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your favourite movies and why?

Discussion in 'Archive: Your Jedi Council Community' started by sleazo, Jan 10, 2002.

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  1. Darth-Mauls-Torso

    Darth-Mauls-Torso Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 1, 2001
    Here are some of my faves, in no particular order:

    Star Wars Episodes I-VI
    If I was at a Star Wars message board and didn't like Star Wars, I'd be a troll.

    The Usual Suspects
    Best caper movie ever, in my opinion.

    Raiders of the Lost Arc
    Probably one of the most purely entertaining movies ever made. That bit with the golden idol at the beginning still makes my palms sweat, and I've seen the movie at least twenty five times!

    Monsters, Inc.
    My favorite movie of 2001. That kid Boo cracks me up. It also made me start calling my girl friend "Shmoopsie Poo".

    Jurassic Park
    I was a big dinosaur nut when I was a kid and JP really hit the spot. Any giant theropod that eats lawyers off toilets is okay in my book.

    There's Something About Mary
    This movie never fails to make me laugh hysterically. Yes it's crude, but that's the way I likes it, baby!

    Big, epic, and violent enough to make the lady friend squeamish. Russell Crowe is all man. "Am I not merciful!?!"

    Sigourney Weaver manages to be manly, yet still motherly as she blasts the crap out of acid blooded space monsters. And Bill Paxton is, in my opinion, the best panicy idiot ever to grace this kind of movie. "Get away from her, you bitch!!"

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    I still don't know how the hell these people can fly, but they sure look good doing it. One of those rare action movies that actually has a good story.

    I know that admiting this is a tresspass worthy of getting my Star Wars fanship revoked, but it is something I cannot deny. I will even admit to crying when the movie ended. Er, maybe I should just shut up now.
  2. Jedi Merkurian

    Jedi Merkurian New Films Thread Reaper and Rumor Naysayer star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 25, 2000
    In no particular order:

    the Color Purple
    I still get moist-eyed at the end of that movie. An all-around great cast & story. Plus, it has a great "quotability factor." Speilberg got snubbed in a major way!

    A little-known Samuel L. Jackson feature. You start out thinking it's going to be a "Lean on Me" or "Stand & Deliver" type of good-teacher-in-a-bad-school-makes-good story, and it takes a complete turn for the dark. By the end of the movie, you're just going daaaaaaaaaamn!

    Jacob's Ladder
    I love movies that completely wig me out! A truly warped movie that has a lot of "blink and you'll miss them" stars before they were stars, like Ving Rhames, and a very young (his 1st movie) MacCaulay Culkin. If you blink at the end of the movie, you'll miss the entire point! I remember seeing this one in the theatres, and as the credits rolled, the entire audience had a long moment of "Huh?" followed by a collective "Oooooooh! I get it!"

    Time Bandits
    Another one high on the quotability factor!

    Deep Cover
    A little-known piece starring Laurence Fishburne & Jeff Goldblum. Fishburne stars as a cop (who has the psych profile of a hard-core criminal) sent undercover to bust up a drug cartel, and Golblum plays a corrupt lawyer/drug dealer. It's a great story about how your strengths can be your weakness, and your weaknesses can be your strenghts.

    Denzel Washington plays a cop, and Lohn Lithgow plays the criminal he sent to jail at the start of their respective careers. The key line of Lithgow's is "I don't wanna kill you, I wanna kill your life!" He's the very model of an intelligent villain. Only "Die Hard"'s Hans Gruber is more shrewd.

    Hotel New Hampshire & the World According to Garp
    What can I say, I like completely bizarre movies! Rob Lowe & Jodie Foster as siblings/love interests? [face_shocked] John Lithgow as a cross-dressing football player? A little girl who never ages? Loony & brilliant!

    What Dreams May Come
    I know it's New-Agey, but I was New Age before it was "in"

    South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut
    Lewd, profane, and utterly brilliant satire!

    the Sixth Sense & the Usual Suspects
    More well-known movies, their merits speak for themselves. Plus, I love last-minute plot twist/revelations.

    A Clockwork Orange
    Another twisted morality play.

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Wow. Just wow.

    Just go [link=]here.[/link]

    The Wrath of Khan
    KHAAAAAAAAAN!!! Over-the-top Star Trek at its finest! An extreme quotability factor!

    My Father is a Hero (aka Jet Li's the Enforcer)
    Along with CTHD, Shaolin Executioner, & Iron Monkey, this is my favorite chop-sockey movie.

    Iron Monkey
    Breathtaking fight sequences!

    Shaolin Executioner
    The wedding night scene, along with the kitchen-fu and laundry-fu, are outstanding.

    And of course, the Star Wars movies, the Matrix, and Fellowship of the Ring!
  3. sleazo

    sleazo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 13, 2001
    Id also like to point out that deep cover is also the movie in which we first got to hear snoop doog, "creep with me as i crawl through the hood, maniac lunatic call me snoop eastwood"
    Anyway thanks for all the responses, there were a few mentioned that i even forgot i loved like the kevin smith movies, memento and the Omen.
    There were also some movies ive foiund awful, but as they say to each his own.

    It's all for you Damien
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