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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Yun-Yuuzhan, May 14, 2004.

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  1. DarthSeti5

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    Jan 6, 2001
    High Priest M?ain De-ux- Aboard the Priestship Celestial Supremacy; In the Outer Rim, somewhere beyond Vector Prime?

    [blockquote]Sitting alone in space, the black Priestship reflected the light of the infidel galaxy back towards it. Its shaped yorik coral, resembling great jewels that once could be found in abundance on Yuuzhan?tar, gleamed and resonated, refracting the light into a billion colors. Two massive chunks sat in pits on either side of the delta-wing hull. Like eyes, penetrating any who dare look into them. The streamlined ship was not at all conventional. It bore the hand of a Master Shaper and many months of yorik coral training to bring about a specimen such as this. Exactly as the Priests requested. As M?ain De-ux demanded. Right now, the Celestial Supremacy was like a mirror of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. The light of the infidel galaxy was about to be overtaken by the multitude of colors brought on by the Yuuzhan Vong. Colors of Yun?o. The warriors would swiftly overcome the pathetic infidel armies and allow the True Way of Yun?o to reach this lackluster jewel in the dark. Finally, the Yuuzhan Vong would have a home. But first, it had to be cleansed of this rottenness. It would take all the effort of the Yuuzhan Vong to shine this place to a luster fit for the Gods.

    Bioluminescent polyps and algae cast bright yellow and blue shades over everything in the squat chamber. The sphincter opening, the villip choir, which was peacefully asleep, the Embrace of Pain. And the human being held in its beautiful tendrils, on the edge of consciousness.

    ?So this is a human? What a pity. I was hoping Yun-Yammka would receive glorious sacrifices in His name. And all we have to give is this?? the High Priest said, nominally to his Seer-assistance Jdin, but more to the bleeding man before him. M?ain tilted his head to the left and to the right as if trying to view the infidel in a new way but every vantage point stayed the same. Pathetic.

    ?It cannot even see the wisdom of the Embrance, Jdin. What kind of people are they??

    ?Infidel,? the Seer said, his head facing the yorik coral floor, viewing down his white robes and deep red loincloth. M?ain began to walk slowly around the battered man while nodding.

    ?Yes, infidel. And yet, it is our task to save them from their blasphemy. How? I can hardly imagine. Human.?

    The man did not move. M?ain struck him in the side with a sharp jab. Blood poured from the beast?s mouth. ?You will answer me when I address you. Human!?


    ?Do you know who I am??

    ??I?know?me?I mean?I?no?you?no?no?no??

    M?ain domain De-ux released the human from the Embrace and let him fall to the floor, his blood staining the bright yorik coral.

    The High Priest turned to the Seer. ?How pathetic. We will have to kill them all to make an adequate sacrifice to Yun?o. You may go, Jdin.?

    ?Yes, master. Would you like the body removed??

    Closing his eyes and smelling the blood and sweat and waste and fear pouring off of the human, M?ain De-ux shook his head. ?No, I want to watch it die and decay. Wait, no. On second thought, send two augers. I will need their assistance,? M?ain said while flipping his fingers over a piece of yorik, bringing a table out of the floor.

    ?You will be divining this evening?? the Seer asked.

    ?No, we will not be,? the Yuuzhan Vong High Priest said, slowly and precisely, starring deep into the eyes of the infidel on the floor.[/blockquote]

    ~ DS5
  2. Yun-Yuuzhan

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    May 9, 2001
  3. Jace_Halycron

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    Jul 5, 2001
    Yeah, and kill those obnoxious damned mark-ups. You know, the brown on black?

    I realize now that I heavily over-aged J'aac for the entrance of the Yuuzhan Vong. I'll have to edit my profile.

    [b][blockquote]Commander J'aac Halycron
    Commander's Chambers,
    Reflection Deck of Miid Ro'ik warship [i]Solus Altissima[/i][/b]

    Exhaling with a growl, the muscular form of J'aac Domain Halycron, Commander of the [i]Solus Altissima[/i] heaved himself from the reflection pool in his private suite. There were no disturbances in this place, where J'aac was alone to consider a great many things. The greater part of his day had been spent thinking about a certain female Shaper who served aboard his great vessel.

    [i]I'll be damned before the great Yun-Yuuzhan weaves romance between a warrior and the likes of a shaper![/i] J'aac swore to himself.
    He realized, of course, that even thinking about the female was a heresy, but Jikala was a fire that had burned in his very soul for a great amount of time now. With another growl, J'aac vowed to spend time with his private priest and in the Embrace of Pain after he finished this cleansing ritual.

