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Zenda'la, the Luke and Mara story with a weird name Or Third Times a Charm

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by RebelMom, Jul 25, 2000.

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  1. RebelMom

    RebelMom Jedi Knight star 6

    Apr 20, 2000
    Maybe it should be Three strikes and you're out. Anyway, Darth Server struck again, ate a huge section of my story and I failed to notice. (Hey I've had a rough summer) I want the whole thing together or it doesn't make sense. I did some minor tweaking but it is essentially the same. Now I will begin at the beginning.


    Outside the cockpit window, Luke could see the thin lines of hyperspace. Artoo had just roused him from a hibernation trance. Shaking his head a little to clear the drowsiness, he glanced at the screen in front of him. Time to revert to real space. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The lines disappeared, replaced by the blackness of space and twinkling stars. In front of him lay his destination: Zenda'la.

    Nothing was known about the planet, including its existence, until 1 standard month ago. A pirated transmission had come over the holonet. It was addressed to Leia Organa Solo, Chief of State, its originator obliviously not receiving current information. It was a plea to join the New Republic, albeit, not an official one. There was no signature, seal or holo.

    It read: /To the Honorable Leia Organa Solo, Chief of State, Coruscant,
    Esteemed Madam, The citizens of the Planet of Zenda'la wish to align with the New Republic. Send a recognizable representative to the coordinates attached. /

    Luke remembered the day Leia contacted him. He and Mara were resting at their apartment on Coruscant. The comm buzzed and Luke reached over the sleeping Mara to grab it. He rolled onto his back; Mara still cradled in the crook of his arm.

    "Skywalker," he stated groggily.

    "Sorry to bother you so early Luke but this is important," Leia said with an air of concern.

    Luke became alert at the sound of her voice. "What's wrong?"

    Leia paused before continuing. " There is a mission that needs to be done. You are the best candidate. Meet me at NRI headquarters in one hour."

    Before Luke could acknowledge, Leia had cut the transmission. Odd. Mara rolled over and hugged Luke. She trailed the fingers of her right hand lightly along Luke's left arm and snatched the comm link he was still holding. Her green eyes sparkled as her lips parted into a smile. Then the comm link was unceremoniously dropped off the side of the bed. "She said one hour."

    Luke smiled back, moving towards the edge of the bed "Then I had better get dressed."

    Mara grabbed him back towards her. Caressing his face with her right hand, she whispered, "No. She said one hour."

    Luke reached his left hand to stroke her face. "I love you."

    He kissed her then pulled the covers over their heads.

    Artoo's beeping pulled Luke out of his reverie. He looked at his screen. A ship was approaching. It had no noticeable weaponry but his all too familiar danger sense was tingling. "Artoo, scan for weapons."

    The screen registered negative. What was the danger? A high pitched static filled his cockpit. Luke winced as he reached to turn the volume down. A metallic voice echoed over the speakers. " Unidentified ship. Announce your affiliation and state your business."

    Luke responded, "New Republic. I'm on a diplomatic mission."

    Another beep from Artoo. NO LIFEFORMS ABOARD SHIP, Luke read. 'Great. No sentient being to reason with.' "The New Republic is not recognized in this sector. Our scans register your ship as hostile. Retreat now or suffer the consequences," the metallic voice stated.
    Before he could respond, the other ship changed course and headed back to the planet. His danger sense was going full bore but nothing was visible. " Artoo, prepare to go evasive."

    A blip from Artoo indicated his readiness. Suddenly, Luke slammed the stick forward propelling the XJ-Wing out of the path of high-energy beam that came from the planet. 'That was too close.' The beams increased in multitude. It took all of Luke's piloting skills to avoid hits. Each of his maneuvers brought him closer to the planet. Soon, the
  2. womp_rat208

    womp_rat208 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 8, 1999
    Yeah, let me be the first to reply! Good, Now I can read on from the begining. Question: Are you still going to update your other thread, or is it officially dead?

    Please continue!
  3. RebelMom

    RebelMom Jedi Knight star 6

    Apr 20, 2000
    ZENDA'LA continued...

    "Mara, is something wrong with the environment controls? I'm roasting," Luke mumbled as he opened his eyes. 'Wait, where am I?' Artoo beeped and a message scrolled onto the screen. SHIP STABILIZED. MAKING STEADY DESCENT TOWARDS LANDING COORDINATES. A dazed Luke exclaimed, "Landing coordinates? What landing coordinates?" LANDING COORDINATES WERE TRANSMITTED WHILE YOU WERE UNCONCIOUS. " Who sent them?" THE CITIZENS OF ZENDA'LA. 'Well, at least somebody is friendly here.' "Okay Artoo, I'll take over. I'm fine."

    Luke grabbed the stick and continued his descent. It was then that he noticed the charred look of his ship. He swung his head around to glance at Artoo. The little droid was also charred. Definitely a close call. Luke was nearing the landing zone when the tingling began again. 'Great, what now?' A small airship buzzed over the top of Luke. It was unlike any ship Luke had ever seen. The fuselage was shaped like a cylinder; it had wings sort of like a mynock but double layered. Attached to the wings was something that looked like stormtrooper blasters. Luke's mouth fell open in shock when he saw the cockpit. It was open to the atmosphere! The pilot was wearing some type of thin hat that was held under the chin and round goggles like the ones the sandpeople wore. 'How is that thing moving?' "Artoo, shields up. Let's lose this guy."

    Artoo beeped acknowledgment. Nothing happened. Uh oh. "Artoo, where are the shields?"

    SHIELDS SHORTED OUT. WIRES WERE MELTED FROM HEAT. LASERS ARE INOPERABLE. Luke groaned. "Well at least I can out fly him. Full Throttle Artoo."

    The engine groaned as well. It had also been damaged. Luke's danger sense had increased its intensity. Wonderful! What else could go wrong? Suddenly, the odd flying ship was flying towards him and opened fire. It was not armed with lasers or torpedoes. Luke could hear pinging against his hull. 'What?' Artoo bleated. THE HULL HAS BEEN PENETRATED BY SOME SORT OF PROJECTILE. "Suggestions?" I WILL NEED TO SOLDER THE PENETRATIONS. "Let's get rid of this guy first. Here he comes again"

    The flying machine had looped around and was approaching Luke again. The projectiles came at him once more but Luke was able to evade most of them. As the odd ship flew near him, Luke tilted his ship so that the tip of his XJ-wing knocked into the wings of the other ship. This move sent the other into a spiral. The other pilot could not recover from his spin. Luke saw a white puff leave the ship before it continued its corkscrew and crashed. Now he needed to concentrate on landing his own disabled ship. "Artoo, start the landing cycle."

