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Discussion in 'EU Community' started by Amon_Amarth, May 19, 2008.

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    I'm so glad this little part of the EUC is going to have life again. :) I can't wait to read, can't wait to watch Zayne's Force Unlucky Luck take its toll on both his own militia and the Mandos, and of course as a certified Zayne/Jarael shipper (for reals: since the NJO, this is the only SW relationship I've had any emotional interest in, and it's easily the most invested I've been in any SW relationship, ever) I want to see where their relationship goes.

    As I expressed over in the Lit thread, I really, really hope that their relationship stays solid and strong ? it can have its bumps, just like any real relationship, but no doing the stupid breaking-up-over-a-fight thing. I'd prefer them to act more like my wife and I do: absolutely committed, so when a fight happens (as it inevitably does), it doesn't rock the boat... it just makes us work through it. Much better that way, and it's not something we see a lot of in fiction in general, so I'd love to see it here.

    Also, Goodvalor's should open chains across the entire galaxy.
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    YES! Just yes! [face_dancing]

    On the note of Zayne/Jarael shipping, I don't actually know how to rationally explain it, they just fit somehow. And in a way, this is going back to the original SW-type romance with an adventurous character like Han/Leia, as opposed to emotional turmoils we've gotten in the past years with Anakin/Padme, Jaina's love triangles etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying those ships are bad, it's just that Z/J feels, idk, somehow fresh. ;)
    Keralys, I agree, there is something stronger in their relationship than one normally sees in the literature.

    So yeah, bring on the new Zayne/Jarael exploits! :D
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