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Speculation Your Take on the Opening of Episode VII

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Episode VII and Beyond (Archive)' started by BowtiesAreCool, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. BowtiesAreCool

    BowtiesAreCool Jedi Padawan

    Nov 2, 2012
    Like many people here I am very excited for the next chapter of Star Wars, and I am certain that whatever story they come up with will be very interesting. However, we know next to nothing about the film at this stage, so speculation is all we have. I thought it would be fun to post your ideas of how you would open Star Wars Episode VII. I'll start:

    After the opening titles, the camera pans down to a small fighter (X-Wing? Something new?) traveling through the blackness of space. The ship goes past the camera and the shot follows it until you see a gigantic gas planet, and orbiting it is the volcanic world of Mustafar.

    We descend through the clouds with the ship until it lands in a charred clearing (not the same place from Episode III but maybe close to it). A lone hooded figure steps out of the ship and walks to the edge of the clearing, to a precipice. The person removes the hood and we realize it is a grey haired, aging Jedi. It is Luke Skywalker. Luke continues to take in the hellish landscape, and then finally closes his eyes and bows his head.

    "Father. Can you hear me? We haven't spoken in a very long time. I am finally here. I've put it off for far too long, I know. Father?"

    The voice of Anakin is heard, as if carried on the wind. "Luke. You have come to the the place where the last vestiges of who I was once was was burned away. You will never fully understand why I did what I did, nor should you. You had the chance to make the same mistakes I did, but you didn't. And that's what's important."

    And so on and so forth. Something like that. I figured Mustafar was the final place Luke wanted to go to understand his father and what he went through, and it took him a long time to go there, as it was the most painful for both him and the spirit of his father. I thought after this conversation, Luke gets a message from someone from Coruscant about whatever the crisis is (the overall plot of the movie). It's just a way to reconnect with Luke, his father, and the journey they both went through.

    Anyone else have ideas on how you would open the next Star Wars movie?
  2. EviL_eLF

    EviL_eLF Force Ghost star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    I would use the opening to introduce NEW characters. You don't need your central lead character to be in the opening sequence. Luke Skywalker wasn't on the Tantiv IV, but the events of the opening led you to Luke Skywalker later.
  3. Ghost

    Ghost Chosen One star 7

    Oct 13, 2003

    After the death of the Emperor, the heroes of the Rebellion founded the GALACTIC ALLIANCE.

    Luke Skywalker and the NEW JEDI ORDER are restoring justice to the galaxy, but the galaxy is not yet at peace. The shadow of the dark side lingers on the planet Korriban.

    JAINA SOLO, the Sword of the Jedi, has been sent to Korriban to investigate this startling disturbance in the Force . . . .


    The Galactic Alliance is devastated and reeling under the invasion led by the deathless DARTH PLAGUEIS. Senators are threatening secession and civil war, while ambitious admirals demand dictatorship.

    The remants of the Empire are mulling their own invasion, while crime-lords and oppressed slaves are launching terrorists attacks. The dark side is feeding on the fear and misery in the galaxy.

    BEN SKYWALKER and R2-D2 are preparing to lure the Sith invaders into a trap over the planet Corellia, and restore hope to the Alliance . . . .


    The heroic deaths of Luke Skywalker and his son weakened and delayed the invaders, but the Jedi and the Alliance are scattered after the loss of Coruscant.

    In the deep dungeons under the new palace of the Sith, the captive JAINA SOLO has refused to break after years of torture. Her execution is imminent.

    The leaders of the Imperial Remnant are in the capital to sign a treaty and join DARTH PLAGUEIS, assuring the dark side's total domination of the galaxy. . . .
  4. Darthsuggs

    Darthsuggs Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 28, 2003
    I dunno....I liked the idea of showing the Falcon first. The theater would absolutely pop for it.
  5. stellarmagic01

    stellarmagic01 Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 1, 2012

    A shiny luxury yacht flashes overhead, red laser blasts blazing away from a turret. A trio of angular starfighters streak in after the yacht firing brilliant golden laser blasts. One of fighters suddenly explodes and a dilapidated freighter roars into frame the MILLENIUM FALCON.
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  6. ArchRebel