    Pausing a brief moment before adorning his emerald loincloth, tracing taloned fingers along a recent scarification on his right bicep. The burn-scar had healed over, leaving a hideous triangle shape overlaying his religious tattoos that covered most of his body.
    Clad in only his loincloth, J'aac Domain Halycron emerged from his reflection chambers into the presence of a pair of warriors and a priest.
    "You, warrior," he began, ignoring the lesser Yuuzhan Vong's genuflection and groveling, "excuse yourself to the villip choir and send messages to [i]Sunulok[/i] and [i]Augen Sonne[/i]. Have their captains meet me in the Embrace of Pain in no less than 1 phon."
    The warrior scurried to carry out his superior's duty.

    The Invasion was beginning, just as the priests had foretold...

    [b]TAG: Any Yuuzhan Vong who feel it necessary[/b][/blockquote]
    I'll come up with a profile for Jikala eventually. I figured I needed an extra element for J'aac's character development.>
  4. Thok

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    May 24, 2002
    Subaltern Malik Domain Halycron

    Belkadan - Surface

    [blockquote]Things here were different, different comparative to what he had been used to all these years. Standing on real ground, was something new to him, yet it felt good. But this planet was only the begining, for this planet was just one of the first few steps untill they would find a sutable place Yuuzhan'tar. The idea of finding such a world had made the black blood in Malik's veins begin to flow more rapidly. The day would be soon, sooner than anyone else had hoped for.

    He had arived behind his commanding officer. From the rear, Fhuver Vil appeared taller than anyone else standing next to him. It was good to have a strong commander to lead under for the given time. Approaching from the left side, Malik crosed his arms across his chest.

    "Belik tiu, Commander"[/blockquote]

    Tag: 8th
  5. The_Eighth_Cortex

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    Aug 29, 2001
    In Character: Commander Fhuver Domain Vil of the Yuuzhan Vong Imperium, surface of Belkadan.

    He growled a low whisper through flayed lips, strands of flesh that artfully laced back up to the intricate whorls and swirling ink of devotion that trace up around his mouth, nose, eyes and scalp. He gestured for his sub-altern to rise, knowing Malik Haylcron - a wise and devoted warrior - would be sharing the thoughts that now blazed a trail through his mind.

    His nostrils flared enigmatically as he took in the alien smell of this planets dirt, it's native life, and yet considered at same time the natural - and yet repuslive - duality that was the knowledge that the God's had made all this and yet infidels had tainted it for so long.

    No longer. The glory of the Yuuzhan Vong was such that this planet and the life that pulsed in servitude to Yun Yuuzhan was now under the control of the God's chosen. No foolish mortal could question such a universal truth, and each blasphemous vermin that infested this galaxy would be taught this lesson, at Fhuver's hand or at the hand of his brethren.

    He had trained his life for this moment, an orphan of the stars, he had no memory of the Yuuzhan Vong home. Myth and legend told of a place of lush green and verdant purple, of vibrant harmony, of a planet that's purpose began and ended with service to Yun Yuuzhan, who tore himself to pieces so everything that was could be.

    In devotion to the time of Great Sacrifice, Fhuver Vil had done his best to mimic the God of Gods. His nose had been broken many a time but still incredible sat on his face awkwardly, working despite being pulvarised time and again. His left ear could not say the same, neither could two fingers on his right hand. He had grafted terrible spikes as one would wear a crown around his head, horns jutting out from his chin and upper mandible accentuated his form when - as now - he wore his obsidian vonduun crab armour, which likewise bore a host of gnarls and spikes. All were placed to inspire terror in an enemy, yet not impede movement, each seemingly random angle a perfectly crafted tribute to the Gods. Yun Harla would be pleased with such deceptive work, and had glady recieved the sacrifice of the Shaper who had formed it for Fhuver Vil. He found it fitting to reward those who did good work for him, and honoured all of them once they had seen their duty done.

    His eyes blazed with crimson malevolence, as he remembered the glory he had already seen in servitude to the Yuuzhan Vong.

    But never like this. Nothing would compare to this.

    He turned his pious eyes skyward, where the Belkadan orbit was taking the world into night. A host of stars sent their eternal and majestic light down to meet his upturned gaze, an entire galaxy calling to him, beseeching him to cleanse their light of infidelic reflection, to return their planets to the form the Gods had first chosen.

    He heeded that call. His life was now a journey of fulfillment. His skill would see the God's will done, so nothing less than complete success would be sufficent. He did not entertain the notion of failure because such a concept soiled and tainted his being with its very presence. He hunted the idea, assailed it, honed his craft and stirred his drive until it could no longer stand in his path.

