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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Yun-Yuuzhan, May 14, 2004.

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  1. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001
    KnightHawk, jhc36, when I learned of this little scenario, I expected some form of debate to arise. So, you might say that I am not surprised that it did. I am, however, very surprised by how this has been dealt with thus far. Whoever said that Yuuzhan Vong could not be civilised? :p Thank you for managing to control yourselves with enough will power to repress any desires you may have had to strangle one another. I'd like to offer my thoughts, now, in an effort to resolve this matter in a way I believe will be most beneficial to all parties concerned.

    Firstly, I'd like to say that under normal circumstances, an assassination of this type would be heavily frowned upon. Generally, I think most of us know that it's simply not credible or desirable for players to have their characters kill in such a manner, though, as with this case, there are exceptions. Such exceptions usually arise when there is involvement by a Game Master (commonly confused with God-Moder :p Though I can't imagine why ;) ). I ask that you keep this in mind.

    The role of the GM in any game, from what I understand, is to guide the players, the plot and the game as a whole, along an interesting and evolving story. We expect GMs to challenge and surprise us, for if they did not, the game would quickly become a bore. What we see here is an attempt at that, though perhaps not as cunningly planned a manner as it could have been. It is preferable that plans of this nature are executed with prior IC planning, if for no other reason than to provide a base of evidence from which to refute subsequent claims or accusations of god-moding and other such nasty behaviours.

    I do believe that what has occurred here is feasible, given the shaky nature of the Yuuzhan Vong and the obviously competitive natures of 'equal' Supreme Commanders. The question here seems to be whether or not such a thing could have happened. Certainly, I think that it could have, though it still strikes me as unfair to see a character killed off (perhaps only potentially) so easily, under these circumstances.

    What I am prepared to do is this. I ask jhc36 to read my comments, making an effort to see where these thoughts come from. I trust that by now you have had time to consider KnightHawk's own reasoning and claims to credibility. I will hope that you are able to focus from an IC perspective, more so than an OOC one. Do you think this scenario truly is possible. ie. Could fanatical loyalists to Shimrra have been able to place themselves within your command structure, to act as they did now, for what they believed were the Supreme Overlord's wishes?

    I think it possible myself, though such 'loyalists' might be acting more of their own misguided imagination than Shimrra's express order. I have no doubt that the Supreme Overlord could have arranged something of this nature, though, in this case, he did not. I'd like to think that were I, as Shimrra, out to kill your character myself, it would have been through different means :p Now, should you feel as I do, know that you are more than free to defend yourself in IC battle. If you feel that you have been delivered a great injustice, however, then I really do hope that you will express as much, perhaps with an explanation or reason why that is so.

    The_Eighth_Cortex, I would imagine that Yun-Yuuzhan's plans were not entirely pointless, nor worth utterly disragarding. Follow them, if you wish, or ignore them if it pleases you to do so. Know that should he return to this game, however, you may have to answer for your actions in his absence. I hope that is answer enough to your concerns.

  2. Thok

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    May 24, 2002
    OOC: I'll start putting more effort into these posts when its not 3 am.

    Malik Domain Halycron


    [blockquote]Malik was not impressed with the sacrifice that he had witnessed today. Truely the weapon the warrior had sacrificed his own life with to test was quite the powerful tool, but still it was not worth the loss of a good warrior.

    As he returned to his room, Malik prepaired himself for his daily time he would spend in The Embrace. But before he could get himself attached in, a lowly sub-altern came in holding a villip.

    "Fhuver Domain Vil calls for you Commander."

    "Very well. Leave me."

    Grabbing the villip from the sub-altern, Malik quickly rubbed the side of the villip to bring forth the image of his superior.