    ArchRebel Jedi Youngling

    Nov 28, 2012
    You sir are a marketing genius!
  7. Darthsuggs

    Darthsuggs Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 28, 2003
    You know... fans have wanted a sequel for decades. I marked out when the Aston showed up in Skyfall. If you acknowledge that aspect of expectation from the fans from the beginning it'll make an impact. We've seen giant ships fly overhead. We've seen a massive space battle in ROTS opening. So give the fans what they want from the very beginning. THE iconic ship booming into camera. It'd be exhilarating.
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  8. DarkGingerJedi

    DarkGingerJedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Nov 21, 2012
    Spectre of the Force

    It is a perilous time for the NEW REPUBLIC. In the years following the fall of the EMPIRE, the HEROIC REBEL ALLIANCE took back control of Corruscant. However, many regional Governors still maintain control of their local systems. Border disputes and fighting still rage in many parts of the Galaxy.

    Newly coronated Queen Leia is traveling to the galactic center to celebrate the restored SENATE of the NEW REPUBLIC when her ship encounters the Imperial Fugitive General Starkiller.

    Meanwhile, JEDI KNIGHT, LUKE SKYWALKER, resides on the outer rim world of Aquillia. Long believed dead, the lone Jedi Knight has spent his years in solitude, studying the force.

    Camera Pans down to the green forest moon of Endor.
    A small dark grey, Imperial Ship buzzes by. The ship is smoking and in obvious distress. Overhead a Bright Blue and White New Republic Cruiser flies above it. It dwarfs the little Imperial craft.

    Interior shot of the Cruiser's white bridge, centered on a navigator wearing a blue uniform. Control lights radiate throughout the interior room. A small hand with a silver wedding wrist band gently grabs the navigators shoulder. We don't see her face.

    NAVIGATOR: Your Highness, it's his ship alright. Sensors indicate seven aboard. One alive.​
    QUEEN LEIA: (On speaker) General Starkiller. I assume you know who this is. You've had plenty of warnings, we're prepared to take you back to Corruscant for trial. By force, if necessary.​

    Shot of dark interior of the Imperial craft. Red alert lights glow throughout the damaged cabin. Sparks of light energize in the background.
    General Starkiller, wearing old Imperial Greys, sits in the Captains seat. Two other Imperial officers sit, lumped over in their chairs - dead.

    STARKILLER: Princess, we've had this little dance before. I always get away. You just can't see through the dirty work of capturing me. I'm beginning to think you like me.​

    Shot of the Queen's Face. A small wry smile crosses her face. And then a deep hard eyebrow lowers.

    QUEEN LEIA: Starkiller you haven't heard the news. Prepare for immediate boarding.​

    A tractor beam grabs the little Imperial ship and forces it to dock. The airlocked door sizzles as Republican Soldiers attempt to gain entry. In an explosion of light, the door falls to the ground.

    Republican Soldiers, decked out in brilliant blue and white armor, storm the entry hall. They move in formation down the darkened hall, guns at the ready. They enter the cabin and the door slides open. As guns aim at the captain's chair, it swivels around revealing General Starkiller.

    GENERAL STARKILLER: It's ok. I give up this time.​

    Shot of the bridge, centered on a woman, with silver hair, wearing a simple white gown, Queen Leia.

    QUEEN LEIA: Do we have him?​
    OFFICER: Yes, mam. (Pauses, to listen to the report) And without a fight.​
    QUEEN LEIA: Odd. I sense a -​

    A calm voice that only Leia can hear whispers into her ear.
    LUKE: Leia!​
    QUEEN LEIA: Luke? (She's startled. She hasn't heard his voice in decades)​
    LUKE: Leia, there's a disturbance in the force. I have felt its presence.​
    QUEEN LEIA: As have I. We have captured Starkiller. Finally.​
    LUKE: No. Something else. Something much worse. Listen to me. Get back to Corruscant immediately. I'll instruct you from there.​

  9. The Bops

    The Bops Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 30, 2012
    I don't mean to get off topic, but by any chance, are you a wrestling fan, Darthsuggs?? ;)
  10. Darthsuggs