    He was invincible. He was a chosen warrior.

    He would not fail. For he was Fhuver Vil, Warrior of the Glorious Yuuzhan Vong, and his destiny was that of the great cleansing.

    He turned to Malik Haylcron, and awaited the attention of his junior warrior. It did not take long in coming. "I am now to report to the Warmaster, so he may instruct me in the God's Will. This invasion shall begin - properly this time - with true warriors at the helm."

    He looked out the darkening landscape once more, his eyes dulling with thoughts clouding their inner gaze. "You must ready our fleets for departure. If we are not first amongst the Commanders to be in readiness, it will be you who answers to the God's fury: and to mine. I shall return
  6. jhc36

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    Mar 19, 2003
    Supreme Commander al'Yammka


    He was alone, for this was how he liked to be. Alone in the glory of Yun-Yammka, the Slayer. The god of Carnage. Adabatic winds tore into the desolate, icy planet. The Supreme Commander stood alone, looking into what had been the huge hole where the Praetorite had come before. The hole had now been covered by many meteres of ice, but it still did not deter his hatred for their untimely deaths. He knew that death was the epitome of the mighty Yuuzhan Vong, but to be beaten so quickly by the infidels was unacceptable.

    His towering frame stood in the frozen wastelands, his glorification rituals had truly transformed the massive Yuuzhan Vong. His face was almost a mix of tattoos and deep scars gathering towards his tattered lips in a mix of horror and intrigue. His nose was almost nonexistant, and his long hair did not begin until far back on his sloping forhead. The Supreme Commander's Vonduun Crab Armour dug deep into his skin, becoming one. He could not remember the last time he had been without it, it was now a part of him, as much as Yun-Yammka was a part of Yun-Yuuzhan. The armour rose behind him in broad spines that rose as high as his head.

    He knew that before too long he would be called to see the great Warmaster, and vindication would come swift but harsh upon the unsuspecting infidels.

    Blood dripped onto the ice. His tattered lips were dripping with black blood. The Supreme Commander was smiling.

    TAG: no one, or Yun
  7. JansonYellowAces

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    Jun 28, 2002
    Master Shaper Chak Hool

    [blockquote]Communal Vivarium, Worldship Baanu Ras, Beyond Vector Prime

    ?What is that beast?? The word rolled off Chak Hool?s snake-like tongue reminiscent of the refuse it described.

    ?Our spies have informed us that the beast is know as a Gamorrean. Our warriors captured this one from the crew of a pirate craft.?

    Chak glanced towards the chamber where the most recently captured infidels were being held. ?Spare me the description Adept. The mere sight of that creature is an insult to Yun Yuuzhan. Remove it from my sight.? he paused, ?permanently.?

    On the Baanu Ras the word of Chak Hool was law, his orders were carried out without hesitation. A pair of warriors entered the small chamber, quickly knocking the brute unconscious and dragging him out of the chamber. The Gamorrean would soon convene with what the Yuuzhan Vong referred to as a Maw Luur.

    Abruptly the room began to tremble violently, the Baanu Ras was dying. If Kirtii Shah, the young adept that Chak had assigned to remedy the Worldship?s condition did not succeed, the greatest members of the Yuuzhan Vong Shaper Caste would be forced to abandon it for a smaller vessel. If it came to that Chak Hool would sacrifice many for their failure.[/blockquote]

    TAG: NP
  8. alpha_red

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    Aug 24, 2003
    OOC: If this doesn't work as a starting point, I'll change it. If it does, well yay.

    It may seem late, but it's still Monday according to my clock.

    [b]Executor Drakh Uul[/b]

    [i]Miid Ro'ik Cruiser [/i]Throe[i], Belkadan orbit[/i]

    A shadow rose in [b]Drakh Uul's[/b] view. A whisper of a nameless rage tore at his heart as he beheld the ethereal sight of stars and planets twirling around each other in the eternal cosmic dance. One in particular captivated his interest at this moment. He had studied the infidel ways and worlds for many years now, and had progressed enough to be awarded the rank of Executor for his accomplishments, but this was still the first planet he'd ever seen face-to-face. He stared down at the world, which was rapidly being reshaped -- most of the process had been completed before he even got there. Out of curiosity, the executor summoned a swarm of mutant blaze bugs, and commanded them to form an image of what the planet used to look like. What he saw repulsed him.

    Symmetry. Nauseating, abhorrent symmetry.