    No answer. Nothing on the screen. Luke chanced a look at Artoo. There were several penetrations in Artoo's dome. The projectiles had hit him. 'Well, I've landed without help before. I guess I can do it again' Unfortunately, the ship would not respond to any of Luke's commands. He could not return to the landing site. Hopefully, he could bring it down in one piece and hike back.

    Back at the landing site, two figures hopped upon speeder bikes and headed in the direction of the lone starship.
    The two speeder bikes rode in tandem. When space diminished, they rode single file. The humming of the motors startled all wildlife within 3 kilometers. The former signaled to the latter to stop. The two riders conferred before heading off in a slightly different direction. They rode another hour before their efforts were rewarded. The first sign was the broken branches. Then some uprooted trees. Finally, up there, impaling an ancient fir tree, was the space ship. There was no smoke but the ship was black as night as though it had been burnt. It was eerie. The two removed their helmets, dismounted and walked to the tree. Looking up, the larger of the two (a strawberry blond) said, "Do you think the pilot survived?"

    The other (a blond) answered, "I don't know. I'll climb up and take a look."

    Retrieving a rope and a grappling hook from one of the speeders, the
  4. RebelMom

    RebelMom Jedi Knight star 6

    Apr 20, 2000
    ZENDA'LA continued...

    After climbing down the tree, Luke started asking questions. This was not a simple diplomatic contact mission. There was more involved considering the reception he had received. "How did you know that I was coming? How did you get landing coordinates to Artoo?"

    "We've been monitoring interstellar traffic transmissions. Soon as we heard you mention the New Republic, Aust hacked into the control tower database. Then we hopped on the speeder bikes and zoomed over to the landing strip. Saw the dog fight and followed you here."

    "Why did you send the message to my sister? She is no longer the Chief of State."

    Aust looked sheepishly at Dav. "Oops. Guess I should have been listening better to intergalactic current events that Mom and Dad have been telling us."

    Dav wasn't concerned. " No matter. You're here. Thank goodness they didn't send some stodgy politician who likes to hear himself talk."

    Luke interjected at this point. "What about Mom and Dad? Are they involved?"

    "Yes and no."

    "Yes and no?"

    Aust continued, "Mom and Dad are part of our group but they didn't think the timing was right."

    Dav added, "We had waited long enough. It was time to do something."

    Aust admitted, "We sent the message without their knowledge."

    Luke then asked, "Dav, how old are you?"

    "I'm 17, Aust here is 15. Yeah, I know we're young but hey you were 18 when you blew the Death Star and your sister was a senator."

    "True. I'm not against your age. Just trying to straighten out the facts. Are you an officially recognized group? Can you legally make such a request as the one in your message?"

    Dav and Aust stared at each other, then at the ground. 'Just as I thought.' Luke grabbed each on the shoulder. "Hey. It's okay. I can sense something is happening here. Somebody does not want me here but I need to be here. Let's get my Artoo unit and get out of these woods before nightfall. I've had some bad experiences in dark woods."

    Dav and Aust watched as Luke lowered Artoo to the ground. As the droid landed gently on the ground, Aust exclaimed, "Boy, he sure got riddled with bullets."

    Luke said, " Is that what those projectiles are called?"

    Dav answered, "Yes. That plane was a museum piece, literally. It was stolen from Shangra's Historical Museum. Pilots used to shoot bullets during dogfights, not lasers. Neat trick spinning him like that. The pilot ejected. The plane was destroyed. Such a waste. They don't make bi-planes anymore."

    "The puff of white I saw coming from the plane was an escape pod?"

    "No, it was a parachute. No place on those planes for escape pods. Pilot wears it on his back. He jumps clear of the plane and pulls a cord that opens the chute. He floats to the ground." Aust said holding his arms out to mimic the procedure. "What a rush."

    Arching an eyebrow, Dav looked at his brother. "Better not let Mom know you did that."

    "Hey, you don't say anything, she'll never know."

    Luke smiled knowingly. Kids were the same everywhere. He looked at Artoo and his smile faded. He flipped the switch and nothing happened. "He won't be able to follow us in his condition. I'll have to work on him and I'll need some parts."

    Aust walked up to his speeder and detached a repulsor ring from the rear. "I've got this you can set him on. Once we get home, you can work on him in the shop. Might even have some parts you can use. Otherwise, we will figure a way to appropriate what you need."

    As Luke climbed on the back of Dav's speeder, he smiled tightly. 'Looks like I've joined another rebellion.'
    The speeder bikes stopped outside a fenced area. Dav explained the political situation to Luke. About 5 years ago, some Imperial Moff, Jules Chauvelin, had arrived in system, declared Zenda'la his new base and took over. Zenda'la's forces were no match for Chauvelin's troops. The Imperial troops easily took over
  5. RebelMom

    RebelMom Jedi Knight star 6

    Apr 20, 2000
    Yes. The other thread has been mercifully killed.I'm not going to feed it any more story to eat. Since I am almost finished my whole story, this should be the last time I ever have to start a thread.

    ZENDA'LA continued...

    The AT-AT halted at the impaled tree. A stormtrooper climbed out the upper hatch, walked along the top and leapt over to the fighter. He spent some time investigating the cockpit. He spoke into his comm link and waved to another stormtrooper who had also climbed out the hatch. The second trooper tossed a cable across the gap. It was quickly attached to the fuselage. A few well place cuts in the tree and the ship was loose. It was lowered to a flatbed for transport to the garrison.

    Lieutenant Mann rapped on the Moff's door. "Enter."

    "Sir, we have the completed report on the downed fighter. It is an XJ series. Reserved only for Jedi use. The missing R2 unit can attest to this. There is no other way for the droid to be removed without some kind of heavy equipment."

    Moff Jules Chauvelin beat a tattoo upon his desk. He seemed to be mulling something over in his brain. Lt. Cori Mann hesitated, then continued. " The XJ-Wing experienced extreme heat conditions. It was completely charred but structurally sound. The registration numbers were obliterated. It also had several 'bullet holes'. The port side engine..."

