Beyond - Legends Your Training Begins: Mara Jade

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    Your Training Begins

    Your Training Begins

    The stone, cold walls of the Imperial Palace echoed with the sound of footprints against the otherwise silent corridors. In the dismal lighting a lone young woman in a midnight black cloak rushed. A single red lock of hair escaped the cloak?s hood. The figures eyes? glowed green in the darkness, a menacing, feral glare.
    The woman ran. She moved through the labyrinth with unexpected ease. No guards followed her. Surprisingly, she had escaped. Turning the corner she abruptly stopped. As if on cue another figure emerged. He stood still, blocking her escape into the city, to freedom.
    ?What are you doing Lady Jadine??
    ?Nothing milord.?
    ?But you must. I know you gave birth this night. I wish to see her, my daughter, my future servant and hand.?
    ?But, but, milord I left her upstairs, in, in her crib, as required.?
    ?All you left was a teddy bear Lady Jadine. I wish to view my child, my daughter. I wish to view her now? he rasped.
    ?No. Never. She?ll be free. Free of you, of your life. Able to grow, to love, to laugh.?
    ?That is not to be,? the Emperor cackled, ?she will do no more than serve. Know nothing but hate and the cruelness of the galaxy.?
    ?No, you?re wrong. I made sure of it.?
    ?You thought by hiding her at a sanctuary she?d be protected? My guards already picked her up. When she arrives you may say goodbye, again, but first you must inform me of your decision.?
    ?What decision?? growled Lady Jadine.
    ?Either you watch your daughter die and live knowing you are the reason her father was forced to kill her, or you hold her one last time, watch as her memories of your love, of you, are destroyed and then succumb to your own death. Thus sparing her life, but not the goodness within her.?
    ?I?ll die. Let her live. My daughter must live.?
    ?As you wish. Bring us the child.?
    From the shadows emerged an Imperial Guard, he handed the child to the woman. With tears streaming down her face the woman gently rocked her baby in her arms. As if sensing her mother?s anxiety the infant began wailing. The mother hugged her tightly and whispered. ?Be strong. Don?t cry for me. Live. Love. Never forget you?re loved. Please don?t forget me. I love you, my daughter. I love you Mara.? The infant quieted down and seemed to cry silent tears. She never uttered a sound as her father?s guard pried her from her mothers? arms.
    ?Please,? uttered the woman, ?let her remember me. That?s all I ask. Take care of her. Please take care of my baby for me.?
    ?Shut up Lady Jadine. She is mine now,? the Emperor smiled, ?all mine.?
    ?No. Don?t, please, no? she sobbed.
    ?This woman is no longer needed. Dispose of her, Lord Vader.?
    ?Yes, Master.?
    The security camera saw the woman?s heart burst from her body. It captured the image of her death. It also captured the Emperor?s hushed words to his daughter.
    ?Hello my hand. You shall be the most powerful sith yet; stronger than all others, my daughter. Hello Mara Jade. Your training begins.?
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    Interesting take on Mara's past. And I really like the title.

    Do you have any plans to continue the story?
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