    The Executor hastily turned around and nearly vomited at the sight, but he managed to contain himself as he pondered the work the Yuuzhan Vong people had already been able to do. They had completely overpowered what had been, to make way for a new order -- to foreshadow what would be for the ignorant beings of this galaxy.

    As Yun-Yuuzhan the Creator ruled over the lesser gods without question, so did certain elements overrule others. The most pertinent element on [b]Drakh's[/b] mind right now was his own people, the Yuuzhan Vong. They could not be compromised with. There could be no balance between them and the terrible ways of the infidels. There would be only one victor in the coming conflict.

    He whipped out an amphistaff, and swung at the repulsive image of what Belkadan had once been, shattering many of the blaze bugs to particles. The light where they had once been left. Executor [b]Drakh Uul[/b] followed shortly thereafter, picking up his villip along the way. In its brain was recorded a message from his intendant superior regarding what he was to do as his first act for the glory of the True Gods in this galaxy. He clutched the villip tightly, and uttered a prayer to Yun-Harla for guidance, so that he would not suffer the ignoble fate of the idiotic Praetorite Vong. He then strolled to the sphincter and commanded it to open, calling back the lighted creatures which had created the image, creating a pall of darkness that stretched its tendrils over the room. As he left, the shadow seemed to follow him as it did all skilled members of his caste.

    Twilight was upon the worlds of the infidels.

    And soon, night would fall.

    [b]Tag: whoever feels it necessary or is handling integration and coordination[/b]>
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    May 9, 2001
    A Yun-Yuuzhan, GrandAdmiralJello, and The_Eighth_Cortex Combine

    Belkadan, Orbit, aboard God's Fury

    Warmaster Nartur Karak stood before his top commanders, Fhuver Vil and Tobruk Halycron. "Commander Vil, step forward."

    Head bowed in deference to the great Warmaster Natar Karak, Fhuver Vil's mighty heart soared with the grandeur of the moments. Gods be praised, how this moment had felt in his childhood dreams, to be standing before the greatest of the God's warriors, awaiting the convenience of Yun-Yammka to display his devotion in glorious combat and battle proud. This day would be etched in his memory, as the day Fhuver Vil shed his mortal concerns and became an instruement of the Gods? will. Kneeling before his Warmaster, he laid his amphistaff before the leader. "What do you will of me, Warmaster?"

    "I have a mission of the utmost secrecy. I feel that it should befall unto you to play out this part of my plans. I wish to be proven wise in my decision. Will you do this for me?"

    Fhuver Vil did not think his bow could be anymore sincere nor his dominant form any more prostrate before the Warmaster. His instinctual flattening proved him wrong. "As you will it, Warmaster. As the God's will it."

    "You do well to accept this task. Stand Commander. Your mission is to destory the infidel's shipworks in orbit of the planet Fondor." Nartur Karak leaned down and retrieved Fhuver Vil's amphistaff from his feet. He slowly spun it in his hands and listened to the soft sound it produced. "You will travel on the edge of this galaxy, around the so-called Unknown Regions. Your task force will leave these regions at their end, and proceed past the planets Kiffex and Kiffu onwards to your targets. You are to take your best warriors, with the exception of Malik Halycron, and attack Fondor.

    Subaltern Malik Halycron will take a force and attack the planet of Thyferra, where the infidels claim to have a blasphemous miracle of medicine. He will destroy what he can. After you have completed your tasks, you will travel around the Core of the galaxy past the Koornacht Cluster and rejoin the forces of the main invasion."

    He turned to Commander Tobruk Halycron. "That is all for now, Commander Fhuver Domain Vil. You may take your amphistaff."

    Fhuver Vil took up the weapon, allowing it to coil around his arm. Standing fully upright he looked a dominant force, made in the likeness of the God's he worshiped, as he snapped each fist to his opposing shoulder in genuflection.
    "Belek Tiu, Warmaster. I will not fail you." Looking up he gave the battle cry of ancient times, "Do-ro'ik Vong Pratte!" And woe to our enemies! He turned, his purpose now specified, his intent now focused. Nothing would stand in his way.

    The Warmaster turned to the other commander before him. He lifted his head to survey the warrior. "Commander Tobruk Domain Halycron, I've heard much about you from Supreme Commander al'Yammka. All said has cast you in a favorable light. Due to this praise I have chosen you to lead the invasion. You will reap great glory if you crush the infidels beneath your heel. Tell me, how does one react to such news?"

