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    It was a sunny, hot, normal day on the planet of Quebraka. Revisha, a young teengage girl with dirty blond hair and blue eyes, was helping her father cook happily as it could be. All the creatures were working quickly getting the food ready for the big dinner at the palace. The Sogrians were ruling with the Empress Wakelia.
    Revisha watched her father slip some blue liquid in the soup that was to be served.
    ?What?s that you added father?? looking into her dad?s deep blue eyes.
    ? I just added some more flavor Revisha,? smiling with his brown hair spiked up.
    ? Is that soup ready yet?? a dromo asked in a not so quite pleasant voice.
    ? Yes it is sir,? Darress called out pouring the soup into the seagreen, plaster bowls.
    ? Well let?s bring it in now shall we?? the green creature with yellow eyes said leaving the entrance to the kitchen. The kitchen was a huge room with a ceiling of grape vine stained glass. The floor was a cream tile. Designs of swirls were carved in the tile.
    ? Would you like to serve the soup Revisha?? Darress asked handing her the sea green bowls with a design of ivy around the rim.
    ? Yes father, of course,? the sparkling white teeth of the teenage girl sparkled as she walked out of the entrance to the kitchen.
    Revisha was starting to walk in with her white battle pants flaying while walking. After serving the soup to the Empress Wakelia and the Sogrians Revisha heard an evil voice. The voice had a chill go up Revisha?s back. She leaned in toward the door to hear what was been said.
    A creepy green dromo with a man in armor was holding Darress by his neck. His feet were off of the ground. ?What did you do?? The dromo asked angrily gazing into the fearful man?s eyes.
    ? I put some flavoring in the soup, that?s all,? Darress struggling to speak demanded while grabbing the muscled arm of the drome to let go.
    ?I?m sure. Well we?ll give you some flavoring to your life,? a man in silver armor with a jet pack on his back and two swords hooked on the jet pack. He wore a helmet with black bug like eyes and a blue line in the the middle of the helmet.
    ? Please I?ll do anything you say,? Darress said pleading with his life. His eyes were filled with a great amound of fear and his face was sweating.
    ? Alright,? Darress spoke calmly trying to breath calm and not so hard. Darress grabbed his bag that was underneath the carving table.
    While Darress was starting to walk out the door the Dromo and armored man spoke...
    ? Buh bye Darress,? Tokos said happily with his arm gun aiming at Darress? back.
    Darress turned around and before he knew it he was on the ground with a small hole in his chest.
    ? NOOOOO!? Revisha screamed dropping to the floor with tears coming out of her eyes quickly.
    ? Get the girl!? Tokos screamed pointing at Revisha at the entrance while she grabbed a blue and red mermaid ring that fell off her father?s finger.
    Revisha ran with all her life. She took her ddk-45 out of her pocket that was on her pant leg while running up the marble stair case.
    ? You can?t get away that easily!? the dromo screamed while running with his muscled legs striding quickly. The dromo jumped up the staircase to the next floor. He was moving as fast as a cheetah basically.
    Revisha hid behind a control in the palace. There was only a small path around the controls and so there was a huge opening beneath Revisha. If she fell she would be a goner. The green, evil dromo walked in slowly making clomps as he walked. His foot steps sounded like horse shoes. While Revisha was hiding a teenage boy around her age waved her to come that way. Revisha approached slowly making sure the dromo wouldn?t hear her.
    ? Go through this door, it?ll lead you out of the palace.? his blue eyes looking at here with concern. He had brown hair
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    I liked it!! I thought you did the characters very well, and I would like to continue reading!
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    One of the hottest planets in the universe. Formally inhabited by only the worse criminals in the universe, it had brought others after valuable minerals were found in the underground mines. Soon the planet became very civilized, its capital city of Gretbak almost rivaling the planetwide city of Coruscant. The crime rate was low, and the crimes that did take place were settled swiftly by the government.
    The government of Quebraka was a dictatorship. Many rebel groups trying to topple the government had all failed miserably. Native Quebrakans were treated with the utmost respect, whereas visitors were treated like dirt.
    It's been another 2 years since Revisha escaped Kalsa. She has put
    that long behind her. All her gowns and chains are packed away in a trunk in
    her Nublaria ship. The ship is a ship that is very rare. There are only a
    few around. The ship comes from Tulsharia. The Nublaria is a dark blue with
    two huge eye like windows and silver framing them. The ship reminds of you
    of a jet. Well the wings do. At the end there are two tails.
    Well Revisha is 18 years old and she works for a company that designs
    transportation, and she fixes ships too. The palace and government had forgotten about Revisha and her father. Revisha dances at a Cantina. Revisha will never give up dancing. Revisha is a gorgeous young lady with a
    full grown chest, sapphire eyes, slender body, 5'8", some muscles, she was
    the most perfect young lady.