    Darthsuggs Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 28, 2003
    When I was a kid. I like CM Punk now. I don't watch actual matches but his promos are golden from what I've seen on youtube. I stopped watching when WCW went under.
  11. Force_Wielder

    Force_Wielder Jedi Master star 4

    May 14, 2001
    The opening...probably would the Disney Logo and the LucasFilm Logo followed by "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" and then music and Star Wars logo and then the crawl. Or something similar.
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  12. Tan-Wessel

    Tan-Wessel Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 31, 2001
    Queen Leia? Of what?! Also, if it's of the entire New Republic, why would a republic have a queen?...aside from the whole premise of the Alliance/rebellion was to overthrow a monarchy thing.
  13. Static_Knight

    Static_Knight Jedi Youngling

    Nov 28, 2012
    After the last line of the opening titles fades, the camera pans downwards to Korriban. Scene changes to the valley of Dark Lords, camera positioned so that you get a view similar to this: (without the sith standing there)

    A hooded figure in the distance can be seen walking towards one of the tombs. I have not come to decide if I want this figure to be an aged Luke searching for "answers" (to questions I still have not deemed worthy to be a central plot of the ST). Or a young Jedi Knight of the new Jedi Order searching for "answers" to his own questions. It could be knowledge (placed in holocrons or any script left behind by dead Sith Lords). If I go with the case of our young Jedi (who I imagined being played by Michael Fassbender), he is it a little too curious about the ways of the dark side.

    Now I don't imagine him building up to be a Sith. Seeing as how the sith whom appeared so far in the series are purely relentless and evil, I want one who uses the dark side for the good (Yes, a little bit too similar to Revan's story arc in the KotOR series), yet the means he uses it go too far at occasions. I am really at my early stages of forming my own "vision" of what the ST could be about, sorry if all this is broken/ a mess. I really want something different than what we have seen so far (which is why I may change my so called "villain" seeing as he is similar to Revan). I want something that delves into the methodology of the force and further explains what the true meaning of "balance" means (and why it is necessary).
  14. chris hayes

    chris hayes Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 13, 2012
    Star Wars

    Episode VII

    Knights of the Galactic Alliance :

    The galaxy-wide celebration of the destruction of Darth Vader & the evil galactic empire were short lived ,
    In the decades that followed the fledgling government struggled with resurgent imperials , warlords & even the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong invaders .

    The heroes of the rebellion - Luke Skywalker , Han Solo & Princess Leia Organa raised new generations of Jedi Knights as these wars flared up and faded .
    Luke has a son named Ben , Han and Leia have a daughter Jaina and a grandaughter Allana .

    Finally , it is time for relative peace for the Galactic Alliance , but in a dark corner of the galaxy , an acient enermy awakens...........
  15. DarkGingerJedi

    DarkGingerJedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Nov 21, 2012
    1. Did you really read that as her being Queen of the Wasn't going for that at all. Since that's not clear, I'd have to fix that. She'd be Queen of her planet. There wasn't a whole lot of extra thought given.

    2. The Rebels plan wasn't to overthrow a monarchy. It was to overthrow the Empire and the Tyranical Emperor - who happened to be a evil secret Sith Lord. Monarchies are not evil. Leia started out as a Princess. Padme was voted in as Nasboo's Queen. So that's more along the lines of what I was going for. But, perhaps Ambassador is more fitting.
  16. A Chorus of Disapproval

    A Chorus of Disapproval New Films Vampire Killer star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Aug 19, 2003
    Your Take on the Opening of Episode VII

    My take...?
    I'm due roughly 38% of the gross from the opening.
  17. The Bops