    "What does your will wish Commander Vil?"[/blockquote]

    Tag: 8th
  3. jhc36

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    Mar 19, 2003
    ooc: i find this highly unlikely from the part of my own character and the fact that the yuuzhan vong would be turning on each other so soon into the invasion. even from a rival supreme commander. with the lack of IC posts to back up the claims it seems more of god modding than furthering the story. for something like this to happen my character must be extremely unwise or just incompetent. (which i dont think i've tried to present) i almost posted a response that would have been construed as god modding just to allow my character to live. But i waited to see what the Mod wanted to do about it. ;) from my standpoint this has no relevence or evidence to back up a post of this magnitude. But, if you find that i am wrong i will not god mod my character and i will post his death. (which would suck) ;) i had a longer post that further explained my reasons but it got deleted. [face_plain]
  4. Protege-of-Thrawn

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    Mar 14, 2001
    OOC: Would I be able to quickly slip in a new shaper character who was demonstrating a prototype dovin basal sheilding system to his supreme commander or would that be cheating? ;)
  5. KnightHawk

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    Jan 17, 2003
    PoT: I'd like to point out that in the scenario that I wrote up (which is under review, as we obviously know), there are only two members of the 'guard unit' inside the chamber with the Supreme Commander, and the others are outside. Either they'd arrest your progress, or put up one large bloody fight. :p
    [b]jhc36[/b]: An interesting, and well-crafted take on the matter, and an outlook on it that can be easily appreciated. I was not trying, however, to show your character as either unwise or incompetent. One of the things my post does show is that the people who served under him are either very easily manipulated (a tragic shame), or have their own extremist views of what the Supreme Overlord's goals are and equally extreme ways of dealing with those who [i]they think[/i] don't quite fit the model of a devout follower. The post I made was not intended as a slight against you at all, and I apologize profusely if it came out as such.

    Personally, I'd like to see the post you had planned, so I'd be more than grateful to get either a PM or e-mail of it, just so I know what was planned. You never know; it might not have been God-moding after all. ;)

    Remember what I said about those two blokes earlier: their orders were to root out all alleged treacheries against the Overlord. Stress is to be placed on the word [i]alleged[/i], and they are given a blank check as to [i]how[/i] the elimination is to go. They could have just as easily chosen to go and attempt to contact Shimmra, but their personalities, as obviously displayed by their caste, called for a more direct approach. We all know that haste makes waste and such, and it is entirely possible that these two would have become fools instead of self-proclaimed heroes had they been successful outright. I quote myself:

    [i][blockquote]Of course, their self-righteousness in serving the Overlord's goals is simply based on how they interpret them. ;)[/blockquote][/i]It's rather simple from there: They have chosen to take a certain interpretation of the Overlord's intentions for the Yuuzhan Vong society at large, and their discussion with your fellow Supreme Commander has led them to take an extremist view to both upholding these goals and what fits them. Not entirely my character's fault, not entirely their fault; the blame rests equally among the three sets of shoulders.

    Furthermore, as LS_A said, it is feasible. Feasible does not guarantee that it will be a success. ;)

    [i][blockquote]...given the shaky nature of the Yuuzhan Vong and the obviously competitive natures of 'equal' Supreme Commanders[/blockquote][/i] I'd prefer to substitute 'shaky' for 'volatile', and at the same time agree with the fact that it is unlikely that either of the two SCOs would want to prefectly share the glory of the position.

    Furthermore, since the extent of their devotion to Shimmra, though exremist to the core, is not known to anyone but themselves and the person who had the conversation with them about it, they could have easily infiltrated the command structure without being caught as "traitorous elements" by their direct commander. They are, again quoting/parahprasing LS_A, acting on information that is misguided by their own interpretations, rather than words spoken by the Overlord himself. Also, their interpretation of the Supreme Commander's directive, which was to "root out treachery" is a rather strict, painful interpretation.

    Again, as I close and hope that this long spiel is worth the reading and typing that went into it (heh... :p), I feel I must indicate that I mean no offense to any of you who have had to put up with this issue, be it through actually being the target or just having to read and then scratching your heads wondering what the frell was going on, and I apologize if any was taken.>
  6. Protege-of-Thrawn

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    Mar 14, 2001
    OOC: BUT.ihad.afield.PoT
  7. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Let us stop arguing and get back to the game. KnightHawk if you want that scenario to happen, then play it out IC so jhc36 at least has a chance to stop it before it actually happens. There are players who are already plotting his downfall. Work with them and it'll work out. jhc36, accept this and you have a chance to survive.

    The following is a catchup post...