    "These are great designs Revisha!" Iku amazed while holding the two designs of speeder bikes in her hands.
    "Thank you, we need to have some style in our transportation," Revisha
    explained picking up her drawing materials with her dirty blond hair in her
    face since she was looking down at the drawing stand.
    "Daverton is going to love these!" Iku said twirling around in circles. Iku was a Twi'lek that was red. Iku had a hyper personality. Revisha has known Iku for 2 years like Teesha she did. Revisha has only told Iku and Teesha about her past life.
    Revisha took her black bag and swung it around on her right shoulder. She was wearing a red strapless top that revealed her belly since she was used to showing her belly after Kalsa's in Welka. Black loose
    pants she wore that were glittering. A gold chain was around her hips. Two guns
    were on her pant legs. One on the left and one on the right. She wore red
    boots on her feet.
    "I'm going to help fix some ships, okay, Iku?" Revisha explained with her right thumb pointing to her deep blue speeder bike that she designed
    outside of the building.
    "Yeah, have fun. I'll be here making prototypes Revisha." Iku said sweeping the floor while dancing. The building was a dome shape that had blue lights all over. It was a pretty bright and tropical building. Revisha had designed it herself. It was like Welka, but she only knew that.
    Revisha swung her right leg over the speeder bike with her blue helmet and viser on her head. The helmet had the mermaid on the
    forehead. The mermaid was exactly like the one on her ring. Revisha waved good-bye
    and she zoomed off to the hangar.
    ---------------------------------------------"Can you believe they gave us this piece of crap hangar?" Freton Lorfs cried aloud. His ship, the Fast Freton was cramped in the small hangar.
    "Quit your whining, Fre." A voice said from inside the ship. "This hunk of junk ship deserves this hangar."
    "Shut up, Revisha. I'm only letting you work on this ship because we're friends. It's the only job you've had since you left Welka."
    Revisha popped her head out of the ship.
    "I fixed the hyperdrive, again. Get a new ship, this one's hopeless."
    "That ship and I have been through a lot together. I'm not giving it up. I'm going to the bar. See you, Revisha."
    Revisha waved, and went back into the ship.
    "Hydrospanner, R4."
    Lorfs' astromech droid beeped and handed her the tool. She began tinkering around with the hyperdrive when she heard two voices.
    She recognized them as Eela L'reak and Usle E'fan, two Twi'lek women who followed Lorfs
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    ooh, I like this post to! It's very intresting! post more, if possible.
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    Okay we will. But we have to talk it over first and see what the other person has okay? We'll have it tomorrow.
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    Everyone go reread my post. I edited it to include some things Mertroid asked me to add.
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    I like th extra stuff, it helps you see the picture a little better!! I really like.
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    ? No problem my lady,? Shadow said looking at Revisha with a smile. Then suddenly something struck his mind. He thought in his dark-haired head....? Where have I sing this girl before??
    Revisha saw the way the man was looking at her and she sensed something in his mind.
    ? Don?t even go there. I see the look in your eyes,? Revisha remarked pushing away from the man with a pilot coat on and a ship in the middle of the symbol on his chest. Her black shimmery pants waved back and forth as she walked away.
    ? Wait. Hold on a second. I didn?t have any look. It?s just that you reminded me of someone I helped 4 years ago,? Shadow said stopping in front of Revisha with putting his hands on her shoulders holding her back.
    ? Let go of me or I swear I?ll beat you into the next door planet,? Revisha demanded starting to pull a gun out.
    ? I?m sorry, I was just trying to stop you for a moment. Let?s talk okay?? Shadow asked. Revisha walked to a seat and Shadow seated her. Her hair waved long and dirty blond. Shadow couldn?t stop thinking that he knew her from somewhere.
    ?Okay you wanted to talk. Go ahead,? Revisha explained with her elbows on the table leaning forward to Shadow.
    ?Well first thing... we should know each other?s names. I?m Shadow Trell. I have lived here in Quebraka since I was 15. I worked in the palace. I knew a Darress Utiles and I am now a pilot.? Shadow explained while taking a drink. His blue eyes were focused on the dirty blond-haired lady with sapphire eyes.
    Revisha all of a sudden saw flashes of the past when she lived in the palace with her father. She was in shock that this young man knew her father. ?How could that be?? she asked in her head. Revisha was trying to think of all the teenage boys she knew in the palace. She only knew two.
    ?Hey. Are you okay?? Shadow asked nudging Revisha on the arm.
    ? What? Oh yeah I?m fine,? Revisha explained trying not to keep eye contact with the young man who had quite some muscle on him, like a 6 pack he was.
    ? What?s your name and story?? Shadow questioned the strong and calm young lady.
