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    To date, when you think about all the best or inspirational books you've read, whats the one that comes to mind first? Second? Anything you wanna say to persuade others to read it too, please share!
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    I find St Augustine's Confessions to be inspiring. Here is a quote from the back cover:
    "You called and cried out loud and shattered my deafness. You were radiant and resplendent, you put to flight my blindness. You were fragrant, and I drew in my breath and now pant after you. I tasted you, and I feel but hunger and thirst for you. You touched me, and I am set on fire to attain the peace which is yours."

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    This is a semi-social, but until Skiara decides whether or not to merge it, let's be friendly and keep the discussion on topic.

    My favorite books are:
    The Bible (especially in Hebrew)
    The Apologies of Justin Martyr
    The Ten Cent Plague
    Will Eisner: An Artist's Life
    God in Search of Man (by Heschel)
    All Ages: Reflections on Straight Edge

    And, literally 1,000s of graphic novels & comics anthologies
  4. Frank T. Force Ghost

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  5. A Chorus of Disapproval New Films Malleus Maleficarum

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    Geez. That is tough. I suppose I will just start free-form typing...
    Judge Dredd/2000AD
    The Spirit
    Captain America (golden age, preferably)
    Fantastic Four collections
    EC Horror (Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, etc.)
    Old Pre-code horror comics in general
    A Contract With God by Eisner
    DC Archives: Green Lantern and Plastic Man from the silver age
    Any Ditko work on Doctor Strange is brilliant
    America's Best Comics
    House of Mystery

    Comic 'strip' anthologies:
    Little Nemo in Slumberland
    Addams Family from the New Yorker

    Your question sorta short circuited my brain. Oh...
    Usagi Yojimbo

    I will post 2 dozen more soon. This is difficult to pinpoint. But, my preference will always be pre-code horror comics, silver age propagandha comics, and anything Eisner ever did that has been collected.
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