    Romm domain Ell

    [blockquote]Aboard the Flayed Carcass

    With the priests gathered and reformed on board the Flayed Carcass, Romm Ell could now begin his work molding these Yuuzhan Vong into loyal servants of Yun-Harla and the Dread Lord. It would take time but that did not matter to him or to the Supreme Overlord so long as the goals were achieved in the end. As time went, he discovered it was difficult to convert those who were trusted servants on aboard the Flayed Caracass and quite easy to manipulate the ten others. Eventually he now had them loyal to himself and soon would involve them in his cause.

    Now... Romm domain Ell chose to entrust his new servants in gathering more information. First he needed to know which of the shapers had dared to commit hereasy on bored this vessel. Second he needed to know which warriors were also heretics. To do that, he chose two of his acolytes to carry out the tasks and asked Yun-Harla to bless them with her cloak of secrecy and deceit so they may be successful. While they were busy, he needed to conceive a plan to manipulate the Supreme Commander into bringing about his own downfall.

    Quietly, Romm sat down on his meditation polyp while one of his acolytes went about burning essence and lighting animal fat candles for him. He sat there and waited until the acolyte left before he began to try and commune with Yun-Harla.[/blockquote]

    TAG: LSA if you want...i dunno

    Btw, I believe DS5 has quit so who will be the new Priest GM?
  8. NotBritneySpears

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    Apr 17, 2001
    Character Name: Jah'viin Domain Lah
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Species: Yuuzhan Vong, the Chosen.
    Caste: Warrior Caste.
    Force Sensitive: No
    Biography: Born aboard the worldship Slayers Pride, Jah'viin was taught the ways of command early. Loyal to a fault and devoted to the Yun-Yammka, he has been rewarded for recent successful command at Dubrillion with implants resembling thick scales down the tops of each arm. Jah'viin despises the failure of the Praetoriate Vong and has openly vowed to avenge their failure to his people should one ever have the misfortune to cross his path.

    OOC: Who is running this sad excuse for a faction now? I need a small force who can follow orders to start getting us back on track to becoming the central power in the Galaxy. Anyone who wants to reprise their roles or join with new characters are welcome....but not required. ;)
  9. jhc36

    jhc36 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2003
    ooc: sorry. finished up exams, and then my comp has been screwed up with these boards. i'm still around. i've got a post coming. knight knows what the post will be about. (if he still remembers) but we definately need to get this up and running. at this rate.. we'll have both infidelic sides down our throat before we make it to the next planet.
  10. KnightHawk

    KnightHawk Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 17, 2003
    [color=003399]jhc36: I hope the exams went well.
    [b]NotBritneySpears[/b]: Dissing the faction, jest or not, is a bad way to start things off. Since I run the warrior caste, you can expect a test from me in your e-mail or PM inbox within the week. You are advised to NOT try it in ONE sitting.[/color]>
  11. NotBritneySpears

    NotBritneySpears Jedi Youngling

    Apr 17, 2001
    ooc: If the faction were run to my liking Knighthawk, no "dissing" would occur. A week before being tested (a test? [face_laugh] ) is too slow if you hope to make any impact on me or on the game. I PM'd you within hours of expressng my interest in joining, a response took days and I still need to be "tested". IC actions speak louder than words and as such, my esteem towards the faction leadership is low. So please, let's get on with it?

  12. KnightHawk

    KnightHawk Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 17, 2003
    [color=003399]You are stretching my patience thin with your comments. Further disdaining of this faction will result in your "expression of interest in joining" being rejected.

    Test is in your PM inbox.[/color]
  13. NaboosPrincess

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    May 14, 2001
    OOC: NotBritneySpears, if you had checked out any of the other factions of IBoP, you'd see that tests are the norm around here. Everyone takes them when they enter or seek a new position. Not all threads in the forum do this, but IBoP does, and it helps make the game great. Also, it's the holidays, so cut everyone some slack. It's a busy time.
  14. AdmiralNick22

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    May 28, 2003

    The IBoP game requires alot of patience. The game sometimes has slow points while we wait for GM's to update our threads, as well as slow times during finals, holidays, etc. I know it can be a bummer at times to have to wait for a such a awesome game, but it is more than worth it. :)


    Adm. Nick
  15. KnightHawk

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    Jan 17, 2003
    Yes, folks, I'm breaking out the red... Something nasty went down here, apparently. Sorry to all of my friends for not noticing this sooner.