    "Bullet holes?"

    "Yes, sir. Our contact confirmed this. This XJ had engaged in a dogfight with an old barnstormer at the landing field about 18 kilometers from the crash site. The XJ fired no shots; in fact, its lasers were inoperable. The pilot..."

    "...Is very skilled. Tell me, what happened to the barnstormer?"

    "It appears that the pilot of the XJ..."

    "The Jedi."

    "Yes, the Jedi used the tip of his or hers wing to send the other into a dive spin from which the barnstormer could not recover. The pilot bailed out before the plane crashed." 'Stop interrupting.'

    "The pilot survive?"

    "Yes, sir. He is our contact." 'Is he ever going to let me finish the report?'

    "I will want to interview him now. We are finished."

    Cori saluted and turned to leave. 'I guess I'm not going to finish my report.' She had reached the door when Chauvelin told her to stop. "Yes, sir."

    "Tell me. Does your report indicate the name of our Jedi pilot?"

    "No, sir. The Jedi left nothing personal. And as I mentioned before the regist..."

    "No matter. I have a feeling who it is," he grinned maliciously before continuing, "send in our cont..."

    "He calls himself the Baron," Cori informed him. 'If he's going to interrupt me, I'll return the favor.'

    "Really. Well, send the Baron in to see me. Good day Lieutenant."

    The door closed and Cori was in the hall. 'I hate this job'. She continued into the receiving area and found the Baron. He was preening himself at the window. 'How vain can you get.' Cori stood at attention behind him waiting to be noticed. He noticed her reflection and greeted her with a sleazy smile. It gave Cori the creeps. "The Moff will see you now."

    He grabbed her hand, brought her fingers to his lips and kissed them. Shocked at such contact, she yanked her hand away and resisted the urge to strike him. 'No need to get court-martialed.' He smiled at her again, said thank you and strutted down the hall to the Moff's office. Cori glared at his back until he entered the office. Then, she promptly headed to the nearest refresher. 'Hope there is enough soap to get rid of this creepy crawly feeling.'
    Mara stood on the balcony of their apartment. She was wrapped up in Luke's robe, gazing at the lights of the city. Her fingers were wrapped tightly around a cup of steaming hot chocolate. Taking a sip, she savored the rich flavor. It was Luke's favorite. She missed him. Reaching deep into the Force, she could a
  6. RebelMom

    RebelMom Jedi Knight star 6

    Apr 20, 2000
    ZENDA'LA continued...

    The Baron strode into Chauvelin's office and plopped into a chair. Then, he propped his feet upon Chauvelin's desk. Jules Chauvelin was fuming at the audacity of this informant. He jumped to his feet and with a violent wave of his arm dislodged the Baron's feet with such force that the Baron fell out of his chair. "You idiot. Can't you take care of a simple search and destroy mission?"

    Shocked at such virulent treatment, the Baron was unable to utter a coherent word. "I uh...I mean... It was per..."

    Chauvelin was not to be interrupted. His jugular vein was pulsing with such fury that it looked like it would explode. "Skywalker survived. All you had to do was blow up his ship. I gave you the coordinates, everything. Even a TIE defender. But did you use the TIE?"

    "I thought..."

    "You thought. YOU THOUGHT. That was your first mistake. You used a museum piece. A MUSEUM PIECE to shoot down one of the best rebel pilots. Skywalker does not need you to give him any advantage. He has this irritatingly deplorable habit of surviving. The surveillance satellite recorded his entry. We ran his ID immediately and knew exactly who he was even though he did not identify himself. Why do you think we blasted his ship as soon as it was identified? His ship was almost fried to a crisp. He had no weapons, no shields. HE WAS AN EASY TARGET. I HANDED A PRIME TARGET OVER TO YOU AND YOU BLEW IT."

    Chauvelin was gasping for breath now. The vein was receding into his neck. White knuckles disappeared as his fists unclenched. The Baron wisely said nothing. He was sweating profusely. He slowly picked himself up off the floor and carefully sat in a chair. A shaky hand reached for a kerchief. After wiping his brow, The Baron ventured to speak, "I apologize, Jules. I can be quite arrogant about my flying. I wanted desperately to prove my mettle to Skywalker. I could see his face as I shot up his ship. I shall never forget the expression on his face. It was absolutely priceless."

    Chauvelin sat down and started to laugh. The Baron soon joined in his mirth. Shaking his head, Chauvelin said, "I wish I could have seen it as well."

    Chauvelin stood up and walked around the desk to sit in the chair next to the Baron. Slapping the Baron on the knee, he said, "Luckily for us James, all is not lost. We've recovered his ship. He isn't going anywhere. Besides, this could work to our advantage. He will lead us to the rebels. It is the reason he is here. I know it. Diplomatic mission my foot. He cannot hide here. He is too well known. We will smoke them all out. We will get what we desire."

    "Well, Jules. I will take my leave then. Let me know what else you need done." He stood up quickly but then paused and added, "I wonder if the missus will show up."

    "It's possible. Why?"

    "That is one woman on whom I would love to do a little surveillance work."

    "From reports I have heard, James, you would probably not survive the encounter."

    "But what a way to go. ... Then again I don't want to deprive other women of my company. Like that lovely Lt. Mann."

    Jules Chauvelin just laughed and escorted the other to the door. "Goodbye, James"

    "Goodbye, brother."

    Luke spent the evening relaxing in the guestroom of the farm. What a place. He felt like he was deposited back in time to the pre-spaceflight era. The doors had hinges and knobs. The walls were made from trees, not durasteel or permacrete. The windows were glass not transparisteel. It felt ... natural. There was a peace about the place that he could not explain or even grasp. He was standing next to a bookshelf. It was full of books. Not data cards but real paper books. These were not like the Jedi scrolls that he had found in the past. These books were bound in nerf-leather and stitched. Stitching. The books felt so... alive. As if they could impart knowledge or encourage someone o
  7. RebelMom

    RebelMom Jedi Knight star 6

    Apr 20, 2000
    ZENDA'LA continued...

    Luke worked on Artoo the next morning. Everything he needed was in the secret room. The soldering was slightly lumpy but it would hold. Artoo's beeping filled the room. Luke filled him in on what had happened. The data translation pad was attached so Luke could converse with him. 'Funny. My oldest friend is a droid.' Luke felt the approach of Ray and opened the door before Ray had a chance.

