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  1. aluminumfalcon Jedi Youngling

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    Anyone here seen it? Opinions?
  2. Ghost Chosen One

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    There's already a few old threads on this, probably on the 2nd or 3rd pages now

    I haven't seen it, but I heard it is about:
    -Jesus being a myth because there are similar figures in other religions
    -The Federal Reserve is very powerful
    -9/11 conspiracy

    There are historical records about Jesus, he definitely existed, just because some other myths have superficial similarities (dates, holidays, rituals) doesn't do anything to discredit Christianity.

    The Federal Reserve is powerful, but they're not the hidden dictatorship of the United States, I very much doubt they are behind some conspiracy to take over the world and enslave us all, like some Ron Paul bots say.

    The 9/11 conspiracy is bulll****, Truthers are as paranoid as the Birthers.

    I did watch the Addendum in class, and I partially agree with their "solution" using the Venus Project as a model, but that's about it.
  3. DorkmanScott Manager Emeritus

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    Actually, there are NO contemporary historical records about Jesus. At best there are historical records that CHRISTIANS existed, and that they believed Jesus did, but he did not "definitely" exist.

    It's entirely plausible that an itinerant Jewish preacher named Yeshua was alive around that time claiming to be the Messiah (there were LOTS of itinerant preachers claiming to be the Messiah) and that such a person became the basis of the stories, but as for definitive records, no. None exist -- or rather, if they do, they have not, to date, been found. .

    That said, the first part of Zeitgeist is nonsense in that it asserts elements of older religions that are flat-out not a part of said religions. The tropes that the Jesus story hits aren't particularly original, and parts of preexisting religions were implemented into the mythology to make it more palatable to the various pagans the early church sought to convert, but Zeitgeist's claim that the Jesus story was some kind of intentional witches' brew of "ultimate religion" is pure nonsense.

    As to the rest, well. [link=http://www.conspiracyscience.com/articles/zeitgeist/]Others have already covered this ground.[/link]

    (Though I too think the Venus Project could be a conceptual step in the right direction.)
  4. Zaz Jedi Knight

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    This sounds remarkably like "Chariots of the Gods"...:p
  5. Benny_Blanco Jedi Padawan

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    I`ve seen it - I found it quite interesting, but one thing kind of irked me;

    All the way through, the message was always, "Don`t accept what the government or authorities tell you as the truth" but then the makers of Zeitgeist expect you to believe and accept what THEY are telling us!

    Just a small thing but it annoyed me. It was very interesting to watch, but not necessarily 100% plausible.
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