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    Casus Beli 44 has a a badass fighter/bomber in it. Excuse my Frengrish, but the article is nearly:

  2. At the beginning of the Rebellion, certain companies building or subcontractor of the space engines (such INCOM) were very quickly made inoperative by the escape of some of their "brains." They brought to the Rebellion their know-how, the plans and especially of the prototypes as that of the X-WING starfighter which currently outclasses our TIE fighter class. In this escape, they could not fortunately steal the prototype of the STC001 but succeeded in seriously damaging it. The faithful engineers in the service of our Emperor indefatigably worked on and built the STC003 " Starcrasher."

    After the first results of the tests, this vessel is likely well to become the obsession of the rebels.

    Files of INCOM
    "The STC003 seems to be, for the type of mission which is fixed for him, the most remarkable machine of destruction we have ever produced. Its firepower and its protections allow us devastating incursions among rebels. Moreover, at the time of the attacks on the ground, the noise of the siren terrorizes the defenders.

    -- Astrocapt. F. Stobas.
    17th Imperial flotilla (Extracted from ' linterview appeared in Casus Belli Para Bellum n2473, devotes to the countryside of Tatooine.)

    Same at rest, the monster guard its air massive and threatening.
    Heavy Fighter Ground/Space " Starcrasher" MOD. STC 003
    Drive Star Wars
    Type: STC003
    Manufacturer: Sienner. SRT08 + 2 with. SRS.03.
    Length: 35m
    Width: 29m
    Crew: 4
    Passenger: 2
    Capacity compartment: 100kg
    Provisions: 2 weeks
    Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
    Navicomputer: yes
    Hyperdrive: yes
    Sublight speed: 2D
    Handiness: 1D
    Hull: 4D+2
    Shields: coefficient 3D
    2 heavy lasers under brought under control turret; fire control: 1D; damage combines: 7D
    2 Ion cannons. Shooting independent; fire control: 2D; damage: 3D.
    6 missiles; fire control: 2D; damage: 9D.
    Capacity of the bomb bay: 1 metric ton (detonite warhead).

  3. The whole article is pretty much IU written by Imperial Starfighter Pilot, F. Stobas.
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    Google translate fail. No idea what you are talking about. Stats?
  5. Genghis12 Manager Emeritus

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    Yeah, they're in there. Maybe start at the bottom of my post and work up. They're WEG D6 rules, any number typically preceding a "D" such as "3D" will be a ship stat.
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    What's Casus Beli?

    Nice ship, the shields and hull are really heavy duty though! What version of D6 is it? I'm used to ships having a 'Move' value of anything between 1 and 12, I would guess 2d = 2*3 (avg) - 6.
  7. Genghis12 Manager Emeritus

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    Casus Beli was a French RP magazine like GDW's Challenge. It had a pretty strong pedigree:

    One of the editors went on to work for classic, pre-wizards TSR, on such books as Oriental Adventures, and the like. I think now, the group is doing a sort of MMORPG, supported by graphic novels.

    Like Challenge magazine, Casus Belli had a ton of old-skool SW (D6) articles.
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    Would be cool to see them translated
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