    Tobruk straightened with pride, a warrior's pride. He was blessed to have been given such honor and distinction, and he knew he owed it to what Yun-Yammka has bestowed upon him. He straightened, but averted his eyes from gazing upon the warmaster until given that honor. "It is a privilege and honor to lead the vanguard of the Slayer's blessed warriors."

    "Most satisfactory, Commander. Your force will be smaller than hoped for; the Praetorite Vong foolishly threw away a fleet so we could barely obtain these pathetic worlds. Still, I have faith in the Gods to give you the strength to defeat the infidels. You will first strike at Bastion, at the edge of our territory. Then you are to proceed to the world of Coruscant at the Core of this galaxy. Between these two worlds you are to take Yaga Minor, Ord Mantell, Bilbringi, and Carratos without excepti
  10. Thok

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    May 24, 2002
    Malik Domain Haylcron[/i]

    Belkadan Orbit

    [blockquote]The warriors onboard were beccoming restless in their waiting. ALl of them were hungry for a test of a true battle once again. Every one of them, would love the chance to meet a death in battle against an unknown enemy. For this was their destiny, to die fighting for their kind. Commander Vil's entire fleet was now in waiting, ready for the eminent attacks towards key positions controled by the infidels. The time had now come, they would begin war. All that was needed, was the word to begin.[/blockquote]

    Tag: 8th
  11. KnightHawk

    KnightHawk Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 17, 2003
    OOC: Not the best I can do for a start-up, but considering my assignment, it'll have to work. I'm taking the liberties of putting two warriors in the very end of this post for the simple purpose of giving them something to do later on. If they have any issues, they are free to contact me.
    [b]IC: Supreme Commander Tsarnoq [i]domain[/i] Nichar[/b]

    [i]Location: Personal Antechamber, aboard worldship-class vessel Yun-Yammka's Blade
    Ship Location: Undisclosed[/i]

    [u]Starting Time: 0200 hours ship time[/u]

    Years of fighting and many promotions had not changed the routine that [b]Tsarnoq [i]domain[/i] Nichar[/b] continued to call his own: meditation and combat training. The Supreme Commander had the nasty habit of pushing himself to the brink of exhaustion in his training, but that was something that made it more rewarding, and was a display of his intense devotion to the Gods.

    For his first hour awake each day, he absorbed himself in silent contemplation. His chamber was as silent as a tomb; his thoughts roamed over what had been and what was to come. Despite popular belief, however, he did not harbor thoughts of showering himself alone with great honor. After all, he had quite a fair sum of glory, honor, [i]and[/i] esteem among his fellow warriors. Instead, he wished that those who served under him were lavished with the blessings of praise and triumph. Perhaps the most powerful image, however, was the vision of the infidels, in all their self-assumed might, lying barren on the surfaces of their planets in prostrate positions of death or in the icy, taloned grip of humiliation as they were finally made to pay for their blasphemies, much like the foolish Praetorite Vong had paid for theirs with their lives.

    A shudder crossed down [b]Tsarnoq[/b]'s spine as he thought of the Praetorites; remembering their failure made his stomach churn, and he was pleased to have witnessed the demise of their supporters for the failures that had been committed. Even greater was what had come before then, when he had witnessed the rise of [b]Nartur [i]domain[/i] Karak[/b] to the glorious position of Warmaster. Such an honor was well-bestowed on one as skilled as the warrior that [b]Supreme Overlord Shimmra[/b] had chosen, and [b]Tsarnoq[/b] was more than confident that his immediate superior, [b]Warmaster Karak[/b], would bring honor and glory where the Praetorite scum had brought shame and dishonor.

    Silently, [b]Tsarnoq[/b]'s amphistaves slithered into his hands and stiffened, hissing only when they were gripped in his dark taloned hands. The snake-like beasts trialed gently over the scars on his arms, leaving a welcome dose of pain with each wound they traversed. For four hours, the Supreme Commander practiced his combat, be it with the staves or without. As an hour passed, he would focus on one of the great Gods from the pantheon, offering a silent prayer as he fought. The only noise in the chamber was the sound of amphistaves cutting the air.

    [blockquote][i]"[b]Yun-Txiin[/b] and [b]Yun-Q'aah[/b], through you we are taught the way of love. Strengthen my heart, that I may continue to grow in the love I have of honor, pain, and death. Though it is great at present, this love I bear will always benefit from your guidance.

    "[b]Yun-Harla[/b], may your cunning ways of trickery guide me, that I may lead the enemy to doom not just by my own doing, but at his own hands as well. Also, may you shower myself and my loyal army with blessings, that we may succeed gretly where the Praetorites failed miserably in the decimation of the infidel vermin. Their lack of honor is our surplus, and their ineptitude in serving the will of the Gods is our wealth of skill.

