Saga Your favorite and least favorite planet and/or system from the Saga?

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    I love the Coruscant skyline, the clubs, lights, senate district etc. Kamino looks awesome to but I wouldn't like to live there.
    Naboo on the other hand, that's a place where i could live.
    My least favorite would probably Yavin 4, mainly because it looks to earthisch.
  2. Skywalkin' Jedi Knight

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    If we're allowed to include the EU, I'd say Dac or Hapes. If it has to be a planet from the films, probably Bespin.

    Least favorite would be Hoth or Kessel.
  3. Cryogenic Force Ghost

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    The secret of Geonosis, for me, is that it's largely an "underground" planet -- i.e., its inhabitants dwell below the surface (but perhaps just below, in the mineral-rich upper strata) and/or in termite mounds. On that level, it's quite beautiful.

    My least-favourite locale, from the "mains", might be... ah, shoot. I dunno. You really want me to do this? In a saga as richly-designed and photographed and painted and sculpted as this one?

    My favourite? Just as hard. Almost. Naboo. Coruscant. Tatooine. Utapau. Yavin. Dagobah. Bespin. Endor.

    Okay, Naboo. Maybe.
  4. PiettsHat Jedi Grand Master

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    For favorite planet, I'd probably have to go with Coruscant. It has a great level of energy and for all that the PT doesn't have the "used" feeling of the OT, I thought Coruscant came across as the most "lived-in" planet that was shown across the Saga.

    Least favorite is Hoth. It's just very...plain. Even by the standards of Earth (which has some gorgeous Arctic landscapes), Hoth is plain. There's basically two non-Earth like creatures on it, neither of which are very alien looking, and that's about it.
  5. MajorTotoro Jedi Youngling

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    Favorite: Aesthetically Felucia, Kashyyk and Nar Shaddaa. To live in Endor or Naboo.

    Least Favorite: Hoth.
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    Favorite: Kashykk. Would get to live in a tree house.
    least:Coruscant. I live 38 miles south of New York City, Big cities do not impress me. They are noisy and the are not many green places in them
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  7. Padawan Fangirl Jedi Padawan

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    Favorite: Naboo and Coruscant. I love Naboo's scenery, and Coruscant looks so exciting.

    Least favorite: probably Geonosis. It just looks so...dull. Tatooine's dusty but at least there's something other than angry bug aliens on it. :p

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    Depends how you mean 'Saga'.

    In the films: Fave: Alderaan

    Least Fave: Tattooine (It's getting dull already) tied is Coruscant (city-planet, ugh, no thank you) and Mustufar (poorly executed)

    In books or other media:

    Fave: Serenno (Home of Dooku)

    Least Fave: Korriban
  9. Ezekial Jedi Master

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    Naboo is nice. I like the Gungans. I wish we had seen more of them.

    Least favorite planets are...

    Kamino. That entire section just kinda stunk.
    Coruscant wasn't especially awe-inspiring. A city-planet mountains, no lakes, no rivers or valleys, nothing but grey-brown city. Not interesting.
    The part with the winged flying things in AOTC just wasn't interesting.
  10. Big_Benn_Klingon Jedi Knight

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    Coruscant is my fav by a long shot. It really captured my imagination - even when I first saw the little snip at the end of the ROTJ special edition.

    Least favorite might be Naboo. It's just kind of a little to conventional and earth-like for my sci-fi tastes.
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  11. ObiAlKenobi Jedi Knight

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    I think about this often actually when i create an art piece.

    I love Cloud City. It's so beautiful. The designs and colors are perfect.

    Special mentions to Kashyyk and Kamino (yes I liked the water effects and how the city was made).

    I did not care for Yavin at all.
  12. VadersLaMent Chosen One

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    Favorite: Coruscant, I love a good ecumonopolis.

    Least; Kamino. A rather spartan water world, not much to see.
  13. Force Smuggler Force Ghost

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    I like all of the planets in the movies. Can't think of one I don't like.
  14. RepublicKnight95 Jedi Youngling

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    I'd have to go with Kamino, personally. I find rain relaxing, and I love the cleanliness of the buildings, I'd love to visit that planet.
  15. Moviefan2k4 Jedi Knight

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    Bespin; I love the idea of a city in the clouds.
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  16. It Is Your Destiny Jedi Knight

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    Tough one. Personally, when it comes to either trilogy, I believe the second installment presents the most captivating worlds.

