Saga Your favorite and least favorite planet and/or system from the Saga?

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    Well, there are some places in AL that are amazing. But overall, not missing much.--topic hijack over. Sorry...
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    For me the water world of Mannan for favorite. Tantoonie as least favorite sand and sandpeople. Who wants to live with sand people! All night hearing sand people using sand talk is a slow slow death.
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    Favorite: Tattooine

    Least favorite: Naboo
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    I might as well add Mon Cala to my list of favorite planets, it had a great exotic feel to it.
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    My favorite planet in the movies and TCW is Coruscant - I was amazed the first time I saw it as a kid, and I still am at times today. Mortis, Moraband, and the Midichlorian planet all are favorites of mine as well.

    Least favorite has to be either Hoth or Tattoine - iceball and dustball = boring to me.
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    i like tatooine but we see it a lot. that would be my least fav for that reason only.
  7. Kato Sai Jedi Master

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    Favorite Planet/System: Tatooine
    Reason: It reminds me of the Middle-East which is one of my favorite regions on Terra Firma.

    Least Favorite Planet/System: Korriban
    Reason: It's mostly desolate and is the den of the Sith.
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    Favorite: Dagobah. The fog, the giant trees, the feeling that it's been there forever, the dark side cave, Yoda's hut. It seems like the perfect place to learn about the Force.
    From the Prequels it would be Kamino. I love that there's such a "hard sci-fi" planet in Star Wars.

    Least favorite: Coruscant. It all just seems so plastic and busy to me. Coruscant is the epitome of the overcrowded frame, with speeders flying in the background of pretty much every single shot. It would have been cool to see a dirtier, more used city planet.
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    It's interesting: check out the 1997 version of Coruscant (at the end of ROTJSE) and some of McQuarrie's art for Had Abbadon (as it was then called). I think those versions might have been just right. TPM even has some good elements. But like you I do think perhaps it got slightly out of hand as it went on.
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    Favorite: Dagobah
    Least Favorite: Naboo
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    Favorite: Has to be Naboo and Coruscant. Some of the scenes from AOTC that Padme and Anikan go are absolutely beautiful. And I love the idea of a whole planet as one big city.

    Non-favorite: Hoth, Mustafar, and Genosis.
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    Favorite: Tatooine. For such an unimportant hunk of rock, a hell of a lot of important stuff happens there. I just love the whole used universe thing at work big time on Tatooine; I love the backwater grunginess of Mos Eisley, Mos Espa and Anchorhead. Just a neat planet all around.

    Last Favorite: Naboo. I still feel it would've been better to have Padme come from Alderaan. For one thing, we never got to see too much of Alderaan (nice though to briefly see the surface at the end of ROTS) and another thing, it would be interesting if we had Leia and Padme both being from Alderaan just as both Luke and Anakin are from Tatooine. I dunno.
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    Favorite: Corucsant Imperial city would have been cooler than a second death star. Also I love the nasty shady underworld of the EU and PT. (I also like Nar Shadda)

    Least favorite: Dagobah its the most boring part of Empire and every videogame I've ever played has that atrocious token dagobah level. (Trials of a jedi rebel stike anyone?)
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    Favorite: Kamino, Corusant, Naboo, Tatioone
    Least Favorite: Geonosis, Mustafar
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    Favorite: Hoth and Cloud City
    Least Favorite: Mygeeto , not bad just a bit dull.
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    favorite: Coruscant

    least favorite: Yavin IV
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    I kind of like unnamed planets; those really let your imagination run wild: Where is it? What's it's name? Who lives there? I guess this was done to a certain extent with Hoth and Dagobah. I find planets with no backstories much more interesting than fleshed-out planets such as Coruscant.
    Favorite: Dagobah
    Least Favorite: I don't have one.
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    Favourite: Genonosis. Prefer Dooku in AOTC than ROTS. Coruscant - Because it is Coruscant.
    Least: Naboo. Jar Jar is all I say.
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    favourite: Bespin. If Lando told me that I belong with him in the clouds, I would've stayed. Naboo is beautiful as well. I love Hoth - the Battle of Hoth is my favourite one from the CT, and I just like the idea of being stuck in a base with hundreds of other people, all of them fighting for the same cause. (But that's probably just me).

    least favourite: Tatooine. it's too hot and sandy out there for me.

    I'm in two minds about Coruscant. It's kind of like a galactic version of New York - on the one hand I love how it looks and it feels like a 'hip' place to be, but on the other I think it's too crowded, I would've suffocated there.
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    My favourite planet from the saga is Coruscant, one step ahead of Tatoooine. The contrast between these two planets could not be greater, but I still like them both for different reasons. I love the concept of a planet that is just one big city; it's something about the energy of such a place, where billions of sentient beings, divided into thousands of different species, are living together in one pulsating megatropolis. I can't explain it very well, but it's very fascinating to me.

    Tatooine is a close second because of the nostalgia I feel when I think about it. The first planet to be introduced in Star Wars. It's a desert planet, but I still feel like it's a magical place, full of mystery. And even though Tatooine is considered to be an irrelevant backwater planet, it is somehow always host to some of the most important events in the galaxy. The Force has a strong presence on Tatooine.

    My least favourite planet might be Utapau. I don't know, it just wasn't a very interesting place. Most other planets fascinated me in some way or another, but not Utapau. My second least favourite planet is probably Naboo. I can't explain why.

    These things might change with time, but for now this is how it is.
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    Favourite: Tatooine

    Least: Coruscant
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    I noticed in Star War most of the planets were based on elements or terrain.
    Kamino the Ocean planet
    Tatooine the Dessert Planet
    Mustafar the Volcanic Planet
    Hoth the Snow and Ice Planet
    Dagabah the Swamp Planet
    Bespin the Cloud Gas Planet
    Endor the Forest Planet
    Coruscent the Urban Planet

    What would Geonosis, Yavin and Utapah qualify as? Canons, Jungle and Crator planets?
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    Geonosis I think would be a barren, rocky desert as opposed to a sandy one like Tatooine... though Geonosis has sand too. Probably the rings are meant to set it apart, too.

    Yavin, yeah, jungle.

    And Utapau was called 'the sinkhole planet' in preproduction on ROTS if I recall.
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    Favorites: Coruscant, Naboo, and Bespin/Cloud City.

    Least Favorites: Hoth, and Geonosis
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    Favorite: Hoth Least: Naboo