    "[b]Yun-Yammka[/b], mighty Slayer and patron god of my caste and my domain, to you I send my most heart-felt and impassioned plea. May your thoughts inspire my own on the battlefield, and may your taloned and scarred hand guide mine beside my brother warriors, that all infidels will bow before you and proclaim your glory forevermore. Ma>
  12. Jace_Halycron

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    Jul 5, 2001
    I feel I must withdraw myself from service in the Yuuzhan Vong Imperium. I try to donate the small amounts of personal time I have outside of my busy - and I might add dangerous - schedule to this, a commitment and favour to my friends, but I do not have the time or patience to write essays to play a game on the internet.
    //Looks significantly at KnightHawk//
    I have far more important - and appreciated - things to do.

    I'll see you all around.

  13. exodus411

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    Jul 13, 2003
    Ralaj domain Zhan

    Embrace of Pain, Aboard the worldship Yammka's Blade

    [blockquote]As always, the Embrace of Pain brought Ralaj domain Zhan the ecstasy that he so longinly craved. Extreme pain shot through his nervous system as his left shoulder jerked out of place, but he wore an evil grin, a sign of his true devotion to the Gods.

    The warrior had been in the Embrace of Pain for nearly an hour now, his usual daily amount of time. As he left its clutches, he rotated his arm, popping his shoulder back into place, and bringing another wave of sever pain. His face never changed from its shape, his mouth never moved from its estatic grin. This was what he lived for; pain, and the ecstasy that came with it. That pain brought the Gods glory, another thing that he, and all other Yuuzhan Vong, lived for.

    Ralaj was almost unique among his species; his face bore not a scratch, a fact that some other Yuuzhan Vong found both disturbing and unhonorable. His body though, bore numerous scars and tatoos, and he was missing more than one appendage. He was bald, and his face and skin were a dark color, bordering black. The Yuuzhan Vong warrior was short, but his height belittled his fighting prowess. He was unmatched when it came to singular combat, with the exception of select Supreme Commanders, and of course, the Warmaster.

    That was his destination now, to the training chambers, where he would spend a few hours working with his amphistaff, training in the use of its various forms. He would've gone, if not for the sudden awakening of his villip, relaying to him a message that the Supreme Commander, Tsarnoq domain Nichar, wished to speak with him. Ralaj nodded to the communication creature, and changed course instantly, heading for the bridge of the massive worldship.[/blockquote]

    Tag: KH
  14. KnightHawk

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    Jan 17, 2003
    Jace, wait just a bit. Please. I'm begging you, don't leave us.

    I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry. :_|
  15. Yun-Yuuzhan

    Yun-Yuuzhan Jedi Master star 4

    May 9, 2001
    Well Jace, I've gotta say it's quite a blow to have you leave. But nonetheless, you're positions will be kept as are and you'll promptly be reinstated the moment you return.


    I will be gone for a week starting tomorrow. In my place, jhc36 will be acting Faction Leader and is in charge of general operations. Any questions you may have are to be directed to either him or your respective sub-GMs. I do not expect play to stall in my absence, as I will be gone for the entire month of July and hardly wish for operations to stop for 31 days. jhc36 is to be treated with the utmost respect and is acting Warmaster IC as well as acting Faction Leader OOC.

    My commanders will have their orders and fleet statistics within the hour and are to follow them to the best of their abilities. Good luck to all.
  16. jhc36

    jhc36 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2003
    Let the invasion begin. [face_devil]
  17. NaboosPrincess

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    May 14, 2001
    Kirtii Shah
    Worldship Baanu Ras

    Rumors has begun circulating around midday the previous cycle. They--the Yuuhuzhan Vong, beloved of the gods and conquerers of the stars-- were going to a new galaxy. Kirtii could hardly believe it, but untrue rumors seldom circulated, especially ones of such magnitude.

    "The gods have truly blessed us if what everyone says is true," she commented to her fellow shaper adept, Eem Lii.

    "I am sure it is, Kirtii. We must look for an official announcement soon. Everyone will need to know, for everyone will have to prepare." The tendrils of Eem's headdress writhed in anticipation.