    ? I?m Revisha, I lived in Quebraka until I was 14 years old. I can?t tell you why I left and I went to Welka and then Tulsharia, and then here again when I?m 18 years old. I knew a man named Darress Utiles. He is no longer here, and I used to work in the palace. That?s all I have to say about my life.? Revisha explained with trying to hold back the tears. Her eyes were filling with water but she held back her emotions.
    ? Hey are you all right?? Shadow asked feeling concerned for this girl that he met today in the Cantina. Shadow was starting to connect everything he learned about this gorgeous girl and he just realized something about her....
    ? I?m fine. Now if you excuse me, I must go,? Revisha showing melancholy walked to the exit. Her black pants waved back and forth while she walked gracefully out of the Cantina. Shadow followed her. He ran up to her with his black pants scrunching while he was walking. They were made of a shiny black material and his jacket was red. His boots were black and his blaster lay on his left leg. ?Why are you following me?? Revisha full of tears asked. I talked to you and now I must go home!? Revisha said while looking at the worried young man.
    ? Let me take you home. I?m just trying to help,? Shadow explained walking closer up to Revisha.
    ? Fine. Thanks for your help,? she said turning around. Shadow took his right hand and he wiped the tears off of Revisha?s face. They walked at a normal pace to a black ship that was small, only big enough for two people, and it had a small trunk. The ship looked like an almond for it?s shape. The symbol that was on Shadow?s jacket lay upon the right side of the ship.
    ? Here you go,? the assisting Shadow said offering a hand to Revisha leading her in the ship. The ship had red leather seats inside. The inside of the ship reminded you of the bat mobile. Revisha walked
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    The Teesha continued along its slow crawl through hyperspace. Tulsharia was far, far away from Quebraka, so Shadow and Revisha had much time to kill.
    They shared the same quarters now, not wanting to be apart even while they were sleeping. The two were falling in love.
    Shadow sat at the controls of the Teesha, when a sharp knock made him turn.
    Revisha stood in the doorway to the cabin. She looked absolutely beautiful. Her dirty blond hair was combed down to her waist. She wore a blue-green tank top that ended abover her belly button. Her pants seemed to be made of some reptillian hide. At a glance, her lower half looked somewhat like a fishtail. Her blasters were still at her sides.
    "You look beautiful." Shadow got up and embraced Revisha. She put her head on his shoulder and kissed his neck lightly.
    Suddenly, the two were on the floor. Another explosion rocked the ship. Revisha and Shadow rushed to the controls.
    "Sogrians. They must have pulled us out of hyperspace. They have some stolen Republic X-wings. This could be a problem." Revisha said, the cheerful face she'd had a moment ago replaced with one full of worry and fear.

    Sorry it's so short, but I'll have some longer ones later on.

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    " How would the Sogrians know about us going to find the Ultimate Youshelria Crystal?" Shadow inquired to Revisha that was looking at the radar with preocupation in her sapphire eyes. He leaned in toward her with his black pants sitting on the bench in the control room.
    " I'm not sure, but I have a feeling who it is. How could he have found out about me?" Revisha asked slamming her hands down.
    "Who?" Shadow asked putting his right hand on Revisha's shoulder and rubbing it.
    "You'll find out soon," Revisha explained turning her head to Shadow with a look of agony on her face.
    Soon enough a blue light was beeping in the control room letting them know there was a message coming from the X-Wings.
    "Ho shi Revisha. Iok le uiwere," " Hello Revisha, we meet again after 4 years," the Sogrian said with evil red eyes looking upon the girl with long, dirty blond hair and crystal blue eyes.
    " Kalsa," Revisha remarked in a disgusted and shocked voice. Her face wore a look of rage on her face.
    " How's life without me?" Kalsa asked with some laughter in his voice. Shadow was looking back and forth at Revisha and Kalsa while they were talking. Kalsa was a tan with brown spots and a 5 pack of muscle on him. Shadow looked at Revisha with worry.
    " Much better without you. You know I'm not scared of you. I have never been," Revisha retorted with her hands in fists.
    " I think you should be. Remember 2 years ago when your best friend was killed, and I whipped you with Sniles." Kalsa remarked with some fruit in his left hand. While Kalsa and Revisha were talking Shadow noticed a Sogrian shape like thing on Revisha's left shoulder.
    " What do you want from me?" Revisha asked with a gulp since she was almost about to cry.
    " I want you, since you are still my slave and all, and look at you, you're gorgeous," Kalsa explained with a sound of desire in his voice.
    " Well I must be going now," Revisha twinged.
    " You're not going to get the crystal of Youshelria Revisha. You're heart is too weak to find and get it for yourself. Well good luck. And may the best species win," Kalsa remarked with an evil laugh.
    Revisha left the control room silently and with a face of hate and sadness on her. Shadow couldn't stand seeing Revisha hurt.
