotions in yours
  6. darksideyesplease Jedi Master

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    Feb 12, 2005
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    Hahaha, this made my day, which is also my birthday, thank you
  7. Idrelle_Miocovani Jedi Master

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    Feb 5, 2005
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    LOL, happy birthday then darksideyesplease. Consider it my gift to you. :p
  8. Nienna_Narmolanya Jedi Padawan

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    Jul 5, 2005
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    I'll take that as a compliment. :p Thanks, Brentus!
  9. Master_Jaina1011 Jedi Master

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    May 20, 2002
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    You Know You are reading a fanfic by Tkeira_Lea when

    ~it J/J no matter what
    ~ You're laughing and crying every other moment
    ~the romance is so great you wish you had a Jag of your own
    ~Han and Soontir are always going at it... battling over their granddaughter
    ~Zekk is evil and you want him dead
    ~You wish that the profic writers would get an idea from her and let TKL write the rest of the novels... that way the profic will sell much better


    ~ You are surprised at every post she does
    ~It's Jag and Shawkyrn
    ~So much angst you are always left wanting more
  10. AlisonC Jedi Padawan

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    Aug 27, 2005
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    Thanks, SilSolo! :D

    I'd transfer the others here but unfortunately I can't :( The Sue Slayer vignettes could be copied if I edited a little, though.
  11. Valairy Scot Backpacking One Pack a Day Mod of New Films

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    Sep 16, 2005
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    How about DarthIshtar - a comic genius with a flair for storytelling. I crack up at the stories, which are extremely well-written and so true to the characters. I'm still chuckling over Mace Windu & Anakin's outing!
  12. DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master

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    Mar 26, 2001
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    Awww, that could be the first time someone's mentioned my funny side! Thanks!
  13. BrentusofGath Jedi Padawan

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    Aug 12, 2005
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    by VaderLVR64 when Shmi Skywalker is present or mentioned... or otherwise you just know she should have been mentioned... [face_laugh]

    ...And it contains some kind of parent/child comfort scene...

    ...And you need to remember to bring a box of tissues to the computer before you start reading, otherwise you end up with a soggy mousepad!
  14. ladylaurel18 Jedi Padawan

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    Sep 12, 2005
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    By Zonoma...

    when it's first person, and incredibly well done.


    When every OC has a pic to go with...drawn by her as well.

    By IEJ

    When there are insane plot twists.

    If there is mush. Particularly H/L mush.

  15. Zonoma Jedi Master

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    Jun 28, 2005
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    [face_blush]Thank you, LL18, this made my day, week, and month!
  16. SilSolo Jedi Knight

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    Mar 5, 2004
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    I guess I forgot to say this in an earlier post, but one day, when I was reading through one of my fics in an attempt to write the next post, I realized that YodaKenobi was underexaggerating when he said that my fics are half Yuuzhan Vong. Instead of getting an update written the one time I had the time, I psyched myself out and was mentally incapacitated for teh rest of teh day.

    Anyhow, you know you're reading a fic by RK_Striker_JK_5 when

    1. NJO Jaina, Vergere, Borsk Fey'lya all get bashed big time.

    2. Despite being a big Yuuzhan Vong fan, you can't help but to boo these guys in the fic.

    You know you're reading a fic by widow_skywalker when

    1. It's lots of Padme and happy A/A
  17. Magenta_Moonshadow Jedi Knight

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    Aug 14, 2005
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    Well, I've only posted three stories on here so far, but even I know mine are extremely 'angsty' (Is that a word? It *is* now!), and Obi Wan and Qui Gon are likely to feature strongly in them!:D
  18. Valairy Scot Backpacking One Pack a Day Mod of New Films

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    Sep 16, 2005
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    Well, I've posted more than 3 and I would say mine are notable for lots of dialogue, minimal scene-setting, and range from funny to angst, but all include Obi-Wan!
  19. DreamingIce Jedi Knight

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    Aug 8, 2005
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    You know your reading stories by...

    :D - It has pilots/their families in it [face_love]

    @};- It also has pilots[face_love]

    @};- Inyri Forge appears at some point

    @};- It's got Wes/Inyri [:D]

    @};- Pash Cracken dies :_| :_| :_|

  20. JediTristan Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 30, 2004
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    You wonder why Denning hasn't called demanding that she give him the REAL Dark Nest back.

    You start seeing consipracies everywhere....

    You ignore most of the rest of the board.