    NotBritneySpears, your bio needs SERIOUS fine-tuning work regarding military history. As a new player to IBoP, you have NONE. Please take that into consideration and revise, or you will be rejected post-haste. You have until I leave for my work shift mid-morning Tuesday, estimated at 35-36 hours from the time of this post.

    Your character's relationship to Tsavong domain Lah is being considered. Do not be surprised if you must change your character's domain name before final approval.
  16. Protege-of-Thrawn

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    Mar 14, 2001
    OOC: NotBritneySpanks, you can be related to me if you like. Then we can have friendly bbqs and get drunk IC. It will be a fun little romp.
  17. NotBritneySpears

    NotBritneySpears Jedi Youngling

    Apr 17, 2001
    KnightHawk: Exam completed. If it's all the same to you, I'll stick with the character name I have until further notice. Domain Lah is described as a fairly sizeable warrior-caste domain, I don't see a clash or conflict of interest there and it ties well with the characters ambitions for command (regardless of whatever level of the chain he starts at).

    ThroategeOfPrawn: Sign me up for BBQ follies. I'll bring the cooking sherry. ;)
  18. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001
    NotBritneySpears, KnightHawk

    Dubrillion, Outer Rim Territories

    It wasn't too long after the battle that Jah'viin Domain Lah was recognised for his efforts. While he had not piloted one of the coralskippers himself, he had overseen the efforts of some of their most successful pilots. His reward for recent successful command at Dubrillion were the implants resembling thick scales down the tops of each of his arms. Those achievements gave him a measure of respect among his peers and brought a small degree of attention from the Supreme Commander.

    Tsarnoq Nichar possessed within his hands direct orders from an envoy of the Supreme Overlord. Those orders were too important to have been sent via villip, and were heavily encoded to ensure that the envoy (or anyone else for that matter) could not read them. The orders themselves were very ... specific. They were to be carried out concurrently with Supreme Commander Nichar's previous instructions.

    A team was to be assembled to infiltrate the infidel world of Dantooine. Their role was to act as an advance scouting party with the objective of discovering the value of the world itself. More specifically, the team was expected to uncover a secret enemy project that might prove threatening if not dealt with swiftly. No mention was made as to how the Supreme Overlord had come across such information. He was not to be questioned, but obeyed.

    Now, seeing these orders arrive at the time of Jah'viin's rise, one of Tsarnoq's most trusted advisors suggested that the up-and-coming warrior be chosen to lead the team. The warrior was already respected by his fellows and would be something of an inspiration for them. Furthermore, he would not be present as a distraction to Tsarnoq's own considerable glory.

    jhc36, KnightHawk, I'd like to send you both a deeply sincere apology for what has occurred over recent weeks. In many ways I had hoped to avoid this, and, not for the first time, I am now reminded that there are few effective substitutes for immediate action. My own reluctances have only served to cause further turmoil and for that I have a degree of regret. It is my understanding that the little scenario that I addressed earlier remains largely unresolved. I am posting this update to remedy that situation.

    My decision will be final unless both of you come to a separate agreement of your own, which I think is unlikely. Therefore, I'll explain what I expect from each of you. As a GM I may have been tempted to allow this, but I cannot, because I've taken it upon myself to ensure that there is adherence to my own goals, ideals, hopes and expectations for this RPG. The post(s) made my KnightHawk regarding the assassination attempt of the Supreme Commander (jhc36) are to be disregarded in their entirety. Effectively it will have been as if none of this had ever happened, though I will not want to see any of those posts edited or deleted. They should remain as a reminder so that future actions reflect the lessons learned from this event, willingly or othwerwise.

    Needless to say, I expect that any treachery from one Supreme Commander to another will need to be kept unknown from an IC perspective. It seems apparent that this was how things were before and I don't want to have this incident change that, IC. Obviously that's impossible from an OOC standing, and thus it'll be a challenge for the players involved.