    Revisha had gone into the quarters and she lay on the blue, silk pillow with her face in it. Revisha was really sad. Shadow followed and knocked on the silver and high tech door. A slight voice said "Come in." Shadow walked slowly toward the bed where Revisha was. His black boots made a soft clamp on the silver floor. He sat by Revisha and he put his hand on her back and rubbed it.
    " He is a horrible creature. He killed my best friend Teesha two years ago in Welka. When my father was killed and I escaped from the palace because of Trell, the hunter had tripped me. I asked myself what the... and I turned around and I saw the man in silver armor with black bug like eyes. He grabbed me and I was put in his Buggo to go to Welka. I was given to Kalsa as a birthday gift. It was horrible. At first I had fun, but when Kalsa yanked me up to him all the time to touch me I didn't like that at all. Teesha was trying to escape when we were doing a performance, Kalsa through a knife at her and they let her suffer. I had to barry the body when I went to escape during the night. Kalsa was a sick Sogrian and he still is," Revisha explained with some struggle. When she turned around Shadow saw her eyes red and blotchy filled with tears. He put his hand on her face and rubbed them away. They hugged each other with Shadow rubbing Revisha's back and long hair.
    " I will never hurt you Revisha. I'm here for you if you ever need protection," Shadow explained holding Revisha tightly. His hands were around her waist. He was rubbing her back and legs that had the reptillian hide like material.
    During the night the two slept together since what happened and they loved each other. But not one of them mentioned about knowing that the other person was the one who helped escape from the palace in Qu
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    Shadow stood next to Revisha, both looking out the large window at Tulsharia shimmering surface. Tulsharia had no land, it was only water. It's surface was inhabited by sentient sea creatures.
    Shadow wrapped his arm around Revisha's waist and held her close. She smiled at him.
    "I have to go change." She said, walking back to their shared quarters. She walked out a moment later wearing a light blue swimsuit. Her holster stayed around her waist.
    "Here, put these on." She tossed Shadow a matching pair of swim trunks.
    Shadow walked to the quarters and changed, rejoining Revisha by the window. She smiled again, and Shadow placed his arm around her bare back.
    "Why is your ring glowing?" Shadow asked.
    "I've started the change."
    "What? What change?"
    "I was born here. Before I left for Quebraka, I was one of the Tulsharians, a sea creature."
    Shadow looked at her, confusion in his face.
    "I was a mermaid. After my father and I left, he used the ring to change us into humans. Now I'm using it to become my real form."
    "Oh." Shadow nodded, and smiled. He rubbed her back lightly. "How long does this change take?"
    "It happens gradually over about an hour."
    "Cool. That ring is powerful."
    Revisha nodded.
    A few minutes later, Shadow noticed scales growing from her legs up to her bare midriff. They were blue, like her beautiful eyes.
    A half hour later, Revisha gasped and said, "I have to sit down. This is the painful part."
    She sat in the padded pilot's chair, and groaned in pain. Her toes elongated and thinned out, webbing growing between them. She tried to stifle a scream and failed, her shout echoing down the ship's corridors.
    Webbing grew between her feet, bringing them together. Scales grew on the sides of her legs, overlapping the space between them. The scales continued up her legs - tail, now, and covered her midriff. Her skin turned light blue, matching her scales and eyes.
    "Hold my hand." Shadow said. "Squeeze when the pain gets too much."
    Her blue hand took his, and squeezed almost instantly. Two fins grew from her wrists, follwed by two more sprouting from the backs of her arms. A few scales grew on her arms.
    Two long slits appeared in her neck.
    "Here comes the really painful part." Revisha gasped.
    A hole opened in her back, and a triangular dorsal fin grew out of it. Revisha gripped Shadow's hand very hard. The transformation was over. Revisha sat in the chair, trying to catch her breath, her long fishtail twitching idly.
    "Thanks, Shadow."
    "You are welcome, my love." He kissed her blue lips. "You are very beautiful as a mermaid."
    She giggled happily and wrapped her tail around his leg.
    "Shall we go down to the planet?" She suggested, turning to the controls. A small speck on the planet grew larger and larger, becoming a landing platform, one of the few platforms jutting from the watery surface.
    She landed and conversed with the tower on the com for a while. He needed much convincing that she was a Tulsharian.
    They conversed in Basic, when the tower asked a question in a clicking, squeaking tongue. Revisha answered in the same language.
    "Welcome to Tulsharia," the man said. Shadow opened the ship's door and walked out onto the platform.
    "Shadow?" Revisha called. "A little help?"
    "Oh, yes, sorry, my dear. I forgot about that." He picked her up from her seat, making sure not to cut her hand on her sharp dorsal fin. Her scales felt warm and slippery, and Shadow almost dropped her a few times.
    They reached the edge of the platform, and Shadow sat her down. She placed her tail in the water, while Shadow dangled his feet in.