    "Bad news. Imperials got to your ship before we could."

    Artoo made sad sounding twitter. Ray said, "Is it my imagination or did he just sigh?"

    Luke chuckled. "Artoo has developed a unique personality over the years since I acquired him. He has never had a memory wipe. He has a droid/counterpart connection with my XJ-wing. Actually, it is with the memory chip that I removed from my old X-Wing and put into the new XJ. That chip represents half his personality. It is like having a life mate."

    An inquisitive beep from Artoo caused Luke to look at the data pad. "Yes, Artoo. We'll figure a way to get it back before we leave here. First, we need to contact the New Republic."

    "Sorry, Luke. The Imperials also shut down the holonet. At least the intergalactic connection. We can communicate on this planet but not beyond it."

    Luke muttered, "The story of my life."


    "Nothing. Get Dav and Aust. We'll start contacting the rebel cells."

    Luke was very comfortable staying with Ray and Lynn. They made him feel at home. The boys were anxious to learn everything they could. They listened intently to whatever Luke told them. How often can you get expert training from a real expert. Luke had to stay out of sight most of the time. Not all of the family's friends were involved in the rebellion. Any word of Luke Skywalker being seen at their place could lead to disaster. Luke searched the data records for information he could use. A lot of information was inaccessible. All New Republic data was restricted. The average person could only read imperial propaganda. Ray and Artoo helped him hack into the restricted material. It was there that they intercepted a message sent from Moff Chauvelin to a Captain Cruise:
    /New Republic agent is Jedi. Ysalamiri available at garrison. Use caution. Apprehend alive./

    Luke sighed. He could still function around ysalamiri but he hated being cut off like that. Fortunately, the Imperials didn't know his identity and wanted him alive. The XJ wing screamed Jedi. 'Why did I take one of those things anyway?' Ray began to speak; "I wonder why they did not send out the notice several days ago. That's when they found your ship. Why wait?"

    Luke shook his head, "I don't know. It cannot be good. There is something else happening here. We just need to figure it out."

    That evening was quiet. Ray and Lynn were snuggled closely upon the couch. They were watching a holovid entitled "Sleepless in Sullust". A romantic tale that reminded Luke how lonely he was. He was really missing Mara. It was even harder when Ray and Lynn were around. He could feel their love; he could even feel it without the force. Luke gazed at them. Lynn's fingers were entwined with Ray's. Her head was upon his chest. Ray kissed the top of her head and she snuggled closer to him. Sith, this wasn't helping. His heart was beginning to ache. He closed his eyes and reached for Mara. She was just beyond his reach. His heavy sigh drew the attention of Lynn. "Are you okay Luke?"

    "I miss Mara."

    "I'm sorry. I wish she were here too. I've always wanted to meet her since we saw the wedding."

    "Our wedding?"

    "Yes. It was even beamed out here to the middle of nowhere. Biggest ratings the networks here ever had. I've got it on holovid."

    She got up and went to the holo case. Presently, she returned with a holovid marked SKYWALKER/JADE WEDDING. "Here it is. You can watch it if you'd like. We've seen this other holo several times anyway."

    Ray got up from the couch, walked over to Lynn
  8. RebelMom

    RebelMom Jedi Knight star 6

    Apr 20, 2000
    ZENDA'LA continued...

    Luke woke up totally refreshed. Mara was here. He would be seeing her today. He was whistling as he entered the family area. Dav asked him why he was in such a cheerful mood. "My wife just arrived in system last night."

    "That's great. Maybe she can show me some of those hand to hand combat moves you told me about."

    Lynn whispered to Ray, "I don't think those are the kind of moves Luke has in mind."

    Ray exclaimed, "Lynn!"

    Luke heard the comment and blushed. It was scary being so transparent. He'd always been able to mask his feelings. But not here. These people could read him like a book. Aust and Dav were both giggling.

    Lynn said, "Well, it's true. Anyway, Luke, I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. You blush beautifully."

    Ray gave his wife a disapproving glare and then turned to Luke and apologized, "Sorry Luke. I'll get the speeder ready to go into town. She is in town, right?"

    "Yes. Shangra Spaceport."

    Aust asked, "How do you know? The comm hasn't buzzed all night."

    "Mara and I have a mental connection. We spoke that way."

    Lynn came over and gave Luke a hug. "I'm happy for you Luke. I'm looking forward to meeting her."

    "Thank you. I know she'll like you. All of you. She'll enjoy this place as much as me."

    "Ray will take you to town. The boys and I will get the house ready."

    "Mom, the house is fine."

    "I say it isn't. So what I say goes. Let's get cleaning."

    "But we didn't clean for Luke."

    "I didn't know Luke was coming. What are you two still doing here? Mara is waiting; get going."

    Mara and Cori walked along the main street. Cori led her to a small sidewalk café. They sat at a strategically located table so they could watch the passerby. After ordering a light breakfast for both of them, Cori began the conversation. "Mara, being here is dangerous. Chauvelin more than likely knows that the Jedi who arrived last week was Luke Skywalker. If anyone catches sight of you, he will know for sure. He's got an apprehend order out already. He will use one of you against the other if he can."

    "Don't worry about us. We've dealt with worse."

    Cori wasn't sure about that. She looked at Mara a moment, then said, "A little camouflage would do wonders. Practically every household in Shangra has a holovid copy of your wedding. It only takes one woman to see you and then everybody in town would know."

    'Wonderful, now I'm a holo star.' "Fine, I'll take care of it. Just point me in the direction of the shopping district."

    "Where is your husband?"

    Mara closed her eyes and felt for Luke. "He's on his way to town. Where's a good meeting place?"

    "The Fisherman's Rest. It's on the north end of town, just past the museum. It's safe."

    Mara continued her inner conversation with Luke. "His companion knows of it. They'll met me there."

    Mara opened her eyes. Cori was staring at her. "That was interesting. How exactly were you communicating with him?"

    Mara smiled. " We have a mental bond. I can talk to him anytime, anywhere. We always know where the other is."

    Cori was amazed. "Wish I had had one of those with my ex-husband. I could have caught him cheating sooner than I did."

    Shaking her head, Mara explained, "No. You wouldn't have wanted one. The only way it can be broken is by death or the dark side."

    "Never mind then... Mara, I need to report in at the garrison. You'll have to excuse me. But we'll meet again."