    I did promise an explanation, though, and I intend to fulfill that promise. At the very heart of this matter, we have one player seeking to destroy the character of another. It really is as simple as that. Personally, I don't usually enjoy seeing characters killed off, but I do know that it happens and have had a part in such things myself, on occassion. There is nothing wrong with this, from a gaming perspective. The problem here lies within how the act was executed. Unfortunately, without some serious prior IC posting to show that something of this nature was in
  19. NotBritneySpears

    NotBritneySpears Jedi Youngling

    Apr 17, 2001
    IC: Aboard the worldship Slayers Pride, Dubrillion ordit, Outer Rim territories......

    [blockquote]Jah'viin Lah stood near at dorsal viewports gazing out at the ruined remains of the infidel forces gently drifiting towards a more natural orbit of the planet Dubrillion. Around the planet was dispersed the Yuuzhan Vong fleet of Supreme Commander Tsarnoq Nichar who had won the battle and was in the process of subjugating the planet for the greater glory of Chosen and the Gods. Even now Yorik-trema after Yorik-trema eschewed forth from the worldships to the surface of the planet, it's people would now serve the Chosen or be sacrificed.

    For his own part in the battle Jah'viin had been rewarded with the honour of a changing, having the thick overlapping scales of the Gruzen fish implanted beneath the skin of his arms. They glittered in the starlight and, still tender from the ceremony, Jah'viin could not resist quietly stroking the scales above his wrist to send a shudder of ecstatic pain jolting up his arm. He had prayed to Yun-Harla most devoutly the night before with the aid of a priest of her sect, a purification ritual he would not normally perform but it was custom before a changing to ensure success. The Slayer and the Trickster were often at odds.

    He returned his attention to the Yorik-trema, multitudes of thick powerful coral transports detatching and rejoining the larger ships in an endless convey. Why he had been denied the opportunity to journey to the surface and join glorious battle for his caste and God he did not know.[/blockquote]
    "It is not for me to know all ends."
    [blockquote]Yun-Yammka had blessed him and he was keen to return the favour.[/blockquote] Tag: [b]KnightHawk[/b]>
  20. KnightHawk

    KnightHawk Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 17, 2003
    IC: Supreme Commander Tsarnoq domain Nichar

    Aboard the worldship Yun-Yammka's Blade

    A smile appeared on the face of the Supreme Commander as he headed down to where the other warriors were gathered. Soon, a new battle would begin, and they would gather for themselves more honor and glory in the eyes of the Gods.

    The trip was not long enough to induce pain, which was disheartening. Otherwise, it was fair enough; the route was littered with warriors who had all served the Yuuzhan Vong well. Some of those warriors in particular were surrounded already by their fellows, basking in the adulation they received. As the Supreme Commander entered the docking area, it became evident from his demeanor that he sought to speak with them.

    TAG: exodus411, cavalier_one, darth_nemisis, Mortimer_Nerdly

    cavalier_one, if you do not reply by Friday, your character will be considered KIA at the Dubrillion Massacre.

    [i]Aboard the worldship[/i] Slayer's Pride

    [color=blue][b]Jah'viin Lah[/b] had received much praise for his efforts, and his new wounds of honor were but the merest of outward signs of this honor. Soon, he would have another chance. A fellow warrior, one of the many who had been involved in the slaying of the infidel pilots, had stood a ways off, watching the other fighter stroke his wounds and stare off into the stars. Something about the warrior's demeanor read to him like an open book: [b]Warrior Lah[/b] sought combat, and in as close a form as it could be. "Fellow warrior," he said after a few minutes of silence, "your time has come. The Supreme Commander seeks an audience with you on his ship in regards to the next assault. I advise that you hurry."[/color]>
  21. NotBritneySpears

    NotBritneySpears Jedi Youngling

    Apr 17, 2001
    IC: Dubrillion ordit, Outer Rim territories......