    "Oh, before I forget." Revisha opened a pocket in her holster and pulled out a vial of blue-green liquid.
    "This will help you breathe underwater."
    Shadow took the vial, opened it and drank it.
    "Ready, love?"
    "Ready." Revisha lowered herself into the water, swimming off quickly.
    "Revisha?" Shadow said, lowering himself into the cool water.
    "Be careful. A Sogrian ship landed moments before we did. The ship picked it up while you were changing."
    "I will. Now,
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    cool, a marmaid! This is very good! I'm so hooked!More?
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    When Revisha dove underwater her skin turned normal color since her skin only turns blue after first turning into a mermaid. Her dorsel fin disappeared as well. The water was a clear, crystal blue with all sorts of creatures swimming in the water. A pod of dolphins swam by as Shadow and Revisha swam toward the city of Ushila. Revisha swam gracefully with her scales glittering. Revisha grabbed Shadow's hand and they swam by each other. The sea kelp was 40 ft. high from the coral reef. Revisha eventually hopped on a spotted dolphin. Shadow hopped on as well. His hands were on Revisha's waist holding her tight. The dolphin was swimming quickly with Revisha's hair waving in the bubbling water. The water was very refreshing.
    Revisha and Shadow didn't realize that Kalsa and the Sogrians were following them not too far behind. Revisha's fin waved along as they rode the dolphin.
    "Is that Ushila?" Shadow asked with his brown hair not moving since he had short hair. His chin was on her shoulder. Revisha smiled at Shadow.
    " Yes that would be Ushila, my real home," Revisha said looking forward at the city. Ushila was a huge city. It was the capital of Tulsharia. The city had huge columns that looked greek. The city was like a huge crystal. It was the color of Revisha's ring. When Revisha and Shadow swam through the huge arch that was white and had two mermaids looking at each other, many mermaids were greeting them. The Tulsharians don't have many visitors so they greet the guests with open arms. Revisha was talking in clicks and squeaks like a dolphin. Shadow was convinced then.
    After socializing for a while a mermaid that had lavender skin with deep purple lips and brown hair swam up to them. It was Eria, Revisha's sister. This was a clone of Eria, because she was killed 2 weeks ago by the Sogrians. Eria had ameythst eyes,a deep purple.
    " Shadow, I would like you to meet my sister Eria," Revisha said holding a hand out to Eria. Eria was smiling and her fin glittered brightly.
    " It's a pleasure," Shadow said taking Eria's hand and kissing it. Eria led Revisha and Shadow to their quarters. Their quarters were amazing. It was huge. The bed was king sized with pearls on hanging on the canopy. The posts were made of sea green coral. The bed had blue, silk sheets. Shadow just grabbed Revisha by the waist and he held her tight. He still couldn't believe that he could breath perfectly.
    " Eria says that she'll be getting something for us to eat. What do you want?" Revisha asked looking up into Shadow's blue eyes.
    " Lobster," Shadow said laughing since he hasn't had much sea food before.
    When Eria left Revisha sat on Shadow's lap and they were kissing.
    Eria came back and she had an evil smile on her face. A Sogrian was talking in her mind. "Kill them during their sleep," the voice said to the clone of Eria. The food was served on silver platters with gorgeous, fancy wine glasses. The glasses had dolpins at the base of them. The lobster had been cooked by magic so it was red. Shadow and Revisha fed each other the lobster piece by piece. After dinner, Shadow and Revisha hopped under the sheets.Revisha went into bed before Shadow did, and then he wentinto bed,he put his arm around her, and she cuddled close to him and she wrapped her blue, glittering her tail around his leg.
    " You look so amazing as a mermaid, I thought I would never be in love with one," Shadow explained touching Revisha's face.
    " Stop flattering me Shadow," Revisha said with a laugh in her voice. Shadow kissed Revisha and bubbles were going up since they were kissing. Revisha's skin had turned blue again with blue lips since she was home. Her skin turned normal before because it had been years since Revisha was a mermaid.....
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    Shadow wrapped his arms around Revisha, looking into her blue eyes. Her skin was the same color. She cuddled close to him, her scaled hand moving up and down his arm. Her tail wrapped around his leg, her tailfin tickling the bottom of his feet.
    "I'd better change into something else," She said, motioning to her soaked bikini. The bottom half of it was ripped into pieces, her transformation tearing it. The material of it was not made for permenent use underwater.
    Revisha rummuged through the drawers of quarters, pulling out the top half of a bikini. It was made of blue seashells. She took a few bracelets of pearls from the top of the dresser, placing them around her fins. She walked to the doorway to the bathroom and turned her back to Shadow. She took off the ruined bikini top and put on the seashell bikini. Shadow lay on the bed smiling. He was madly in love with this girl.