    "Okay. And thank you."

    Cori left her seat and soon waved down a taxi landspeeder. Mara watched her disappear down the street. After eating and paying the bill, Mara made her way towards the Fisherman's Rest and Luke.

    Mara entered the small clothier shop. 'Good. No other shoppers.' The shop owner recognized her immediately. "Mrs. Skywalker, what can I do for you?"

    Mara sighed and thought 'Cori wasn't kidding.' Then aloud she said, "I just need a little protection from the sun."

    "Oh yes, I can see that. Fair skin. Burn easily? Here, try this hat. It has just enough brim to keep the sun off and still allow f
  9. RebelMom

    RebelMom Jedi Knight star 6

    Apr 20, 2000
    ZENDA'LA continued...

    James arrived near the museum. The troopers were gone already but he couldn't connect with them anyway. It would blow his cover. He entered the Holonet Cafe. His contact should be working... yes, there he was. James seated himself at a terminal directly behind his contact - a middle aged man with no hair. James rolled his chair back into the other's. James spoke, "I'm sorry, sir. Could you help me make a connection?"

    The other replied, "Certainly, sir. I can make many connections."

    "I only need one." James thought that the contact codes were silly but they worked.

    "Name's Clark. I'll get you connected."

    Clark entered some codes into James' terminal. All the while he was whispering, "Something big is going down. Word is out that Jedi have arrived. Meet at the Fisherman's Rest this evening at dusk."

    James nodded. "Thank you Clark. I appreciate the connection."

    Clark left and James continued to look at his connection. On the screen were the words 'Citizens of Zenda'la Unite'. Of course, its source was untraceable. At least, it was something he couldn't do. Even the Imperial technicians hadn't been able to trace it. But he knew someone who could. There was a holonet technician who worked for the government. He'd been hearing a lot about the man's skills through the grapevine. If the imperial technicians couldn't do it, maybe a local guy could. He left the cafe and found a secluded area to contact Jules.

    "Jules, it's me. I've made contact. I'll be at a meeting of the Rebels tonight."

    "Good. Keep me posted."

    "By the way, I have an idea for tracing the Citizens of Zenda'la. Use a local. There is a guy who works the holonet for the government. Name's Ray Buchan. I've heard that he's the best."

    "I'll check him out. Bye"
    Most of the children were sitting in a circle listening to a story entitled / the Little Red Mynock /. A couple of them were playing with little toy figures. One of the toys looked suspiciously like a younger Luke. Raani stopped her reading. The two children noticed and quickly put their toys behind their backs. Mara was sitting with them. The children insisted that 'Miss Jade' listen to the story. Mara was enjoying herself. The children were so loving and accepting. Her own desire for children surfaced, causing a sharp pain in her heart. Until she got rid of this illness, they couldn't risk it. It was her greatest desire; she wanted to give Luke a child. Their child. One little girl was seated on Mara's lap; a little boy was leaning up against her side. The little girl, Cassi, whispered to Mara, "I think the womprat was mean not to help the Little Red Mynock, don't you Miss Jade?"

    Mara nodded solemnly. She personally thought that a blaster would persuade the womprat but she couldn't tell that to a child. "Yes sweetie."

    Raani had just finished the story when they heard a commotion from the lobby. Mara looked at Raani and mouthed, "Stormtroopers." Raani nodded and spoke to the children. "We're going to play a game. I want all of you to get the scarves from the dress up area."

    The children scrambled to their feet and went to the dress up center. Raani rose and walked over to Mara. She bent over and whispered, "Can you 'suggest' to the troopers that they check the other rooms first?"


    The children returned. Be-Wa said, "We've got the scarves Miss Raani."

    "I want you to decorate Miss Jade. She will be our veiled lady."

    The children immediately began to drape scarves on Mara. They were giggling and laughing. Cassi wanted to put the last scarf over Mara's face. She crooked her finger and Mara leaned closer. Cassi put the scarf on Mara's head so that it covered her face. "Miss Raani, we're all done. Miss Jade looks like laundry."

    Raani got down on her knees and whispered to Mara, "Lean over as far as you can. I'm hoping the stormtroopers will think you're a pile of scarves."

    Mara's agility was not affected by her illness. She was able to bend over quite far. Raani asked the children to join hands. "Let's play a game. Since
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    ZENDA'LA continued...

    From his office, Colonel Hari was viewing the scene of the farm. The probe droid was programmed to transmit constantly; data was piped to his office. He saw Buchan hug his wife; then the two young men came outside. Words were spoken but not recorded; the droid was not in audio range yet. The young men went into the outbuilding. There was only one son listed on the database. Who was the other kid? Friend? Neighbor? Husband and wife went into the house. The droid continued moving forward. Nothing happened for a while; just some birds and insects buzzing. Suddenly, the droid turned and shot off some bolts. He saw a feminine hand holding a small blaster before the droid turned again. Then he caught a glimpse of a flash of green light just before the transmission ceased. A lightsaber? Could the Jedi be hiding near or on the farm? Time to start rattling Buchan's cage. Colonel Hari gave orders to the agents sitting with him. "Head out to that farm. It appears that Buchan might have connections with the rebels and the Jedi. Bring him in."
    Ray did not want to leave Lynn at home but she would not relent to his pleas. "Ray, I'm not needed tonight. I know everything you will be covering. I'm going to take care of some household duties. If that droid picked up anything incriminating, I'm sure the Imperials would have been here by now."

    "I'm concerned about your safety. There is safety in..."

    "You are all going to be in more danger than me. Now go; get into town. I will be fine."

    Luke glanced at Mara. They had both been getting danger warnings since the droid incident but they weren't focused. It could be for anyone or everyone. "I'll have Artoo come up here while we're gone. His sensors will warn you in time to take action."

    "Thank you Luke. I appreciate it. This man can be so overprotective at times."

    Mara added, "I know the feeling. Here's our comm link. Contact us if necessary."
    James entered the Fisherman's Rest with a bit of trepidation. He managed to tag along with a rebel he had been cultivating. He wanted to keep a low profile. For all he knew, someone might know him. He had been careful but one could never know about treachery or traitors. He chuckled to himself as he remembered an old phrase about it takes one to know one. The rebel cell leaders would be meeting in a private room; but they weren't included with that group. They sat in the dining room at a table near the back of restaurant. Jakded, his rebel escort, had said that information would be passed electronically through the holonet. James hoped he could obtain enough information to infiltrate the upper crust of the rebel hierarchy. His thoughts were interrupted when Jakded stood up and waved to someone across the room. "Hey, Dav. Come here."