    [blockquote]Jah'viin became aware of his fellow warrior's presence but was not bothered to speak to him, wrapped in his thoughts of conquest as he was. After several minutes of silence, the other spoke aloud:[/blockquote]
    "Fellow warrior, your time has come. The Supreme Commander seeks an audience with you on his ship in regards to the next assault. I advise that you hurry."
    [blockquote]Jah'viin whirled on the spot and without showing the slightest surprise strode past the warrior whose eyes were firmly fixed upon him. Warriors were not surprised, surprise was the result of poor planning and a weak mind, both brought untold shame and defeat. As they passed, Jah'viin Lah uttered a simple acknowledgement to the messenger.[/blockquote]
    [blockquote]After threading through the labyrinthine interior of his creche worldship, some sections appearing in various states of growth and decay after so long traversing the void, he arrived in at one of the hangars where Yorik-trema's assigned to ship-to-ship transportation docked. He told the pilot that his destination was none other than the Supreme Commander's flagship, Yun-Yammka's Blade, and in short order he was standing outside the Supreme Commanders audience chamber, with guards grunting reserved greetings.

    Jah'viin quieted his speeding mind in preparation for the audience and offered a small prayer of gratitude to the Slayer. With amphistaff wrapped tightly around waist and coufee strapped to his leg, he waited for Supreme Commander Nichar's admission.[/blockquote] Tag: [b]KnightHawk[/b]. Feel free to post Jah'viin's movements to enter the chamber so we can get this going post haste.

  22. Mortimer_Nerdly

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    Sep 19, 2002
    OOC: Sorry this post is so late.

    Dubrillon System

    IC: Maw Domain Draxxiq

    [blockquote]How undignified. Shameful. Disgraceful.

    Based on what he had seen of the battle from the coralskipper's cockpit, the Vendetta had self-destructed. In Maw's view, and he was sure that others would agree with him, unless the self-destruction took a good sum of enemies with it, it was a cowardly act. Disgusting. More than that, Maw was displeased with the lack of challenge that the infidel "TIE Fighters" were able to provide.

    A waste of my skills.

    Maw turned his living fighter around and returned to Yun-Yammka's Blade. His mind continued to dwell on the battle. Out of all the TIEs destroyed, he believed he had destroyed the most.

    Bah! No honor in destroying them, even if I did make a big contribution.

    Maw grumbled as he piloted his coralskipper into the hangar of Yun-Yammka's Blade.[/blockquote]

    TAG: KH, LS_A

    [hl=black][]=====#[]<[/hl][hl=red]---------------- M_N! ----------------[/hl]
  23. KnightHawk

    KnightHawk Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 17, 2003
    Mortimer_Nerdly, NotBritneySpears

    Yuuzhan Vong Worldship Yun-Yammka's Blade, Dubrillion System

    I'm just making this post to speed up the transition to our next assignment in the path of conquest over the infidels. My apologies in advance to anyone affected greatly by this acceleration.

    Furthermore, please forgive the lateness of this post in regard to the time I specified earlier. Sadly, however, the bonus time was not enough to bring the others to posting. Their characters will not be involved in the next assignment.

    A scowl from the Supreme Commander was enough that the entire section of the ship fell silent, all standing stock-stiff as they waited to see what their commander would do. Any that held worry about a harsh punishment or a quick death, however, were suddenly disillusioned, as they saw the mighty warrior simply take one of the survivors by the arm and drag him away from the group, in the direction of his personal audience chamber.

    Maw domain Draxxiq had done quite well in his first task for the Supreme Commander, assisting in what would be one of many powerful victories against the infidel Galactic Empire. Soon, he would have a chance for another such victory.

    Much as expected, the Supreme Commander came to his chamber to find that there was someone else waiting for him. He said nothing at first, but merely bade the sphincter portal open so that all those in attendance could enter the room, and so that the planning could begin.

    The scowl on his face was gone, replaced with the soft, near-invisible smile of a proud warrior. "Maw Draxxiq, Jah'viin Lah. Word of you two and your successes in this recent battle have already spread to me, and rather quickly. In fact, it is apparent that they have spread past me, for I have orders regarding at least one of you from the Overlord himself, the mighty Shimmra.

    "Our original assignment was to use Dubrillion as a staging point for a lunge against Dantooine, and we shall do just that. However, there is a crucial matter we must attend to as well: there is the danger of a scouting party being sent to check our trail for us. The Empire has lost a powerful ship today, and there is a high likelihood that they will be sending people to recover it, since there was a vessel that escaped the destruction that it deserves to have suffered. A capture team is being sent down with a few dovin basals to make sure that no such teams leave the system... Alive.