    "There, that's better." Revisha turned and smiled, the water altering the light so that Revisha was bathed in a greenish glow.
    She swam over to the bed and got under the blue silk sheets, holding herself close to Shadow.
    "I love you, Shadow."
    "I love you too, Revisha."
    The two kissed passionately, holding each other tightly. Revisha's tail felt rough against his leg, a good reminder that she was still there, and the two were safe.

    Eria swam silently down the hall to her "sister's" quarters. She had a long, silver knife in her hand. The tip of it had been dipped in crippling poison. Not enough to kill, but to paralyze for a long time.
    The door slid open, and Eria saw the two lying together in bed, close together, smiles on both of their faces.
    She swam towards Revisha, holding the knife to her throat.
    Revisha's eyes snapped open, her weak connection to the Force warning her. Eria was about to slit her throat when Revisha grabbed her arm, pushing her backwards. Eria hit the wall. Revisha went for the door, screaming Shadow's name. Eria followed, swiping at Revisha, connecting with her arm. Blood filled the water, making a red cloud. Revisha exited the quarters, swimming quickly down the hall, shouting for help.
    She exited the building, swimming towards the police station, the poison coursing through her veins.

    Shadow awoke as Revisha screamed. A purple skinned mermaid stood over him, a knife drawn.
    She jabbed at him, missing by mere millimeters. Shadow bolted from the bed, going to the door. Eria was a faster swimmer than he, and made it before he did, blocking his way. He swam away, and she went below him, wrapping her tail around his legs, tripping him up. He hit his head hard on the wall, falling into unconsciousness.
    Eria laughed and stabbed the knife into his shoulder, his blood mixing with the water of the room.

    Revisha swam faster and faster, trying to find a policeman. Suddenly, she lost feeling in her arms and tail, her limbs going limp.
    "Well, hello, Revisha." A familiar voice said.
    "Kalsa." Revisha spat, her limp body sinking to the ground. Kalsa picked her up, rubbing his hands up and down her back and tail.
    "Don't touch me." She said.
    "Oh, dear Revisha. You don't realize that you were my favorite. You are . . . intoxicating. I love you. He kissed her tail lightly.
    She tried to hit him with her tail, but her body was paralyzed from the neck down.
    Kalsa swam to his ship, parked in a cave in the wastelands of Tulsharia. Revisha was thrown into a small room. A servent walked into the room, picking up her limp body, placing a chain around her neck. The chain tightened, making it impossible to get off.
    "Your slave, sir." The servent said, handing the long chain to Kalsa.
    "Change her clothes. I do not like seashells."
    "Yes, m'lord."
    Revisha was dragged back to her quarters. The servent was a female, her outfit that of a slave. She was pale, her black hair cut short. Revisha's seashell bikini was taken off, replaced by a blue tank top. A silver, silk skirt w
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    ewww, she was kidnapped? Why? And where is Shadow. I know he got stabbed, but why didn't he wake up? I love it! Post more.
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    Shadow was still paralyzed. He couldn?t move. Blood was rushing out of his arm. His white jacket had been stained with blood. Eria was no where in sight. Shadow had a good feeling where Eria was.
    In Kalsa?s ship a servant with short black hair came up to Kalsa. ?My lord, Eria has arrived,? while bowing to him.
    ? Let her in,? Kalsa said while holding Revisha?s limp body. Kalsa took advantage of Revisha being paralyzed.
    Eria swam up to the end of the 4 ft. deep river like thing in Kalsa?s ship. ? Kalsa, the man has been paralyzed and he?s surely going to bleed to death. I stabbed him in the shoulder,? Eria explained in a calm and strong voice.
    ? Good job Eria. You have outdone yourself. Here is your payment for you were successful,? Kalsa explained with a servant holding a chess of pearls and jewels before Eria. Eria had an immense smile on her face.
    ? Thank you sir,? Eria remarked swimming away with the chess.
    ? Gila, clean up this wound on Revisha,? Kalsa demanded with Revisha on his lap.
    ? Yes my lord,? she said walking along the mosaic floor toward a box in the shape of a tropical fruit. She took it from it?s silver hooked and she knelt by Kalsa and Revisha.
    The ship was huge. It looked like the restaurant in Welka that Revisha had been in before. But where Kalsa was there was a pool for mermaids to swim in from Ushila up to Kalsa so they could talk.
    Gila wrapped a bandage around Revisha?s arm and she left.
    ? Thank you Gila,? Kalsa remarked looking down upon Revisha. Her eyes were shut and Kalsa was keep on rubbing Revisha?s tail and back.
    ? You would be the perfect wife for me,? Kalsa explained kissing Revisha on the lips.