    A young blond man came over to the table. James estimated he was conscription age but this kid was not in the service; he wasn't wearing the required tags. Jakded shook Dav's hand. "Good to see you Dav. Don't see you much anymore." He turned to James. "Let me introduce you. Dav meet..."

    James broke in, "Baron James Chardonnay. Looking to aid in the good fight."

    Dav shook his hand. "Nice to meet you, Baron. We can always use help. Hey, I've got to go. Special guests. See you later, Jakded."

    Dav turned away and headed towards a private room. Jakded turned to James and said, "Sure miss that kid. Ever since the rebellion took all his attention, sports haven't been the same. Dav has got quite an arm. He sure can throw. I used to tell him, 'Buchan you're the best.' I was his coach..."

    Jakded continued rambling but James was no longer listening. He did not reveal his stunned expression. Buchan, Dav Buchan. There was no Dav Buchan in the database. Jules had sent him the information about the family. There were no other Buchans in Shangra or its outlying districts. Probably not a good idea to recruit Ray Buchan after all; it appears that Ray is part of the rebellion. His son (it must be his son) seemed to have a major role as well. Too bad. Buchan must be very good to
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    ZENDA'LA continued...

    Cori Mann awoke in cheerful mood. She didn't have to go to work today. Chauvelin had given her three days leave. Unusual, since she hadn't requested it but she wasn't going to complain. Her four-year-old daughter entered the room. "Mommy. I'm hungry."

    'Typical ' Cori thought as she grabbed her robe. "Okay Cassi, let's get some breakfast. Then we will go to the park."

    Cassi skipped out of the room singing, "We're going to the park, we're going to the park."

    A short time later, they were at the park. Cori watched her daughter on the monkey bars as she swung from one bar to another, moving smoothly across to the other side. Cassi was beaming with delight because it was the first time she had done it all by herself. Some other children came over and soon they were all chasing each other and screaming. Cori continued to keep an eye on Cassi as she sat down on a bench and soaked in the sun's rays. 'What a beautiful day, no irritating boss sending me on...' She was startled abruptly when a deep voice rang in her ears. "Hello."

    She looked up to see who had spoken. It took her a moment to register the speaker's identity: Captain William Cruise. She had seen him on base many times. She had also been involved in many conversations about him; the women on the base just loved to talk about Captain Cruise since he was gorgeous and available. What was he doing here at the park? He paused, waiting for her to speak. When she didn't, he did. "Remember me? Bill Cruise? From the garrison?"

    Cori nodded her head. "Sorry. Of course I do. Just a little surprised to see you here."

    "I enjoy the park as much as the next fellow. Being a single man doesn't prohibit me coming to the park."

    Cori blushed. "Oh. I know that. I just thought you'd be on duty." She paused. "Care to join me?"

    The smile he flashed as he sat down next to her nearly sent her into a swoon. He looked even more gorgeous without the uniform; the sleeveless shirt he wore allowed excellent exposure of his muscles. What she wouldn't give to touch them. 'Cori, control yourself. Remember what happened the last time you fell for a man too quickly.' She swallowed the lump in her throat and began to search for Cassi. "My daughter is playing. I need to keep an eye on her."

    "Sure I understand. Maybe when she is done, we can all go for ice cream."

    From out of nowhere, a little blond girl ran up to the bench and jumped into Cori's lap. "Mommy did I hear ice cream?"
    Chauvelin arrived at the garrison early. James had come to him after the meeting last night with a visual confirmation of Luke Skywalker's involvement with the rebels. He was also able to identify Ray Buchan and his sons as co-conspirators. The man had two sons not just one. No wonder the Imperial techs couldn't find anything about the Citizens of Zenda'la. Buchan had been tampering with the database to cover his and the rebels' tracks. That would soon be stopped. James was due in soon to scan the databases for the other rebel leaders' identities. Colonel Hari was also due to report on his findings. Chauvelin's reign would be secured and the rebellion squashed.

    His five years of occupation and preparation would soon bear fruit. His desire would be fulfilled.

    It all began six years previous. He could clearly remember the day during his tour of duty in the Corellian Sector when his future became brighter. He was Captain of a patrol cruiser that had just tractored in a Headhunter that tried to run without responding to hails. The pilot and passenger were brought up to interrogation. A lightsaber had been found on the passenger. When asked if she was a Jedi, she responded once but not anymore. Chauvelin wanted to know more but when he looked in her eyes, he felt a shiver run down his spine. He decided to question the pilot instead. The other woman was much more responsive to questioning. She had been hired by C.M., apparently the former Jedi had given no name, just initials, to go to an uncharted planet, Zenda'la to find a Prophet who would fulfill desires. The planet
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    ZENDA'LA continued...

    Cori was strolling on cloud nine. Bill had asked her to join him for dinner. A date, she hadn't been on a date in years. She needed to get ready. Did she have anything to wear? Argh. She felt so pathetic, worrying about dinner when it wasn't even noon yet. Reviewing her mental checklist: babysitter, hairdresser, new dress, groceries (need snacks for sitter), She went to her comm center to begin the preparations. As soon as she sat down, her comm link buzzed. She recognized the voice instantly; it belonged to Lynn Buchan. Cori froze. If Lynn was calling, something was wrong. Direct contact was unprecedented. Cori made her words sound forced and impersonal. "Hello. Mann residence."

    The tone of Lynn's words mirrored Cori's. "Hello, May I speak to the head of household?"

    This meant that they needed her to do something. Cori responded, "Speaking."

    "Yes. Ms. Mann I'm with Zenda'la Research Corp. Could you provide us with some information for our survey?"

    That meant that the Citizens of Zenda'la needed garrison data. "It depends."

    "What is your occupation?"

    Restricted information. "Clerical."

    "Do you have any dependants?"

    Conscription lists. "Yes."

    "Where do you like to vacation?"

    Where was the current conscription station? It was moved weekly to prevent rebels from liberating 'recruits' "Mountain Pass."

    "Have you visited recently?"

    They wanted to know about today's conscripts. "Yes."