    "Your missions, however, are focused on our further progress in this system. The planet of Dantooine awaits. Jah'viin, you will be given a team of warriors to scout out the enemy fortifications at Dantooine. Report to me whenever possible regarding their defenses, and destroy only what you are able to destroy without being detected.

    "Maw, there is a possibility that there may be other target systems nearby. Insiders in the infidel Empire leak small bits of information about a planet called Muunilist, claiming it to be very close to our target. You will determine what protects the planet of Muunilist, and if there is any way to keep those defenses from saving their precious worlds. You and your team are to maintain contact with me, and will be authorized to destroy only if I give you the order."

    The cold grin on the Supreme Commander's face was gone. "Any questions?"
  24. NotBritneySpears

    NotBritneySpears Jedi Youngling

    Apr 17, 2001
    IC: Aboard worldship Yun-Yammka's Blade, Dubrillion orbit.....

    [blockquote]The cold grin approached a sneer on the Supreme Commander's mangled face. The fact that the Dread Lord had heard of either of them surprised him, the chance that it may be Jah'viin himself made him inwardly tremble with pride. Jah'viin quietly replied to his superior:[/blockquote]
    No questions, Supreme Commander.

    [blockquote]He crossed wrists in front of him and snapped them to his shoulders with violent finality.[/blockquote]
    Belek tiu. Do'ro'ik vong pratte.

    [blockquote]The Supreme Commander seemed satisfied so Jah'viin Domain Lah whirled on his heels and strode out of the audience chamber, mind similarly whirling with possibilities. He needed men, warriors and infiltrators of the highest order. But this was also an opportunity to bring the Slayers eye to his own Domain and his worldship. He took a Yorik-trema back to his own worldship, Slayers Pride, and rounded up 23 of the his finest creche brothers and sisters for this crucial mission. They were the one's that respected him the most and saw in him a chance for their own advancement.

    He issued his first order of command, he told his team to follow him to the worldship's intendant master of arms immediately. Each warrior was issued with standard amphistaffs, coufees and blorash jelly, several plasma eels, a small sack of plasma pebbles and a bandolier of thud bugs and razor bugs atop their vonduun crab armour. Outfitted as they were and with the mindset of incorruptably pious devotion, Jah'viin almost pitied any infidel who would cross their paths. Given the nature of the mission, he also requested that they be isssued with gnullith-villips, tizowyrms, glide wings and vaccum masquers as well as a small oogzil. Finally, Jah'viin was given a villip that was linked to one in the posession of the Supreme Commander himself. He also received a small bag of mind control worms for interrogation purposes.

    After communing with fleet command, a small Yorik-stronha was alloted to the team for the insertion onto the largely rural planet. Jah'viin gave his team a rendezvous time for their departure and told them to spend the intervening time praying to Yun-Yammka and Yun-Harla for success in this mission......

    12hrs later, the tiny 24-man craft detatched from the hull of the worldship and proceeded to the edge of the system. Space folded around them as the dovin basals fixed firmly on their target star and Jah'viin Lah's Dantooine infiltration team leapt towards the greater glory of the Gods.
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    May 22, 2001

    Edges of the System of Dantooine, Outer Rim Territories

    Jah'viin Domain Lah and his small Yorik-stronha would not be easily detected by the enemy, if at all. The ship was not so large that it would attract attention from its position at the system's edges. It was, however, near enough that its crew of warriors and insurgents could glimpse their first hint as to the strength of the enemy at Dantooine.

    Nearest to the planet itself was an Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyer, at a stationary position, as if watching over the planet of Dantooine. Close by, a pair of Strike Cruisers conducted routine patrols around the boundary created by the planet's gravity well. There were several smaller vessels travelling to and from the planet, and from these larger ships, too. Some patrol and small military craft also conducted seemingly organised checks of the system, scanning the area for signs of any threat.

    It seemed as though the recent troubles at Sernpidal, and, more recently, Dubrillion, had been cause enough for suspicion. Such patrols were not entirely unusual, however, especially around planets and systems that were of value. Dantooine seemed to be one such planet. The system's further edges possessed sensor relays and stationary scanners, which monitored traffic throughout the system, their role doubling as that of a 'sensor net'.

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