    At the quarters Shadow was going faint for he had lost too much blood. All of a sudden a mermaid with blond hair and blue eyes swam up to Shadow. She had a red fin with white pearls wrapped around it. Her hair was long and wavy. She picked up Shadow?s body when Shadow barely made out the word ?Revisha?? He was weak and dying. She swam up very quickly to the dock. She jumped upon the dock with Shadow. The mermaid took her ring and let it glow upon the wound. Then she put her scaly hand on the wound and Shadow?s shoulder had been healed. Shadow was no longer paralyzed. His eyes opened.
    ? Revisha?? he inquired while rubbing his head.
    ? No, but her cousin Galaleia,? she explained helping Shadow up.
    ? What happened?? Shadow asked looking down at the mermaid.
    ? You were almost dead. You were stabbed in the shoulder,? Galaleia said while starting to go back in the water.
    ? Thank you. Wait! I need your help. Revisha has been kidnapped.? Shadow calling out to Galaleia said.
    Galaleia jumped back on the deck. ? Here,? she said grabbing Shadow?s left hand and slipping on a red, crystal ring that was very much like Revisha?s. ? You might feel some pain but you?ll be fine,? Galaleia said with a calm look on her face.
    ? How is this going to help me save Revisha?? Shadow questioned Galaleia while seeing the ring glow.
    ? It?ll help you move quicker in the water, and you can reach her faster,? Galaleia reported while holding Shadow?s hand since there would be pain soon.
    At Kalsa?s Gatera-24601 Revisha was starting to wake up. She was finding herself laying by Kalsa. He was asleep. His long, tan, and spiked tail was wrapped around Revisha?s body. When she looked out the face window she saw that they were in a dark and mysterious cave. The cave all sorts of serpents and ugly fish swimming by. The fish had big eyes with sharp fangs. The cave was leading them to the Farworlder?s castle. The Farworlder?s castle had the government near which the crystal was underneath the ground.
    Revisha slipped out of Kalsa?s grip and she dragged her fin and body closer to the face window to get a better view. Everyone was asleep in the Gatera but her.
    After an hour went by, Shadow was a merman himself. He had a long, scaly, red fin with scales on his arms, and gills were on his neck.
    ? Now go and save Revisha,? Galaleia demanded while s
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    Revisha stared out the window at the red blur heading towards the ship. Kalsa continued to stroke her back and tail.
    "Come back to me, Revisha. Don't bore yourself with the outside world. I am all that matters now."
    Revisha stayed silent, and Kalsa became angry. He yanked the chain connecting her to him hard. She flew backwards, landing on his immense body. His tail wrapped around her tightly, and Kalsa began kissing her passionately, while Revisha tried to pull away.

    Shadow tried to find a way into the ship.
    His skin was a reddish hue, his legs replaced by a similarly colored tail. Scales covered most of his body.
    He couldn't find the door to the ship, and was searching furiously, for his last sight of Revisha was her being pulled back violently into the arms of the evil Sogrian Kalsa.
    He went up to a window of the ship, staring at the fat land mermaid, groping and kissing Revisha, who didn't seem to be enjoying it.
    He pointed the ring at the window. A small beam of energy shot out of it. The window turned orange, then red, then a shimmering white, and exploded inward.
    Shadow swam in and yelled for Kalsa to let Revisha go.
    "What are you going to do, feeble merman?" Kalsa said, tossing Revisha out of the pool close to a window. Her tail furled and unfurled tensely.
    Kalsa threw his bulk at Shadow, who sideswam the giant slug easily. A small voice whispered to him. It was Revisha, using her weak connection to the Force to communicate with him.
    Use the ring. Point it at him.
    Shadow obeyed, and another beam of red energy leapt from the mermaid carved into the ring. A blue beam joined his, coming from Revisha's ring. The two beams struck Kalsa, overheating his body. He fell backwards into the deep pool, unconscious.
    "Come on," Shadow said, picking up Revisha's body from the side of the pool. "Let's get out of here."
    "There's something I have to do, though."
    Revisha went back to where all of Kalsa's slaves lived, and called them all together.
    "You're free. Live here for a while, try to find a pilot who will take you back home." Revisha used her ring on all of them, turning them into mermaids and mermen. They swam outside happily, free from Kalsa's grasp.

    Back at Shadow and Revisha's quarters, the two lay on the blue silk sheets, their bodies next to each other, their long scaled tails wrapped around each other.
    "Yes, Shadow?"
    "Marry me. Here, on Tulsharia. You were beautiful as a human. You're even more beautiful as a Tulsharian."
    "I will marry you, Shadow. I've always loved this planet. We shall stay here forever."
    The two engaged in a long kiss, their tails twitching back and forth, moving like two snakes engaged in a fight.
    Revisha swam up from the bed.
    "I've got to change out of these clothes. Kalsa soiled them by trying to kiss me. He wanted me to be his wife."