    My top 3 from the OT are Bespin, Hoth and Dagobah. My top 3 from the PT are Kamino, Geonosis, and Coruscant (as it's depicted in AotC).
    Honorable mention: Mustafar

    From there, I narrow it down to Bespin & Kamino.

    Ultimately, according to my current mood, my favorite planet is... Bespin. :) It's such a stunning world that captures the imagination.
  17. Allana_Rey Jedi Master

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    I always liked Kashyyyk...wish we could've seen more of it.

    Honorable mentions: Naboo, Endor and Geonosis.
  18. Darth_Nub Manager Emeritus

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    Merging with existing 'favourite planet' thread.
  19. B3 Force Ghost

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    Today I'll say the Forest Moon of Endor. Alderaan, Kashyyk, and Tatooine are also up there.

    My least favorite would be Kamino. It seems sterile and claustrophobic. Maybe I'd like it if the weather let up; I don't have the same reaction to Bespin, which is similar.
  20. It Is Your Destiny Jedi Knight

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    Now that the thread has been 'merged', I'll share my least favorite.

    It's Utapau. The planet just doesn't impact me like all the others. I find it dull when compared to the many dynamic worlds already mentioned.
  21. bstnsx704 Jedi Master

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    My favorite is by far Kamino. Kamino offers some of the most beautiful imagery in the entire saga (as does Attack of the Clones in general, for that matter), and I absolutely love rain. The whole place just looks beautiful to me, in an offbeat sort of way. It also really helps that Kamino was host to one of the coolest bits of Attack of the Clones: Obi-Wan's noir-esque detective story. His encounters with Jango Fett (both the conversation indoors and the battle on the landing pad) were both fantastic moments and highlights of not just that film, but the entire saga. The whole situation just oozed class and tension. The reveal of the Clones themselves being grown on Kamino was also one of the most chilling moments in all of Star Wars.

    I can't be bothered to coming up with a least favorite. I love all of the planets in one way or another, and taking the time to sift through them and decide is too much effort to put into negativity.
  22. NileQT87 Jedi Master

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    Favorites: Bespin, Tatooine, Hoth & Dagobah
    Least: Yavin IV & Endor

    Bespin, however, is where my favorite scenes in the entire saga take place and the design is gorgeous. The Carbonite chamber is very easily my favorite set in the saga, with the Falcon, weather vane and Lars Homestead at sunset next. It's very much about the associations and which sets have become so iconic to me. My favorite imagery on Dagobah is really Luke's face in Vader's helmet, though I love the look of the X-Wing in the swamp.

    Unfortunately, the forests used for Yavin and Endor feel a bit generic. Yavin can be excused because it's little more than a brief rebel base and the hangar bay/ceremonial scenes are more interesting than the planet, but Endor just felt like very generic American forestry. It lacks the exotic flavor of even the Tunisian desert and the Norwegian snow (Hoth looks genuinely inhospitable/dangerous and the atmosphere goes so well with where the characters are at--it also feels very unlike every other world in the saga). Endor was a bit dull after Jabba's lair/sail barge and intercut with the Palpatine scenes.

    Bespin certainly has the major dramatic connotation, however.
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    I love Tatooine because it encapsulates the starved, bare bones atmosphere of ANH beautifully. Bespin is great because of the heaven and hell vibe that it creates to coincide with the story unfolding. Hoth again is a setting befitting the state of the narrative. Dagobah superbly executed. Yavin was ok. Endor never really did much for me.

    The settings is one area in which the PT excels in my opinion. Naboo beautiful, Coruscant magnificent, although I'd pass on living here. Tatooine is more like Lucas originally envisaged it, but I liked it less. Too much going on now. Some of the Order 66 planets were intriguing and imaginative. Mustafar a bit silly to go with the silly things that happen there.
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    Favs: Coruscant, because I like the big city. Naboo because it reminds me of Italy, I know some of it was shot in Italy, but that's why. Cloud City seemed very interesting to me. Dagobah's look and back story always makes me think of the Jedi/Sith conflict.
  25. OBI-TUE_KENOBI Jedi Knight

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    Well aside from being a nice looking planet that had technology but is not overly crowded like Coruscant, I have to say Naboo is my favorite. And as a bonus it has Natalie Portman and lots of Natalie Portman look-a-likes. :D[face_love]

    Alderaan, what little we saw, would be a close 2nd.

    Least favorite is Tattooine or Mustafar no hot planets for me thanks.
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