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    The three godess, Din, Nayru, and Farore, created the land of Hyrule. They balanced out their powers to give the land a certain characteristic. They created man and woman, and the races. After completing the land, they left the kingdom, and in their leaving place, left the sacred relic, Triforce. Their leaving place became known as the Sacred Realm.

    The Triforce consists of three separate parts, each referred to also as a Triforce: the Triforce of Power, associated with red and the goddess Din; the Triforce of Wisdom, associated with blue and the goddess Nayru; and the Triforce of Courage, associated with green and the goddess Farore.

    Ganondorf, a Gerudo from Gerudo Desert, attempted to break into the Sacred Realm. He tricked the young hero Link into opening the sacred realm. He stole the power of the sages and turned Hyrule into his own. A small group of heros joined togther to fight Ganondorf any way they could.

    Character Sheet:
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    Special Appearance:((Scars W/E))

    1: No Godmodding
    2: No killing off other peoples chars
    3: No being related to mainchars from Zelda Universe
    4: You can only be: Goron, Zora, Greadu, Deku Shrub, Kokiri, or Human.
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