    The Bops Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 30, 2012
    Only reason I asked was some of the terminology you use. 'Popped', 'Marked Out', etc... I've never heard a non-wrestling fan use these expressions... (Agreed on Punk, btw...)
  18. stellarmagic01

    stellarmagic01 Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 1, 2012



    Episode VII:​
    A New Dawn​
    It is a period of growth and renewal. With the defeat of the Galactic Empire the Rebel Alliance has brought forth a NEW REPUBLIC to the govern the galaxy. However, many worlds and citizens remain distrustful of the New Republic and democracy.​
    Working alongside the New Republic, Luke Skywalker has labored to create a New Jedi Order. Finding force sensitives from every walk of life, he has trained them as best he could, hoping to pass on all that he has learned.​
    A new crisis is stirring in the Galactic Senate as the critically important Mandalore Sector has brought for old grievances against the Republic for the devastation of their homeworld centuries earlier. The former Senator of Alderaan, Leia Organa Solo rushes to the Senate hoping to mediate a compromise and secure peace for the galaxy...​
    The camera pans up to reveal the bustling metropolis of Coruscant. Two fighters looking vaguely reminiscent of X-wing fly past followed by the familiar shape of the MILLENIUM FALCON fly overhead and begin to descend into the atmosphere. The old freighter slips between skyscrapers before slowing at a landing pad beside the massive edifice of the old Imperial Palace.​
    Two figures stand waiting as the boarding ramp drops down. One of them is LUKE SKYWALKER, the other is MARA JADE SKYWALKER.​
    The familiar figures of HAN SOLO, LEIA ORGANA SOLO, and CHEWBACCA descend the ramp followed by their daughter, JAINA SOLO and C3PO.​
    I told you she'd get us here... She may be getting old, but she's still got it where it counts.​
    So are you, you old pirate. Come on the senate is probably waiting for us.​
    Welcome back Leia, Mara's seen to your transport to the Senate.​
    After I talk to my old apprentice, I'll meet you at the Temple, farmboy.​
    Fine, Leia, Han, if you'll follow me we can get you to the Senate and see about ending this crisis.​
    It won't be easy, the Mandalorian delegation has some pretty legitimate grievances, and their treatment under the Empire certainly won't expedite the situation. How's Ben?​
    Well, that's sort of what Mara wants to talk to Jaina about.​
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  19. Roger Goldleader

    Roger Goldleader Jedi Grand Master star 3

    Jun 1, 2000
    Dang, you beat me to it. When I saw the title of this thread I was going to post something similar.
  20. Bad_Feeling

    Bad_Feeling Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 3, 2002
    I think the film should open small - a short but tense opening, maybe open it midway through a mission, drop the audience right into the middle of the action. Use the tension to introduce us to a couple of new characters, also re-introduce us C3-PO and R2-D2. Luke, Han and Leia shouldn't appear for the first twenty minutes or so - make the audience wait. Maybe go the ANH route and use the droids as the through line for the plot - it would be a nice touch if THEY bring the old gang back together with the 'new' guys.
  21. Darthsuggs

    Darthsuggs Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 28, 2003
    I watch the documentaries occasionally on Netflix so maybe I picked it up there. The short guy with the beard was pretty funny in the Punk videos I've seen.

    If not the Falcon then maybe a star Destroyer or X-Wing. Either way I think they have to acknowledge that nostalgia very early. they really can't ever out do ROTS as far as scale and spectacle are concerned.
  22. awesomejedi

    awesomejedi Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 7, 2012
    It is an era of relative peace in the Galaxy in the years after the ultimate defeat of the Empire. Luke Skywalker is the Jedi Grand Master of the New Order and Leia Organa Solo is Chief of State of the New Republic. The Jedi have felt a shift in the Force coming from the planet Korriban and have sent Jedi Knight Jaina Solo and her padawan Ben Skywalker to investigate...

    Jaina is staring at hyperspace from a ship's view port with Ben at her side.
    Jaina: We are almost at Korriban. Do you feel the distubance in the Force, Ben?
    Ben: Yes, I-
    The ship comes out of hyperspace, and they see Korriban with 3 Star Destroyers guarding it.
    Ben: I have a bad feeling about this.
    The ships begin firing at them and Jaina sits in the pilot's chair while Ben runs to turbolasers.
  23. The Bops

    The Bops Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 30, 2012
    I really like that Falcon idea. Heck of a way to remind people why we're here and come out with a bang without really doing anything.
  24. The Bops

    The Bops Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 30, 2012
    Short guy with the beard?
  25. Darthsuggs

    Darthsuggs Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 28, 2003
    Researched it. Dude's name is Daniel Bryan. Pretty funny.