    "He's surely afraid of us, now, my love." Shadow swam over to her and wrapped his arms around her stomach, his tail joining her's.
    Revisha smiled happily, playfully pushing him away.
    "Let me change," She said. "Go sit on the bed," She imitated a mother scolding her child.
    Revisha turned her back to him and took off the silver silk skirt and tossed it in the hamper. The tank top went there, too.
    Shadow smiled at her bare, scaled back. She was such a beautiful creature.
    She rummaged around in her bag, pulling out two articles of clothing. She put them on and turned around.
    She'd replaced her slave clothing with another pair of slave clothing, this pair from her first encounter with Kalsa.
    A blue-green tank top that ended far above her midriff adorned her upper half, a gold chain around her scaled waist. She wore a long silk skirt that matched her shirt. Pearls were around her wrist fins and tailfin.
    "You are the most beautiful creature in the universe." Shadow swam to her and took her blue hand, leading her to the bed. She covered herself with the blue silk sheets, the fabric whispering as it covered her fo
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    In the quarters Shadow and Revisha had been sleeping for a while. The ship was going calm and quietly toward the Farworlder's castle. The Farworlder castle looked very much like ice, which it was. The ice was sculpted into dolphins and sharks decorating the castle. Revisha woke up and looked out the window to find them going through an immense arch with two dolphins diving.
    " Shadow wake up. We're here," Revisha said kissing Shadow on the lips to help him wake up. Shadow woke up and he put his arms around Revisha and hugged her.
    " Well I think we're going to find that crystal," Shadow explained with a big, white toothed smile looking at Revisha. Revisha smiled back.
    " We should be able to get the crystal for my father was in the government," Revisha reported swimming toward the door.
    " Where will we find the crystal in?" Shadow questioned Revisha swimming towards her grabbing a Uk-189.
    " It's going to be in the basement of the castle. At the basement, there's a door leading underground. That's where it should be," Revisha said with a look of determination of getting the Youshelria Crystal.
    When the ship landed many merfolk came around the ship acting curious. The Farworlder's knew Revisha was coming to their castle. The Farworlders are creatures that are half human and half octopus. They had been ruling Ushila and Tulsharia for thousands of years.
    " Welcome home Revisha," a tall and young Farworlder said hugging Revisha. " It's so good to see you again," he explained. He had lime green skin with gills on his neck. His tails slithered along the ground.
    " It's good to see you too Yoshop," Revisha explained with a smile on her face.
    Shadow followed not too far behind Yoshop and Revisha. He had a look of concern for he didn't trust the Farworlders. While they were swimming in the castle Shadow looked up and he saw Eria above on a balcony. He knew something wasn't right.
    Inside the castle it looked like a cathedral inside. Many sculptures were all over. Blue table cloths were on the ice seats. Everything was frozen for they were on the way bottom of the ocean. Blue and silver fish swam by. Shadow was amazed, but yet worried.
    " There is a big dinner tonight for your home coming Revisha," Yoshop explained with his slimy hand on her back.
    " That sounds great. What do you think Shadow?" Revisha inquired swimming toward Shadow with her hands on his chest.
    " Oh, that sounds fun," he said trying to sound enthusiastic.
    " Well here are your quarters," Yoshop explained closing the door behind him. The door was solid ice with cloth over it to give some privacy.
    " He's an old friend," Revisha said with her thumb pointing at the door.
    " Oh, I see. Look Revisha there's something I have to tell you," Shadow explained with a look of preocupation in his blue eyes.
    " What?" Revisha asked with Shadow holding her hands.
    " Eria is here. I saw her on a balcony looking down at us," Shadow explained.
    " It's not her," Revisha said with her head down looking at the ground.
    " What do you mean?" he asked moving in closer on Revisha.
    " I could sense her. I believe that's a clone. I think my real sister is dead," Revisha said moving toward the balcony with a seahorse sculpted on it.
    " I think we have to go to the basement tonight before anything happens," Shadow said putting his hands around Revisha's waist. He kissed her shoulder lightly.
    ? I believe you?re right Shadow,? Revisha said having a look of worry on her face.
    When everyone was asleep Revisha and Shadow swam off the balcony down to the basement. Very few fish were swimming around when they swam down. Shadow was leading while holding Revisha?s hand. It was very dark down under. A few fish with lights on their heads led a path to the basement and through it. In the basement it was a huge hall with carved sculptures of sharks showing their jaws. Shadow and Revisha swam slowly and calmly to make sure no one heard them down below.
    ? What are we exactly looking for Revisha?? Shadow asked looking at the walls of images that loo
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    Good stuff,

    this is the first proper fanfic that i've read and i thought it was quite good

    a lot of imaginative points that i wouldn't have expected

    i look forward to seeing what more adventures those two have, i'm looking forward to the sequel ;)

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