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    When this began
    I had nothing to say
    And I'd get lost in the nothingness inside of me
    I was confused
    And I let it all out to find /that I'm
    Not the only person with these things in mind
    Inside of me
    But all the vacancy the words revealed
    Is the only real thing that I've got left to feel
    Nothing to lose
    Just stuck/hollow and alone
    And the fault is my own
    And the fault is my own

    When we were kids, we were the best of friends.
    I didn?t know what I felt, or what I should say
    When you left for the Jedi Academy
    I thought you didn?t care about me anymore
    Jaina, why? You left me alone, on that giant city!
    Why? Life was hard without you.
    Now, I know, there are people like me, out there.
    Lost, confused, and alone. Then he came. Brakiss.
    I went with him. I was alone. What should I have done?
    Waited for you? I was poor, alone, nothing more than a beggar.
    I had nothing to lose.
    But it was my choice.
    My fault.

    I want to heal
    I want to feel
    What I thought was never real
    I want to let go of the pain I've held so long
    [Erase all the pain 'til it's gone] I want to heal
    I want to feel
    Like I'm close to something real
    I want to find something I've wanted all along
    Somewhere I belong

    He healed my Jaina.
    Don?t you see? He made me feel good!
    He called me his best.
    The leader of a new revolution
    But, I still wanted you.
    I had power, and I wanted Jaina Solo
    I had all that pain in me
    Is it so impossible to understand?
    Why I did the things I did?
    The power was great.
    The pain, it was gone
    I felt good
    I was healed
    I was the Darkest Knight.
    It was the realist thing I had
    I had wanted to find somewhere I belonged

    And I've got nothing to say
    I can't believe I didn't fall right down on my face
    I was confused
    Looking everywhere/only to find that it's
    Not the way I had imagined it all in my mind
    So what am I
    What do I have but negativity
    'Cause I can't justify the
    Way everyone is looking at me
    Nothing to lose
    Nothing to gain/hollow and alone
    And the fault is my own
    The fault is my own

    When we invaded the Jedi Temple
    I was scared
    I didn?t know what to do
    Blasters firing and lightsaber?s hissing
    The battle wasn?t what I had imagined
    What did that make me?
    All I had was the darkness
    While the light won.
    When I awoke, Jacen explained what I did
    But it didn?t justify what I did
    Everybody looked at me weird,
    And did their best to avoid me.
    I was alone again.
    With nothing to lose
    And nothing to gain
    And it was all my fault.
    Zekk?s fault

    I will never know
    Myself until I do this on my own
    And I will never feel
    Anything else until my wounds are healed
    I will never be
    Anything 'til I break away from me
    And I will break away
    I'll find myself today

    I guess that I?ll never know
    What life COULD have been like
    If I stayed at the Academy
    I haven?t really felt or cared about anything since
    Except you Jaina Solo.
    The scars have never healed
    My conscious will never heal
    I broke away from everything
    To try and find myself
    And I did
    I found myself as a Jedi
    And in love with you Jaina.

    I want to heal
    I want to feel like I'm
    Somewhere I belong

  2. JediMasterJaina Jedi Padawan

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    star 4 sweet.....but bad!! No Zekk! You can't have Jaina!! Well....maybe....I mean that was really sweet....Oh now, I'm all confused.....Darn you!

    Great viggie though!

    ~Jedi Master Jaina
  3. duskwings Jedi Youngling

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    That's so sweet . . . such a lovely little Z/J viggie. [face_love] I like the sort of poemish form of the songfic--it makes it easier to express certain things, especially Zekk's emotions and his confusion and his desire for belonging.

    Great songfic! :D

  4. Trickster_Jaina_Fel Jedi Knight

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    incredible! :D you really got into zekk's head, and it was nice to see something from YJK perspective, rather than NJO :D

    just as a note...jace and i started the [link=]YJK Index[/link]
    if you'd like this added, please PM me:
    Title: (linked)
    Keywords: (please include the genre, pairings and main characters)
    Author?s Notes: (if needed)

    thanks! :)

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    :_| :_|
    Poor, poor Zekkie...

    EXCELLENT songfic! I could really feel what Zekk was going through. :(

    Poor Zekk... he deserves to have his soulmate.
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