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Your Most Expensive Star Wars Purchase

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by LAJ_FETT , Mar 4, 2004.

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    LAJ_FETT Tech Admin and Collecting/Lucasfilm Ltd Mod star 9 Staff Member Administrator

    May 25, 2002
    I don't think anything Mike said would have surprised me, up to and including having a working Slave I prototype in the back yard (though he would have to prove that one!) but I didn't expect the bus. I think that wins the 'most unusual' prize..
  2. plutoneam

    plutoneam Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 21, 2003
    Interactive R2-D2.

  3. JediJunkie247

    JediJunkie247 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 24, 2002
    I have yet to be able to afford a lot of expensive stuff. I think to date, the most I have spent on one item is only like $30. I kinda have to watch the spending from time to time.
  4. Dal--Intrepid

    Dal--Intrepid Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 13, 2002
    I'm pretty much a bargain hunter (or cheap, whatever you wanna call it). I know I've probably spent ~$50 each on a few posters, plus $100+ to have them all framed. Fortunately, most of my expensive items were gifts. I guess my $75 Celebration 2 pass is officially the winner and I won't even get into everything else that was involved in financing that trip!
  5. ValedaKor

    ValedaKor Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 25, 2000
    OK, just came across this thread. New poster here (at least to this thread).

    The most expensive thing I have ever purchased was a Lucasfilm EP2 t-shirt (the "thermometer" EFX one) that Lucasfilm was auctioning off during the "Auction for America" on eBay, right after 9/11. Got into a serious bidding war, and ending up paying $2,000 for it. Yeah, I know, a t-shirt. But the money went to charity, so I didn't feel too bad.

    Best part -- because I had spent so much money on it, my contact at Lucas had John Knoll and Dennis Muren sign it. And, according to the same contact, I was the talk of the Ranch for days LOL (most everybody saying "how stupid is that?", probably :cool:).

    After that, lots of things. The Code 3 Luke Skywalker Signature Edition - think that's $495. That would be the most expensive "off topic" item I have, I believe. I say "off topic" because I am a serious Amidala/Padme collector, so I snap up whatever is out there to add to my collection. The FAO Schwarz Padme Collectible Doll -- that was $1,500. The Attakus Padme - what is it, $495?

    My holy grail -- the lifesize Amidala that the FAO Schwarz stores had on display. I have hopes that there's a collector out there that got their hands on one of these and someday, will decide they don't want it anymore.
  6. darthspino

    darthspino Tucson FF Founding Member star 4

    Aug 18, 2001
    I just recently got the FAO Imperial Shuttle for $80 dollars :) Not that exciting but I love it.
  7. SithLord1968

    SithLord1968 Jedi Master star 2

    Dec 8, 2000
    my most expensive items were
    $50 POTF Millenium Falcon
    $50 Royal Starship

    I held off on buying them at full price because the stores around me had loads of them....I waited 6 months, and they were 1/2 price....
  8. PhantomMenace

    PhantomMenace Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 20, 2001
    Most expensive? Hmmm... there have been occasions where I've purchased many figures at the same time, perhaps ten or twelve. Of course none of those figures cost more than $5 or so. The most expensive single item I've gotten was the JC Penney exlcusive Action Collection 12" 4-pack, which came with Hoth Luke, Hoth Han, AT-AT Trooper, and Snowtrooper. :) That one cost $100.
  9. PadmeLeiaJaina

    PadmeLeiaJaina Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2002

    Let me say that I bow to your insane spending are truly the collecting master around here ;) (Visited your website and can only say Impressive, most impressive.)

    For me, my most expensive was a $330 for a lifesized Illusive Concepts Yoda- the first ESB version. I just love him. I'm hopefully going to be moving in the next few months and I'm planning to pull out my "shrine" again and display my collection in the office. He's most definitely the largest, most extravegant thing that I've purchased :)
  10. Ariadne

    Ariadne Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 29, 2003

    My MR Vader FX lightsabre. It cost me £169, plus an extra £7 for enough batteries to power the thing... :)

  11. Xizor@TheView

    Xizor@TheView TFN Collecting, Former IK President star 3 VIP

    Aug 9, 1999
    I am like most people it sounds like. I dropped the $120 for the Shuttle in the pre order (had I known!!!) Most everything else on the high end of figures I have been able to bargain hunt. Got the Leia SpeederBike for $12 at Target.... Stuff like that. Although I have been known to drop a hundred or so on a group of figures.

    One Day I WILL have the LEGO Star Destroyer!!
  12. darcphoenyx

    darcphoenyx Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 12, 2001
    In the first reply on this thread I talked about two high dollar times that had tempted me, but I hadn't spent any money on yet:

    FAO/KB exclusive Imperial Shuttle...I would have picked this up when it was on sale back in Nov/Dec '03 or so, but it was not the best time for my the normal price tag it just seems a bit much, so it has been (somewhat) easy for me to resist.

    Well, scratch that off the list, just picked it up with today's $59.99 sale and a 10% discount code. Total price including shipping...a few pennies under $70. True to form, I had to wat until it dropped below it's normal price tag (again) and then gobbled it up.

    That is now my most expensive Star Wars purchase.