    "Thank you for your responses. You may contact our offices by call back if you have any questions."

    The connection was severed. They needed the information immediately. Cori put the comm link down and sat motionless for a moment. Why did this happen today? How could she explain her presence at the garrison when she was on leave? 'Think Cori.' She leaned back in her chair, twisting and tilting it as she pondered her predicament. Suddenly, a lilting voice echoed in her mind. / New dress /. Wait, Tillie had been bragging about the new dress she had bought from a fancy designer. Tillie was working at the garrison today. She breathed a sigh of relief that her dilemma was solved. Her date with Bill Cruise actually gave her an excuse to go to the garrison to obtain the data. She fervently hoped that her intelligence action assisted the rebels; the risk was increasing daily. Confrontation was coming, soon. But for now, Cori returned her attention to the comm center. Time to accomplish her task list and secure a babysitter and groceries. Then a visit to Tillie.
    Chauvelin was enraged by Colonel Hari's report. No, he was apoplectic. Hari's agents had not returned or reported in from the Buchan Farm. Since James had seen Skywalker and the Buchan men at the rebel meeting that evening, it was highly probable that Lynn Buchan and Mara Jade Skywalker were at the Farm. The agents undoubtedly met with an untimely death at the hands of Jade. Hari wanted to send more agents. He was arguing with Chauvelin about the feasibility of another mission when Chauvelin's comm buzzed. Slapping the button, Chauvelin screeched, " I told you, I do not want to be disturbed."

    The voice on the other end swallowed and squeaked, "But Sir, it's Martin with Enlistment. About a personal flag."

    Chauvelin calmed down. Maybe he did have some competent employees. "Okay, put him through."

    There was a short buzz and then Martin was on the line. "Sir, Corporal Martin, Enlistment. I had just inputted information on a new recruit when his name came up with your personal flag. I'm notifying you as required. Recruit's name is Dav Buchan."

    Chauvelin reveled at the sound of that name. What wonderful bait for his trap. "Do you know how he got to you?"

    "Not willingly, Sir. Patrol apprehended him leaving Shangra early this morning with another youth who was not captured."

    Chauvelin smiled at the fact he had a companion. No need to dangle the bait, they should already know. "Where is he now?"

    "Icicle Creek. We had to cuff him and put him in isolation, Sir."


    "He refused to give his name. Another recr
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    ZENDA'LA continued...

    Luke was correct that sneaking in and getting Dav was simple. Then of course Mara's prophecy proved true. Four commandos stood blocking their exit from Dav's cell. Mara gave Luke an I-told-you-so-look, which he ignored. He attempted a subliminal suggestion but the commandos' minds were extremely strong. Oh well, need to do this the old fashioned way. Fight their way out. Dav's adrenaline shot sky-high. Pointing at Luke, he shouted at the commandos. "Are you dense? Do you know who that is? That's Luke Skywalker. He can slice and dice you into tiny little pieces. So back off."

    The commandos stood ramrod, clearly not impressed by Dav's diatribe. Mara sent Luke a mental message. 'Slice and dice? Tiny little pieces? Too messy. I think that a little hand to hand combat is what they have in mind.' Luke pushed his sphere of responsibility outwards. Yep, these guys wanted rough and tumble. Reaching past them, he sensed more troopers entering the complex heading their direction. Then a little farther beyond that was a patch of nothing; nothing meant ysalamiri. Luke sensed that Mara had picked up on the nothing as well; best get out of here fast. All four commandos charged in one accord, two alighted towards Luke and the others to Mara and Dav.

    Mara pulled her leg up then straightened it out delivering a sharp kick to her opponent's groin. The man doubled over but managed to grab Mara's ankle and yanked her down. From a sitting position, she used her other foot to kick him again, this time in the jaw. Suddenly, he had firm grips on both her ankles and was pulling her towards him. She bent her knees, bringing herself closer to him faster than he desired. She immediately applied a precise neck chop that rendered him unconscious. He was prone, next to another, apparently one whom Luke had already dispatched.

    Luke was struggling to remove the other man who was throttling him from behind. Luke's hands were attempting to pry the other's loose and off from his neck. He moved backwards and managed to slam him against the wall. The other's grip on Luke's throat was broken. Luke gasped for air then used his elbows to ram sharply into the other's rib cage. Luke heard a groan. Taking advantage of the other's weakened state, Luke swept his leg behind him. The other was knocked off his feet, sliding diagonally down the wall. Luke twisted around, lowering himself to the ground. He grasped the guy's hair and knocked his head into the wall. Luke's danger sense went off and he moved just in time to avoid a deadly stab from a vibroblade wielded by his previous opponent. Luke grabbed the man's wrist trying to loosen his grip. The other rammed his elbow upward into Luke's jaw violently jarring his teeth together, causing excruciating pain. Luke released his hold. Taking full advantage of Luke's disorientation and pain, he slashed Luke's arm, smiling malevolently when he drew blood. Shifting his focus upwards, he raised the vibroblade to Luke's neck. He slowly slid the knife, barely slicing the skin but creating a trickle of blood. So intent on his detailed carving and apparent conquest, he didn't notice Luke's arm spring into action swiftly removing the vibroblade before it reached the aorta. Luke's attempt to wrest it from the other's hand by applying pressure to the wrist met with success this time. The vibroblade fell. Luke landed a punch in the other's gut immediately followed by a kick to his head, knocking him senseless.

    Dav had been forced to the ground and was pinned down by the commando's foot. The commando didn't consider him too much of a threat. Dav used this against his opponent, quietly thanking Luke for the combat training. Catching him off guard, Dav swung his legs up and caught the commando in a scissors hold move, pulling him down. Lifting his arms, Dav used the cuffs to painfully pull the commando's nose upwards. Mara came over and delivered a kick to the commando's
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    Thanks Jaded Skywalker. It took me longer than usual to write those scenes. I was hoping to finish this before I go on vacation but alas it is not going to happen. I have some more to post though. Enjoy! And Post!

    ZENDA'LA continued...

