Your Heart Will Lead You Home(ANH Obi-wan and Obi-wan's Last Battle on the Death Star)

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    This Story is about the Jedi who have gone into the force and they are calling Obi-wan to come home to the force. This story takes place on the Death Star when Obi-wan is Fighting Darth Vader.

    I don't own the boys they are the propety of Georce Lucas and the song is from The Tigger Movie.

    Without further adieu here is the first post

    "Sunny Days And Starry Nights
    And Lazy Afternoons
    You're Counting Castles In The Sand
    And Hummin Little Tunes
    But Sonehow, Right Before Your Eyes
    The Summer Fades Away
    And Evrything Is Different
    Everything HAs Changed...

    As Obi-wan Is fighting Darth Vader he hears the JEdi who went on before him calling him to come home,He heard a voice he never thought he would herre again, and Sabe started singing...

    Should i Continue this? or should i Stop right here?
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    Hmmm. Interesting start. Let's see where this goes.
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    Continue, it sounds interesting.
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