    Next up...MR Dooku Saber! :D

    I wish. ;)
  13. Obi Anne

    Obi Anne FF manager Celebrations star 8 Manager

    Nov 4, 1998
    I still haven't spent more than 15$ on a single item, but if I ever win the lottery I would love to have the FAO Schwarz Padme Collectible Doll and a lifesize Han in carbonite. (knowing me I would probably spend the prize money on fabrics instead though. ;) )
  14. Rebel_Spook

    Rebel_Spook Jedi Master star 4

    May 14, 2002
    Well, I've spent some large somes of money at one time on SW stuff, but the most expensive single item would have to be the UCS Tie Interceptor LEGO kit for about $65 on a Black Friday sale a couple of years ago.

    If I won the lottery, the list of items I would get is too long to list here..., but the main things I would go for would be the CODE 3 and Master Replica collectibles.
  15. Dal--Intrepid

    Dal--Intrepid Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 13, 2002
    Hmmmm . . . if I won the lottery, I wouldn't just have a Star Wars room. I'd have a Star Wars game room. The first thing I'd find is the original Star Wars arcade game and then one of the later SW Trilogy pinball machines. Then I'd slowly build the collection and also mount a 50" LCD flat screen to a wall exclusively for playing console games. Ahhh . . . to dream . . .
  16. PhantomMenace

    PhantomMenace Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 20, 2001
    If I won the lottery, I'd have a Star Wars house. ;) :)
  17. Rebel_Spook

    Rebel_Spook Jedi Master star 4

    May 14, 2002
    Amen, PM!
  18. RogueTrader

    RogueTrader Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 7, 2002
    Currently the most I've ever spent at one time has been 2 deluxe Rancor
    s and a Bantha. That set me back about $110 after tax.

    I'm about to beat that record with a MR Obi-Wan saber which will end up costing around $250.00 w/ shipping.


    If I won the lottery *cracks knuckles* I'd SO have a Star Wars house. I'd have rooms constructed to represent every Star Wars locale Plus one GIANT collection room. Plus, of course, a theater room.

    My first purchases would be the lifesize Artoo and Threepio.
  19. maquis_col_q

    maquis_col_q Jedi Youngling

    Mar 11, 2004
    call me really cheap i usally find my stuff on discount
  20. Anakin Starkiller

    Anakin Starkiller Jedi Master star 1

    Jun 13, 1999
    I *think* that it would have to be the two Droids Lightsabers (one red, one green) I bought from Gus Lopez in 1995. I payed I think $75 a piece for them, plus shipping to Holland, then changed it and shipped them to the states, as I had to suddenly move. I think with the shipping difference I had a $10 credit with Gus, which 9 years later I don't think he will remember or honor (if he even sells anything anymore).

    And yes, I played with them! :)

    If I won the lottery, I think I would try to buy an actual prop -- lightsaber being the obvious first choice, but heck I wouldn't mind a hydrospanner, or even a singe square inch of cantina floor. After that, I would see if Master Replicas has a "frequent buyer miles". I think it will be a while before I am ever able to afford anything by them. But I've promised myself that if I ever get a few hundred dollars in savings, I'll blow some of it on the Yavin Medal.

    I may have a few things that could be worth a pretty penny, but I picked up kind of cheap. In the early 90s since I was buying stuff cuz I enjoyed, not seeing it as an investment, I bought a lot of "non-mint" merchandise at a steal. I got those limited edition metal cards cheap cuz the tin had a dint in it. A giant ROJ poster again cheap cuz it was wrinkled. Didn't matter, as I just taped it to my wall. But my favorite cheap find is an uncut sheet of the Star Wars Galaxy Chase cards from the TOPPS series in the early 90s.
  21. _HothWampa_

    _HothWampa_ Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 24, 2002
    Umm I think it would have to be the Interactive R2-D2, and other than that I think it was my electronic x-wing.. which was about 45 dollars. Nothing too expensive though!
  22. jedidavid

    jedidavid Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 11, 2000
    1)All three FX lightsabers at $125 each.

    2)Original Death Star playset w/box for $120.

    3)Original 12" Leia doll mint in box for $120.

    4)Stupid FAO Shuttle for $125. Well, I've run into enough great deals to offset that one bad one.

    5) $100 on 3 vintage posters.

    In one day, when they released all the Episode 2 figures I probably dropped $400.

    Lottery buys:
    1)Entire set of Original Kenner 12" dolls in boxes.
    2)Select original Kenner figures MOC.
    3)Full size R2, C3PO, Darth and Stormtrooper.
    4)Finally pay someone to refinish my basement. It's big, dry and walks out onto my patio. I want to have a nice rec room with movie memorabilia, pool table etc..So many plans, so little time.
  23. finster_the_hutt

    finster_the_hutt Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 3, 2003
    I'd say roughly $1650 (CAN funds) for 18 MOC vintage figures. I got a nive grad present in the form of moola, so I took a serious dive into a vintage collection. Buying in bulk for vintage stuff is definitely the way to go. In less than a year, I'm over half way building a set of the first 79... 34 to go, then it's on to the last 17 POTF!
  24. LadyNaberrie

    LadyNaberrie Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 7, 2002
    My biggest purchase will be coming up soon, and it will most likely be a b-day present, a Master replicas SFX lightsaber! Whoo!
  25. Jedi_Dajuan

    Jedi_Dajuan Administrator Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 30, 2002
    All of you make me feel cheap/poor. My most expensive item has been my AT AT walker, at $40. Guess I tend to stick to the smaller items.
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