    Chauvelin sat in Commander Harrison's office at the armory listening to Colonel Hari give his report about Dav Buchan's escape. Hari's commandos actually put up a good fight, managing to stay alive in the process. One of the men claimed to have wounded Luke Skywalker; blood found at the scene appeared to confirm his statement. Back-up troops were suppose to obtain ysalamiri but when they arrived at the holding pen, they found the ysalamiri slaughtered. The speederbike unit was decimated. Out of twelve, only four survived, barely alive. One was still unaccounted for. Colonel Hari had tried to convince Sgt. Peppers to send fewer men but Peppers wanted to make the 'escape' more believable. It was times like this that Chauvelin wished he could use Darth Vader's method for dealing with incompetent officers. Given the lack of officer material in this backwater though, he had to rely upon the old fashioned method of reprimand, followed by threat of possible demotion. Sgt. Peppers might someday become an exemplary officer but first he'd be receiving the most scathing dressing down of his career. Chauvelin cut the transmission and turned to face James who was sitting across from him. "Well, James, it will all be over tonight. I'll have Skywalker, the rebellion will be crushed and my desires will be fulfilled."

    Perplexed, James focused his attention on Jules. The man seemed to be having delusions of grandeur. Perhaps, if they discussed the situation, it would make sense. "Clarify this for me, Jules. When Skywalker first arrived, you tried to have him killed. You even had me shoot him down. Then, all subsequent orders have been for live capture. You said he'd lead us to the rebels, which he has. So he has served his purpose. He could have been caught this afternoon at the recruitment center; yet, he was allowed to escape. Now you say you'll have him as if it is no big deal. I don't understand."

    Jules smiled abrasively and rubbed his hands together rapturously. "Yes, my brother, it does seem confusing but trust me I know what I am doing. It will happen. I need him alive. I have set an elaborate trap for our elusive Jedi. Hopefully, he is wondering the same thing as you. Can't have him knowing everything, now can we?"

    James sighed at Jules tendency for incomprehensible rhetoric. "So, you have him wondering. Possibly even confused. The man is intelligent; he has to realize that they were allowed to escape. Why do you want him thinking about it? I mean, he'll be ready for a trap. Doesn't that give him the advantage?"

    Jules continued, "Of course, he'll be ready. They will be expecting a trap. There will be fighting, people will die. They might even succeed for a time. Give them false hope then I spring the trap. I will hold the trump card. When that is played, our heroic Jedi will surrender to me of his own free will."

    James' utterly confused expression didn't go unnoticed by Jules. Amused at the sight, he laughed. "Yes dear brother. Tonight, all will be in my favor. Luke Skywalker will surrender to me. I will deliver him to the Prophet and receive my due. My victory is assured."

    James thought his head might explode, just through the power of his frustration. He needed to sort out the information bombarding him. Pursing his lips, he began to form questions in his mind. What was the trump card? What would mean so much to Luke Skywalker that he would surrender? Of his own free will? He made the connection and blurted, "His wife is the trump card! You don't have her. She's as hard to catch as he is. How can..."

    "That's your job for tonight."

    James mouth fell open. "What! You trying to get me killed? I don't have a death wish. I won't be able..."

    "James, shut up and listen. You will have ysalamiri and you will not be alone. Just get close to her. That's all you need to d
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    ZENDA'LA continued...

    Luke, Mara, Ray, Dav and Aust arrived at the farm in the late afternoon. They retired to their respective rooms to prepare for the armory raid. As Luke changed his clothes, he expressed his misgivings about what had transpired to Mara who was also changing. "That rescue came off too easy. They could have had us. Why let us go?" He pulled a black T-shirt over his head. "Now they have to face us at the armory, where we will have reinforcements. What could be their purpose? I know that this raid is not going to be like any other. I'm getting the strangest vibrations through the force. There is danger but also something else I can't grasp." He paused. "I feel it has something to do with you."

    Mara pulled up her leggings, then walked over to the dresser to get her shirt. "I know. I'm getting the same sensations. I ... We have to be there no matter what." She sat down while buttoning her shirt. "I feel completely at peace about the situation. The plans are made and everything is in place. I'd even say it was part of our destiny."

    Luke raised an eyebrow at that, and then he sat next to her as he laced his boots. "I know. The raid will come off just fine. These people are ready; their determination is extraordinary." There was a lengthy pause. He stared at his feet, not wanting to look Mara in the eye as he spoke. "Yet, I'm concerned about..."

    When he didn't continue, Mara reached her hand out and grabbed Luke's chin pulling his head up to look at her. He tried to pull away but she silently admonished him. 'Don't. Please look at me Luke.' She knew him so well that she could always determine what was bothering him. Gazing into his bright blue eyes, she saw for a fleeting moment to the crux of his concern: he was desperately afraid of losing her. He would do anything to save her, no matter the cost. She drew a sharp breath remembering her vision of Luke lying at her feet. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly, wanting to erase that sight of Luke, sacrificed for her. No. Nothing was worth that. She pulled his body to hers, squeezing with all her might. "Luke, I have no plans of leaving this existence. Please banish that thought from your mind. We will be together, forever."

    Her mere touch acted as a balm to his weary soul. Reassured by her words, he kissed her. When he released her lips, she slapped his arm. "Now stop being so morose and finish getting dressed."

    Luke smiled at her as he reached for his shirt. 'Thanks. I will.' He buttoned his shirt then turned to watch Mara. His eyes followed her silhouette as she moved. He considered himself a lucky man to have found such a woman. Mara smirked at him. "Need I remind you, that I found you." She pulled on her boots. "Now alter your focus. Picture the armory. Fighting, explosions, humiliation of the enemy."

    "A romantic dinner for two?" Luke added hopefully.

    "Yes. That too."

    Luke walked over to the door and held it open, gesturing elaborately with his arm. "After you, Mrs. Practical."

    Wearing an exaggerated perky smile, she sauntered out. "Thank you, Mr. Idealistic."

    The tension now broken, both were laughing hysterically as they strolled down the hall.
    Aust uploaded his specialized computer virus at about 1800 hours. Soon, all the data in the garrison network was scrambled. Originally, the plan was for Ray to have been called in to battle the virus but that would not happen since his cover was blown. Fortunately, another rebel member who had not yet been connected with the rebellion was called instead. She would accomplish the task of turning off all the alarms surrounding the armory, among other things.

    The Citizens of Zenda'la began to gather, waiting for the signal to begin the attack.

    An hour later in Shangra, Raani walked up to the armory's guardhouse and requested a visit with Private Chambers in Artillery. After attempting to locate the Private by comm, the guard politely informed Raani that Major Payne had relayed a message that Private Chambers was indisposed. A de
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