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Zam and Jango have an interesting conversation on a hard case....

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by ZamWesell2010, Mar 11, 2003.

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  1. ZamWesell2010

    ZamWesell2010 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 31, 2003
    "Diapers?! You trust me with diapers?!" her blue eyes stared peircingly into Jango's. "Look, Zam. It's not hard. You just take the diaper and do this... no wait... ugh! Zam! Make my parenting job hard enough!" Jango frustatingly threw the diaper on the floor. Boba looked patiently at the father and woman who he apparently had labeled as his "mother". She held a grin,
    "No Jango. THat's not what I'm saying! Diapers! Diapers! I'm a bounty hunter and assassin who besides some *clears throat* other events you have never trusted in your godforsaken life!"
    Jango's turn to grin had come up and as usual he resisted it, instead he muttered , "You were in an *cough* interesting outfit and I'm a male. Males have certain quirks. BESIDES! You shouldn't have come into the bloody apartment dressed like that, anyways!" Zam smirked, and nodded knowing perfectly well she had had him wrapped around her little finger! She looked seductively into his eyes "Feminine charm isn't what you want Jango?" Jango stared at her for a few moments and there was a long silence.
    Jango shyly broke the silence, " Do you think you could..." and trailed off. I'm a stud assassin! I always get him! She thought and threw him a seductive smile. " Think I could do what?" she persisted not letting him trail off. " Do, um, you, uh," suddenly he left fantasy island, ",think you could help me with Boba's diaper? I seem to have forgotten." he quickly looked away. Zam smiled widely and felt triumphant. She picked up the diaper Jango threw earlier and turned to Boba.
    She expected him to be looking at her but instead was staring at her diaper and avoiding eye contact. Probably because the diaper's so interesting. she thought sarcastically. "I had you!" Zam blurted out, consumed with her triumph. "YOU HAD NOTHING!" he exclaimed. "I saw it in your eyes, there was a definite moment of departure from this world." she continued. " Nope." he replied quickly. "Do you want me to tell Boba about this when he's grown up?" Jango looked at her with a look of terror. Zam was taken aback by this, since she had never seen him show a face like that. " Nope." he replied again. "So will you admit you were a little spacey during your trip to treasure planet?" he smiled weakly and answered, " yep." He nodded and nodded and looked away. She could read his body language! She quickly changed Boba's diaper and walked determined to Jango's room. Jango followed, utterly confused. " Um, Zam where are you going?" Zam hid by the door and waited patiently for him to come into the dark room. He crept down the hallway and stopped at the doorway. " Zam?!" he asked more nervously and proceeded to enter the room. Suddenly the door closed and before he could say, "What is this?" he found himself on the bed and listened to Zam's calm, " It's time to do some reenacting Jango Fett."
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