    She did not know where they were going, but even the thought of a new galaxy full of wonders prompted excited shivers. They would be infidel wonders, unfortunately, but these could be shaped and turned into true testaments to the gods. Her people would turn the entire galaxy into a temple of praise for Yun Yuuhuzhan, an altar of worship for all the gods. Kirtii imagined the new worlds, full of resources just waiting to be shaped. If she was lucky she might even obtain an assigment on one of the planets and get away from this old, decriepit worldship for good. Yes, that was what had to happen. She would pray to Yun-Ne'Shel twice each day until they arrived, and surely the goddess would bless her with such luck. Yun-Ne'Shel would guide an intelligent, powerful master to her, and she, Kirtii, would help her master with incredible, world-shaping projects....

    "ADEPT SHAH!" she nearly jumped to the celing of the vivariaum at the angered cry directed at her by the worldship's head shaper, Chak Hool.

    "Y...yes, Master Chak Hool?" she responded meekly, her headdress bowed in submission.

    "Our worldship is in critical condition. Surely you have felt the shudders, seen the damage? We must correct these problems before they cripple the ship indefinitely. I must undertake a larger project, however, one which require much of my time. I am assigning the worldship repairs to you. See that you do not fail."

    "Yes, shall be as you say." Kirtii nearly asked what project could possibly be more important than worldship repair, but she caught herself in time. Perhaps it had to do with the new galaxy. It was possible, very possible....

    "Kirtii, what will you do?" Eem asked in a stunned voice.

    "Find out what the problems are, first, I suppose-- I'll need to determine which protocols to use. Then, work on solutions. We've been keeping up with the maitencence, so the problems must be severe. It will take much work."

    Dreams of the new galaxy would have to be placed aside until later; the worldship took first priority now. Kirtii sighed and got to work.
  18. Jace_Halycron

    Jace_Halycron Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 5, 2001
    Sorry, Yun and Knight, but the Forums went down when I was trying to reply, then I had to report to the base for an emergency.

    Knight's test thing caught me at a bad moment. Jello fixed it up, so I'll be back starting sometime next week, unless I have to continue directing exercises.
  19. ShadowWarrior

    ShadowWarrior Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 8, 2001
    IC: Khezalk Hewk

    The villip that connected Khezalk Hewk with Prefect Da'Gara had become useless since the destruction of Helska 4. That uselessness signified the Prefect's failure, along with the failure of the intendant caste, who had sought to supplant the role of warriors. They had been foolish to invade without the Warmaster's great leadership. Khezalk despised them for their failure, and Da'Gara in particular. The fool had been granted death when he deserved far worse a fate.

    Now Khezalk felt deserving of a dishonourable death himself. He had watched the Praetorite Vong. He had been one of them. He had failed.

    Khezalk reached into his cell and withdrew a second villip. This one acted as a direct link to his immediate superior. The order had been given to him to make use of it should Da'Gara ever fall. Khezalk stroked the villip gently, knowing that Yiiv Vil would succeed where Da'Gara had failed.

    Perhaps Yiiv Vil would deal with Khezalk's failure swiftly. As a warrior, Khezalk Hewk expected nothing less and bowed low in submission as he awaited acknowledgement from his superior.[/blockquote]

    TAG: The_Eighth_Cortex
  20. alpha_red

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    Aug 24, 2003
    OOC: Sorry I haven't been here. You probably saw on the news that North Texas was pummeled by terrible storms that knocked out power for many hundreds of thousands of people. I live in the affected area, and I was without power for two days, and cable for almost a week.

    Be back shortly.
  21. Jace_Halycron

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    Jul 5, 2001
    Yeah, and I'm officially back from France as of three hours ago.

    Regular posting can resume tomorrow.
  22. jhc36

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    Mar 19, 2003
    Supreme Commander al'Yammka

    Helska 4

    Warmaster Nartur Karak was gone for the time being. Gone off to plan war and speak with the Supreme Overlord, this he knew. He was now in temporary command of the invasion, he would see to it that none failed their given missions.

    Glancing up into the icy sky, he gazed at what was above. To the naked eye he could not see it, but he knew the mighty, living warships were gathering. Gathering together, for the coming tide. The Living Tide that would wash over the infidels in glorious death, the Tide would cleanse this galaxy of the infidels and their blasphemous machines.

    TAG: just those that are carrying out the Warmaster's orders.
  23. KenKenobi

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    Jul 11, 2002
    Aboard Infidel Luxury Liner Starship, Generis Orbit, Atrivis Sector, Outer Rim

    [ul]Mel Anor

    It wasn't exactly the most comfortable thing to get back into his ooglith masquer after having the freedom to go without it for the hours-long trip, but it wasn't exactly the most intelligent thing not to wear it. He was, afterall, currently attempting to establish contact with whatever civilization controlled the airways of this planet. If, that is, any civilization did, since the place was mostly uninhabited, with extremely little traffic in, out, or around. In fact, Mel was even beginning to wonder if there was any extensive civilization on this world.