    Jaina Solo has turned into something....Londonish.

    you wish the world was as real as the fic.

    Wait, this is fanfic???

    you wonder how much you paid for this stuff, it isn't enough.

    stickster: grief is the most beautiful emotion.

    Jena Malone might be casted along with a Culkin.

    (Hayden might be in the works too, but in a TOTALLY different part)

    Leia gets what's COMIN' to her.

    NJO (or Old jedi nurse): The Solos rock.

    People actually get hurt. 'cause that means more hospital time amd medical quotes!

    Exploring the body is FUN.

    Marriages are real. Uh-oh!

    Stream of conciousness suddenly becomes a valid literate technique.
  21. Jaya Solo Jedi Knight

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    Jul 12, 1999
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    Uppity! :)

    You know you're reading a post by...

    When it includes Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, or Yoda.
    When one of the above characters is a baby or toddler.

    When she writes such long posts that it takes you forever to catch up. ;)
    When the characterization is completely believable, even if you don't like how they're acting.
    When the world of Csilla comes to life to you.
    When you start to hate Jacen for all new reasons. ;)
    When you wonder what the heck the writers are doing to the characters now that Inara had to write something into her story so it stay somewhat canon.
    When you actually want Jag and Kyrn to get together.

    When it's about a minor character, giving him or her some of the spotlight that he or she deserves.

    When you swear you've read the same plot in another story by her. (Don't hit me! That was something I said to you when I adopted you.)
    When the story contains mush. Lots of mush.
    Did I mention mush?

    When it's about pilots or the children of pilots.

    When she names her OC after the nickname you give her because she misspelled Jaina. :D

    When her fics make you want to sing along with them. (It must be the Disney songs.)

    When she writes a great story that no one notices about Luke and Vader.
  22. Jaina_Solo_15 Jedi Master

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    Dec 5, 2002
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    When you swear you've read the same plot in another story by her. (Don't hit me! That was something I said to you when I adopted you.)

    Am I ever going to live this down? Oh, wait...never mind. [face_not_talking]
  23. oqidaun Manager Emeritus

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    Jul 20, 2005
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    You know you're reading a fic by CommanderDWH when...
    the protagonist is a barefoot, pacifist Jedi who you'd like to hang out with in a coffeehouse and talk about where the world went wrong.
    her conspiracy to convert the boards to KOTOR fandom one reader at a time is working even though you really have no clue about KOTOR aside from the fact you know you like it.
    math and computer programming pop up at the strangest junctures.
    the OC ensemble is dynamic, everyone interacts beautifully with one another

    You know you're reading a fic by 1YodimusPrime when...
    the lead wears a trench coat containing the secrets of the galaxy and is as slippery as a Hutt in a bowl full of green Jello
    pudding is the food of the gods
    there's a dead wookiee in the passenger seat
    you find yourself laughing at the little details and crazy tangents as much as the plot line.
    pirates have shiny ships, ideas about franchise opportunites and explosive knick knacks
    the supporting cast is as rich and hilarious as the larger than life scoundrel Yodimus

    You know you're reading a fic by Wendynat when...
    the story line and characters have kind of a Valley of the Dolls/Peyton Place feel about them
    Imperial high society has been brilliantly captured and vividly described
    you don't immediately hate the bad guys, because she's captured their humanity and portrayed them so realistically

    You know you're reading a fic by Kudzu and Antilles2001 when...
    there's explosions--lots and lots of explosions
    the ARCs are smooth, businesslike and bad to the bone
    A-51's character gets deeper with every chapter
    just when you've become comfortable reading a traditional war story, they throw in an extra insight or event that makes it any but a "traditional war story"

    You know you're reading a fic by The_Face when...
    the cast of OCs is rich and ever expanding
    the lead character is more than what he seems on the outside
    the descriptions are so vivid that you can feel the coldness of the ship and the claustrophobia of hyperspace
    the humor gets progressively darker and gives way to more serious drama as the story progresses

  24. Sebulba2179 Jedi Master

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    Feb 5, 2002
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    You are definitely reading RebelMom's work when somehow, you just inexplicably know that it's going to win the Best Ensemble Cast award in the next seasonal awards show. :D
  25. Antilles2001 Jedi Padawan

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    Oct 20, 2001
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    Aw, shucks. [face_blush] Thanks so much, oqidaun. I know I speak for both of us when I say that's awfully flattering. :)
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