    It was called Generis, and while Mel didn't exactly know which galactic government controlled it, if any, he did know that it was of some premiere significance, as his mission parameters instructed him to carry out his orders in utmost secrecy, and his superior drove home the point that failure was not an option. Otherwise, Mel was to end up like the Praetorite fools. That fact still hadn't left the Consul's mind.

    He'd donned his ooglith masquer just before bringing up the communications of the infidel starship to establish contact with any civilization onworld. The infidel machination didn't smell half as bad, as well, since Mel had jetisoned the bodies of his infidel sacrifices-- well, most of them anyway. He'd need the rest for something else.

    Afterall, with Generis supposedly of some great importance, and perhaps controlled by the New Republic or the Empire, Mel, he assumed he'd be boarded and checked before being allowed to land. Now that he was actually here, of course, he wondered if he would even have to go through that.

    The world that loomed below him was dominated by dense jungles, thank the gods, since it'd be a nice vacation from the ordinary to be within a natural environment again. As an intendent, Mel was of course somewhat a jack of all trades, having extended warrior training, knowledge of priestly rituals, and limited skill in shaper protocol. He'd had to spend most of all his time in the infidel-infested cities and orbital platforms and starships for most of his tour up until now, but with the Yuuzhan Vong's arrival, Mel was itching to feel the skin of living yorik coral upon his fingertips, or the writhing of an amphistaff through his hands. Sure, he had quite a bit of Yuuzhan Vong-native organic material with him to carry out his plans, all of which were stuffed in his living sclipune, but nothing beat freshly grown original specimens. Unfortunately, if there was some sort of civilization down there, Mel had no doubt that he'd spend most of his time there. Oh well-- some would be better than none.

    Smearing dark red infidel blood on his face and upper body, Mel flipped on the comm switch and opened up communication with the world below.

    "Generis, come in Generis...this is nuetral diplomatic flight 9032 on flight from Abregado-rae en route to Dantooine." he said politely, with hints of fake distress. He wanted to sound professional, but also in need of dire help.

    "We'd encountered pirate resistance a few systems back, and are suffering damage and leaking fuel profusely." The damage from "pirate resistance", of course, was simply Mel driving the ship through a field of asteroids, and the fuel leakage was completely intentional.

    "Requesting permission to land immediately. I repeat, requesting permission to land immediately. I don't know how long I can hold up here..." That, of course, was why he kept a few of the slain infidel bodies, and why he had smeared blood upon his ooglith masquer-- to reinforce his explanation that he was the lone survivor, the rest of his "crew" dead in the "attack". Sure, extensive investigation would show that the there was no way pirates could have caused the damage on the ship, and that the "crew" could not have been killed in that matter. But by then they could have figured out that "fl
  24. cavalier_one

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    May 21, 2001
    IC - Mikar domain Delas, Yun-Yammka's Blade

    [blockquote]Mikar domain Delas had been awake for hours, attending to his prayers and personal training regime, emphasising speed and martial talent over strength and brute force. Violence and pain were everything, the very meaning and being of life, but the application of that pain was an art. Mikar prefered to utilise it as a scalpel rather than a club. He was an artist, and pain was his canvas.

    His duties were due to begin soon, and to be late when the Supreme Commander was to be present would be an insult that would not be ignored. Tsarnoq domain Nichar was not forgiving.

    Mikar's arrival on the bridge was noticed by some, but it was not his arrival that would cause fear. As he took his station, he smiled thinly, knowing that that fear would follow soon after.

    Supreme Commander Tsarnoq domain Nichar entered the bridge and all quietened. Mikar snapped his fists to his shoulders, and lowered his head in respect. "Supreme Commander," he said simply.[/blockquote]

    Tag: Nighthawk

    Nighthawk, the exam/essay/torture you set will be handed in soon. However, I decided that it would be better to post my introduction. Since I have no official post on the ship, I have vaguely mentioned a generic bridge position since you were heading to the bridge to talk to my character. I have not mentioned a rank or anything specific. If this is unacceptable, let me know.
  25. Zedd-Vega

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    Dec 13, 2003
    OOC: As much as I like the Yuuzhan Vong, I regret that I'm going to drop from the Imperium Ranks. Its not that I wouldn't have time for it, its just the fact that I despise tests of any kind and couldn't bring myself to complete it any further. Sorry, my time in the eyes of the Yuuzhan Vong Gods has come... :)
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